Kasich Vetoes Heartbeat Bill, But Override is Possible

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By Cheryl Sullenger

Columbus, OH – Ohio Gov. John Kasich has vetoed the Heartbeat Bill, which would have protected babies in the womb as soon as their heartbeats are detected.

Disappointingly, it has been reported that Ohio Right to Life, an affiliate of National Right to Life, asked Kasich to veto the Heartbeat Bill, which would save an estimated 20,000 lives per year. Kasich’s veto is considered by many as a betrayal of his own self-proclaimed pro-life conscience, as well as those yet to be conceived who depend upon him for their very lives.

Instead, Kasich signed Ohio Right to Life-backed law that would prohibit abortions after 20 weeks when babies in the womb are known to feel pain.

“We are saddened that a pro-life group would oppose such ground-breaking legislation that has the potential to save hundreds of thousands of lives over time,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman, a long-time supporter of both the Heartbeat Bill and the 20-week abortion ban. “It would have been better for them to remain silent on the Heartbeat Bill, while advocating for their own legislation. The last thing we need is lives lost due to ‘friendly fire.’”

The Liberty Counsel has offered to defend the Heartbeat Bill at no cost to the state. Meanwhile, conditions at the Supreme Court under a Trump Administration could significantly change in favor of legislation that protects life. These two facts make Kasich’s veto indefensible.

However, Janet Porter of Faith2Action, who authored and actively lobbied for the Heartbeat Bill, believes that a veto override effort could be successful.

“Governor Kasich’s political career is over. We must now focus on those who want a future by voting to override Kasich’s betrayal and give babies with beating hearts a future,” said Porter. “Do not give up! Arkansas overrode their Governor’s veto of their Heartbeat Bill and so can we!”

Operation Rescue is joining with Porter in asking supporters of the Heartbeat Bill to take the following action:

Thank Speaker Cliff Rosenberger for getting the Heartbeat Bill passed! Then, ask him to override Kasich’s veto of the Heartbeat Bill by bringing it to a vote in the House.

Speaker Cliff Rosenberger: (614) 466-3506

Only two votes need to switch to override Kasich’s veto. Call these five Representatives and ask them to vote to protect babies with beating hearts by overriding Gov. Kasich’s veto of the Heartbeat Bill.

1. Steven Arndt 614-644-6011
2. Theresa Gavarone 614-466-8104
3. Ann Gonzales 614-466-4847
4. Cheryl Grossman 614-466-9690
5. Stephanie Kunze 614-466-8012

If you don’t live in Ohio, please call anyway! This law could potentially set a legal precedent that may help protect babies all states.

Blood in the Streets: Sidewalk Outside Carhart’s Late-term Abortion Facility Found Splattered with Blood

By Cheryl Sullenger

Germantown, Maryland – In the words of defense attorney Jack McMahon, who represented the notorious convicted murderer and illegal abortionist Kermit Gosnell, “Abortion is a bloody business.”

A grisly discovery made earlier this week outside a late-term abortion facility could be a reminder of the truth of McMahon’s statement.

On Wednesday, August 24, 2016, blood drops were discovered on the sidewalk directly outside Germantown Reproductive Health Services, an abortion facility that specializes in some of the latest of abortions done in America.

While it could not be confirmed that the trail of blood drops originated at the abortion facility, the sidewalk that runs along the parking lot where the blood was found is frequently traveled by abortion patients.

trail of blood

“We don’t know where the blood came from, but we do know the blood drops weren’t from the trash because that is taken out by a different route,” said Newman. “If the blood came from a bleeding abortion patient, as we speculate, we pray she got immediate help from a legitimate medical provider.”

The abortionist at Germantown Reproductive Health Services is LeRoy Carhart, who is nearly as notorious in his own right as Kermit Gosnell. Carhart has been involved in at least two abortion-related patient deaths, including that of 33-week pregnant Jennifer Morbelli, who died from complications to her Carhart abortion on February 7, 2013.

In addition, pro-life activists have documented a dozen ambulances at Carhart’s Germantown abortion business, which have transported injured and suffering abortion patients to hospital emergency rooms.

Because of Carhart’s track record of human carnage, Newman’s speculation does not seem so far fetched.

“While abortion – even in the third trimester – may be legal in Maryland, it has never been safe, as Carhart has demonstrated over and over,” said Newman. “Because of the tremendous human misery and loss of life inflicted by abortion, we continue to work every day through all legal means available to shut down this and every other abortion mill in America.”

