California Abortionist with Mental Health Issues Sends Two Patients to Hospitals by Ambulance

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By Cheryl Sullenger

Bakersfield, CA – In two separate incidents, ambulances transported two abortion patients from FPA Women’s Health in Bakersfield, California. The emergency transports took place on Saturday, February, 4, 2017, within less than one hour of each other. The women were taken to different nearby hospitals.

The abortionist on duty was Donald Clyde Willis, who has a history of mental disorders that led to a violent suicide attempt. The latest two ambulance transports represent the third and fourth abortion-related medical emergencies involving Willis since he began working at the Bakersfield facility approximately three months ago.

During the first incident, Hall Ambulance #08 arrived FPA Women’s Health at about 1:00 p.m. with lights on and sirens blaring. The ambulance backed into and a facility worker came out to hold up a sheet to block anyone from taking pictures while the women was being loaded into the back of an ambulance. The ambulance left running no lights or sirens in the direction of Kern Medical Center. Experienced pro-life activist Terri Palmquist posted video of the incident live on Facebook.

The second incident, involving Hall Ambulance #53, took Palmquist by surprise, arriving at approximately 1:49 p.m. with lights and sirens on. She phoned her husband, Tim, who videotaped the incident and recorded the arrival of that ambulance at the hospital emergency room.

The ambulance pulled almost up to the door of the abortion facility, and the woman was loaded into the back. She was transported to San Joaquin Hospital, which is about a block from the abortion facility. At the hospital, video showed that she was being treated with an IV while paramedics held the sheet above her face.

More about the women’s condition remains unknown.

So far, fifteen women have been rushed by ambulance from this FPA Women’s Health abortion facility since August 2012, and the third one during the opening weeks of 2017. Video from the last emergency there on January 10, 2017, showed a patient who was not actively being treated tightly wrapped mummy-like in a sheet from head to toe.

While Willis’ safety record is troubling, his background raises additional red flags.

On September 20, 1993, Willis attempted to kill himself in a public park near his home in Portland, Oregon, by shooting himself in the forehead with a .22 caliber revolver. His Oregon disciplinary records reveal the following:

Although he never lost consciousness, respondent remained in the park until the following morning, when he was discovered by a passerby. He thereafter underwent surgery for the removal of pone and bullet fragments before being transferred to the Menninger Foundation in Topeka, Kansas, for three months of inpatient psychiatric care.

Once released from psychiatric care, Willis volunteered to allow restrictions to be placed on his medical license, including an order that required him to practice only under supervision. Soon after, he voluntarily surrendered his Alaska medical license. Willis has since allowed his Oregon license to expire, but he continues to practice almost exclusively in the field of abortion in California without restriction.

“There are serious patient care problems of crisis proportions at the Bakersfield FPA. These issues must be addressed by the Medical Board, but we have been informed by them that unless we provide patient names and contact information, they will no longer investigate our complaints. This bad policy has only made abortionists less accountable and more dangerous to women,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman.

But for pro-life advocates in Bakersfield, not every day is as tragic as Saturday. Just five days before the double emergency transports, Terri Palmquist reported that pro-life activists experienced a banner day. They were able to save the lives of seven babies through their advocacy.

“We applaud Tim and Terri Palmquist, who have tirelessly documented the dangers at this abortion facility while offering practical help to women, both before and after their abortions. They are responsible for saving the lives of countless babies and warning women of the dangers that await them during abortions. They are doing an amazing work.”
Photos and video courtesy of Tim and Terri Palmquist

Suffering Abortion Patient Transported by Ambulance from Planned Parenthood’s NYC Margaret Sanger Center

By Cheryl Sullenger

New York City, NY – As the 44th memorial of the Roe v. Wade Supreme Court decision that decriminalized abortion approached, Planned Parenthood provided us with a cautionary tale — one it hoped would never become public.

While Planned Parenthood prepared to celebrate “safe, legal” abortion, one of their own abortion patients was transported by ambulance from Planned Parenthood’s flagship Margaret Sanger Center abortion facility in New York City. The incident took place on January 18, 2017, at approximately 11:45 a.m.

Just two hours before, a pro-life activist spoke with the patient’s husband, who confirmed that the woman was at the Planned Parenthood facility for an abortion.

The woman was removed from the abortion facility on a gurney and wheeled to the ambulance, passing under a large pink banner that ironically read “Healthcare happens.”

“Healthcare really doesn’t happen at Planned Parenthood abortion facilities. There’s no way anyone can seriously consider dismembering an innocent child in the womb to be ‘healthcare,’” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman. “In fact, Planned Parenthood is also responsible for injuring and killing women during botched abortions that their often sub-standard abortion centers. That’s not rhetoric. That’s fact and we have volumes of documentation to prove it. Abortion was never safe, and it still isn’t.”

