Join Operation Rescue in San Francisco to expose and challenge the largest gathering of child-killers
Dear Rescuer,

Imagine having all the abortionists in North America in the same place at the same time. Yes, every purveyor of child-killing in one location.
If you were given an opportunity to speak to them, what would you say?
Do you know what I would tell them?
Nothing! Absolutely nothing.
No, I wouldn’t tell them – I’d show them!
I’d show them the horrible truth, the sordid outcome of every abortion they have ever committed, the grim corpses of the precious babies snuffed out in the genesis of their short life. I would make them view the death from which the abortion industry profiteers.
Then I’d pray with them and for them. . .
But this isn’t a dream.
It will soon become a reality this week as we travel with the Truth Trucks to San Francisco for the annual convention of abortion providers. This is a great opportunity for you to help us show the truth to most of the abortionists in North America — all at once.

The group is called the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, or (ACOG), boasting a strong membership of over 45,000 physicians.
While not every member is an abortionist, their bylaws and so-called “code of ethical conduct” stresses that every member support, encourage, and endorse the act of baby-killing. This is one case where there is guilt by association!

Just take one look at their website,, and you will see some of their OUTRAGEOUS seminar titles being taught during at a previous convention.
As you examine intently these seminar names and try not to be gnash your teeth.
Very Early Surgical Abortion: Pearls and Pitfalls taught by abortionist E. Steve Lichtenberg, MD, MPH of Chicago, Illinois. (This is the abortionist that may have killed that girl in Chicago last year – click here to read about it.)
Obstetrical Vacuum Extraction: Old Principles and New Paradigms taught by abortionist Fredrik F. Broekhuizen, MD of Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
Abortion Complications: Prevention and Management taught by abortionist Enayat Hakim-Elahi, MD of Jamaica, New York.
Then to follow up the “management” of these abortion complications, the abortionists can attend this aptly titled class:
How to Practice Ambulatory Obstetrics (or maybe it should be called “How to mop up after a botched abortion”) taught by Washington C. Hill, MD of Sarasota, Florida.

Or how about this seminar?
Pain Relief in Abortion taught be abortionist Eleanor Drey, MD of San Francisco, California.
We at Operation Rescue routinely see women rushed to the emergency room, reeling in pain after the abortionist punctures a bowel, slices through a woman’s uterus, or lacerates a cervix. We have documented injuries and even a death (as recently as January 13 of this year) in Wichita, Kansas, on our website. And each of these “complications” is commonplace – so common, in fact, that ACOG has to provide extension classes on how to cope with their mistakes.
I remember young Angela from San Bernardino, California. We watched with horror as she was wheeled out the back door of an abortion mill by paramedics and EMTs. Clinging to life, she lay on a stretcher that was rushed into the back of the awaiting ambulance even as she was being resuscitated. Angela barely survived her abortion, and she will forever suffer its consequences. Her massive brain damage, doctors say, will prevent her from ever being able walk or communicate again.
Just a few months ago, late term abortionist helped “terminate” 19 year-old Christin. She died of “heart failure” while Tiller was killing her unborn child.
How could this happen? Because abortion is a dangerous act that murders a baby and injures many moms. Angela’s abortionist, James Long, was forced to pay millions of dollars and was disciplined by the Medical Board. Tiller is under investigation by the Attorney General, but only because we documented Christin’s death and reported it to the authorities. Both abortionists were members of ACOG.
Is it ethical to accept an abortionist as an OB/GYN? It sounds to me like a conflict of interest. Webster’s dictionary defines Ethics as a set of principles of right conduct or theory or a system of moral values.
So do you think the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists will be competent to provide clear ethical standards at a lecture like this one?
Bioethical Issues in Obstetrics and Gynecology taught by Uwe E. Freese, MD of Oak Park, Illinois.
I seriously doubt it! Not when they already endorse the unspeakable act of Partial Birth Abortion. That’s right, the same organization responsible for the caring of infants and moms voted to oppose all proposed restrictions on the most gruesome of abortion procedures.
That is why I am bringing the Truth Trucks to San Francisco for a week of hard-hitting truth! Our vivid, full-color graphics are perfect for this venue.
Operation Rescue has traveled many thousands of miles across our great land to expose the dreadful act of abortion. But I don’t believe there will be a better opportunity than this. It is an opportunity to reach all the abortionists all at once.
I mean it! This is the opportunity to reach many, many abortionists.
And I have great hope in the success of our endeavor.

You see, I know from experience that not every abortionist wants to be one. Some commit abortions because they mistakenly assume that “because it is legal it must be right.” Or they reason that because the ACOG says abortion should be supported, they must participate in the killing.
And I also know from experience that many times, all it takes is just one photograph or just one person telling them abortion is wrong to change hearts and minds against abortion.
One at a time we win this fight. And one at a time we saw over 40 abortionists in San Diego quit killing children. Now I want to take the same message, in fact, an improved message, directly to San Francisco.
Together we can make a difference. I am praying for the abortionists and Ob/Gyns to be converted for Life at the ACOG Convention.
It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words. Perhaps the Truth Trucks will speak volumes to the hearts and minds of all these abortionists.
So, I must rely on your help. I am so convinced San Francisco is the place to be, that I have already scheduled the event, made reservations and marked off my calendar. I will be there and I trust you are just as excited about this opportunity as we are here at Operation Rescue.
Here is my list of action items:
1. Call or write the ACOG and tell them how appalled you are at their training seminars and supporting abortion.

The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists

409 12th Street, SW, PO Box 96920, Washington, DC 20090
(202)638-5577; (202)863-1647

2. Pray for us. We will be face to face with hundreds or maybe thousands of abortionists, some even from your home town. We want to win them over to Life, thus keeping them from killing more children and wounding women like Angela. Pray God would move through us to accomplish this.
3. Join us in San Francisco. I am serious. I know we are winning this fight against abortion. The number of men and women who will commit abortions is rapidly dwindling and the numbers of abortions are down. We can sense victory! And that is exactly why we must try even harder and work even longer hours to convert the abortionists and spare the precious babies.
Now is the time to act. San Francisco is the place to be to reach nearly every abortionist in America and Canada. Now you can do your part to ensure the Truth Trucks get there on time and are placed in exactly the right location.

Can you imagine the chatter inside the Convention Center when they see our Truth Trucks roll up and park in the front spot?
I can just hear some of them say, “These are the same Truth Trucks that follow me in my home town.” Or some may say for the first time, “If that is what abortion does to a baby, then I want no part of it.”
Some “part-time” abortionists may silently lay down their tools of death forever – just because you helped them see the Truth.
I pray it will be so.
Please take a moment right now to drop a note of indignation to the ACOG, pray for ORW, and come to San Francisco. We are going to San Francisco in faith to testify to the abortionists. God bless you!
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For Christ and Life,
Troy Newman
Operation Rescue