Possible Trafficking? Alabama Abortion Clinic Cited For Failure to Report Child Sex Abuse on 13-Year Old Girl

By Cheryl Sullenger

Montgomery, AL – The Reproductive Health Services abortion business in Montgomery, Alabama, has been cited by the Alabama Department of Public Health for failing to comply with mandatory child abuse reporting requirements, leading to concerns that a 13-year old girl may have been trafficked.

A recently released inspection report dated January 26, 2018, described the citations involved failing to report a pregnant girl who received two abortions at Reproductive Health Services within 15 months.

During that routine licensing inspection, two charts were requested for review for patients under the age of fourteen.

Alabama law requires that abortion facility staff report the names of all pregnant minors and their babies’ fathers, if the father is more than two years older than the minor child. However, if the pregnant minor is under the age of 14, her name must be reported to the Department of Human Services no matter the age of the baby’s father.

One of the charts revealed that in January 2016, a pregnant girl came to the abortion facility for informed consent information.

The girl indicated that she was in the 9th grade and said her date of birth was July 3, 2000. That would have made her 15 years old. There was no mention of the age of the baby’s father in the citation narrative.

A woman, described as the pregnant girl’s mother, accompanied her to the abortion facility, but did not speak English. The girl served as translator between clinic staff and her supposed mother.

However, on the date of the abortion, the girl returned with her birth certificate, which documented that her actual birth date was July 3, 2002, making her only 13 years old.

Despite this new information, the facility made no report of suspected child abuse as required by law.

The same girl returned to Reproductive Health Services for a second abortion in April 2017, at the age of fourteen. Again, there was no mention of the age of the baby’s father in the citation narrative, which would have been important information to determine compliance with mandatory reporting laws.

And once again, the abortion facility made no report of suspected child sexual abuse for the 2017 incident.

“Let’s call this what it is. A girl was raped at age 13 and no one lifted a finger to help her or save her from future rapes,” Troy Newman, President of Operation Rescue. “It is clear that the abortion staff either didn’t care enough about that girl to report or they were actively covering up her abuse.”

Once the failure to report was discovered by the state health inspector, the facility’s “Director/Owner” hurriedly placed a phone call in the presence of the inspector to the Department of Human Services and reported information for possible sex abuse — two years after the fact.

The inspection report made no mention of any possible penalties that Reproductive Health Services might incur due to the serious violations.

“This failure of the abortion facility’s staff to report suspected child sex abuse in a timely manner subjected this 13-year old girl to additional sex abuse, as evidenced by a second abortion just 15 months after the first. A simple phone call could have prevented this suffering,” said Newman. “Given the sketchy information provided by the girl and her so-called mother, it leads me to wonder if this child was being trafficked. There should be serious penalties for the clinic, which must be held at least partially responsible for any crimes committed against this girl.”

Read the Inspection Report dated 1/26/2018.

Kansas Suspends Abortionist’s License for 90 Days for Violations During Abortion on 13-Year Old

Abortionist Allen S. Palmer

Topeka, KS – The Kansas Board of Healing Arts has suspended the osteopathic medicine license of Allen S. Palmer, 78, for 90 days. The suspension is due to be completed on December 7, 2017.

Palmer was working part time for Comprehensive Health of Planned Parenthood in Overland Park, Kansas, on December 22, 2014, when a 13-year old girl presented for a surgical abortion. Palmer failed to check her medical records for age prior to the surgery, then failed to preserve fetal tissue from the abortion, which, by law, is supposed to be submitted to the Kansas Bureau of Investigation in the event a criminal investigation is warranted.

Planned Parenthood reported Palmer’s violation. In return, Palmer blamed a “system failure” at Planned Parenthood for the violation since staff did not advise him of the patient’s age.

The Board of Healing Arts found that Palmer had an independent duty to abide by the law and ensure his own compliance, and found it was wrong for him to conduct a surgical abortion without having looked at the young patient’s medical record or history.

