Boise, Idaho — Pro-life groups in Idaho and Virginia celebrate the temporary closure of one abortion mill and the loss of another mill’s lease.
Generation Life, led by Brandi Swindell, announced Saturday that a Planned Parenthood facility in Nampa, Idaho, closed for the day. The Nampa site had only begun offering abortions one day per month beginning in May. The Planned Parenthood web site indicates they plan to offer abortions again on July 1, if they can get their staffing problems worked out.

“Today, there was a huge victory in Nampa as Planned Parenthood closed its doors – it was not open!” said Swindell. “We believe this is a direct result of the faithfulness of these pro-lifers peacefully gathering in front of the clinic…With the closing of Planned Parenthood today, we can see that the impact they have had is enormous!”
Another group, announced on Friday that the Falls Church Healthcare Center abortion mill in Falls Church, Virginia, has lost their lease and will be forced to move or close. This abortion clinic has also been the site of faithful pro-life activity.
“We know from experience that abortion mills that are forced to relocate usually close,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman. “No only has demand for abortions dropped, but community sentiment against the abortion industry is increasing dramatically all over the country.”
These announcements comes on the heals of Operation Rescue’s announcement of May 26 of the closure of Central Women’s Services in Wichita, KS.
“We are seeing more and more reports of abortion mills closing, cutting back killing hours, and being kicked out of their buildings. I doubt there has been a time since abortion was decriminalized in 1973 that the abortion industry has had so many problems — with no end in sight.” said Newman. “That is great news for women and babies, who will now have more of an opportunity to avail themselves of the loving support of pro-life pregnancy resource centers, where they may work through their problems in a positive way.”