Roofers Duck and Hide While Working on Wichita Abortion Facility Without a Permit

By Cheryl Sullenger

Wichita, KS – A new group of secretive roofers have resumed work on the South Wind Women’s Center, an abortion facility in Wichita, Kansas.

The roofing project had been left more than half done for several weeks after another roofing company walked off the job when they discovered the building was actually an abortion facility, and not a real estate office, as they had been led to believe.

Right now, it appears that the group of four men are only working on weekends when the abortion facility is closed — and making slow headway in the process.

When the men saw pro-life activists photographing the work on Saturday, September 30, 2017, they ducked down behind the parapet at the edge of the roof to prevent their faces from being photographed. One man donned a hard hat and tied a bandanna around his face to avoid being identified.

“Every time they saw one of us taking a picture, they stopped work and hid or took pictures of us. This behavior went on for several hours, so not much work was actually being done on the roof,” said an Operation Rescue staffer who watched the bizarre behavior unfold.

“These people want to profit from roofing an abortion facility, but they don’t want anyone to know they are collaborating in the business of abortion. It’s really shameful behavior, and they refuse to own it,” said Troy Newman, President of Operation Rescue.

Workers’ vehicles at the site had no markings to indicate a company name. It is possible that the men are working under the table and outside of any legitimate roofing business.

Operation Rescue called the City Building Permits Department and was told that no permit was on file for the new roof construction, so an enforcement officer would be asked to investigate.

By the way, the weather forecast for today in Wichita is heavy rain.

Roofing Contractor Leaves Abortion Facility Job Half Done After Learning Truth

By Cheryl Sullenger

Wichita, Kansas – A contractor has walked off a roofing job at South Wind Women’s Center, an abortion facility in Wichita, Kansas, leaving the installation of a new roof only half completed after it learned it had been deceived into thinking it was working on a real estate business.

South Wind’s owner and administrator, Julie Burkhart, sought the services of Farha Roofing under the guise of Kellogg, LLC, while concealing the fact the building was actually an abortion facility. It was only after Farha Roofing began the job on the leaky, flat-roofed building that they found out the true nature of Burkhart’s business, thanks to Mark Gietzen and the Kansas Coalition for Life (KCFL).

“Farha Roofing was slow to comply with our request, but they eventually pulled off the job, leaving it half-done, and have not been back since,” Gietzen said yesterday in a written statement. He thanked all pro-life supporters who called the company to complain.

White-edged portions of the roof were the only parts completed, including the area over the garage. However, the clinic portion of the roof still showed the original brown trim, indicating that none of the patient-used portion of the building had been re-roofed.

The roofing contractor left what appeared to be foam insulation material stacked on pallets in the parking lot.

It may be a long time before any more work is done. South Wind has had difficulty finding anyone in Wichita to work on their building and have had to go out of town — and even out of state — for some venders, such as plumbers and electricians.

“The message is loud and clear. The people of Wichita do not want an abortion facility operating in their city,” said Troy Newman, President of Operation Rescue, which is based in Wichita and often partners with the KCFL.

Gietzen plans to send letters to all area businesses warning them of Burkhart’s use of deception to trick contractors into servicing her South Wind Women’s Center abortion facility.

Pro-Life Groups Expose Cleveland’s University Hospital for Enabling Abortionists that Killed Lakisha Wilson

By Cheryl Sullenger

Cleveland, OH — University Hospital Case Medical Center’s involvement with enabling and promoting abortion was protested on Friday, September 5, by several pro-life groups concerned about the hospital’s involvement with a national abortion training program at an abortion facility that was the site of a patient fatality earlier this year.

About 45 pro-life supporters from Cleveland Prays for Life, Created Equal, Geauga Right to Life, HELP, Lake County Right to Life, and Life Link gathered outside UH’s Rainbow Babies and Children’s Hospital to call attention to the hypocrisy of caring for babies on one hand and helping to kill them through abortion on the other.

“We were able to interact with both consumers and employees. Many employees had no idea that their employer, University Hospitals, is involved in our local abortion cartel and most of those expressed sadness and disagreement with UH policy as we spoke with them,” said Denver Sallee of Lake County Right to Life.

Sallee also noted that during their peaceful public awareness outreach, they were counter-protested by “a sad group of death advocates with their hastily assembly signs.” Two seasoned sidewalk counselors, “spent a lot of time dialoging with these women and others hopefully planting some seeds of doubt about their support of abortion.”

UH is affiliated with Case Western Reserve University, which is home to the Cleveland branch of the Ryan Residency Training Program in Abortion and Family Planning, which is funded by the Susan Buffett Foundation.

UH residents are trained at Preterm, the abortion facility where Lakisha Wilson received a fatal late-term procedure on March 21, 2014.

Wilson, 22, who was in her 20th week of pregnancy, was “not breathing at all” when she was transported by ambulance to the University Hospital Chase Medical Center where she was pronounced dead after suffering late-term abortion complications at Preterm. 911 records obtained by Operation Rescue revealed that Wilson had not been breathing for at least 17 minutes prior to transport to UH. An autopsy report indicated that Wilson suffered heavy blood loss that resulted in cardiac arrest that could have been prevented if Wilson had been properly monitored after her abortion. Wilson’s distress was noticed by abortion staff too late to save her life.

Preterm abortionists Mohamed Rezaee and Lisa Perriera, who both were on duty at the time of Wilson’s fatal abortion, both have admitting privileges at UH. Operation Rescue has also documented a pattern of abortion-related medical emergencies at Preterm in addition to Wilson’s death.