The Board of Healing Arts found that Palmer had committed the following violations:

• Unprofessional conduct;
• Conduct likely to harm the public and hinder a criminal investigation;
• Failure to properly supervise, direct or delegate actions required of a licensee.

“Palmer works at a number of abortion facilities in Kansas, so his suspension is likely to have a large effect on abortion businesses in this state, and will likely save lives,” said Troy Newman, President of Operation Rescue.

Palmer conducts abortions at Planned Parenthood in Overland Park, South Wind Women’s Center in Wichita, and at Whole Women’s Health in Peoria, Illinois. He has also been known to work for Planned Parenthood in St. Louis, Missouri, since his own St. Louis area abortion facility closed in February, 2011.

Only the Kansas locations will be affected by the suspension order.

This is not Palmer’s first disciplinary encounter.

In 1979, Palmer was incarcerated and fined after he pleaded guilty to filing a false corporate tax statement in a U.S. District Court in Missouri.

In 1981, Palmer’s home state of Missouri placed him on probation and ordered him to perform charity service at a St. Louis area hospital in lieu of surrendering his license.

Palmer was subsequently fined and his licenses placed on probation by Florida and Illinois.

“It is unusual to see Planned Parenthood throw one of their abortionists under the bus, but in this case, it was probably to save themselves from being charged,” said Newman. “We are just glad that for now there is one less abortionist in Kansas. That is great news for women and their babies.”

Read the final suspension order.
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Attack on Pro-Life Activist at an Abortion Facility Results in Capture of Child Rapist

By Cheryl Sullenger

Montgomery, AL — April 14, 2017, seemed at first like just another routine day at the abortion clinic for a number of pro-life activists who spent the morning offering help to women and their companions as they reported to Reproductive Health Services, an abortion facility located on Perry Street in Montgomery, Alabama.

As one of the activists, Daniel French, approached one couple, the man became angry and threw his coffee on French and spit in his face.

The police were called to the scene where they arrested Logan Craft inside the abortion facility then marched him out to an awaiting police car. He was charged with Aggravated Assault and Harassment.

Arrest Detail Report 04142017 by Cheryl Sullenger on Scribd

However, at least one the pro-life witnesses that day expressed further concern. Craft, a 24-year old Montgomery resident, had accompanied a girl that appeared to be underage.

Just three days later on April 17, Craft was arrested again and charged on numerous charges related to sexual abuse of two minor girls less than 12 years old, according to a local news report.

One of Craft’s young victims had suffered abuse from April 10 through April 14 – the very day Craft took an apparently underaged young lady to the Reproductive Health Services abortion facility. Whether the abuse victim was the same person Craft was seen with at the abortion business remains unconfirmed at this time.

The Montgomery Advertiser elaborated on Craft’s sexual abuse charges in a story posted on April 18, 2017:

Craft is accused of sexually assaulting one child between April 10 and April 14. Another child was sexually assaulted between April 3 and April 7 in the area of Mobile Highway.

In addition, two separate cases were reported where women were sexually assaulted in January. Both cases occurred during consensual sex, however when the women pleaded to stop, Craft allegedly used physical force to continue the abuse.

He is accused of strangling one victim until she was unconscious and continued to sexually abuse her because he admitted it “heightened his sexual pleasure” according to court documents.

Craft is being held on a bond on $150,000 at the Montgomery Detention facility. He remains in custody as of this writing, and will hopefully continue his incarceration for many years to come.

It is possible that if Craft had not attacked French on April 14, he might still be on the loose.

“Many abortion facilities have been caught failing to report child sex abuse. It is a huge problem across America. Abortion facilities often have an unspoken ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’ policy when it comes to underage abortion patients. This actually protects the rapists at the expense of the young victims,” said Troy Newman, President of Operation Rescue. “Would Reproductive Health Services have reported Craft if police had not been called for another matter? It’s hard to say, but I think it is doubtful.”

Newman has good reason for his doubts.