Operation Rescue’s Headquarters, Newman Attacked in Two Separate Incidents

By Cheryl Sullenger

Wichita, KS – On Monday morning, a torch was found placed against the side of Operation Rescue’s National Headquarters in Wichita, Kansas. The torch was charred at the end, but does not appear to have been lit.

“It was either a failed attempt at arson or an attempt to intimidate us,” said Troy Newman, President of Operation Rescue. “In any case, we will not be frightened by terror tactics. We continue our work to expose abortion abuses and close abortion facilities through peaceful, legal means even in the face of danger.”

Operation Rescue’s security camera system caught the perpetrator on video riding up on a bicycle at 2:55 a.m. on Saturday, July 9, 2016, and placing the torch against the Operation Rescue building, then leaving the same way he came. He appeared familiar with Operation Rescue’s security system and was careful to avoid triggering the motion-activated floodlights on the building.

A police report was made and the torch impounded as evidence.

This incident was particularly disturbing in light of another suspicious incident that took place over the weekend that appeared meant to inflict harm on Newman.

Newman reports that the lug nuts to the driver’s front tire on his personal vehicle had been loosened at some time on Saturday. Newman was traveling slowly when he realized his wheel was loose. He was able to avoid a potentially dangerous traffic accident and pulled over safely. The lug nuts appeared to have been intentionally loosened.

That incident was also reported to police.

Over the years, Operation Rescue staff members have been subjected to numerous death threats and the office has experienced several acts of vandalism, including a window shattered by a rock, and sabotaged security cameras.


Hospital Drops Abortionist Involved in Demonic Rant as New Disciplinary Case Surfaces

By Cheryl Sullenger

San Diego, CA – Allyson Smith was appalled by the recent video showing Robert Santella, an abortionist with the Family Planning Associates abortion facility in San Diego, growling in a demonic “freak-out” at another pro-life activist.

In the widely published video, Santella is seen emerging from the abortion facility to confront a pro-life activist. He is heard hissing and growling in a demonic voice as he holds scissors to the pro-lifer’s throat while professing that he loves killing babies and that, “I never listen to Christ.”

“I do have a darkened heart,” Santella snarled. “I do, I do. Very much so.”


Smith noticed that during his rant, Santella wore an identification badge from Sharp Healthcare, a group of hospitals throughout San Diego County.

Due to her long-time involvement in the pro-life movement, Smith knew exactly what to do. She posted to her Facebook page that she contacted Sharp Healthcare via e-mail on the morning of June 17.

Hi there, I would like to bring this video to your attention. The crazed doctor in this video is Robert Santella, who performs abortions at Family Planning Associates on Miramar Road. You’ll notice he is wearing a Sharp Healthcare ID tag. A quick Internet search reveals that he is affiliated with Grossmont Hospital. Why is this “doctor” allowed to be affiliated with Grossmont Hospital? He is nuts and should be fired. What will you do about him? Thanks.

Smith included a link to a story on LifeSite News that featured the video of the incident.

Soon, she received a reply from Sharp’s Grossmont Hospital:

Hi Allyson:
Thank you for your message. We appreciate your concerns regarding this physician, and we can assure you that he is no longer affiliated with any of our hospitals, he is not employed by our medical groups, and he does not practice or have admitting privileges at any of our facilities. We are currently looking into other aspects of this matter, and we will provide updates as we have more information.

“This is a great example of how much can be accomplished with just a little smartly directed effort,” said Troy Newman, President of Operation Rescue, which protested Santella regularly in the 1990s and early 2000s before relocating to Kansas. “Allyson’s letter will probably save a lot women from being subjected to Santella’s unstable behavior.”

Smith also noticed that recent disciplinary action had been filed by the California Medical Board against Santella.

The Board Accusation, filed on May 20, 2016, charges Santella with negligence and unprofessional conduct that “demonstrates an unfitness to practice medicine.”

The allegations detail his conduct with five female patients that received dangerous drugs from Santella over the course of up to 25 years. He failed to conduct physical exams before administering drugs, failed to record fact he administered drugs to them in the patient medical records, and failed to monitor the patients’ other serious conditions.

The Board Accusation also notes Santella’s previous discipline should be taken into consideration. In 2000, Santella’s medical license was revoked for failing to maintain adequate medical records. That revocation was stayed and Santella served four years on probation.
The current accusation represents a repeat offense that endangered the health of his patients.