Operation Rescue, in solidarity with the Ohio pro-life groups, is calling on University Hospital to end their involvement with abortion and withdraw from the Ryan Residency Training Program as soon as possible.

“It is frightening that University Hospital would send its residents for training at an abortion facility cannot even keep all its patients alive. Abortion not legitimate health care and is contrary to the stated purpose of the hospital, which is supposedly to heal people, not kill them,” said Newman. “We call on University Hospital to cancel its hospital privilege and transfer agreements with local abortionists and stop training residents how to take the lives of babies through abortion.”

Operation Rescue urges the public to contact President of University Hospital Case Medical Center and voice concerns about its participation in abortion.


Fred C. Rothstein, MD
President of University Hospitals Case Medical Center
Voice: 216-844-1000 (Ask for Dr. Rothstein)
E-mail form:

Albuquerque Pro-life Group Launches New Campaign to Expose Abortion Connections

Operation Rescue supports Project Defending Life’s PROTEST ABQ campaign in Albuquerque, New Mexico, to expose the truth about abortion and those who enable abortions to continue.

PDL will hold a press conference Tuesday, March 11th at 4pm (MT) in front of the UNM Center for Reproductive Health, 1701 Moon St. NE., Albuquerque, CA 87112 announcing the new campaign. Below is a press release with more information about PROTEST ABQ.

-Operation Rescue Staff

Project Defending Life Launches New Campaign, PROTEST ABQ

By Tara Shaver, Project Defending Life

Albuquerque, NM- Project Defending Life is announcing a new public awareness campaign: PROTEST ABQ, which will utilize “abortion victim photography” and other public awareness efforts, in response to the failed ban on Late-Term Abortions on November 19th. Through strategic and sustained focuses, PROTEST ABQ, is going to reach deeper into our community to educate Albuquerque and New Mexico residents about the businesses and individuals that are keeping abortions in our community.

Fr. Stephen Imbarrato, founder of Project Defending Life issued the following statement, “It is time to get serious about protesting the killing of our little brothers and sisters in the womb. These protests will be peaceful and constitutionally legal. We will not condone violence of any kind by anyone in this campaign. Indeed, we are protesting the use of violence…against babies in the womb. We will peacefully protest this violence.”

As part of this initiative, PROTEST ABQ, Project Defending Life is inviting all known and recognized pro-life leaders, groups, and ministries to New Mexico to help us. We will host and provide hospitality to any group or ministry including lodging and food for the duration of your stay here. We are welcoming National Pro-Life groups to come to Albuquerque, NM and do the work they do best. The National groups will work under their own ministry or group banner in cooperation with PROTEST ABQ and Project Defending Life.

In the state of New Mexico late term abortions are legal up to the ninth month of pregnancy. These abortions are, in fact, being performed in the city of Albuquerque each week on women who come from all across the nation to obtain them. Since Albuquerque is drawing women from all across the country, Project Defending Life is inviting pro-life groups from all across the nation to come to Albuquerque and join us as we PROTEST ABQ.

While our efforts on Nov. 19th fell short of ending Late-Term abortions in Albuquerque, by maintaining a public and prayerful presence at our local abortion clinics, we have been quite successful at ending abortion one woman, one child, one day at a time. The preliminary abortion numbers for 2012 are 3,134, which is a 627 decrease from 2011 (3761 total) and a 2,590 decrease in abortions in New Mexico since 2007 (5,724 total!)

“As we move forward in Albuquerque, we realize that abortion will end in our city and state, when hearts are touched and minds are changed concerning the killing of the most innocent and defenseless children in our state, those in the womb. PROTEST ABQ is a way to raise this public awareness. If we accomplish nothing else, we must succeed in protesting the evil of our generation…legalized child killing,” stated Bud Shaver spokesperson for PROTEST ABQ.

Action Alert: Plumbing Contractor Readies Wichita Abortion Clinic for Opening

Wichita, KS – Local pro-life activists praying Saturday outside a proposed new abortion clinic in Wichita photographed a plumbing contractor hauling two large trailers onto the building parking lot to begin work on getting the plumbing ready for the clinic’s planned opening.

Dale’s Plumbing Service, Inc. has apparently begun working on the building on Kellogg Ave. that once housed George Tiller’s infamous late-term abortion business. As of Friday, no permits had been issued for construction work, which will reportedly involve moving interior walls and a bathroom addition.

The new clinic, South Wind Women’s Center, which is run by a former Tiller employee Julie Burkhart, has begun advertizing abortion services and soliciting appointments around town and on a new website even though the abortion business is not yet open.

“It is noteworthy that Burkhart had to get a company from Hutchinson to come to Wichita to do the plumbing work for her. It is likely that no Wichita plumber wanted to help her open a clinic that would kill innocent babies,” said Cheryl Sullenger, Senior Policy Advisor for Operation Rescue.

Operation Rescue is working through available legal channels to prevent the new abortion clinic from opening.

“We encourage the public to call Dale’s Plumbing Service and politely ask them to stop working on a property that will be involved in abortions,” said Sullenger. “This business needs to understand that it has become a collaborator in the abortion industry by doing work that will make it possible for abortionists to resume the barbaric practice of abortion in Wichita at the cost of untold innocent lives.”

Dale’s Plumbing, Inc.
8003 Cottontail Drive
Hutchinson, KS 67502
Voice: (620) 669-9481
E-Mail Form: