AbortionDocs.org Reveals Little Known Abortion Death In Nevada, Other Injuries

Wichita, KS – The new web site AbortionDocs.org continues to add documentation daily, detailing abuses at abortion clinics in order to draw attention to the history unsafe and illegal abortion-related practices across America. “Abortionists have been able to hide their dirt until now, thanks to AbortionDocs.org,” said Troy Newman, President of Operation Rescue and Pro-Life […]

39 Years After Roe V. Wade, No Gurney Access Endangers Two Injured Abortion Patients in Alabama

By Cheryl Sullenger Birmingham, AL – Two women were transported from a Alabama abortion clinic yesterday after paramedics had to hand-lift a partially clad woman from a narrow doorway and down several steps to an awaiting gurney. A second woman was wheeled to her gurney in a wheelchair. The incident took place at the New […]

Abortionist Nicola Riley Now En Route to Maryland to Face Murder Charges

Elkton, Maryland – Nicola Riley has been transported from the Salt Lake City Jail and is now on her way to Maryland to face charges of murder related to the killing of healthy, viable late-term babies at a secret late-term abortion mill operated by the notorious Steven Chase Brigham. A judge in Salt Lake City, […]

Pro-Life Nation Launches with Interactive New Tool: AbortionDocs.org

Wichita, KS – Operation Rescue has launched a major new initiative called Pro-Life Nation, whose purpose is to implement a comprehensive, unified, and goal-oriented strategy to end abortion in the United States. The plan involves informing and activating the pro-life grassroots while exposing the dirty truth about America’s abortion cartel and demanding enforcement of abortion […]