Operation Rescue also has documentation that Santella served five years of probation in a 1984 disciplinary case that involved serious patient care issues for three female patients:

• Santella conducted a hysterectomy on a patient who had undergone an elective abortion one month prior to the surgery. He failed to respond when her post-operative condition deteriorated, and left the hospital after a second surgery before she had stabilized.
• Santella admitted a woman to the hospital for pelvic inflammatory disease, but didn’t bother to check on her for 25 hours after her admittance. It was later learned that Santella had misdiagnosed her actual condition, which was a urinary tract infection.
• Santella failed to recognize the danger signs of pre-eclampsia in another of his patients and delayed hospital admission for two days, resulting in the still birth of her baby.

“If only the California Medical Board had taken stronger measures with Santella when he showed incompetence in 1984 and 2000, a lot of human misery could have been avoided,” said Newman. “Some people are not fit to practice medicine, and Robert Santella is among them. We pray the Medical Board will take sterner measures to limit his options so he will be forced to look for another line of work. We also pray he gets the spiritual and mental health assistance he obviously requires.”

Sign the Petition Calling for the Recusal of Judge Laughrey in the Planned Parenthood Case

Kelly at PPColumbia

Federal Court Judge Nanette Laughrey's has blocked the Missouri Department of Health from revoking the abortion facility license of Planned Parenthood in Columbia, Missouri, even though it fails to qualify for licensing.

Judge Laughrey's ruling circumvents Missouri law by allowing Planned Parenthood to maintain an abortion facility license even though it cannot comply with Missouri's law that requires abortion providers to maintain hospital privileges within 30 miles of abortion facilities.

On March 10, 2016, Judge Laughrey's husband, Chris Kelly, a former Democratic State Representative who is currently working as a lobbyist, was photographed entering the Planned Parenthood facility in Columbia.

Because of Kelly's apparent relationship with the same Planned Parenthood office that Laughrey is protecting from license revocation, there has developed the appearance of impropriety that calls into question Laughrey's ability to rule without bias or undue influence.

Therefore, we the undersigned, call on Judge Nanette Laughrey to recuse from Planned Parenthood of Kansas and Mid-Missouri v. Lyskowski, case number 2:15-cv-04273-NKL.

[Read background report.]


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Cheryl Sullenger,
Judge Laughrey, Please recuse from the Planned Parenthood case today!

Cynthia Sherman,

Dominic Huber,

mary hampton,

Loren Hoskins,


Gwen Malm,


Berthold Steffens,

Robert Windham,
This judge is compromised on this issue and thus in a position to be unable to render an unbiased decision.


Joan Brislin,

Patrick Tracy,
Conflict of interest. Please recuse Judge Laughrey.

Khristina Kisner,

Rich Trapp,


Conflict of interest--Judge should get off the case.



jan wetzel,

Charles Fox,
Oh the web they weave.

Elizabeth Lavender,

Suzanne Russell,
It's rather obvious that this man is connected to Planned Parenthood and should be dismissed from this case.


Brent Chapman,

Ardith H Allison,
Whoever deals with p p is complicit in their constant lies.



Mary Ann Behm,


Karen Gassmann,

Alice Rainville,

Mike Byrne,

Irvin Coleman,

Hugh Gilmartin,

Harry young,
Our State agencies are suppose to protect the public. Instead, as in this instance, they are often corrupted by politicians and corrupt judges. It is time for this to stop. There should be sever punishment for this judge who has an obvious conflict of interest. It is this type of corruption which is causing much of the populous to loose faith in our system of government.

scumbags like this are never punished

Ashley Holtam,

William Sanders,



Allan Morrison,


Lois Haran,

This evil must be stopped.

Rose Winzinger,

Jim Goodson,
She should be disbarred!

Charles Beck,
Another case of money being more important then human life.





Jeremiah 1:5The Message (MSG) 5 “Before I shaped you in the womb, I knew all about you.
Before you saw the light of day, I had holy plans for you: A prophet to the nations— that’s what I had in mind for you.” (God knew those babies before they were born).

Roger German,

ann hagan,

John Adams,

Paula Ford,
Corrupt judges should not only recuse themselves, they should be prosecuted.


The Judge should recuse herself under the circumstance that her husband has business with Planned Parenthood.

