By Cheryl Sullenger
Cleveland, OH – New 911 records have been obtained related to a medical emergency that took place at Preterm, an abortion facility in Cleveland, Ohio, on September 5, 2018, as previously reported by Operation Rescue.
The recording of the 911 call revealed that the patient was a 39-year old woman who had just completed her abortion that was bleeding heavily. Preterm staff required emergency assistance to control the bleeding. The woman was transported to an unknown hospital for treatment that the abortion facility could not provide.
Photos of the incident, taken by local pro-life activist Fred Sokol, showed the injured women on a gurney in a seated position, which is common in cases of abortion-related hemorrhaging.
The strategically redacted Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) overview of the incident offered little additional information.

Preterm has caused women to suffer nearly 20 abortion-related medical emergencies in the past few years, including the death of 23-year old Lakisha Wilson in 2014.
All surgical rooms are located on the third floor of Preterm’s facility that can be accessed by a small elevator that frequently malfunctions. It is also too small to accommodate a gurney with a patient in the supine position. This has delayed potentially life-saving medical care to several patients, including Wilson.
Preterm also conducts abortion training through the San Francisco-based Ryan Residency Abortion Training Program.
“We will make sure the Ohio Department of Health is made aware that yet another woman has been hospitalized due to a botched abortion at Preterm,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman. “With the pattern of life-threatening abortion complications at Preterm and its sketchy gurney access, this facility poses a very real danger to the public and it should be shut down.”

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