Panicked Massachusetts Planned Parenthood Calls Ambulance for African-American Abortion Patient


By Cheryl Sullenger

Worcester, MA – Yet another ambulance has transported a Planned Parenthood patient to a hospital emergency room– this time from the Central Health Center Planned Parenthood in Worcester, Massachusetts.

The incident occurred on Friday, August 29, 2016. Pro-life activists at the scene at the scene were told by a mailman who was leaving the facility that there was “panic inside” the Planned Parenthood.

Witnesses observed emergency responders bring out an African-American woman on a gurney. She was sitting up and conscious. No more is currently known about her condition.

The Worcester medical emergency is just the latest problem for Planned Parenthood.


Operation Rescue has documented at least a dozen medical emergencies at Planned Parenthood abortion facilities over the past eight months in the following cities:

• Worcester, Massachusetts. African-American patient with unknown injuries.
Madison, Wisconsin. Hemorrhage.
Denver, Colorado. Hemorrhage.
Kalamazoo, Michigan. 15-year old suffering a “Priority 1” life-threatening condition.
St. Louis, Missouri (3 incidents) All unknown complications due to Fire Department refusal to release information.
• New York City, NY. African-American woman taken to ambulance in a wheelchair.
Silver Spring, Maryland. African-American woman barely able to walk lifted into ambulance
• San Bernardino, California. Female patient with unknown condition due to failure of San Bernardino to release any 911 records.
• Overland Park, Kansas. Fire Department EMS response to unknown condition.
Annapolis, Maryland. Transported to hospital with non-life-threatening complications.

“The targeting of poor urban women of color is an obvious pattern in this list. Planned Parenthood is seeking out the most vulnerable women in minority areas for their dubious abortion practices,” said Troy Newman, President of Operation Rescue. “This list is just a small fraction of the actual abortion complications that take place since most manifest after the patient has left the Planned Parenthood abortion center.”

Newman continued, “It’s time for politicians to stop protecting Planned Parenthood and their shoddy abortion practices. Defund them now and shut them down.”

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Cover-up? Info about Abortion Hemorrhage at WI Planned Parenthood Removed from Public Records

By Cheryl Sullenger

Madison, WI – Emergency radio traffic has revealed important information about what happened to an asthmatic Planned Parenthood patient who was transported to the hospital from the group’s Madison, Wisconsin, abortion facility on August 9, 2016 – information that someone inside the city government did not want anyone to know.

After the medical emergency was first reported by local pro-life activist Dan Miller, Operation Rescue placed a Freedom of Information Request for the 911 call records. The Dane County Public Safety Communications office released an audio file of the call and the CAD Incident Detail Report, but both were so heavily redacted that there was no way to determine what the medical emergency was about.

However, once Operation Rescue reviewed raw radio traffic that it obtained apart from the Public Safety Communications office, it became obvious that something was amiss.

Despite a clear record in the heavily redacted CAD report, which showed Medic Unit 8 was dispatched at 11:42 a.m., there was no record in the Fire Department radio traffic that any units had been dispatched to Planned Parenthood.

Dispatch Timeline

“It appears that not only were the records we asked for redacted, but attempts were made to erase any mention of the incident from the radio traffic recordings as well,” said Troy Newman, President of Operation Rescue. “Someone obviously went to a lot of trouble to conceal the truth from the public about the dangers women face during abortions at Planned Parenthood.”

However, careful sleuthing by Operation Rescue’s staff uncovered a brief recording on another radio stream that told the story.

At 11:59 a.m., a responder from Medic Unit 8 radioed a hospital to describe the condition of a patient he was transporting to the emergency room.

“There’s about a liter and a half of blood loss,” he began. “She was hypotensive and tachycardic at the clinic there.”

In layman’s terms, the hemorrhaging patient had low blood pressure, presumably from the heavy blood loss, and as a result, her heart began to beat faster than normal.

