Lobos of Death: A Look at the Radical Abortion Agenda at the University of New Mexico

This is the second installment in a series of exposés highlighting the UNM’s involvement in the Abortion Cartel. (Read Part One)

By Tara Shaver, Project Defending Life

Albuquerque, NM- The University of New Mexico (UNM) is at the heart of the abortion industry in the Land of Enchantment.

During our four years of work in Albuquerque, the home of the Lobos, we discovered that the abortion culture is deeply entrenched at this publicly-funded institution and expanding – all at taxpayers’ expense.

Little can New Mexico afford to pour hundreds of thousands of hard-earned tax dollars in to UNM’s abortion business. It is one of the poorest states in the nation, ranking Number 1 for child hunger and Number 2 for adult hunger according to the Huffington Post. In 2013, New Mexico ranked last in the nation for child well-being, climbing only one spot to 49th in 2014.

Could it be that New Mexico’s flagship institution is contributing to these troubling statistics by wasting its resources on its enormous abortion program?

“Our tax dollars would be better spent actually helping to bring children out of poverty instead of being doled out to the University of New Mexico to kill them,” said Bud Shaver of Project Defending Life.

Deadly Expansion

In 2007, UNM launched its free-standing abortion clinic, the UNM Center for Reproductive Health (UNMCRH), which conducts abortions up to 22 weeks gestation, or over half way through pregnancy.

In addition to this off-campus freestanding abortion clinic, there is also a clinic on campus performing abortions up to 11.5 weeks gestation. Known as the Family Practice Center, it offers specialized services in ObGyn through the Department of Family Practice at UNM.

Essentially UNM is running two abortions clinics.

On April 1, 2014, the UNMCRH opened a new 8,000 square-foot facility that was approved by the UNM Medical Group Finance Committee and Council of Chairs. UNMCRH is managed by the UNM Medical Group, a 501c3 non-profit corporation, and is staffed by UNM Hospital physicians.

While 6,000 feet of this new facility is dedicated to the UNMCRH for abortions, 2,000 feet is designated to a newly formed Young Women’s Center, which is a collaboration between the ObGyn and Pediatrics Departments. A call placed to the YWC staff revealed that the center is primarily a birth control clinic for minors.

“When minor children fail to use birth control or exercise poor judgment that minor children are known to do from time to time, they become ready customers for the UNM’s abortion business,” said Troy Newman, President of Operation Rescue, which partners with Project Defending Life. “It is troubling that the UNM would be exploiting children in this way.”

But the exploitation doesn’t stop there.

UNM also has a presence through School Based Health Centers in two Albuquerque high schools, three middle schools, and one elementary school. The Adolescent Division of UNM proudly boasts that their “physicians are comfortable seeing teenagers with any sort of problem, from acne to contraception.”

There can be no doubt that UNM has a specific agenda to promote the abortion culture to minors, which should be extremely troubling to the parents of these young people.

Abortion Training and the ACGME

UNM is currently one of 68 universities that participate in the Kenneth J. Ryan Residency Program in Abortion and Family Planning. The Ryan Program, founded in 1999, is a national initiative whose mission is to embed abortion training into residency programs throughout the United States and Canada.

In 1996, the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME) mandated that ob-gyn residency education must include access to experience with induced abortion. This mandate has become an excuse for keeping UNM’s free standing abortion clinic open.

However, ACGME Obstetrics and Gynecology Program Requirement IV.A.2.d states:

No program or resident with a religious or moral objection shall be required to provide training in or to perform induced abortions. Otherwise, access to experience with induced abortion must be part of residency education. This education can be provided outside the institution. [Emphasis added]

It is clear that UNM is not required to run their own freestanding abortion clinic to train medical residents to perform abortions.

The ACGME further states that abortion training programs are required to provide residents with the ability to “opt out” of the programs and even acknowledges that there may be instances where every resident declines to participate in abortion training.

Because of this, Project Defending Life recently launched an ad campaign in the UNM Daily Lobo, the official campus newspaper, informing students of their right to decline to participate in abortion training and encouraging students to exercise their right to opt-out.


If abortion training at a UNM facility isn’t mandatory, why is UNM so determined to keep the UNMCRH running? Perhaps the motive is where the profit is.

UNMCRH has an average annual revenue of nearly $2 million. So far in 2014, the clinic has brought in $1.7 million, with $750,000 of that being paid out by New Mexico’s Medicaid program. That means 44% of UNMCRH’s income comes from state Medicaid coffers.

Furthermore, 2013 New Mexico Medicaid information obtained through a public records request shows that 17 of the 34 abortionists that received state Medicaid funding for abortions were UNM employees.

UNM is propagating an agenda of death using taxpayer money earmarked for healthcare that is in no way benefitting the health of the citizens of New Mexico.

UNM has demonstrated its commitment to promote and expand abortion in this poverty-ridden state through training of new abortionists and the exploitation of minors through their new Young Women’s Center and public school birth control clinics.

