Operation Rescue calls on NDB International to halt repairs on Carhart’s clinic in the interest of saving lives.

Bellevue, NE – Workers attempting to repair fire damage to LeRoy Carhart’s Bellevue, Nebraska, abortion mill were soundly admonished by Larry Donlan of Rescue the Heartland on Friday.
Last month, Carhart’s run-down abortion building was heavily damaged by a fire that officials have determined was accidental. Carhart is well known for his slovenly lack of maintenance on the property, where he has run a late-term abortion business for decades. Construction workers have been renovating the basement area where the fire broke out.
Donlan, who drives one of Operation Rescue’s Truth Trucks, told the workers, “Put down your tools and leave this place. By working here you are collaborating in the murder of countless children!”
Donlan recently suffered a foot injury and limped about on crutches speaking with the workers about their complicity in the shedding of innocent blood.
One African-American worker told Donlan that he should not judge, and that God was a loving God. Donlan asked him if killing babies was a loving thing to do and if a “loving God” would approve of his aiding a killer. The worker said he had nothing to do with abortion since it was the woman, not him, that made the decision. Donlan asked him if this were the mid 1800’s, could he help build slave ships and then claim he had nothing to do with slavery.
Donlan continued to convict the workers, saying, “When you go home tonight are you going to tell your wives that dinner is being paid for with the blood of the innocent?”
The apparent job-site foreman threatened to call the police, but Donlan, who has witnessed outside Carhart’s abortion mill for over 15 years, knows the law, and noticed that the construction workers were illegally parked and had equipment illegally placed in the public right of way. He invited the man to go ahead and call the police.
Workers then put up additional yellow hazard tape that surrounded the hobbling Donlan, which amused him, considering his current state of immobility.
To the surprise of the construction workers, when the police arrived, officers told the workers to move their cars and equipment while Donlan continued his witness unimpeded.
“It is unknown when Carhart’s abortion mill will be reopened, but judging from the photos, it will not be any time soon, and maybe never if NBD International stops construction,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman. “Operation Rescue calls on NDB International to immediately halt repairs on the Carhart clinic in the interest of saving lives.”

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  • NBD International is an Ohio fire restoration company that is working on Carhart’s abortion clinic. Please contact them and ask them to stop collaborating with the abortion industry. Call toll-free at 1-800-929-3398 or CLICK HERE to access NBD’s e-mail contact form.