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New Mexico abortion clinic caught operating illegally.

Background Report: Caught Red-Handed: New Mexico Abortion Business Was Operating Illegally

Action Needed: Please contact Robert Kyle, and ask that his department revoke the business permit issued to William H. Richardson, MD, PC due to safety concerns and given the checkered history of the Whole Women’s Health abortion chain in Texas with which his abortion business is affiliated.

Building & Development Services
Robert Kyle, Administrator
Voice: 575-528-3106
E-mail: rkyle@las-cruces.org

* * *

Abortion death of Lakisha Wilson swept under the rug in Ohio.

Background Report: Joan Rivers Cause of Death Same as Dead Abortion Patient

Action Needed: Operation Rescue is urging the public to contact Cuyahoga County District Attorney Timothy McGinty and demand that he order a full, impartial investigation into Lakisha Wilson’s suspicious abortion-related death.

D.A. Timothy McGinty
Voice: 216-443-7800
E-mail Web Form: Click Here

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Virginia exempts substandard abortion facilities from compliance with minimum safety standards.

Background Report: Virginia Excuses Troubled Brigham Abortion Mill, 6 Others from Meeting Safety Laws

Action Needed: Please contact the Virginia Director of the Office of Licensure and Certification and demand that variances issued to Virginia abortion facilities be rescinded immediately in the interest of public safety.

Erik Bodin
Office of Licensure and Certification
Voice: 804-367-2102
E-mail: Erik.Bodin@vdh.virginia.gov

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University of New Mexico is aggressively advancing an abortion agenda – at taxpayer expense!

Background Report: Lobos of Death: A Look at the Radical Abortion Agenda at the University of New Mexico

Action Needed: We invite the public to voice concerns about UNM’s heavy involvement in providing abortions and abortion training as well as their aggressive plan to promote and propagate abortion and sexual activity among young children.

Paul B. Roth, MD, MS
Chancellor for Health Sciences
CEO, UNM Health System
Dean, School of Medicine
Voice: (505) 272-5849
E-mail: PRoth@salud.unm.edu


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Caught Red-Handed: New Mexico Abortion Business Was Operating Illegally

Operation Rescue urges the City of Las Cruces to revoke the abortion facility’s business permit due to deception and possible zoning violations.

By Cheryl Sullenger

Las Cruces, NM – A new abortion facility in Las Cruces, New Mexico, operated by the Texas-based Whole Women’s Health abortion chain, was caught “red-handed” operating without a valid business permit in an area that may not be properly zoned for that business.

Seeking to avoid safety standards in Texas that shut down two of its five Texas abortion centers, Whole Women’s Health targeted New Mexico where an absence of abortion laws allows even the most disreputable to run abortion businesses without fear of inspection or oversight.

Whole Women’s Health (WWH) soon set up shop in Las Cruces where it could continue its substandard operations without accountability. With much fanfare, WWH announced that it would open for business on September 15, 2014, with the intention of targeting Texas women for abortions, encouraging them to cross state lines where they could avoid waiting periods and parental consent laws for minors.

However, when that day arrived, pro-life supporters who visited the new clinic location discovered a darkened and obviously closed office. WWH cited undefined “logistical issues” as a reason for the delay.

“Soft” opening

Nearly three weeks ago, Whole Women’s Health in Las Cruces quietly opened for business. Pro-life supporters from 40 Days for Life reported witnessing a steady stream of women coming and going from the facility.

Martha Beasley, a pro-life activist who managed prayer vigils at the clinic, repeatedly called city offices and questioned whether the new abortion business was properly permitted and zoned for surgeries.

In a call placed by Tara Shaver of Protest ABQ on October 17, 2014, a Las Cruces code officer told her that the abortion clinic claimed to have a valid business permit. That permit, it turns out, belonged to Vista Surgical Associates, the previous medical business that occupied that office, and was improperly passed off by WWH employees as their own. The code officer later admitted to Shaver that the office “was in the process of getting” their business license. However, that proved not to be the case. At the time of this call, the abortion facility had made no effort to obtain a business license.

