Circumstances clearly point to woman suffering from late-term abortion complications

Wichita, KS — A late-term abortion patient raced from George Tiller’s Women’s Health Care Services this afternoon after returning after-hours with what appeared to be an abortion complication. Operation Rescue was a first responder to a call from sidewalk counselor Donna Lampkin, who suspected problems with one of the patients.
According to Lampkin, a family from Missouri had first arrived at WHCS early Monday morning, October 3, 2005, to begin a late-term abortion. Shelly Sella, a lesbian abortionist who flies to Wichita to from Oakland, CA to abort babies, was on duty at the time, according to a schedule posted on Tiller’s web site. “They had been in and out all week,” said Lampkin, who offers help to women every day outside the infamous abortion mill. She indicated that this was typical behavior of late-term abortion patients.
Late-term abortions at Tiller’s WHCS usually take 3-4 days. But Friday, October 7, 2005, was Day Five for the Missouri woman. According to Lampkin, she arrived before 7 AM with a group of other returning patients, and left with her family around 10:30 AM.
By noon, all the patients had left along with most of the clinic workers, including Tiller and Sella. Then around 12:15 PM the patient from Missouri returned. Several minutes later, three employees returned to the mill after having left work for the day, including abortionist Sella, clinic manager JoAn Armentrout, and medical worker Edna Roach, who has been seen associated with almost every botched abortion documented by Operation Rescue. When it became obvious that the patient was suffering from some kind of problem requiring medical assistance, Lampkin called Operation Rescue for help.
Rescuers arrived and witnessed Sella leaving the mill at approximately 1:50 PM, followed within minutes by the patient and Roach. As the Missouri family exited the driveway, Operation Rescue sidewalk counselor Cheryl Sullenger called out to them, “If you are experiencing complications, please go to the hospital. Don’t risk your life!”

Roach sped out of the driveway and cut in front of the patient’s vehicle. OR President Troy Newman ran down the street and heard an agitated Roach yell through the open car window at the patient, “Follow me! Follow me!”
But, according to Newman, the patient seemed distraught and told Roach, “No! We have to go this way!” indicating a route that would have taken them east on Kellogg Ave.
“Roach was driving like a bat out of hell,” said Newman. “She flew down the narrow street and hit a dip. Her big old car flew up in the air. She seemed highly upset.”
“The clinic was closed and the employees had left for the day. Why call back your abortionist, clinic manager, and the one worker known to deal with botched abortions if there was no problem?” asked Sullenger. “The level of agitation clearly indicated that something was wrong.”
Rescuers attempted to search the area for the abortion victim and Roach, but were unable to locate them.
“Again we must ask how many more women will be maimed and how many more late-term babies must die before the authorities in Kansas take action against Tiller and his slipshod abortion chop shop,” said Newman. “After an abortion death earlier this year and several other botches, we call upon the Kansas Board of Healing Arts to revoke Tiller’s medical license and close his mill for good in the interest of public safety.”