Operation Rescue’s office is located in a former abortion clinic in Wichita, Kansas, where twelve-year old girl was once brought for an abortion by her rapist and step-father, Robert Estrada. Because the abortion business did not report the abuse, Estrada continued to rape the girl and her younger sister for four more years, resulting in additional pregnancies. He was finally caught and convicted only after one of the victims sought help at a pro-life pregnancy care center, who reported Estrada to the police.

The Estrada case is only one of many examples of abortion facilities acting as “rapist protection rackets” – a fate that may have befallen Craft’s young victims had he not attacked Daniel French.

“We are usually not thankful when a pro-life activist is attacked outside an abortion facility, but this time, we are grateful,” said Newman. “Because police were called to the abortion clinic, a rapist is behind bars and little girls in Montgomery are now a bit safer.”

Read more about documented cases of child sex abuse within the Abortion Cartel and their failure to report.

[HT to Sue Turner]

Planned Parenthood Caught Failing to Report Egregious Case of Child Sex Abuse in Alabama

Mobile PP

By Cheryl Sullenger

Mobile, AL – A inspection report released on August 13, 2015, has revealed that a Planned Parenthood abortion facility in Mobile, Alabama, twice failed to report suspected child sex abuse as required by law involving a 14-year old girl who received two abortions within a four-month span of time.

But what is disturbing is that the report was dated November 21, 2014, nine months ago, raising questions about why it took so long for the Alabama Department of Public Health to release this public record. The report contained no plan of correction usually found on reports this old. In fact, it is not known what sanctions — if any – were ever levied on the Planned Parenthood office, which is open for business and conducting abortions today.

The teenager, identified only as MR#16, first reported to the Planned Parenthood facility on April 9, 2014, seeking a medication abortion. It was determined that she was 14 and already had two living children.

There was no documentation in her medical record to indicate that anyone from Planned Parenthood could verify the signature of the adult that brought her for the abortion was indeed a parent or legal guardian.

Despite being seriously anemic with a hemoglobin count of 9.3 – too low for a medication abortion that induces heavy bleeding — she returned to the clinic on April 12 and was given drugs to induce an abortion. She received no management or consultation regarding her anemia.

Planned Parenthood’s Director of Patient Services verified to inspectors with the Alabama Department of Public Health that no report of suspected child sexual abuse was ever made.

If that was not bad enough, MR#16 returned to Planned Parenthood four months later on August 18, 2014, for counseling for yet another medication abortion.

As before, no one bothered to authenticate that the adult who brought her to Planned Parenthood was her parent or guardian. Still seriously anemic, which should have contraindicated medication abortion to the Planned Parenthood staff, she was again given drugs to induce an abortion then sent on her way.

Again, the inspectors verified with the Director of Patient Services that no report of suspected child sexual abuse made. The Director had no further information as to why this young woman was obviously sent back to her rapist for further abuse.

In fact, to this day, there remains uncertainty that anyone has even yet come to this young teen’s aid.

If a plan of correction was submitted, why wasn’t it released with the deficiency report as usual? Was the abuse ever reported? Is the young woman safe, or is she still in the clutches of her abuser? Was he ever arrested and charged?

“The fact that we currently have no answers to this questions is disturbing, at best. We hope that the ADPH reported this crime and that a full police investigation took place, but we simply do not know,” said Troy Newman, President of Operation Rescue. “In the meantime, allowing Planned Parenthood to continue operating in Mobile is completely unacceptable because we know this behavior is chronic.”

Meanwhile, other deficiencies found in that same report indicate a facility with serious infection control issues. Surgical equipment was not properly sterilized between patients. Everyone from the abortionist down failed to wash their hands before or after donning sterilized gloves. The two times the abortionist was observed washing hands, it was for a grand total of six and seven seconds respectively.

In addition, medical records failed to report important facts, including the type of anesthesia used during abortions. That lack of information could have proved disastrous has any of them suffered complications.

Operation Rescue has confirmed that the Planned Parenthood in Mobile is currently only doing medication abortions even though it has long supplied surgical abortions at that location. Whether this change in services has anything to do with the non-reporting incident remains to be determined.