The abortion facility had established an IV and pumped about 400 ccs of fluid into her, which is the equivalent to just over 13.5 ounces — a long way from the 1.5 liters (nearly 51 ounces) of blood she had lost.

As the ambulance sped toward the unnamed hospital, the woman’s heartbeat was still a bit high at 102 beats per minute, but her blood pressure had stabilized. The patient was also asthmatic, which was preventing full oxygenation.

The responder concluded his report saying, “See you in about ten minutes. Are there any questions?”

Hearing no questions, Medic 8 signed off.

The CAD report noted that the ambulance arrived at the hospital at 12:10 p.m., just about 10 minutes after the radio report on the patient’s condition – just as the responder indicated.

Cad Highlighted

“Whoever is over-redacting public information from the records and covering up for Planned Parenthood is only creating an even more dangerous environment for women, who are denied access to information about the risks they face,” said Newman. “With county workers shamefully shielding Planned Parenthood, they remain unaccountable and free to continue their shoddy practices without worry of being caught. This only ensures that more woman will continue to be injured by Planned Parenthood.”

The August 4th injury was the fourth documented at the Madison Planned Parenthood abortion facility in the past three years. (Read about the others.)

View full CAD Incident Detail(less) Report
Listen to the ridiculously redacted 911 call:

Botched Abortion: Bleeding Woman Rushed to Hospital from Planned Parenthood in Denver

UPDATE 08/23/2016: Operation Rescue has obtained the CAD report for this incident, which indicates a female patient suffered severe vaginal bleeding after a “procedure.” View the CAD.

By Cheryl Sullenger

Denver, CO — While Planned Parenthood continues to portray itself as a provider of “quality health care,” one patient who was transported to the hospital over the weekend might have something quite different to say about what a Planned Parenthood did to her.

On Saturday, August 13, 2016, an employee of the Stapleton Planned Parenthood, located at 7155 E. 38th Avenue in Denver, Colorado, called for emergency help with a patient who was bleeding badly enough to warrant immediate hospitalization.

Local pro-life activists photographed the incident. Denver Fire Department Radio traffic confirmed in a brief dispatch order that there was a “party bleeding” at the Planned Parenthood facility.

Ambulance-Denver PP08132016

While it is unknown exactly who was responsible for the conducting the abortion, one provider known to work at that facility is Savita Ginde, who serves as Vice President and Medical Director for Planned Parenthood Rocky Mountain.

Ginde was featured in an undercover video released by the Center for Medical Progress discussing the sale of aborted baby remains. She was caught on camera identifying several organs from one dismembered aborted baby that could have netted Planned Parenthood $200 to $300.


“I think the ‘per item’ thing works a little better just because we can see how much we can get out of it,” Ginde told undercover CMP journalist David Daleiden in a discussion about financial compensation for each organ or body part.

“Once the facts come out, the propaganda rhetoric of Planned Parenthood falls apart. In truth, Planned Parenthood is the largest abortion business in the U.S., and they will do just about anything to make money,” said Troy Newman, President of Operation Rescue, who also served as a founding board member for the Center for Medical Progress. “It preys on vulnerable pregnant women for profit, but when something goes wrong with the abortion product they sell, Planned Parenthood is nowhere to be found. They pack women off to the emergency room to let someone else clean up their mistakes.”

Pro-life activists have documented other medical emergencies at the Stapleton Planned Parenthood abortion facility, including one on October 26, 2012, when an ambulance was called for a hemorrhaging patient, and another incident on March 5, 2013, for a patient suffering severe abdominal pain after an abortion.

This Planned Parenthood facility was also sued in 2014 for failing to report suspected child sex abuse on a 13-year old girl. She had been raped by her step-father, who arranged the secret abortion to cover up his crime then accompanied her to Planned Parenthood, where her abortion was done with no questions asked.

“Anyone who opposes the blatant exploitation of vulnerable human beings for profit would do well to work to shut this horrendous abortion business down,” said Newman.
[HT: Jo Scott and Leslie Hanks for the photos]