Wichita, KS — A woman who had just received an abortion opened her car door to vomit moments after leaving George R. Tiller’s Woman’s Health Care Services abortion mill in Wichita, KS, where Operation Rescue is holding a 77-hour prayer vigil for an end to Tiller’s grisly business.
The woman was seen leaning out of her vehicle for about three minutes, vomiting and looking very ill. One prayer vigil attendee called out to the woman, asking if she needed help.
The car, which was registered outside Kansas, eventually drove on.
“It is not unusual to see this kind of thing outside abortion mills,” said OR spokesperson Cheryl Sullenger. “Their goal is to get the women in and out as quickly as possible because it is more cost effective to do so. The well-being of the woman seems to be a secondary concern, based on our observations of the condition of many of these women.”
Women come from every state in the nation to have abortions at Tiller’s mill, which aborts women at any stage of pregnancy, but specializes in late-term abortions.
“Because women come from other states, like this woman did today, Tiller’s abortion business is a national problem,” said Sullenger. “It is also why Wichita is known as the Abortion Capital of America.”
Operation Rescue is in the second day of a 77-hour prayer vigil outside Tiller’s infamous abortion mill. The event is scheduled to conclude on Sunday.
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