In case there is any further doubt of UNM’s deep commitment to the killing of innocent children in the womb, this year, it promoted abortionist Eve Espy of the UNMCRH to ObGyn Chair for the UNM School of Medicine. In validation of Espy’s radical abortion agenda, she was presented with the 2014 Margaret Sanger Award by New Mexico Planned Parenthood for “her leadership and outstanding contributions to the reproductive health and rights movement in New Mexico.”

The centerpiece of her contributions, unmentioned by Planned Parenthood, was more dead New Mexico children.

“Abortion currently touches all aspects of The University of New Mexico, a publicly funded institution. Why should the people of New Mexico be taxed to support UNM and not know about UNM’s involvement in pre-born child killing? Why should the people of New Mexico be given no opportunity to decide how they want their most prestigious institution and only medical school to represent their standards and values? Now is the time to end Albuquerque’s reputation as the Abortion Capital of the Southwest and the Late Term Abortion Capital of the Nation starting with UNM. We urge them to abandon their radical abortion agenda,” stated Fr. Stephen Imbarrato Founder of Project Defending Life.

Members of Project Defending Life have met with UNM Regents, including the Board of Regents President Jack Fortner, and the Health Sciences Center Dean, Paul Roth, to express concerns about the blatant disregard for human life at UNM. Unfortunately, those meetings were to no avail.

We invite the public to voice concerns about the UNM’s heavy involvement in abortion to Dr. Paul Roth.

Contact :

Paul B. Roth, MD, MS
Chancellor for Health Sciences
CEO, UNM Health System
Dean, School of Medicine
Phone: (505) 272-5849
E-mail: PRoth@salud.unm.edu

Ohio Board Lets Abortionists Get Away With Death of Poor, Healthy Black Woman

By Cheryl Sullenger

Columbus, OH — The State Medical Board of Ohio has stunned pro-life supporters by dropping all complaints related to the death of abortion patient Lakisha Wilson.

Those who filed complaints seeking an investigation into Wilson’s death at Preterm, a Cleveland abortion facility, have received form letters in the past week stating, “After a thorough review of the allegations, your complaint has been closed.”

“That’s just not good enough,” said Troy Newman, President of Operation Rescue. “A healthy woman walked into that abortion facility and was wheeled out dead. Someone needs to be held accountable for that so it doesn’t happen to someone else.”

Wilson, 22, received a late-term abortion at Preterm on March 21, 2014. Sometime after the abortion, Wilson stopped breathing, according to 911 records, and was transported to Case University Medical Center, where she was placed on life support and pronounced dead on March 28.

Physicians who evaluated the autopsy report for Operation Rescue, said it shows evidence that Wilson was not properly monitored after her abortion, a lapse that may have prevented her from receiving emergency care in time to save her life.

Preterm abortionist Lisa Perriera was seen the morning of Wilson’s abortion having been involved in a “fender-bender” accident in the parking lot. She appeared shaken when she arrived for work.

Also on duty at Preterm that morning was abortionist Mohammed Rezaee. Witnesses at the scene saw Rezaee leave Preterm and follow the ambulance to the hospital.

Yet, complaints against Preterm and the two abortionists were all dismissed by the Ohio Medical Board.

Preterm has a pattern of sending abortion patients to hospital emergency rooms for care that the abortion facility is not equipped to provide. At least three women have suffered life-threatening medical emergencies at Preterm since 2010.

“We don’t know how many women have been seriously injured at Preterm. If the patients were transferred to the hospital when there was no pro-life presence, we would have no way of knowing about them,” said Newman. “Camera-carrying pro-life activists who document such incidents outside abortion facilities do a huge service in exposing dangerous practices. They act as the eyes and ears for the rest of us.”

In addition, Preterm participates in the Ryan Residency Abortion Training Program. That program is funded by the Susan Thompson Buffett Foundation, which is managed by the family of billionaire Warren Buffett.

This connection raises concerns that there may be an attempt to cover up the third-world-style abortion practices are being taught to hospital residents at Preterm, which targets primarily urban women of color.

Meanwhile, the Ohio Department of Health still continues their investigation. ODH inspectors were at Preterm on April 2, 2014, when a coalition of state and national pro-life leaders held a press conference outside the abortion facility to demand justice for Wilson, whose untimely death left her young son

Efforts to obtain the report from that day’s inspection have been denied citing that it is part of an ongoing investigation.

“We are concerned that politics may be influencing this case,” said Newman. “We have a hospital with ties to the Buffett Foundation and a major hospital that carries a lot of influence. We have to depend on the authorities to be completely unbiased, yet time and again we have seen political pressure derail similar investigation into abortion deaths in other states.”

Newman referred primarily to a Kansas complaint that prompted investigation into the late-term abortion death of 19-year old Christin Gilbert in 2005, which was closed by the Kansas Board of Healing Arts before Gilbert’s autopsy was even completed. Operation Rescue obtained evidence that Sebelius had intervened on behalf of abortionist George Tiller, a major contributor to Sebelius political campaigns.

