Washington, DC – Amid mass defections among pro-life democrats and a flood of phone calls and e-mails from the folks back home, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid announced yesterday that he would not schedule a vote on Health Care Reform, which included tax-funded abortion, prior to the August recess.
Meanwhile on the House side, Speaker Nancy Pelosi, an extremist supporter of abortion, vows to pass the health even if she has to hold the House over the summer recess. However some democrats doubt that she has the votes.
“Pelosi continues to try to ramrod public funded abortions past the people, but the calls and e-mails in opposition are working. Now the grassroots are mobilizing like never before and the prospect of blocking Obama’s attempt to implement the first step to complete socialization of our health care system with the cornerstone of public funded abortions is looking brighter,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman.
Last night over 36,000 pro-lifers joined a conference call put on by the Stop the Abortion Mandate Coalition to focus on how to defeat the largest abortion expansion since Roe v. Wade. Operation Rescue has joined that coalition that is encouraging Americans by the tens of thousands to contact their elected representatives in opposition to a tax-payer bailout of a failing abortion industry.
In addition, the Christian Defense Coalition and Operation Rescue are sponsoring an event beginning on July 26 in Washington, DC that will protest tax-funding for abortions. The “Abortion is Not Health Care” event will include public prayer vigils, rallies, lobbying, demonstrations and cutting edge pro-life witness on Capitol Hill.
“Seventy-one percent of the American people oppose tax-funded abortion. Now is the time, like never before, to speak out and let Washington know that we cannot tolerate a government funded bailout of the abortion industry,” said Newman. “We encourage everyone to immediately contact your Senators and Congressman, and we urge all who can to come to Washington, DC and stand with us in opposition to tax-funded abortions.”

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