Newman: Suit Filed By National Abortion Federation Is Panicked Attempt to Cover-Up Baby Parts Trade

Newman2-CapWashington, DC – The National Abortion Federation has filed a lawsuit in San Francisco’s Federal Court seeking an injunction barring the Center for Medical Progress, David Daleiden, and Troy Newman from releasing any video recordings made during NAF meetings.

Newman is President of Operation Rescue, but also serves on the Board of the Center for Medical Progress.

“How dare a cabal of baby-killers attempt to cast aspersions on my good name when it is they themselves that are ore than likely engaging in the illegal and repulsive practice of trafficking and profiting from fetal organs obtained during abortions.”

The NAF suit claims that it could suffer “irreparable harm” if the videos were made public.

“This suit is a panicked attempt to prevent the truth from being told about NAF involvement in profiteering from aborted baby remains,” said Newman. “It is really a cover-up of potential evidence of their own wrong doing. They obviously have a lot to hide.”

So far, four videos have been released by the CMP showing Planned Parenthood Medical Directors negating with actors posing as representatives of an organ procurement company for top dollar for each fetal organ sold. The videos also showed evidence that Planned Parenthood abortionists have altered abortion procedures in order to ensure that more organs would be suitable to be harvested and sold.

The selling of fetal organs for profit and the altering medical procedures to ensure organs are available are both illegal and unethical.

“We will fight to preserve our precious freedom of speech and freedom of the press along with the ability for citizen journalists to engage in investigative journalism. The NAF’s attempt to intimidate us and sue us into silence will not succeed,” said Newman.

This statement is attributable to Troy Newman in his individual capacity.

“It’s Another Boy!” Ghoulish Planned Parenthood Abortionist Identifies “War Torn” Baby Body Parts

By Cheryl Sullenger

Washington, DC – The fourth video released by the Center for Medical Progress started much as the first two, with actors posing as organ procurement representatives in negotiations with a Planned Parenthood abortionist. But the most recent offering from CMP’s David Daleiden goes far past the caviler discussions about selling aborted baby livers for top dollar and Lamborghinis.

It ends up in a “lab of horrors” inside Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains’ abortion clinic in Denver, Colorado. There, bits of human flesh float in Pyrex pie plates, illuminated from below by a light table’s surreal bluish-white glow, and where workers calmly sort through the human debris with implements akin to chopsticks.

“For anyone with a conscience, the video’s entire fetal organ scene is wrenching — to the gut as well as the heart. It hearkens us back to the days of Joseph Mengele or Kermit Gosnell, who both coldly killed and dissected children without remorse,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman, who also serves on the Board of Daleiden’s Center for Medical Progress. “When human beings are transformed into ‘products’ whose price is haggled over as if they are items at a swap meet, we must stop and ask ourselves if is the kind of callous disregard for innocent life that we want characterizing us as Americans.”

Daleiden conducted a nearly three-year undercover investigation into Planned Parenthood’s illegal sale of aborted baby body parts. Newman served in an advisory capacity during the project.

Today’s video directly refutes statements made by Planned Parenthood CEO Cecile Richards that Planned Parenthood does not profit from the sale of fetal remains.

At Planned Parenthood’s Denver clinic, Savita Ginde, who serves as Vice President and Medical Director for PPRM, identified several organs from one aborted baby’s remains that could have netted Planned Parenthood $200 to $300.

This prompted Ginde, who was exploring entering into a contract with an organ procurement company, to voice her preference for being paid by the organ over flat-rate compensation.

“I think the ‘per item’ thing works a little better just because we can see how much we can get out of it,” Ginde said.

During the meeting, Ginde explained that the high-volume Denver Planned Parenthood clinic sees 25 to 30 women per day for abortions. Out of those, three to seven daily are second trimester abortion patients.

Ginde said that the second trimester abortions were done with the D&E dismemberment method, but seemed to struggle to find words when she admitted she was open to “do a little bit of training with the providers or something, to make sure they don’t crush. . .”

Altering a procedure on a patient to ensure that organs are suitable for sale or donation is illegal and unethical.

Ginde admits that some of the babies are delivered intact, which make the harvesting of marketable organs more likely.

At one point a “buyer” began a discussion about compensation and the fact that Planned Parenthood’s hard costs were negligible. Ginde is seen nodding her head in the affirmative during that discussion.

They talked about the “correct” way to reference — “in the public square” — the payments for fetal parts in order to give the outward appearance there is no profit-taking when the reality is quite the opposite.

Ginde wants all Planned Parenthood organizations to be on the “same page” and indicates that she is concerned that if some Planned Parenthood organizations are using the sale of body parts as a “business venture” instead of categorizing it under “research,” that it could put a different “spin” on it.

“Because if you have someone in a really ‘anti’ state that’s going to be doing this for you, they’re probably going to get caught,” Ginde said, indicating she understood there was something illegitimate about the practice of selling aborted baby organs.

She continued, saying, “We don’t want to get called on, you know, selling fetal parts across states.”