Mervin Kamper,

Richard Blake,

James Clooney,

William Bonin,
Only thing that could have made it worse was for Obama the king of baby killers to b there!!!

Such a conflict of interest requires recusal.

Flo Cobaugh,
Ababy is groeing and is alive..

Aaron Schaffer,

Michelle Kruse,

Patricia Matons,

fred grant,
abortion is murder

Dennis howell,
Life begans at conception

Joseph Karabinus,

Raul Meruelo,

Bob Mehling,

Dave King,
A fetus I a developing human being! Whether you call it a baby or fetus its still a human being. May God have mercy on your soul, even though you show no mercy to the unborn.

Debbie Jessup,

Keith Potts,


Marlaine Beasley,
corruption seems to have no conscience.

This is some of the political corruption that the people are angry over.

Judges are to be impartial in their beliefs and court opinions. Your husband's apparent involvement with Planned Parenthood shows a conflict of interest. For the sake of justice, please recuse yourself from this case.


Richard chernisky,

Ken thompson,
Corruption - follow the money

Kim Spillers,

Marvin Hanson,
Conflict of interest. The Judge should know it is a conflict. No excuse for this kind of execution of duties and a conflict to her oath of office.

Virginia Johnson,
Please maintain the rule of law

Melissa Pennock,

ted meyer,

Laura Reeder,

Jay Depew,

Gina Allen,

alan dechter,

Bernard Ford,

Gerald Brown,

Patricia Neesen,
The law to have the license revoked for PP needs to be enforced!!!

Bernice Gerbo,
How are you able to fulfill your duty and obligation as a judge in this case without undue bias and undue influence?

Angela Welliver,


Kevin R. Funk,

Pamela Hayward,
This is a clear cut case.



Marie Steve,

Thomas Burke,
Laughter is a scum bag liberal hack.

Frank Gonzales Jr.,

Richard G Dow Sr,

Norbert Hermes,
It is evident that PP and its supporters will do anything to continue their evil and deceptive practices, destroying innocent babies and wounding mothers and families, all for unholy profit.

Anne Torio,

David Moyer,


Andrew Boyd,

Denny & Darlene Bissell,
The Judge should be prosecuted but of course won't be. What do the people need to do to get these corrupt judges out of office?


Carrie Stolz,
Recuse Judge Laughrey due to conflict of interest


Ann Rave,


eleanor kaufman,


A.P. Besser, Jr.,


Keep up your fine work!

Please do the right thing when it comes to the protection of babies life!

Barry Welsh,
Judge Laughrey- Recuse yourself NOW!



Patty Jackson,

Robert Awerkamp,
If this isn't a valid reason for Judge Laughrey to recuse herself from this case I don't know what would be.


Bill Stein,

Shell Lavender,

Carissa Beck,

Troy Newman,
Shut them down!

Gladys Booth,
The law to recuse oneself when conflict of interests is apparent must apply to all, especially the judiciary.


Michael Domme,

Paul J Rinaldi,

Raymond Settle,
Do you have the integrity and honesty to do what you know is right, Judge.




Cindee Morgan,

Joanne Michaels,



David & Joanna Koob,

Larry Reader,
It is hard to believe that the judge can offer a fair and balanced opinion from the bench when her husband is so closely associated with Planned Parenthood!

Jackie Williams,

tammy estabrook,

C. Stephenson,
Sounds like something the sleazy Democrats would do!! Talk about conflict of interest!!


Linda Royer,

What possible excuse is there for this facility to have a license if it does not meet the legal requirements for that license? Other than corruption, I can see none.


Robert Gilbert,
It is unlawful for a judge to rule on a case when a spouse appears to have connections with the the
the company.

Does anyone smell the rotten eggs of the appearance of corruption and conflict of interest?

Eugene & Karen Brock,

LouAnn Frost,


Nancy Dueppengiesser,

George Adams,
You must recuse yourself or risk loss of any shred of judicial impartiality. Whiteout that, you are disqualified to be on the bench and should resign.


Paua Chittenden,

Please do the right thing

wayne hamilton,

Paul E. Avizinis,

Judy Wolz,
Judge Laughrey needs to excuse herself from the Planned Parenthood case due to conflict of interest,
her husband

Steve Burrill,
Judge Laughfrey, you're to live by laws also. Time to recuse yourself.

Life is precious God have mercy on all involved in the mass murder of the most venerable children of God

Thomas Coram,



Kayla Ross,

This is a conflict of interest! What ever happened to doing what is right. Shut down Planned Parenthood!


