Ambulance Transports 27th Woman from St. Louis Planned Parenthood Abortion Center

By Cheryl Sullenger

St. Louis, MO — For the twenty-seventh time in the past five years, an ambulance arrived at the Planned Parenthood abortion clinic on Forest Parkway in St. Louis, Missouri, and transported a woman to a local hospital.

A mobile medical center nurse manager with ThriVe, who was on the scene at the time, snapped a series of photos of the incident, which took place between 2 and 3 p.m. on Wednesday, November 12, 2014.

“Notice no lights or sirens [were] on while the ambulance is idling and upon leaving: typical of each incident,” she reported, noting also that the ambulances’ lights and sirens are routinely turned off before they get to the Planned Parenthood parking lot.

A group of Planned Parenthood employees deployed a tan tarp to block a clear view from the street while the woman was wheeled out of the abortion facility to an awaiting ambulance.

“It is a shame that while so many are showing concern for alleged racial policies within nearby police departments, there has been no concern shown for the disproportionate racial targeting of women for abortions by Planned Parenthood, which operates in a primarily minority neighborhood in St. Louis. Neither has there been any public demonstrations of concern for the dozens of mostly African-American women whose lives are being endangered by substandard practices and facilities at Planned Parenthood in St. Louis,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman.

Attempts by Operation Rescue to obtain 911 records, which are usually considered public records, has been thwarted by city officials that appear to be protecting Planned Parenthood’s abortion business.

With the assistance of the Alliance Defending Freedom, Operation Rescue sued the St. Louis Fire Department in May, 2014, to obtain public information that was over-zealously redacted from 911 records it had received through the Freedom of Information Act. That case is pending.

The St. Louis Planned Parenthood is the last remaining abortion clinic in Missouri, which may explain the resistance to providing information that could potentially lead to regulatory board action that would damage or close Planned Parenthood’s abortion business.

An inspection done on the facility in January, 2013, revealed filthy conditions including rusty surgical tables, suction abortion machines, IV stands, and other equipment and “copious amounts of dust” everywhere. Other violations included poor or non-existent infection control protocols and expired, improperly handed drugs.

“We consider the Planned Parenthood abortion clinic in St. Louis to be among the most dangerous abortion facilities in the country,” said Newman. “We are grateful to local citizens who have documented the long list of medical emergencies there so that the public can be made aware of the truth about the dangers of Planned Parenthood’s shoddy practices that routinely endanger the lives of women.”

Below is a list of dates that witnesses have seen ambulances transporting women from the St. Louis Planned Parenthood, some with links to further information about the emergencies.

November 12, 2014
July 10, 2014
October 29, 2013
October 11, 2013
September 10, 2013
August 21, 2013
January 19, 2013
December 26, 2012
December 1, 2012
November 21, 2012
June 26, 2012
October 19, 2011
May 25, 2011
April 22, 2011
February 12, 2011
August 23, 2010
April 2,2010
March 31, 2010
March 18, 2010
January 22, 2010
October 24, 2009
October 22, 2009
September 29, 2009
September 29, 2009
June 30, 2009
June 17, 2009
June 13, 2009

Planned Parenthood Abortionist Deceptively Omitted Patient Death on Indiana License Application

Operation Rescue has filed a complaint calling for Mandy Gittler’s Indiana license revocation for failing to report a malpractice settlement related to the 2012 death of Tonya Reaves.

By Cheryl Sullenger

Indianapolis, IN – Mandy Gittler has something to hide.

On July 20, 2012, she reported to work as usual at a Chicago Planned Parenthood abortion clinic. But what happened next was anything but routine.

That day, Gittler fatally botched a second trimester abortion on a young African-American woman named Tonya Reaves. While Reaves’ life ebbed away, Gittler delayed her transport to the hospital for 5½ hours. By then it was too late. Reaves died from internal injuries that had been inflicted upon her by Gittler during two consecutive incomplete abortion procedures that ruptured her uterus and caused internal hemorrhaging.

