Abortion Business Turns One California Main St. Into “Murderer’s Row”

Take action to help clean up Main Street!

By Cheryl Sullenger

El Cajon, CA — It did not take long for the FPA Women’s Health abortion business in San Diego to find a new location once it shut down its location on Miramar Road. Now, it is open for business in the East County community of El Cajon – right on Main Street next door to a large grocery store — and just 220 yards away from its competitor, Planned Parenthood.

Why would FPA want to move within easy walking distance of Planned Parenthood? Probably because their new Planned Parenthood neighbor is a non-profit that only offers medication abortions, while FPA is a for-profit abortion business that offers both medication and surgical methods. To complicate matters, Planned Parenthood and FPA have long been fierce competitors in California.

“FPA has turned Main Street into ‘Murderer’s Row,’ and I’m guessing there won’t be enough room in town for both abortion businesses. At least one of them is bound to fail,” said Troy Newman, President of Operation Rescue.

Abortionist Karen Mann, who once staffed the notoriously troubled FPA facility in Bakersfield, is expected to bring her dubious practices to El Cajon. She has been involved in a number of medical emergencies, including one incident where an ambulance was called for a patient described by witnesses as “lifeless.”

The San Diego County branch of FPA Women’s Health, which is part of a chain of 22 abortion facilities located throughout California, has been forced to move several times over the years.

“Every time an abortion business is forced to move, it loses business,” said Newman. “Once an abortion facility opens up in a new neighborhood, it usually comes as an unpleasant surprise to those who live and work in the area. Face it, no one wants an abortion facility next door to the grocery store where they regularly shop with their families.”

Now, pro-life activists are hoping that the move to El Cajon will be the final straw that will shut down FPA’s abortion operations in San Diego County for good. Local groups have a plan to focus on the property owner/broker, Daniel Guefen, in an attempt to help him understand how much abortion harms families, communities, and the businesses around it.

There’s a way that pro-life supporters across the country can help clean up Main Street, at least in this one California community.

“We want everyone to join in this campaign to ask Mr. Guefen to terminate his business dealings with FPA. There are few locations that will accept an abortion business as a tenant. If Mr. Guefen tells FPA they cannot stay on his property, they may not be able to find another location soon, if ever,” said Newman. “When abortion clinics close, lives are saved.”

Please call the property owner/broker Daniel Guefen to politely convey what a terrible mistake he has made in leasing to a business who makes its money by hurting women and killing children. Ask him to stop doing business with FPA Women’s Health.


Daniel Guefen
Phone: (858) 945-2499
Web page for e-mails: http://www.danielguefen.com/ContactUs/default.aspx

  • dje3

    While I applaud your fervency, you need to have some realization as to contract law. Once a contract is given to a business for lease it becomes a PROPERTY RIGHT (much the same as OWNERSHIP and includes the right to peaceful enjoyment). Unless the lessee violated some term of the agreement it would be financially and legally irresponsible of the lessor to attempt to end the lease. It would cause an actionable condition.

    Most Commercial leases are for years. Averaging three to five years PLUS automatic renewals, up to 3 or four depending. If the Lessor was to violate the lease in ending it he would be liable for all costs of the lessee, including loss of business, costs of moving and rehabilitation, loss of wages and income.

    It is nice to make simple suggestions, but they needed to be made BEFORE the lease was signed. Before you continue down this road you need to know if there is a lease and to tell people what you know. The owner may or may not give you all the information, they are under no obligation to reveal private contracts……and you need to have some legal counseling regarding your actions. What you do NOT want is a legal basis for action against your organization because of the way that you act and things that you say.

    Be responsible.

  • Appreciate your input, but we have seen many property owners evict abortion businesses on various grounds or refuse to renew a lease. It is not being irresponsible to try this tactic, which has worked in the past. It is actually our duty to try. If you have a better idea, you are welcome to try that, too. It’s a free country.

  • Glennfriend67

    I would be more than delighted to see both places shut down. How can abortionists call themselves doctors? They violate the Hippocratic Oath every day. All they do is cause harm. I would like to see the day when these killers are no longer allowed to have medical licenses. Maybe then we can drive them out more quickly.

  • will wipperdink

    I call it the hypocritic oath