Listen to an excerpt of the conversation:

Further questions prompted additional inquiries to the clinic by the code officer, where WWH personnel convinced him that they were not seeing patients. They wrongly claimed the steady stream of traffic into the office was simply employees, contractors, or venders who were helping to get the business set up.

Surgical abortion appointments with no permit

However, recorded telephone conversations documented the fact that the Las Cruces Whole Women’s Health facility was in fact conducting surgical abortions and other services illegally up until the afternoon of October 27.

Tara Shaver of Protest ABQ and this correspondent each made recorded calls seeking abortion appointments at Whole Women’s Health in Las Cruces. Shaver placed her call on Thursday, October 16, 2014, received an appointment for an abortion on October 21. I placed a call to WWH on October 21 and received an offer of a surgical abortion appointment for the following day, October 22.

A WWH employee told Shaver to plan on being at the clinic for up to five hours after the abortion procedure. She was also told that they were currently doing abortions up to 12 weeks of pregnancy, but that would expand as they developed a “clientele” in New Mexico.

I was told during my call that only surgical abortions were available at the Las Cruces office. Although I posed as a woman only seeking information, I was heavily pressured to schedule the abortion for the following day. I was told that my concerns would be addressed during my appointment.

During both phone calls, questions about who would be providing the abortions was met with evasiveness and non-answers.

Permit application after the fact

Documents supplied to Operation Rescue show that it was not until Thursday, October 23 — after several days of abortions were completed — that WWH’s mysterious abortion provider first applied to the City for a business permit in response to several complaints from Beasley and others. Pro-life activists reported that the foot traffic to and from the abortion business halted for the day, but later resumed. [View the application.]

“There can be no doubt that Whole Women’s Health was conducting business and providing surgical abortions prior to applying for a valid business permit,” said Troy Newman, President of Operation Rescue. “We caught them red-handed breaking the law and using deception to cover it up.”

Late Monday, October 27, a business permit was finally issued — but not to Whole Women’s Health. Instead, the permit is in the name of their heretofore secret abortionist’s newly-created New Mexico company.

Mystery abortionist revealed

After weeks of refusing to identify their abortion provider, just days ago, Whole Women’s Health announced on their website that their Las Cruces provider is William H. Richardson, a Tuscon abortionist who is best known for filing a lawsuit in 2009 that unsuccessfully challenged the constitutionality of Arizona abortion laws.

Richardson, who operates Tuscon Women’s Center, is a former abortionist for Planned Parenthood who was first licensed in Arizona in 1989. In 1993, the Pima County Health Department placed a “Letter of Concern” in his file for a recordkeeping lapse. He was granted a license to practice in New Mexico just four months ago on June 13, 2014.

On October 4, 2014 — two weeks after WWH’s planned opening — Richardson created a new company, “William H. Richardson, MD, PC,” for his work at the Las Cruces Whole Women’s Health, but when registering the new company with the New Mexico Secretary of State, he apparently confused the Las Cruces address, which is located on East Loman Avenue, with his Tuscon abortion clinic, which is located on East Knight Avenue. He mistakenly reported his new Las Cruces address as 3900 East Knight.

“We certainly hope Richardson doesn’t suffer such confusion during an abortion procedure and grab the wrong instrument or drug vial,” said Newman. “His address mistake certainly does not engender confidence in his mental acumen.”

Confusing dual identity

The official name of the Las Cruces abortion business now appears to be “William H. Richardson, MD, PC.” The Whole Women’s Heath website refers to it as “Whole Woman’s Health of New Mexico, Medical Practice of William H. Richardson, MD, PC.” However, all the permit applications and business filings were all done under Richardson’s company name. Nothing has been filed under the Whole Women’s Health moniker.

The dual name appears intentionally confusing, especially since Richardson facility is referred to as “Whole Women’s Health” when doing business.

Zoning questions

There is also question about whether the East Loman building is properly zoned for surgical abortions. The zoning approval boxes on Richardson’s business permit application were left blank, indicating that zoning approval was not sought.

Currently the building’s zoning designation allows for only minor medical practices. During a recorded conversation, Shaver was told that WWH’s goal is to provide abortions after 12 weeks and possibly as late as 18 weeks once it “builds” its New Mexico “clientele.”