Reaves’ family sued and on January 24, 2014, they settled their malpractice case with Gittler’s employer, Planned Parenthood of Illinois, for the significant amount of $2 million, most of which will be paid to Reaves’ surviving young son, Alvin Jones, III, throughout his life.

That incident is certainly not the kind of thing that an abortionist wants on his or her resume.

Later, Gittler shut down her private Chicago abortion facility and took her abortion act on the road, hiring on at a Planned Parenthood abortion facility in Kalamazoo, Michigan, and an independent abortion facility in Peoria, Illinois.

It appeared that her professional career had survived the Reaves abortion/death scandal and was moving on as a “circuit-riding” abortionist.

Then on September 3, 2014, Gittler submitted an application to obtain a medical license in Indiana, which was granted on November 7.

When Operation Rescue received a copy of Gittler’s Indiana application, one answer jumped out.

Next to a question that asked whether she had ever had a malpractice judgment against her or settled any malpractice action, Gittler had marked the box indicating “no.”

There was no mention of Tonya Reaves, her tragic and avoidable death, or the malpractice suit that clearly named Gittler as a defendant – and not a word about the $2 million settlement for her fatal acts that “deviated from the standard of care.”

Last week, Operation Rescue filed a complaint against Gittler with the Indiana Attorney General for violations of the Indiana Administrative Code, which states regarding license applications, “All information on the application shall be submitted under oath or affirmation, subject to the penalties for perjury.”

It is clear from the documentation Operation Rescue included with its complaint that Gittler was the primary person responsible for Reaves’ death and that Planned Parenthood agreed to pay because there was simply no defense for Gittler’s negligence.

Operation Rescue’s complaint narrative connects the dots from one court document to another and discusses a letter from the plaintiff’s expert witness that places the blame for Reaves’ death squarely on Gittler’s shoulders.

Filed with the Jones v. Planned Parenthood complaint documents, a redacted medical opinion dated September 28, 2012, can be found. . . That letter is purportedly written by a physician who is board certified in Obstetrics/Gynecology who is familiar with abortion procedures.

The letter notes that Mandy Gittler performed a dilation and evacuation abortion on Tonya Reaves on July 20, 2012, at a Planned Parenthood of Illinois office without the use of ultrasound guidance. After the procedure, Reaves experienced excessive bleeding and another dilation and evacuation procedure was performed by Gittler. The reviewing physician stated that Gittler “did not timely recognize that the patient needed to be transferred to a hospital for care and treatment, which resulted in a delay in her receiving care and treatment that she needed.” Reaves died as a result.

The letter further notes that each procedure done by Gittler and her delay in sending her patient to the hospital each represented deviations in the standard of care and concludes that if the deviations had not occurred, Reaves would have survived.

Gittler submitted to a sworn deposition in Jones v. Planned Parenthood on August 22, 2013, wherein she admits having conducted two dilation and evacuation abortion procedures on Reaves on July 20, 2012, at a Planned Parenthood of Illinois office. . . She further admits to a timeline that showed Reaves was not transported to a hospital for 5 ½ hours after Reaves’ first procedure and the onset of excessive bleeding.

It was soon after Gittler’s deposition, in which she shamelessly attempted to blame Reaves’ death on a non-existent uterine deformity, that her employer, Planned Parenthood of Illinios, settled the malpractice suit. Gittler left them with nothing to defend. Her negligence was obvious.

“It is our position that Gittler intentionally concealed information about Reaves’ death and the ensuing malpractice suit and settlement from the Medical Licensing Board of Indiana,” said Troy Newman, President of Operation Rescue. “We are asking for her medical license to be rescinded or revoked because deception was used to obtain it.”

If the Indiana Attorney General’s office finds that Gittler committed perjury, she could be criminally charged.

“We cannot stand idly by while Gittler acts like Tonya Reaves’ death never happened. It was extremely disappointing when the Illinois medical board decided to place the lives of other women at risk by excusing Gittler of responsibility for taking Tonya’s life,” said Newman. “If Indiana decides to act, it won’t be perfect justice, but it will be something. Tonya deserves at least that.”

Read the Complaint Narrative, with links to documentation.

