Dear Friend,

We have much to celebrate and be thankful for in 2005. The Lord has blessed our efforts to save babies and combat the immoral culture of death across the land.
I cannot tell you exactly how many miles our Truth Trucks have driven, but they have been from coast to coast and most places in between over the past year, exposing literally millions to the truth that abortion is the brutal taking of human life. We were especially blessed when several mothers stopped to tell our Truth Truck drivers that because of the ministry of the Truth Trucks, they chose life for their babies.
I think 2005 was a record year for the closing of abortion mills. From San Jose, California to Cocoa, Florida, the death centers are shutting their doors for good. Operation Rescue helped expose one Kansas City abortionist who ran a filthy, rat-infested mill, and that pressure contributed to the Kansas Board of Healing Arts permanently revoking his license and closing his mill for good.
And he wasn’t the only abortionist who put down his tools of death, never to pick them up again. Operation Rescue is blessed to have been a part in other abortionists leaving the killing industry, especially one particularly heinous killer in San Diego.
In Wichita, KS, where our headquarters is now located, we have had an amazing year. We documented several botched abortions, including one abortion death that has brought new scrutiny to Tiller’s killing business. Clinic workers have quit and businesses have quit supplying services to Tiller over the past year. And the number of abortions Tiller is committing is down significantly – about 13% over last year! Our work here is paying off in saved babies and changed lives.
Speaking of changes, the latest polls are showing a significant shift in Americans’ attitudes toward abortion. More and more people, especially the younger generation, are embracing the pro-life position. Women facing unplanned pregnancies who would have once considered abortion are now choosing life for their babies. The purveyors of abortion are on their way out!

I saw it in their faces just two weeks ago on the Supreme Court steps. I talked with the tired old leaders like Eleanor Smeal, Kim Gandy of Planned Parenthood, and abortion profiteer Susan Hill. They have all lost their “spunk”. I think even they can see their death grip on abortion is slipping away.
God has placed us at the right places, at the right times this past year, and by His grace, we have done much to advance the cause of life and the Kingdom of God.
As 2005 draws to a close and we consider the awesome gift that was given us through the Incarnation of God in Jesus Christ, I would ask that you consider making an end-of-the-year gift to Operation Rescue. It would go a long way toward helping us continue to speak out and protect the vulnerable, innocent children as we enter 2006.
We look forward to the future with great anticipation of the great things God will do through us, with your help.
And from all of your servants here at Operation Rescue, we wish you and your family a most joyous and Blessed Christmas.
Yours for Life,
Troy Newman
President of Operation Rescue
PS Please remember to make a special end-of-the-year Christmas gift to Operation Rescue today so that we can keep pressing forward to see as many babies saved as possible in the coming new year — and maybe even a final end to abortion!