“We need the public to let the Ohio Department of Health know that people are watching this case. Public pressure is a way to hold them accountable to conduct a thorough and unbiased investigation,” said Newman. “It would be all too easy for them to disregard the death of a poor urban black woman with no political influence in favor of protecting those affiliated with such powerful institutions as University Hospital and the Buffett Foundation. If that is what is really going on here, it is a travesty of justice that leaves other women at risk of suffering the same fate as Lakisha Wilson. We simply cannot allow this case to be swept under the rug.”

Please contact the Ohio Department of Health and demand that those responsible for the death of Lakisha Wilson be brought to justice.

Ohio Department of Health
Richard Hodges, Director
Phone: (614) 466-3543
E-mail: Director@odh.ohio.gov

Read letters dropping the medical board cases against abortionist Rezaee, Perriera, and Preterm.

Notorious Abortionist Hodari Denied License, Lacks “Good Moral Character”

By Cheryl Sullenger

Lansing, MI — If you’ve never heard of Michigan abortionist Alberto Hodari, count yourself fortunate. If you have, then what happened recently at the Michigan Board of Medicine should come as a welcome relief.

For those who may not be familiar, Hodari once ran a chain of as many as six abortion mills in Michigan and is among the worst of abortionists, and that’s saying a lot.

Four women are known to have died at Hodari-run abortion facilities, which can aptly be characterized as “mills.” Tamia Russell, 15, died less than 24 hours after a late-term abortion at Hodari’s Lathrup Village facility in 2004. In 2007, a 17-year old Hodari patient died from abortion complications. Chivon Williams died less than six hours after having been released from one of Hodari’s abortion mills following a suction abortion.

Despite the growing number of women dying at Hodari mills, in 2009, he was fined a mere $10,000 for his part in the death of Regina Johnson in 2003.

Amidst mounting professional and personal troubles, Hodari sold his abortion facilities and allowed his license to expire in January, 2013, but he apparently soon changed his mind about retirement.

In July, 2013, Hodari reapplied for licensure in the State of Michigan, answering “Yes” on his application form to questions concerning previous disciplinary action and the number of lawsuits he settled for $200,000 or more during any 5-year period.

Board requests for clarification were met with “evasive” answers, according to documents recently provided to Operation Rescue by long-time pro-life activist Lynn Mills.

Instead of full and honest disclosure, Hodari’s attorney simply submitted case captions for his last five settlements without any details as to what the cases were about or why they warranted the substantial monetary pay-outs.

Records show, in fact, that Hodari has been sued over 50 times, the results of which have been sealed in many cases. No one really knows how many women have been butchered or otherwise maimed by this man.

The good news is that earlier this year, the Michigan Board of Medicine wisely denied Hodari’s application for relicensure citing a lack of “good moral character” and noting that licensees in Michigan must display a propensity to serve the public “in a fair, honest and open manner.”

While the lack of “good moral character” could apply to every abortionist, those words are the very antithesis of an apt description of Hodari, given the documented abuses in his background.

Originally from Argentina, Hodari made headlines when Citizens for a Pro-life Society discovered the remains of aborted babies along with patient medical records illegally dumped outside some of his six abortion mills.

He added to his notoriety when he told a group of students from Wayne State University that abortionists have a “license to lie” and that he does not wash his hands between patients to prevent his skin from chaffing. He also told reporters that even though he was well aware that induction abortions were dangerous, he still used the late-term abortion procedure without regard to the welfare of his patients.

In February, 2009, Hodari was sentenced to six months probation for illegally dumping of abortion records.

Hodari also had a documented pattern of forcing abortions on unwilling women. Jennifer McCoy told Operation Rescue that when she was only 16, Hodari tricked her into an unwanted abortion under the pretense of performing a routine obstetrical examination, then returned her to the man who had been sexually abusing her.

In 2009, Caitlin Bruce filed suit against Hodari for forcing an abortion on her after she had withdrawn her consent. In court records, Bruce alleged that she was held down on the abortion table by an assistant who covered her mouth with his hand to muffle her screams as Hodari forced the abortion on her. Hodari settled that suit for an undisclosed amount.

Time fails to relate further details of his atrocious acts that have left a grisly trail of broken women and dead corpses.

“We are relieved and thankful that Hodari can no longer practice medicine or inflict his particular brand of quackery on anyone else,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman, whose office filed numerous complaints against Hodari over the years. “Unfortunately, there are other abortionists out there right now who are cut from the same corrupt cloth as Hodari. They are killing women and babies and victimizing their patients in unimaginable ways — and far too many are getting away with it. We know who some of them are, but others perpetrate their abuses in secret for now. We consider it our mission to find these people, document their crimes, report them and demand enforcement. It may take some time, but just like Hodari, their sins will find them out – and when they do, we will be there to catch and expose them, and bring them to justice.”

Read Hodari’s license denial document.