Planned Parenthood has been accused of failing to report child sex abused for years. Investigations into their despicable practice covering up for child rapists have been politically thwarted or simply never done.

In fact, Planned Parenthood’s Birmingham abortion clinic was caught in 2009 by the Alabama Department of Public Health also failing to report child sex abuse and conducting abortions on minor girls without the required parental consent. Promised investigations ended up going no where.

Both the Birmingham and Mobile abortion facilities belong to Planned Parenthood of the Southeast, Inc., which employs Tamar Middleton and Yashica Robinson-White as their abortionists.

“If an investigation into aiding and abetting child sex abuse is to be done, Planned Parenthood’s abortionists Middleton and Robinson-White are where it should start,” said Newman. “Planned Parenthood appears to be breaking the law nine ways to Sunday, exploiting abused little girls and selling aborted baby remains. It’s time for those in authority to stop ignoring the evidence of criminal activity and bring those responsible to speedy justice.”

Tectonic Political Shift in New Mexico Prompts Life-Saving Pro-Life Legislation

By Cheryl Sullenger

Santa Fe, NM — A tectonic shift in the political climate in New Mexico following the 2014 Mid-term Elections has resulted in the filing of three important pro-life bills in a state that has previously refused to pass even the most rudimentary of abortion laws.

The House Chamber of the State Legislature is now remarkably in the hands of Republicans for the first time since 1954, when Republicans controlled by only a one-seat advantage. With Republican Gov. Susanna Martinez now publicly vowing to support pro-life legislation and the liberally-bent Albuquerque Journal calling for a vote on a late-term abortion ban, there is hope that the first-ever piece of pro-life legislation may actually make its way into law.

The three bills introduced so far deal with such issues as parental notification, local hospital privilege requirements for doctors, and a ban on abortions after viability.

On Friday, the House Regulatory and Public Affairs Committee will hear testimony on HB 390, the Late-Term Abortion Ban and HB 391, the Parental Notification of Abortion Act.

Another bill, introduced in the Senate, is SB 437, which requires physicians that do abortions to maintain hospital privileges within 30 miles of the facility where the abortions are done.

Here’s a closer look at these proposed new laws.

Late-Term Abortion Ban

In November, 2013, pro-life forces used a citizen petition process to put the Pain Capable Unborn Child Protection Ordinance on the ballot within the City of Albuquerque, where the largest late-term abortion facility in the country operates without restriction or oversight. While the ordinance enjoyed a 10 point approval lead in the polls, grass-roots pro-life groups were out spent and out organized by Obama’s political activism group, Organizing for Action, which is actually Obama’s renamed campaign machine that continues to advance a radical leftist agenda. Their experience helped turn out “against” votes in early voting, and as a result, the ordinance was defeated.

However, due to the public education that took place during the Albuquerque referendum, which drew nation attention, opposition to the grisly practice late-term abortions has continued to resonate in the Land of Enchantment. It now appears ready to tackle the thorny question of late-term abortions on a higher level.

HB 390, which would restrict abortions at twenty weeks of pregnancy and later, is based on fetal viability instead of the stronger fetal pain test. The legislations establishes the legal presumption of viability at 20 weeks and required that all abortions in New Mexico be done only by a physician.

Even though it contains an overly-broad “health” exception and a “sexual abuse, rape, or incest” exception and contains the weaker viability test instead of the stronger fetal pain capability standard, we encourage the passage of this bill. If it becomes law, this legislation will save some babies, and some are better than none, especially in a state that currently has no restrictions on abortion whatsoever.

According to a Huffington Post poll, 59% of Americans favor a Federal ban on abortions after 20 weeks, and looking at the procedure, it is easy to see why.

The late-term abortion process employed at Albuquerque’s Southwestern Women’s Options is known as the Induction Abortion Method. The three-four day procedure was developed in Wichita, Kansas, by the infamous late-term abortionist George Tiller.

