Abortion Number Drop to All Time Lows: “When Abortion Clinics Close, Lives are Saved”

By Cheryl Sullenger

Washington, DC – Just days before the nation marks the 44th memorial of the Roe v. Wade Supreme Court decision, the Guttmacher Institute released a survey of 2014 abortion numbers that show abortions have dropped to their lowest level since the 1973 ruling that decriminalized abortion in the U.S. According to the survey, abortion numbers have decreased by 14 percent since 2011.

The question no one seems to be able to definitively answer – and the authors of the survey did not address – is why?

Operation Rescue has been monitoring abortion facilities for years and conducts its own annual survey, which shows abortion businesses have been steadily declining since 1991. That year, there were 2,176 surgical abortion facilities in the U.S. Today, there are 517 – a decrease of 76 percent.

To directly correlate it to the abortion-supporting Guttmacher Institute survey, since 2011, there has been a 23 percent reduction in surgical abortion facilities.

While abortion is decreasing nationwide, the drop is particularly sharp in states where abortion facilities close, according to data found in state abortion statistic reports.

“When abortion clinics close, lives are saved,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman. “When there are no abortion businesses in a community actively marketing abortions to women, abortions decrease. Abortion businesses create a fake ‘need’ for women to get abortions through aggressive marketing campaigns. Take away the supply, and we find there is little actual demand.”

Operation Rescue has documented shocking abuses found within the Abortion Cartel and has used the Internet and social media to expose those abuses to the public. Our documentation has been used to support pro-life laws and complaints against shoddy abortion providers that have resulted in disciplinary action and even criminal convictions – all of which have shuttered abortion offices.

Operation Rescue’s research shows that the primary reason abortion facilities are closing is their own failure to comply with the most rudimentary medical health standards and laws.

“It is common to find abortion facilities that don’t properly sterilize surgical instruments or have unqualified staff,” said Newman. “When states enforce existing safety standards and abortion laws, we see abortion facilities close.”

But Operation Rescue notes that women don’t have to face the challenges of unexpected pregnancy alone. There are over 5,250 pregnancy help centers in the U.S. that offer free assistance to pregnant women. These centers outnumber abortion facilities by over 10 to 1.

News Report Reveals Fake News/Dirty Tricks Group Worked for Planned Parenthood

Meanwhile, StemExpress drops its suit against the Center for Medical Progress

By Cheryl Sullenger

Washington, DC – The Daily Caller has reported this morning that the same “opposition research group” that was behind the fake intelligence report that made contrived allegations against President-Elect Donald J. Trump, is the same “shady outfit” hired by Planned Parenthood to issue a report saying the Center for Medical Progress videos were “doctored.”

But Planned Parenthood did not reveal that the Washington D.C.-based Fusion GPS that came up with those findings was really an opposition research group. Instead, Planned Parenthood portrayed the Fusion GPS “dirty-tricks” group as one that had “expertise” in forensic analysis.

Fusion GPS makes no claims to expertise in forensic analysis on their own suspicious two-paragraph website.

Those allegations against Trump were found to be completely fictitious. Trump took news organizations Buzzfeed and CNN to task yesterday for publishing the unfounded accusations, and issued a strong rebuke to them for propagating “fake news.”

The Daily Caller’s investigative report has completely discredited the Fusion GPS findings concerning the Center for Medical Progress videos depicting Planned Parenthood officials haggling over the price of aborted baby parts. Fusion GPS was hired to lied about Donald Trump, and they were hired to lie about the Center for Medical Progress,” said Troy Newman, President of Operation Rescue, who also served as a founding board member for the CMP. “Planned Parenthood’s claim that the videos were manipulated was nothing but fake news.”

An independent forensic analysis was conducted by Coalfire Systems Inc. for the legal group Alliance Defending Freedom. It indicated that the video and audio files contained in the full-length CMP videos had not been altered, but had been edited to remove such footage as bathroom breaks and car travel to the locations where the investigations took place.

In a related development, an organ procurement company, StemExpress, which was featured in the CMP videos partnering with Planned Parenthood to purchase aborted baby organs and tissue for resale, has withdrawn its lawsuit against the Center for Medical Progress.

This comes in the wake of numerous criminal referrals against StemExpress by the House Select Investigative Panel on Infant Lives and the Senate Judiciary Committee.

“StemExpress has found itself in a world of trouble and now the truth is coming out about the deception and lies that were used to discredit the CMP and protect Planned Parenthood. This is very encouraging news,” said Newman.

However, Planned Parenthood and the National Abortion Federation filed separate suits in a San Francisco federal Court against the CMP and named Newman as a defendant in both those actions. Newman and his team of attorneys with the American Center for Law and Justice continue to actively defend against those suits, which Operation Rescue considers just as baseless as the StemExpress suit.

“Now that the mask is being torn off the lies of Planned Parenthood and StemExpress, the tide may finally be turning our way,” said Newman.

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Sen. Blumenthal Must Retract and Apologize for Slanderous Statements About Operation Rescue


Washington, DC – Today during the confirmation hearing of Sen. Jeff Sessions for Attorney General, Democrat Sen. Dick Blumenthal made completely false and slanderous statement against Operation Rescue and its president, Troy Newman.

Blumenthal wrongly described Operation Rescue as a group that advocates execution of abortion providers, when nothing could be further from the truth.

Operation Rescue has a long history of peaceful activism within the law in advocating for innocent life.

Blumenthal also displayed a “wanted” poster targeting abortion provider George Tiller and attributed it falsely to Operation Rescue. This organization never circulated that poster and never called for anyone to harm Dr. Tiller.

Blumenthal also falsely accused Operation Rescue of calling for the murderer of Dr. Tiller to be treated as a political prisoner. Operation Rescue never made any such statement and has always been clear that murder or other violent acts are an unacceptable means of advocacy.

We call on Sen. Blumenthal to retract his false and slanderous statements and issue a public apology to Operation Rescue and Troy Newman.

“That was a cheap shot by a hack politician who thinks he can lie about us with impunity and without consequences in order to advance his political agenda,” said Newman. “We are considering legal action to protect our good reputation.”

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