Operation Rescue calls for the Board to reopen the Zaremski case in light of recent staff resignations

Topeka, Kansas – The Kansas State Board of Healing Arts closed an investigation of abortionist Sherman Zaremski, finding that he did not violate the state’s Healing Arts Act even though overwhelming evidence exists that he concealed an incident of child rape that allowed a young girl’s abuser, Robert Estrada, to continue his attacks on her and her sister for an additional four years.
The Board had access to court documents, medical records, and even news reports that clearly showed Zaremski never reported the 11-year old child’s pregnancy and abortion, as required by law.
“This was an open-and-shut case of violation of the law mandating the reporting of suspected cases of child sexual abuse,” said Cheryl Sullenger, Senior Policy Advisor for Operation Rescue, who filed the formal complaint against Zaremski in February, 2007. “We call on the KSBHA to reopen this case in light of the recent resignations of Board staffers responsible for not disciplining other abortionists.”
Sullenger was notified that the case had been closed in a letter dated just 2 days before Executive Director Larry Buening and Chief Counsel Mark Stafford resigned after both houses of the legislature called for their firing.
“This seems to have been Buening and Stafford’s last act to protect obvious wrongdoing in the abortion industry. We believe that decision must be revisited,” said Sullenger.
“Zaremski’s refusal to obey the law is responsible for two little girls having to endure four years of unspeakable abuse. It is horribly wrong that he will not have to answer for that. I wonder how the Board sleeps at night, knowing they are enabling abortionists to continue to endanger innocent little girls.”
Estrada was convicted of raping his step-daughters after a pro-life adoption group reported the abuse when one of the sisters visited their office for an adoption referral years after the Zaremski abortion. The girl’s mother, Patricia Estrada, also served jail time for knowing about the abuse, but doing nothing to stop it.
“If Patricia Estrada went to jail for knowing about the rapes and not reporting, then Zaremski should certainly be disciplined,” said Sullenger. “Innocent girls remain in grave risk today because their abusers can feel free to enlist abortionists to help them cover up for their crimes with confidence that they will never be reported. Kansans should be sickened and outraged by this latest gross lapse in judgment by the KSBHA.”
Please ask for the Board to reopen Zaremski Case Number 07-00384. Contact:
Kelli Stevens, Litigation Counsel
(785) 296-2075