Disturbing Backgrounds of Two New Wichita Abortionists Renew Calls for Defense of 2011 Abortion Facility Licensing Law

By Cheryl Sullenger

Wichita, KS — South Wind Women’s Center has recently hired two out-of-state abortionists that hail from two abortion chains with histories of abortion abuses. They join two other abortionists at South Wind who also have troubling issues that could negatively impact women who seek abortions at the Wichita, Kansas abortion facility.

Colleen P. McNicolas, 34, is a Doctor of Osteopathy that has worked at Planned Parenthood in St. Louis, Missouri, the site of 25 documented incidents of abortion-related medical emergencies requiring hospitalization since 2009. Her published papers show that in addition to abortion, she has a particular interest in long-term “contraception,” including the use of Intrauterine Devices on women, which are known to cause very early abortions.

Robin Bresette, 37, is known to supply abortions for the Texas-based abortion chain, Whole Women’s Health, at their Minneapolis, Minnesota, facility, and also at the last abortion center in North Dakota, Fargo’s Red River Women’s Center. Operation Rescue documented that Whole Women’s Health facilities in Texas were engaged various abortion abuses, including the illegal dumping of aborted baby remains for which it was heavily fined.

Both McNicholas and Bresette were licensed in Kansas earlier this year, with Bresette’s permanent license going into effect on September 8.

“We can only expect that these two abortionists will import their shoddy practices to Kansas, which already has its share of substandard abortion operations,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman. “We are raising the alarm about the competency and safety concerns with all South Wind’s abortionists, which are a very troubled lot with histories that should shake everyone’s confidence in the clinic’s ability maintain accepted medical standards.”

The two women join South Wind’s primary abortionist, Cheryl Chastine, who recently admitted in numerous posts on Twitter.com to suffering from a mental health disorder, for which she is heavily medicated. Chastine was fired from her non-abortion job at a legitimate medical facility near Chicago, Illinois, after pro-life activists there publicly exposed her involvement with abortion in Kansas. Prior to her employment at South Wind last year, Chastine had no experience with abortion procedures whatsoever.

Also listed as providing abortions as South Wind is the notorious Missouri abortionist Allen Palmer, 75, who works part-time for Planned Parenthood in Overland Park, Kansas, a facility that was charged by former District Attorney Phill Kline with 107 criminal counts related to illegal late-term abortion and manufacturing evidence to cover their crimes. Those charges were eventually dismissed after incriminating evidence in the custody of the State Attorney General’s office was mysteriously destroyed.

Palmer, who works on a sporadic, extremely part-time basis at South Wind has his own background of problems with the law. In 1979, Palmer was convicted and incarcerated for corporate tax evasion. His Missouri medical license was suspended two years later and he was placed on a five-year probation.

“South Wind has managed to round up abortionists who are at the bottom of a very rotten barrel. We are legitimately afraid for the lives of women who may seek abortions at that facility,” said Newman.

South Wind Women’s Center opened last year in the same building that once housed George Tiller’s late-term abortion business. It is operated by Tiller’s former political lobbyist, Julie Burkhart, who has no medical background.

To make matters worse, a 2011 Kansas law that would have required abortion facilities to be licensed and meet minimum safety requirements has been held in limbo in a state court with no action since August, 2012. Currently, South Wind, which cannot meet the requirements in the 2011 licensing law, is completely unaccountable to any state oversight agency.

“Given the backgrounds of South Wind’s abortionists, such as mental disease, a criminal conviction, and a long list of botched abortions, the fact that there is no accountability for this abortion business means that women who walk through its doors are in serious jeopardy of being carried out on a gurney to the emergency room or to the morgue,” said Newman.

Operation Rescue is seeking to persuade Gov. Sam Brownback through a petition to instruct the Attorney General’s office to immediately being to defend the abortion facility licensing law that is languishing in a Shawnee County Court without action for over two years.

Please sign the petition to urge Gov. Brownback to order the Attorney General to defend the 2011 abortion facility licensing law.

Pro-Life Groups Expose Cleveland’s University Hospital for Enabling Abortionists that Killed Lakisha Wilson

By Cheryl Sullenger

Cleveland, OH — University Hospital Case Medical Center’s involvement with enabling and promoting abortion was protested on Friday, September 5, by several pro-life groups concerned about the hospital’s involvement with a national abortion training program at an abortion facility that was the site of a patient fatality earlier this year.

About 45 pro-life supporters from Cleveland Prays for Life, Created Equal, Geauga Right to Life, HELP, Lake County Right to Life, and Life Link gathered outside UH’s Rainbow Babies and Children’s Hospital to call attention to the hypocrisy of caring for babies on one hand and helping to kill them through abortion on the other.

“We were able to interact with both consumers and employees. Many employees had no idea that their employer, University Hospitals, is involved in our local abortion cartel and most of those expressed sadness and disagreement with UH policy as we spoke with them,” said Denver Sallee of Lake County Right to Life.

Sallee also noted that during their peaceful public awareness outreach, they were counter-protested by “a sad group of death advocates with their hastily assembly signs.” Two seasoned sidewalk counselors, “spent a lot of time dialoging with these women and others hopefully planting some seeds of doubt about their support of abortion.”

UH is affiliated with Case Western Reserve University, which is home to the Cleveland branch of the Ryan Residency Training Program in Abortion and Family Planning, which is funded by the Susan Buffett Foundation.