Gidget Todd,


The judge must recuse from this case.




Lucette Jardin,



Jim Sinnerud,
If the issue were anything else the recusal would justly take place. Planned Parenthood should be no exception.

Rev D. Spitz,


Jane Jenkins,

Bill Lozito,



Just not acceptable

There is no question that ahe should recuse herself. It is definitely a conflict of interest and more!

Bonnie Lee,
No more special interest subversion of MO abortion and ambulatory surgical center laws put in place to protect women in crisis pregnancy from exploitation.

Barbara Graham,


Ordean Braun,

Alice Carris,


Kathy Davis,

Debbie Hamilton,

Jimmy Cornelius,


Jean Tucker,

Richard Irwin,
recuse youself


Marion Sack,

jack brannan,
ban them

Candice Bockenstedt,


Nelson Brown,



M. Kozak,
Judge Laughrey, You cannot serve two Masters. Do the right and honorable thing - recuse yourself.


Government sanctioned murder and the judge is guilty after the fact !! I wonder if she has children and grandchildren ???

Mary Sorensen,




Amarllis Hazlip,

Fernando Molina-Alcalde,

Nancy Johnsen,

Karol Delmar,

Humberto Ledesma,

Gary Roberts,

Tim Shutt,
No Judge should be that close, to this issue !


Betty Peeler,
This judge clearly has a conflict of interest in this instance and should be recused.

Kathryn MIhelick,



Allen Newton,


As a retired attorney, failure to recuse under these circumstances clearly indicates a lack of fitness for prudent judgment, no? What have you come to? Can't you see how this ciolates the Judicial Canons on even the appearance of impropriety?

Rojeania Ermin,


Dylan Schrader,
This is a conflict of interest in a sensitive and divisive area for Missourians.

Carol Vyhonsky,

Kurt TeStruth,
This is a severe breech of Justice, She should have excused herself immediately.

Robert Strickland Jr,




Gordon Guthmiller,

sharon stokley,

Curt Jacobsen,

Syreeta Batiste,





Marilyn Evans,
Ultimate Hypocritical display of someone, who is in a Judicial position. Resign or recuse


Joanne Schrader,
We the people are entitled to a judiciary that holds itself to the highest ethical standards, renders fair and impartial decisions based on the law as it is written, and stays within the original framework of the Constitution.

If this judge ever comes up for a vote about retaining her in office, I emphatically encourage you to vote NO.

Sandra Wedel,

Charles Rich,

Patricia Mayer,


Maria Beltran,

mike lovings,
God help us one and all, our nation is nearing the point of no return.

T. Murphy,
In order for justice to prevail, this judge is obliged to recuse herself from this case. Blatantly obvious conflict of interest!

Phil Doucette,


Phyllis White,

Susano Mascorro,
A judge is supposed to be impartial and objective. Why do we have to remind her of what is proper in this case? She should be impeached!

Paulette Hutterer,

William Putnam,
Corrupt judges should be impeached, and disbarred.

Typical radical leftists protecting the pro murder industry. The judge needs to recuse herself. Pretty obvious. Do these people have a conscience? How can anyone support murder?



Ann Sutton,

Jeremy Henson,

As a retired lawyer, I have an acute sense of smell when it comes to corruption. This Laughrey matter stinks like hell.

Britt Smith,
What a shame. People will do anything to get and keep power and money. There will be a Judgement Day. And you won't be the judge.

This is Huge Conflict O Interest


Virginia Andrews,
Judge, No surprise that you aligned your ruling with your PAID lobbyist spouse. Just another arm of the Clinton machine. Shame on you!


Melissa Tittle,

Dennis J Baca,

Lauri Hendrix,
Conflict of interest!!!



Isn't that against the law?

john Wirts,
This appears to be a direct conflict of interest. Any HONORABLE person would Recluse themselves from this case, rather then give the appearance of impropriety!

A judge's job is to be impartial, it does not appear you are in this case. If you do not recuse yourself you are unworthy to be a judge.

Daniel Kulin,

Art McMahon,
You have lost all pretense of judicial fairness. Do the honorable thing and recuse yourself.

Dear Lord - Please Help Us!

Steve and Robyn Schmalz,
An upright judge would have already recused herself without the petitions and public shaming. Take the hint, Lady.