The second trimester abortions cannot be considered “minor” medical procedures since they would involve multi-day procedures that are much riskier than those done in the first trimester. Surgical abortions, particularly those done after 12 weeks, have resulted in documented patient injuries and deaths. The facility appears to be in a zone that is incompatible with those practices.

Could it be that the WWH/Richardson abortion enterprise is again using deception to evade zoning requirements?

“Too great of a danger to women”

“Because of the deception involved in trying to pass off an invalid business permit as their own, and due to questions about zoning, we urge the City of Las Cruces to revoke Richardson’s business permit,” said Newman. “To add to concerns, this abortion business is importing someone from out of state to conduct surgeries on a part-time basis. This means he may not be available to women in the event of medical emergencies that result from abortion complications. That is completely unacceptable and poses too great of a danger to women to allow this business to continue.”

Newman’s concerns are valid ones based on Whole Women’s Health history of health and safety violations.

In Texas, a 2011 Operation Rescue investigation documented violations at Whole Women’s Health in Austin and McAllen involving the illegal dumping of recognizable aborted baby remains in a public dumpster. The two abortion centers were heavily fined as a result.

In addition, Operation Rescue reported two Whole Women’s Health abortionists, Alan H. Molson and Robert E. Hanson, for violations discovered during that same investigation, resulting in thousands of dollars in fines.

Molson, 62, admitted that he was not routinely present for post-abortion follow-up visits, which were done by unqualified medical assistants, who also improperly handed out prescriptions for birth control pills that were pre-signed by Molson.

Hanson, 74, admitted that he saw patients for the first time on the day of the abortion and failed take complete medical histories or conduct proper physical exams. He also admitted to inadequately monitoring vital signs during abortions.

Public action needed

Since New Mexico has no laws that would hold abortion facilities accountable to meeting any kind of safety standards, it falls to each city in that state to protect citizens from substandard businesses that pose credible risks to public safety, as does the WWH/Richardson abortion business. While the fine for operating without a valid business permit is only $500, it is possible for the City Las Cruces to revoke a permit once it is issued.

“We are sure that if the City of Las Cruces understood the dangers of this particular abortion chain, they would not want such a business operating in their city,” said Newman. “We invite concerned citizens to contact the city’s Building and Development Services Department and ask them to deny their business permit.”

Please contact Robert Kyle, and ask that his department revoke the business permit issued to William H. Richardson, MD, PC due to safety concerns and given the checkered history of the Whole Women’s Health abortion chain in Texas with which his abortion business is affiliated.

Building & Development Services
Robert Kyle, Administrator
Voice: 575-528-3106
E-mail: rkyle@las-cruces.org

[Note: All recorded conversations were edited for length. Full, unedited recordings are on file with Operation Rescue.]

Brigham’s Revocation Puts 7 Dangerous New Jersey Abortion Facilities In Limbo

By Cheryl Sullenger

Voorhees, NJ – Since the New Jersey State Board of Medical Examiners voted to revoke Steven Chase Brigham’s last remaining medical license on October 8, 2014, the fate of his seven New Jersey abortion facilities remains uncertain.

Suspicious activity was noted at one of his American Women’s Services facility in Phillipsburg the day following news of Brigham’s license revocation. That facility continued operations with locked doors, drawn shutters, and office lights out, as if the staff did not want anyone to know it was open. Women who arrived for appointments at the clinic were forced wait in a dirty, trash-strewn entryway until staff members could quickly usher the inside, only to lock the door again behind them.

In New Jersey, only licensed providers are allowed to operate medical facilities. Now that Brigham has no valid medical license, he should have 90 days to divest himself of the abortion business or shut them down.

“It seems obvious that Brigham’s employees were acting as if they were doing something improper and trying to hide it,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman. “This kind of deceptive behavior and devious practices has characterized Brigham’s entire abortion career. It is worrisome that women continue to be subjected to risk at his chain of seventeen abortion facilities that remain open in at least four states. They should all be shut down immediately.”