Biased Judge Should Recuse in Planned Parenthood Challenge of Ohio Licensing Law

Update: (Nov. 15, 2014) Victory! The Cincinnati Enquirer is reporting that Judge Black has recused from the Planned Parenthood challenge of an Ohio abortion safety law, citing “public perception” for his decision to step aside. The case has been reassigned. We thank each of you that called or e-mailed the judge’s office. Your voice was heard, and now there is a little more hope that justice will be done. Read the Enquirer story here:
- Operation Rescue Staff

By Cheryl Sullenger

Cincinnati, Ohio – Federal Court Judge Timothy Black, who formally served on the Board of Directors of Planned Parenthood in Cincinnati, has been appointed to hear a suit brought by that same abortion facility challenging Ohio’s law that requires abortion clinic to maintain hospital transfer agreements.

“We are calling on Judge Black to recuse himself from this case because of his prior involvement as a Planned Parenthood board member and president. It is wrong for him to sit in judgment of a case brought by an organization with which he has been so deeply involved,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman.

Ohio Right to Life of Greater Cincinnati has published a questionnaire completed by Judge Black that was submitted upon his nomination by Pres. Barack Obama to the Federal bench that identifies his involvement with Planned Parenthood. On page three, the questionnaire states that Black served from 1986-1989 as a Director of Planned Parenthood Association of Cincinnati, which later morphed into Planned Parenthood Southwest Ohio Region. In 1988, Black served as president of the organization’s Board of Directors.

On Monday, Planned Parenthood of Southwest Ohio Region brought suit against Ohio Department of Health Director Richard Hodges and local hospitals challenging a provision of Ohio’s abortion facility licensing law that requires abortion clinics to maintain local hospital transfer agreements.

Planned Parenthood had previously been operating under an exemption to the law in the form of a variance to the hospital transfer agreement provision. However, the Department of Health did not approved its variance renewal application filed in May 2014, that named two doctors with long histories of malpractice and other problems as the physicians responsible to treat Planned Parenthood’s abortion patients that suffered abortion complications requiring hospitalization. The request for variance was amended on July 30 by Planned Parenthood to replace a third physician.

On October 14, 2014, the Department of Health sent Planned Parenthood a letter noting that it did not meet the requirements for licensing under Ohio law and informed the abortion facility of its intent to deny licensure, which would have forced Planned Parenthood to shut down their Cincinnati clinic. This prompted Planned Parenthood to sue.

On Planned Parenthood’s variance application, it listed Cincinnati Obstetrician and Gynecologists David Schwartz and Michael Drasnik.

Schwartz was honored just days ago at a November 1, 2014, Planned Parenthood Gala as its Diamond Award winner. However, Schwartz has a shocking history of numerous negligence and malpractice cases dating back years, documentation of which is available on Injuries to women listed in the cases included botched delivery that resulted in an emergency hysterectomy to save the patient’s life.

Draznik’s background is even worse. His malpractice cases involve several botched laparoscopic surgeries that perforated other internal organs resulting in life-threatening conditions to his patients. One woman “crashed” as the result of an undetected bowl perforation and nearly died.

Draznik also has a criminal background involving domestic violence and criminal disorderly conduct. Documents substantiating his legal woes are also available at

“Reading over Schwartz and Draznik’s extensive malpractice and criminal documents, it is obvious that the Ohio Department of Health was exercising good judgment in rejecting Planned Parenthood’s variance request and ordering them to comply with state licensing requirements as written,” said Newman. “This lawsuit is a desperate measure to keep their income cash cow open and aborting, without respect to the health and safety of women they purport to serve, who are left in the lurch should abortion complications arise. This case is just too important to allow a Planned Parenthood crony to sit in judgment. We demand Judge Black’s recusal and urge the appointment of a judge that can rule fairly and without bias.”

Operation Rescue urges the public to contact Judge Black’s office and respectfully leave a message for him through his courtroom deputy demanding his recusal from Planned Parenthood v. Hodges in the interest of justice.

Office of Judge Timothy Black
Courtroom Deputy Mary Rogers
Voice: (513) 564-7640