Julien Peter Benney,


David Neville,
This is so wrong!



Hannah Linnenbringer, PhD, FCP,

Norma Newman,
This judge doesn't live buy the principals she purports to hold.




Teresa Bader,

PEGGY Allen,

An unbiased judge is essential for justice.


This is reprehensible and so, so what I expect from Planned Parenthood. We need to get all bias out of courtrooms!




frank incaprera,M.D.,

Elizabeth Fasenmyer,


Nilon Hagan,
This conflict of interest is corruption. Recusal is necessary to protect the public.

Linda Scott,
Aborticide is genocide.

This is inexcusable behavior by a federal judge....or any judge.

Tom & Beth Davis,

richard deussen,

J hutchinson,
Let real justice prevail. Can't happen with this judge


George Anderson,
We need an unbiased judge so Judge Laughrey should recuse herself immediently!

Aren't these PP people glad their mothers weren't pro-abortion?




Vigil Ragsdale,


Bill Nocita,

Wanda Hartman,
Please recuse yourself from this case, Judge. Women and children's lives are in danger.


Theodore Skibinski,

Ronald Ferris,
Where are your morals ?

Ceci McKay,

Melba M. Wobbe,

Lester Cantley,
A judge that has connection to a case should always step away, to protect the court system.

James Barton,

Kerry Stone,

Edgar Carpenter,
Obvious conflict of interest.

Al Baran,


Clifton Powell,


Barry Nunlee,



Jeannette Solinsky,
This man obviously has a connection with Planned Parenthood, so that disqualifies with any connection to this case. It is conflict of interest.

Thank you for bringing the details of this case to the forefront.

A judge involved in murder. Did she abort any of her children ? I bet she gets free service there. What a piece of crap.



Joseph Le Bard,
A full investigation should be conducted due to the fact a great deal of tax payer money is involved an kick back's are a favorite money grubbing venue for elected offical's. Time to clean house an stop the funneling of tax payer money .

Jennifer Indermaur,

Peter Asman,
In the end...Christ Jesus through our Father in Heaven will be the final Judge. Life begins at conception and what this Nation is allowing is murder of helpless human beings who cannot defend themselves, this Nation will be judged for allowing this to happen. God help us all and may America bless God as God blesses America!

Justin Voigt,

Billy Utz,

George & Sue Major,

Geri Knuth,

Recuse from Planned Babykillinghood Case!

David Niedzielski,
So called "pro-choice" advocates strive to put a noble, positive spin on their efforts to hide and misdirect others from seeing the truth. The truth is they want to kill their babies, if they so choose, with impunity.

Abortion facilities such as Planned Parenthood fulfill that choice with the most repulsive, barbaric and grisly procedures imaginable. The fact that they were caught red handed selling those baby's organs and limbs off for profit really threatened their cash flow. That, in turn, could also diminish PP's cash flow to the Democrats. Therefore this threat had to be stamped out.

The thoroughly corrupt "legal" system approach was to attack the Center for Medical Progress for using a fake ID. The butchering of babies and retail sale of their bodies was ignored and covered up. This contemptible travesty of justice screams for rectification.

Richard Garcia,
I do not believe anything the Post prints. As a life long resident of St. Louis, take my word that this rag is nothing but a pack of left wing liars.

Joseph Schmidt,

B. Burell,

James Shantz,



Geraldine Quinlan,
Recuse yourself from the Planned Parenthood case!!!! This is unethical!!!!

Robert N. Summers,


Louis Ellis,

Melinda O\'Leary,


As a so-called Judge, it appears that you can try to break laws (Conflict of interest) as if you are not bound to obey ALL LAWS. You must resign or be impeached for your violation of law.No wonder our citizens are livid that the Judicial Branch of government is so corrupt as to deliberately break the law!

Mary Welsh,

Wilburn Griswold,

Chris Klein,

Harold Hughes,

Kara Edwards,

Teresa Weaver,


Vicki Miers,

james s edele,

Ruth Springer,


Lisa Cooper,
conflict of interest

Valerie McIntire,

Put evil judges in place and anything goes. See who controls the courts. they make laws, change laws and enforce their laws for the bottom line and their socialist God hating agenda. $$$



Roger Campbell,



Harold Westra,
Please recuse,conflict of interest.