Brigham’s abortion facilities are known to be among the worst in the nation, operating – often illegally — out of run-down facilities that attempt to fly under what little regulatory radar there might be. Even pro-abortion organizations like the National Abortion Federation, which has its safety issues, want him shut down.

The Phillipsburg clinic is a case in point for closure. Aside from the squalor, abortionist Vikram Kaji is on record oas the facility’s medical director. Kaji pled guilty to sexually assaulting at least three of his female patients, resulting in the revocation of his New York medical license and discipline in Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

On May 24, 2013, a New Jersey Consent Order filed against Kaji notes that he failed to properly discharge his duties as medical director five out of seven of Brigham’s New Jersey abortion clinics, where numerous health and safety violations were discovered.

The order also notes that Kaji recently suffered a stroke where he suffered visible mental and physical impairment. Yet, despite all this, Kaji continues to conduct abortions for Brigham.

“Convicted sex offender Vikram Kaji is an integral part of Brigham’s abortion business in New Jersey, serving as Medical Director at several of his locations. That fact alone should be enough to shut down Brigham’s sleazy abortion operations,” said Newman. “Neither Kaji nor Brigham are fit to be left in a room with women, much less practice medicine.”

Brigham continues to operate seven known locations in New Jersey, which should be closing once the paperwork from his revocation is finally completed and the closing process is begun — if he does not attempt another scam.

“I wouldn’t doubt it if he tried to transfer ownership to his dog in order to keep profiting from his seedy abortion mills,” said Newman. “Something like that would be typical of his past behavior.”

American Women’s Services in Voorhees is Brigham’s flagship clinic and home base for his numerous business corporations that he uses to confuse authorities and conceal his ownership of abortion facilities in other states. He been caught running illegal late-term abortion operations out of this clinic that are completed in neighboring states.

Other New Jersey facilities include:

Associates in ObGyn in Elizabeth, whose abortionist Franz Denis holds no hospital privileges.
Abortion Center of Englewood, also known as American Women’s Services in Englewood, whose abortionist, Elliot Gellman, who was convicted of tax evasion in New York in 2002.
Princeton Women’s Services, aka American Women’s Services in Hamilton, whose abortionist Warren I. Taylor also flies to Florida to conduct abortions at Brigham’s Pensacola facility. Convicted sex offender Vikram Kaji serves as medical director.
American Women’s Services in Phillipsburg, which also employs Kaji as medical director.
American Women’s Services in Tom’s River, where Kaji also serves as medical director.
American Women’s Services in Woodbridge, where Kaji serves as medical director. Gellman and Taylor have also been seen there.

So bad is Brigham’s nefarious abortion operation that in July, 2010, he was ordered to shut down all his Pennsylvania abortion facilities and told never to operate in that state again. Yet, last year, he was found to be violating that order by operating an illicit abortion clinic in Philadelphia. The State ordered it to shut down soon after it was reported by staff from another area abortion facility that had heard horror stories from women who had been there.

In August, 2010, Maryland issued a cease and desist order to Brigham, who had been caught running an illegal bi-state late-term abortion scheme out of a clandestine office in Elkton, Maryland. The clinic was intentionally kept secret to cover up the fact that Brigham had no license to practice in that state. The four abortion clinics he operated openly in Maryland were ordered to close by the State after repeated safety violations were discovered, along with the death of abortion patient Maria Santiago at his Baltimore facility that was operated out of a residential condominium.

In New Jersey, a judge once ordered him to stop advertising his abortions as “safe” and “painless.”

But that’s not all.

Brigham spent 180 days in jail for billing fraud in New York, which later revoked his medical license after it was discovered that he was operating an illegal bi-state abortion business of the same nature as the illicit operation he ran in Elkton.

Florida also revoked his license, yet Brigham continues to run an abortion business in Pensacola, Florida, that operates out of a non-descript metal garage-type structure that is rumored to also cut corners on women’s safety.

“Currently, his license revocation in New Jersey has yet to be put into writing. Once it is, we plan to take action to ensure that Brigham is shut down in New Jersey and all other states where he is operating,” said Newman. “Frankly, it’s shocking that he is still in business.”

In addition to New Jersey, Brigham runs abortion businesses in Delaware, Virginia, and Florida.