UH residents are trained at Preterm, the abortion facility where Lakisha Wilson received a fatal late-term procedure on March 21, 2014.

Wilson, 22, who was in her 20th week of pregnancy, was “not breathing at all” when she was transported by ambulance to the University Hospital Chase Medical Center where she was pronounced dead after suffering late-term abortion complications at Preterm. 911 records obtained by Operation Rescue revealed that Wilson had not been breathing for at least 17 minutes prior to transport to UH. An autopsy report indicated that Wilson suffered heavy blood loss that resulted in cardiac arrest that could have been prevented if Wilson had been properly monitored after her abortion. Wilson’s distress was noticed by abortion staff too late to save her life.

Preterm abortionists Mohamed Rezaee and Lisa Perriera, who both were on duty at the time of Wilson’s fatal abortion, both have admitting privileges at UH. Operation Rescue has also documented a pattern of abortion-related medical emergencies at Preterm in addition to Wilson’s death.

Operation Rescue, in solidarity with the Ohio pro-life groups, is calling on University Hospital to end their involvement with abortion and withdraw from the Ryan Residency Training Program as soon as possible.

“It is frightening that University Hospital would send its residents for training at an abortion facility cannot even keep all its patients alive. Abortion not legitimate health care and is contrary to the stated purpose of the hospital, which is supposedly to heal people, not kill them,” said Newman. “We call on University Hospital to cancel its hospital privilege and transfer agreements with local abortionists and stop training residents how to take the lives of babies through abortion.”

Operation Rescue urges the public to contact President of University Hospital Case Medical Center and voice concerns about its participation in abortion.


Fred C. Rothstein, MD
President of University Hospitals Case Medical Center
Voice: 216-844-1000 (Ask for Dr. Rothstein)
E-mail form: http://www.uhhospitals.org/contact-us/contact-us-online

Tax Funded Abortions on the Rise in New Mexico While Overall Abortions on the Decline

By Tara Shaver

Albuquerque, NM — Since 2008, New Mexico’s abortion rate has been on a steady decline. This is great news in a state where abortions are performed through all nine months of pregnancy without restriction. However, that news is tempered by the fact that abortions funded by tax dollars are on the rise.

According to New Mexico vital statistics, 3,134 abortions were performed in 2012, a significant decrease of 2,002 abortions from 2008 figures when 5,136 abortions were performed. This represents a 39 percent decrease in abortions over a five-year period.

This overall reduction in abortion can be attributed to public outreach through ministries like Project Defending Life, whose efforts include prayer and protests at local abortion clinics and serving women when they choose not to abort. Also, education has played a big role in decreasing abortion at a city level in Albuquerque, home to 3 of the 5 remaining abortion clinics in the state, through church outreach and a steady stream of local media coverage of abortion injuries and the lack of clinical oversight.

“When the community at large knows how precarious abortions are and when women themselves know the risks involved, women choose not to pursue an abortion. Since New Mexico has adopted no common-sense legislation regarding abortion, all of the successes must be attributed to those who faithfully work day in and day out to end abortions one woman and child at a time,” stated Bud Shaver, Executive Director of Protest ABQ.

While overall abortion numbers have decreased, tax funded abortions through New Mexico Medicaid saw a 20 percent increase over the previous year’s numbers. New Mexico is one of 15 states to fully fund abortions, not using any federal funds but state funds. This forces everyday citizens to foot the bill for dangerous and deadly abortions.

In 2013, 811 abortions were billed to the state, costing taxpayers $160,007.51.

The largest portion of these abortions was performed at the state’s late term abortion clinic, Southwestern Women’s Options where the very latest of abortions are done. SWO employs Susan Robinson and Shelley Sella who reside in California; their net income in 2013 from New Mexico Medicaid was $74,770.78 for performing 335 abortions.

The University of New Mexico performed 126 Medicaid funded abortions in 2013, which cost taxpayers $24,729.65.

Protest ABQ has prepared the chart that details the amounts paid to abortion providers in New Mexico for abortions in 2013.

Each year that goes by without any action from the state’s legislature and Governor, out-of-state abortionists will continue to bilk New Mexico taxpayers while evading their own state’s laws that prohibit the very abortion procedures that are so profitable for them in New Mexico. This is just another way New Mexico has become the “go to” place for extremely late abortions, drawing not only out-of-state abortionists but also women seeking abortions beyond the legal limits in their home states.

This report is being published one week after members of Protest ABQ met with Governor Susana Martinez, once again urging her to reign in the out of control and unregulated abortion industry that is costing tax payers big money in New Mexico.

Protest ABQ is leading the charge to protect life and is calling on pro-life groups to join us for a National Call to Action involving national protests against abortion, culminating with a National Strike on January 22, 2015.

“We need to stand up and ‘protest’ to bring about the end of pre-born child killing. . .peacefully but protest! Until all those who oppose pre-born child killing are willing to go into the streets in ‘protest’ of what we know is wrong and unless we are willing to call and enact a ‘national strike’ to end the child killing, this will all remain legal,” stated Fr. Stephen Imbarrato Founder of Protest ABQ.
Note: The video in this story was made in 2011 and revealed at that time that New Mexico taxpayers were being forced to foot the bill for expensive late-term abortions on babies with Down Syndrome. This practice not only continues today, but is on the increase.