Judge is clearly too close to this case, obvious conflict of interest, has a track record of not caring about this in the past, and an appalling lack of urgency to protect women from emergency ambulance rides to the hospital. A medical facility that obtains a license by fraud has no business being open in the first place. What is this mess. Judge Laughrey should recuse and also be under investigation for corruption.

Benjamin C. Hawkins,

How dare Chris Kelly and his Fed. Court Judge wife, get away with their actions, Mr. Kelly as a lobbyist for PP and his wife Judge Laughrey who needs to recuse herself from sitting on the bench in PP of Kansas and Mid-Missouri v. Lyskowski, case number 2:15-cv-04273-NKL.

Wendy McGowan,

Terry Wylie,

Stephanie Stkaer,
You must recuse yourself!



Mary Meyer,

Terry Brooks,
It is so clear that this Federal judge , Nanette Laughrey, and her husband Chris Kelly are getting cash from Planned Parenthood. Judge Laughrey should be removed from this case and then impeached as her judgements can be bought.

peter Rideout,

Edwin Myers,

Judge Nanette Laughrey must recuse herself from this case as she is guilty of conflict-of-interest

Cynthia Weidner,
Conflict of interest.

Penni Bulten,
Undue influence is undue influence. Judge Laughrey should recuse herself, if she does not , she should be charged with conflict of interest. Barring her from being a judge would be appropriate, as well. Go get a job at PP if you want one so bad, Judge Laughrey.

Ronald Odom,



Victor Taglianetti,
Judge Laughrey, please do the honorable action of recusing yourself from the PP case. Thank you.

Lynn Parsons,

John Grover,
Do the right thing!

Debra Macaluso,
Conflict of Interest? This Judge Should uphold the Law & Revoke this License....


Charles Mondelli,
Your not "your honor", "your a disgrace"! Signed an adoptive parent, get it you liberal loon!

Connie Chrane,

Deborah Gowen,

Larry Allen,

Charles Salinero,
Please consider.

Elaine Raynor,
Judge Laughrey and Mr. Kelly what happened to you? Where is your compassion for life, God's gift to us.

Judge Laughrey, recuse from case 2:15-cv-04273-NKL
since your husband, a lobbyist was at the site cited.

Tim Wagner,


Delmar Adamson,

Erasmo Hernandez,

mark davis,

The law needs to be inforced. We need to be within the boundaries of the law and set.

Craig Miller,

Nancy Bogert,
There is no logic reasoning that this Judge must "recuse" herself from this case! It's time this kind of nonsense to stop! She's a Judge who should have "common" sense to excuse herself!

Glaring conflict of interest. Judge Laughrey must be recuse herself from the Planned Parenthood case.

Kevin Korpas,


Kenneth Bird,

james bramblett,

theresa rosen,
Conflict of interest requires Judge Nanaette Laughrey to recluse herself from this case.


Charles Clingman,


Due to a conflict of interest Judge Laughrey needs to recuse herself from this case. Judgement is comprised, and she should be removed from the bench.

David DeLitta,

Arthur F. Mott, Jr.,

Paula Sparks,

Richard L. Sparks,

In the interest of due process, the judge would necessarily have to step down...


Bruce Bartleson,
An honest judge would want to be transparent and would recuse themselves from this case


Alfred Grunwell,
Due to the appearance of justice being clouded by your ruling on this case, please do the right thing and recuse yourself from the case.

David L. Cross,


William F Mc Laughlin,
Abortion is nothing but legalized murder.Even criminals with multi crimes are not executed


Jan Woodruff,

Recuse already!

Conflict of interest!!

Phyllis Haig,

Joan Gray,

Giavanna Buonarroti,


Debbie Foster,

Sr. Ellen M. Bayer, OSB,

Robert Bjorklund,

Wanda Wyatt,
This judge seems to be too bias! Please have her recuse from Planned Parenthood case immediately.



Paul DeSantis,

Philip R. Meetze Sr.,
Seems illegal to me. If it appears wrong,it is.


David Leierer,

leonard lacey,
A flagrant appearance of impropriety - shame on you - recuse yourself!

Vickie Childress,


Joseph T. Gazarik,
Judge Laughery has a conflict of interests based upon him having direct family ties to Planned Parenthood Federation of America and their lobbying effort.

On a case involving the most controversial moral issue in the country, blind justice can only be served by the honorable judge recusing himself from this case. Respectfully, Joseph T. Gazarik

Peter Myers,
America must end abortion!! GOD forgive us for allowing this slaughter of innocent defenseless babies..

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