“We all know that yes, that’s what we’re doing,” a buyer responds while Ginde nods in agreement.

Ginde then offers examples of “correct” wording for the benefit of the public, “So, processing and time, yeah.”

The challenges of identifying various body parts “with the naked eye” were also discussed.

“I know I’ve seen livers, I’ve seen stomachs, I know I’ve seen plenty of neural tissue. Usually you can see the whole brain come out usually,” said Ginde, gesturing with her arms to illustrate the way the brains spill out of the head.

In the lab, Ginde picked through the tiny body parts and noted she could readily identify most of the organs floating in dishes along with tiny legs, arms, and eye balls.

But perhaps the most shocking moment of this video was when Ginde and another worker were picking through the remains of one aborted baby identifying organs that could be sold for $50-$75 each.

There was a heart, a stomach, a kidney, an adrenal gland, and a couple of legs. Then, as if it couldn’t get any more ghoulish, a medical assistant makes a sudden, almost gleeful proclamation.

“It’s another boy!” he announced.

The words ‘gut wrenching’ do not touch the horror of that moment.

“What does it say about us as a people if we can behold such evil then not act to end it?” asked Newman. “Planned Parenthood must be brought to justice, and the scourge of abortion, which has led us to this atrocity, must be eradicated forever.”

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Planned Parenthood Bullies News Organizations into Suppressing Body Parts Scandal

Brave conservative media resist Planned Parenthood’s attempts to supress the Center for Medical Policy videos while liberal news organizations cave to pressure.

Fox News host Bill O’Reilly bravely speaks out on the Planned Parenthood scandal.

By Cheryl Sullenger

Washington, DC – Reports are beginning to surface that Planned Parenthood is attempting to use their influence to bully news organization into suppressing the scandal involving their selling of aborted baby body parts for profit.

So far, three videos released by the Center for Medical Progress reveal incriminating evidence of Planned Parenthood’s participation in the illegal sale of fetal remains for profit and the use of the outlawed Partial Birth Abortion method to ensure the harvesting of marketable organs.

Planned Parenthood CEO Cecile Richard as responded with denials of any wrong-doing, but the videos continue to draw unwelcome scrutiny to her now-beleaguered abortion organization. Now it appears Planned Parenthood is resorting to desperate means to tamp down the scandal.

Jen AulwesYesterday, published a story that included an e-mail reportedly from Jen Aulwes, Communications Director for Planned Parenthood Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, sent to North Dakota Health and Political reporters and producers on July 27, 2015.

“The material should not be aired,” Aulwes wrote citing the patently false notion that further covering the story would violate patient privacy rights. Aulwes also launched into a spurious attack on the Center for Medical Progress and those associated with it in an attempt to discredit them. [Read the full e-mail here.]

“Planned Parenthood is so desperate that they have resorted to bullying reporters into silence and suppressing an important news story about an organization that receives over a half-billion dollars of tax money each year,” said Troy Newman, President of Operation Rescue who also serves on the Board of the Center for Medical Progress. “The videos are important because they tear away the veil that has shielded Planned Parenthood from public scrutiny for decades and revealed the truth of their deceptive, immoral and illegal practices.”

Planned Parenthood has hired the crisis management firm of SKDKnickerbocker to run their damage control propaganda campaign. That firm is reportedly responsible for the threatening e-mails sent out from Planned Parenthood to media outlets telling them not to run the body parts trafficking story.

Planned Parenthood has also reportedly put the Washington, D.C. lobbying group, Capitol Counsel, on retainer, apparently to run interference in Congress where efforts are underway to suspend the abortion giant’s federal funding pending the outcome of a Congressional investigation.

Conservative news organizations have exploded with coverage of Planned Parenthood’s body parts trafficking scandal. Most notably, Fox News, Breitbart, have given excellent coverage to the Center for Medical Progress’ three sting videos and have led the call for the defunding of Planned Parenthood and the criminal prosecution of Planned Parenthood executives.

According to the, Planned Parenthood’s threatening push-back has had some impact on the left-leaning media. It stated:

BuzzFeed, for example, still does not have a single story on its website noting Planned Parenthood’s aborted baby organs-for-Lambos scheme (coincidentally, SKDKnickerbocker recently hired former BuzzFeed reporter Kate Nocera to help handle PR work for its non-profit clients). Neither does Huffington Post. Neither does Vox. The story was trending on Facebook and Twitter, yet three sites that specialize in amplifying trending and viral content refused to print a single thing about the stories. Now we know why: Planned Parenthood likely told them not to.

“While Planned Parenthood has unlimited resources to try to shut down this story and conceal the evidence of their illegal activity, we must rely on the truth and the dearly held First Amendment guarantees of free speech and a free press,” said Newman. “More videos will be forthcoming that shed further light on the depth of Planned Parenthood’s participation in the grisly trade in baby remains. We will not be intimidated into silence. We believe the facts will win out over Planned Parenthood’s lies, political influence, threats, and personal attacks as long as there are brave journalists who are willing to report the truth.”

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