[Note: The above video was modified under protest after Youtube threatened to take the video down. All edited information, which is primarily the name and face of abortionist Alexander Simopoulos, can be seen in the story below.
By Cheryl Sullenger
Bakersfield, CA — When playboy abortionist Alexander Simopoulos was confronted by a pro-life activist about his involvement in a botched an abortion that took place on July 19, 2016, the abortionist arrogantly taunted her to “prove it.”
“Proving that botched abortions are taking place at an alarming rate at abortion facilities across America is part of what we do,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman. “My staff gladly accepted Simopoulos’ challenge. We now have proof in the form of the 911 call placed by one of Simopoulos’ worried staff.”
Operation Rescue recently obtained the 911 records that document symptoms of a serious abortion complication suffered by a 19-year old woman, who was left in the care of staff while Simopolous moved on to conduct other surgical abortions.
Palmquist’s husband, Tim, provided Operation Rescue a photo of an ambulance taken on the day of the most recent medical emergency at the FPA Women’s Health abortion facility in Bakersfield, California, where Simopoulos works.
Records show that an FPA employee named Maria placed the 911 call for help with a patient who was suffering from dangerously low blood pressure following her abortion.
Usually it is the abortion facility personnel who attempt to minimize the seriousness of abortion complications, but this time, it was the 911 dispatcher who seemed to think that the woman’s rapidly falling blood pressure was just a matter of routine.
Maria told the dispatcher that the hypotensive patient suffered dangerously low blood pressure of 60/40. She answered each of the dispatcher’s questions about the 19-year old woman’s condition, who was awake and breathing through sobs. She was not bleeding externally and was experiencing no pain.
When asked if she was alert, Maria responded, “Somewhat.”
She told the dispatcher that Simopoulos was not with patient because he had gone on to do other surgeries.
The dispatcher told Maria that an ambulance was being dispatched with no lights or sirens at normal street traffic speed.
“No, you know, we–I don’t feel comfortable with that because her blood pressure is really extremely low. I don’t –,” Maria told the dispatcher.
The dispatcher cut her off, saying, “I understand but unfortunately that’s EMS protocol. It’s not your choice or mine.”
“But her blood pressure is 60/40,” the worried abortion worker responded.
“But she’s conscious and breathing. She has no other symptoms. That’s the problem. That’s why I asked you those screening questions,” the brusque dispatcher said, cutting Maria off once again.
Maria continued to express concerns about how long it would take the ambulance to arrive. She appeared very concerned for the patient and wanted help as soon as possible.
The standard blood pressure expected for a 19-year old female is between 115/75 and 120/80. The woman’s blood pressure of 60/40 was an indication that something is amiss, such as the possibility of internal bleeding, which left untreated could lead to a heart attack under certain circumstances.
The July 19th incident was the eleventh medical emergency documented at the Bakersfield FPA since August 2012. It is the fourth such incident involving Simopoulos since he began working at the abortion facility in July of last year.
Simopoulos is a Beverly Hills based cosmetic surgeon who has appeared on reality television shows such as Bravo’s Millionaire Matchmaker, where he confessed that he views women as sex objects.
An article researched and penned by Tim Palmquist explains that women Simopoulos met on the Bravo show considered him “Dr. Freak,” “creepy,” “gross,” and “Dr. Frankenstein.” One woman was so appalled by his behavior that she warned, “women of the world, stay away!”
Operation Rescue plans to file a complaint against Simopoulos with the California Medical Board.
“It appears that Simopoulos has the attitude that he can get away with hurting women because no one will be able to ‘prove it.’ It’s time for the Medical Board to take action to protect women from this obviously dangerous man,” said Newman.