The Planned Parenthood abortion patient was lying on her side in the fetal position on the gurney. One witness who photographed the incident told Operation Rescue that the woman appeared to be in a great deal of pain.

Pro-life activists on the scene were able to get contact information for further assistance into the hands of the husband before his wife was rushed to the hospital.

Operation Rescue confirmed through publicly available radio communications that an ambulance was dispatched to Planned Parenthood’s Bleecker Street address on Margaret Sanger Square at 11:20 a.m. No other information was available on the patient’s condition.

This represents the fifth documented medical emergency at the Margaret Sanger Center Planned Parenthood. On November 4, 2016, an African-American woman was brought out of the Planned Parenthood abortion facility in a wheelchair, placed on a gurney, and transported by ambulance. A similar incidents took place on March 1, 2016; October 14, 2015; and May 4, 2013.

“As the nation marks the 44th memorial of Roe v. Wade with pro-life marches around the country, we can see that the need to defund Planned Parenthood is more urgent than ever,” said Newman. “If Planned Parenthood wants to continue the business of aborting babies and maiming women, it shouldn’t do it with our tax money, which can be better spent on providing real healthcare to women.”

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Ambulance Transports Woman with Breathing Difficulties from Unsanitary Abortion Center

By Cheryl Sullenger

Dallas, TX – An ambulance was called to Southwestern Women’s Surgery Center in Dallas, Texas, on January 12, 2017, to aid a woman who was removed from the abortion facility in a wheel chair prior to being loaded into the ambulance.

According to radio communications obtained by Operation Rescue, an ambulance was dispatched to the abortion facility at 12:21 pm. The recording indicated that the woman in need of emergency care was having difficulty breathing.

Southwestern Women’s Surgery Center (SWSC) is considered a high-volume abortion facility, conducting approximately 50 surgical abortions per day. It is owned and operated by aging abortionist Curtis Boyd, who turns 80 in March and is said to still conduct surgical abortions there.

Boyd is perhaps best known as the owner of Southwestern Women’s Options in Albuquerque, New Mexico, the largest late-term abortion facility in the U.S. That facility was recently referred to the New Mexico Attorney General’s office for criminal prosecution related to the illegal sale of aborted baby remains and failing to provide informed consent to women.

SWSC is licensed as an “Ambulatory Surgical Center,” which supposedly requires it to maintain a higher standard than facilities licensed as “Abortion Clinics.”

However, the most recent inspection report available for SWSC, dated November 24, 2015, tells a different story about horrific conditions women have been subjected to there.

Within the 22 pages of violations were found a litany of problems, including untrained staff, unsanitary conditions, failure to maintain the sterility of surgical instruments, and failure to follow up with women who were given abortion drugs, to name a few.

However, perhaps the most shocking finding was related to SWSC’s storage and disposal of contaminated waste and aborted baby remains.

Inspectors found the Biohazard Room packed “floor to ceiling” with bags of soiled linens and biohazard boxes. There was a refrigerator that contained aborted baby remains, but the room was so junky, that the inspector could not access that refrigerator.

On the second day of the inspection, bags of dirty linens were found crammed into nearly every available space, including the patient recovery room. Again, access to the refrigerator storing aborted baby remains was not possible due to the obstructions, which the staff never bothered to remove.

If the storage refrigerator could not be accessed, one can only wonder how the remains from the day’s abortions could possibly be refrigerated, and how it was possible for a disposal firm to collect the refrigerated remains.

Unfortunately, SWSC isn’t unique when it comes to badly failing health and safety inspections. The most recent inspection reports available for each abortion facility in Texas were obtained by Operation Rescue. They showed 16 out of 17 abortion facilities failed their inspections and were cited for a wide range of violations.

In addition to the unsanitary conditions and practices found at SWSC, it also has a history of medical emergencies, including one that took place on February 29, 2016.

“Licensing regulations are only as good as their enforcement, and in Texas, the Department of Health Care Quality has not adequately enforced those laws for the protection of the public from abortion dumps like the Southwestern Women’s Surgery Center,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman. “That leads to women needing emergency medical care, as we just saw.”

But women seeking abortions at the Dallas facility have ready access to alternatives than can help them avoid the dangers that lurk at SWSC. Across the parking lot from the busy abortion business, Birth Choice, a pregnancy help center that is fully accredited by the Accreditation of Ambulatory Health Care (AAAHC). It provides FREE help to pregnant ladies six days a week.

“We pray more women will take advantage of the help available at pregnancy help centers like Birth Choice,” said Newman. “It would spare not only the lives of their babies, but also possibly spare the women an unplanned trip to the emergency room or maybe even their own lives.”

Background on Boyd: “Am I killing? Yes, I am. I know that.”