[And we wonder why the Kansas Board of Healing Arts does nothing about botched abortions, abortion related deaths, and other questionable medical practices of late-term abortionist George Tiller. Croneyism and corruption seem to be ‘business as usual’ in Kansas. Read on! -OR]
Embarrassing Sebelius Appointment?

August 21st, 2005
by KSMeadowlark
Fox 4 Kansas City broke this story during their 9 PM news Friday night but for some reason never put a link to it on their web site. Today’s (8/21/2005) Kansas City Star gives these details:

Doctor’s troubles create concern
The Kansas City Star
Howard Ellis no longer can practice medicine in Missouri. But that might not stop him from judging the medical practices of doctors in Kansas.
Kansas Gov. Kathleen Sebelius last month named the Leawood physician and entrepreneur to the Kansas State Board of Healing Arts, where he will sit in judgment of doctors accused of malpractice or improper conduct. Ellis served three terms previously on the board.
The announcement of Ellis’ appointment came just two months after he voluntarily retired his medical license in Missouri rather than face a disciplinary hearing on multiple charges of professional misbehavior.
His license issues in Missouri came as a surprise to Sebelius’ office, which is looking into Ellis’ record.
. . .

Why might Sebelius nominate Ellis to the Board of Healing Arts?
While Ellis was a Republican and contributed to Republican candidates in the 1990s he switched parties in 2004, and is now a Democrat.
Ellis was a good contributor to Sebelius’ campaign in 2002, having given her $4000 according to the Kansas Governmental Ethics Commission’s web site:


Recently the Lawrence Journal-World commented how names of Sebelius’ appointees can often be found on her donor rolls, and this was true in this case, too.
In 2000 as a “Republican” Ellis signed an August 4, 2000 political mailing from the “Republicans for Dennis Moore”. Do “true” Republicans join “Republicans for Democratic Candidate” groups? Or, are these supporters really RINOs (Republicans In Name Only)?
Open Secrets reports a $1000 contribution by Howard Ellis to Dennis Moore in March 2002. Apparently “Republican” Ellis wasn’t even willing to wait for the Republican primary in 2002 and support the moderate Republican, Adam Taff.
With such a good Democratic Party track record, why would Sebelius be interested in Howard Ellis, who is trained in obstetrics/gynecology, for the Board of Healing Arts? The answer might be fairly simple: Isn’t Sebelius interested in keeping one of the biggest Kansas Democratic Party donors happy?
AFAIK the Kansas Press has never reported a $100,000 contribution made on Aug 15, 2002 to the Democratic Governors’ Association’s 527 Committee by Dr. George Tiller’s Women’s Heath Care Services clinic in Wichita. Is it possible that this money directly or indirectly benefited Kansas Democratic gubernatorial candidate, Kathleen Sebelius? Tiller had supported Sebelius in previous elections, but no known money was ever found for Tiller’s support for Sebelius as Kansas Governor in 2002.
Remember, at this same time in 2002, the Kansas Democratic Party was involved in a complicated money “laundering” scheme to obfuscate another $210,000 from Tiller to prevent Phill Kline from becoming Attorney General. Tiller only spent nearly $300,000 in the Attorney General’s race in 2002, which was more than Chris Biggs, who was the Democratic Party candidate. The Lawrence Journal-World reported about a single $153,000 transaction by Tiller. A web page explains details of these complicated money transfers by Kansas Democrats in 2002.
Sebelius has been trying to “protect” Tiller since the late 1980s when she was a Kansas legislator. An Oct 28, 1989 Wichita Eagle article announced a Kansas Supreme Court ruling that an unborn child has no legal status in Kansas:

The state’s highest court made the ruling in the appeal of Willard Green, a Wichita man convicted last year of two counts of first-degree murder in the death of Zeola Wilson and her 8-month-old fetus. The court reversed the conviction in the case of the fetus but upheld the conviction for the mother.
In its unanimous ruling, the court repeatedly said that killing a fetus was not considered a crime by the Legislature, but that making it a crime could fall within the lawmakers’ power.

As a legislator Sebelius made sure no new laws would protect unborn children in Kansas, as described in that Eagle article. Pregnant mothers in Kansas should be concerned by Sebelius’ lack of concern for their welfare, when they are attacked. (And a Kansan was responsible for the horrific attack of a Missouri woman when her 8-month-old unborn child was stolen last year.)
The late Archbishop Ignatius Strecker of the Archdiocese of Kansas City in Kansas wrote the following in The Leaven, March 27, 1992:

“Rep. Kathleen Sebelius of Topeka led the death-march of the unborn to the abortion clinics in the House of Representatives. She was attempting to make the ‘death-marches’ to the abortion clinics as legal as the death-marches to the gas chambers of the World War II Holocaust.”

“What assurance have we, their electors, that these same persons will not use this same legislative forum to vote away other human, social and legal rights that are a part of our ‘inalienable right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness’. How soon will these legislators vote a mandatory death sentence for the sick, the aging, the poor in society? How could we Kansans have elected such ‘negative to life’ persons to such responsible positions in our state government?”

There is simply something wrong when the day before a baby is born it can be aborted in Wichita as a “choice.”
Is Sebelius still trying to “protect” long-time Democratic Party contributor, Dr. George Tiller, by this questionable nomination to the Board of Healing Arts?