It involves injecting the growing baby through the mother’s abdominal wall with a drug, Digoxin, which causes the baby to suffer a heart attack and die. The woman’s cervix is then packed with dilators called laminaria, that slowly expand the opening of the womb and she is sent to a hotel to wait out the abortion process. On the second day, the luminaria is removed and replaced, and the woman is given Cytotec, an ulcer drug that also stimulates uterine contractions. On the final day, with the woman in full-blown labor, the dead baby is either birthed – often into a toilet – or dismembered and removed. Often the contents of the head are suctioned out and the skull collapsed to make deliver of the dead baby faster. Some women have expressed they suffered emotional trauma and deep regret after these kinds of abortions, including a woman named Kelly, who described her horrific late-term abortion experience on the O’Reilly Factor news program.

These late-term abortions are fraught with risks. For example, in 2011, pro-life activist Tara Shaver obtained a 911 recording that revealed that a woman with a history of a previous Cesarean Section suffered a life-threatening ruptured uterus during a 35-week abortion. Shaver, along with Operation Rescue, filed complaints that were adopted by the New Mexico Medical Board against Tiller-trained abortionist Shelley Sella, resulting in four charges of gross negligence. Inexplicably, the Board lost the disciplinary case against Sella, and she was never disciplined.

Since then, Shaver has documented at least 17 medical emergencies at Southwestern Women’s Options since she began seeking such records four years ago.

“Late-term abortions are dangerous to women and horrifically brutal for the baby, who is old enough to feel pain and live outside the womb in most cases,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman. “The majority of Americans agree that abortions at twenty weeks and older are inhumane for a compassionate society. We fully support banning these barbaric abortion procedures in New Mexico and in every other state.”

Parental Notification

Another bill that will be heard in committee on Friday HB 3091, which would require parental notification before minors could receive abortions.

But this bill is about much more than parental consent. It also requires abortionists to immediately notify authorities when they suspect a minor patient is pregnant as the result of sexual abuse, rape, or incest. It also establishes mandatory reporting to the State of all abortions for statistical analysis, which will help lawmakers and the public understand who is having abortions and why. This is important information for pro-life groups seeking to provide assistance to abortion-vulnerable women.

While this bill also has exceptions for minors who are the victims of sexual abuse, this bill would also save some babies and provide much-needed information for groups that can use it to save more babies in the future.

Hospital Privileges

Operation Rescue heavily supports legislation like New Mexico’s SB 437 that requires abortionists to maintain hospital privileges within 30 miles of the facilities where abortions are done. It only makes good common sense.

In New Mexico, the late-term abortionists employed by Southwestern Women’s Options actually live in California. They work on a rotation, each flying in to Albuquerque to do abortions for a week, then flying home. Problems arise when women experience abortion complications after these fly-in abortionists leave the state. Women have been forced to make their own way to whatever emergency room they could find to get the help that the clinics are unequipped to handle. Often, the clinic medical records and the abortionist are not available, which had caused delays in emergency treatment for women injured during abortions

“Hospital privileges add a layer of protection for women. Abortionist who cannot qualify for hospital privileges should not be performing surgical abortions in the first place,” said Newman. “This law will weed out those who are unqualified and have the potential to close abortion clinics that employ substandard providers.”

Even though the penalties for violating this law are nominal, this bill deserves support. This law has the potential to spare women from suffering inflicted by incompetent and fly-in abortionists. In addition, it has the potential to close clinics that employ abortionists that are unqualified for hospital privileges and when abortion clinics close, abortion numbers drop, and lives are saved.

“It is gratifying to see the changes in New Mexico, which was once completely hostile to any kind of abortion standards and oversight. We know these changes could never have happened without the work of pro-life activists such as Tara Shaver and her husband, Bud, who have documented so many abortion abuses and have worked tirelessly to get the truth about New Mexico’s dangerous and unaccountable abortion cartel out to the public,” said Newman. “We will be watching these bills carefully and look forward to their eventual passage into law.”