Brigham Transfers New Jersey Abortion Clinics to Confirmed Sex Abuser

By Cheryl Sullenger

Voorhees, NJ – It is the dirty little secret of the abortion cartel. From coast to coast, Operation Rescue has documented case after case of abortionists taking sexual advantage of their patients.

One such abortionist with a confirmed history of sex abuse is New Jersey abortionist Vikram Kaji, a long-time employee of the notorious illegal abortionist Steven Chase Brigham, who operates a chain of at least 17 abortion clinics under the American Women’s Services banner.

Since New Jersey only allows licensed physicians to operate medical facilities, when Brigham’s New Jersey medical license was revoked in the fall of 2014 he was ordered to divest himself from his New Jersey abortion clinic holdings.

Shockingly, Kaji has now reportedly taken control of Brigham’s eight New Jersey abortion clinics as the result of Brigham’s revocation and divestment order.

Kaji was convicted by the New Jersey Board of Medical Examiners in 1993 for having improper sexual contact with three patients. After a lengthy relationship that involved improper sexual conduct, Kaji reportedly had sex without a condom with one young girl in the birthing center of his office during business hours. He knew his victim was vulnerable to his advances because she had been a depressed victim of child sex abuse with a history of psychiatric hospitalization. He later misperscribed drugs for her including Seconal and steroids. Kaji at first fought the charges, saying the sex was consensual, but later admitted that he had made an error in moral judgment.

Kaji was also accused of giving improper breast and rectal exams to two other women. New Jersey placed Kaji on a 1-year suspension and fined him $5,000 and ordered him to undergo psychological counseling.

The Federal Drug Enforcement Agency ordered Kaji’s license to prescribe controlled substances revoked in 1994. Also that year, Pennsylvania suspended Kaji for 36 months after learning of the New Jersey action.

The New York Medical Board was less forgiving. It revoked Kaji’s medical license for “sexual misconduct and drug abuse” in 1995, and banned him from practicing in that state.

Forced Abortion

Kaji also participated in at least one documented case of forced abortion.

In 2005, Marcia Carroll, the mother of one of Kaji’s underage patients, testified before the United States House of Representatives (see p. 17) regarding her daughter’s February, 2005, experience at Kaji’s New Jersey clinic. Carroll state that her daughter was “coerced, harassed and threatened” into having an abortion across state lines, in direct violation of parental consent laws, and the clinic staff never breathed a word about Kaji’s long history of sexual abuse.”

In fact, it would be hard for New Jersey patients to be aware of Kaji’s history of sexual abuse since the Board’s physician license look-up page excludes any derogatory information older than ten years. A recent search of Kaji’s New Jersey license reveals two disciplinary incidents, but the disciplinary documents are difficult to access.

“Allowing Kaji to take over Brigham’s already shoddy New Jersey abortion businesses is like putting a fox in the hen house. It is unconscionable and guaranteed to lead to continued abuse,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman. “There is no doubt in my mind that Kaji use the opportunity to victimize more women.”

Physical Impairment?

But that is not the end of concerns over Kaji.

In May 2013, the New Jersey Board of State Medical Examiners filed an Interim Consent Order against Kaji. The order reveals that inspections of several of Brigham’s abortion facilities revealed deficiencies and Board violations. The Board found that Kaji had “failed to adequately fulfill his responsibilities as Medical Director.”

Furthermore, it was noted that Kaji had recently suffered a stroke that impaired his memory and the vision in his right eye, raising questions about his ability to continue practicing.

Now, women face the dreadful prospect of Kaji owning and operating Brigham’s very busy abortion clinics without oversight of Brigham, as shoddy as that oversight may have been.

No Record of Transfer

But did the alleged business transfer really take place?

A search of the New Jersey Division of Revenue Business Entity Search yielded multiple companies in which Brigham is listed as the principal party, many of which are recognizable as some of his abortion clinic aliases.

However, a Business Entity Search under Vikram Kaji’s name yielded only one entry: The Kaji Family Charitable Trust, established in 1977.

If Kaji truly now owns Brigham’s eight New Jersey abortion businesses, why is there no business record?

“We were hoping that since Brigham’s abortion business is so notoriously shoddy, he would not be able to find a buyer and his eight New Jersey abortion clinics would be forced to close. However, we also suspected he would do anything to keep the money generated by these clinics flowing into his bank account. Based on his documented history of deceptive conduct, Brigham probably one of the most brazenly dishonest abortionists in America,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman. “Now it appears that Brigham may be using Kaji as a pawn in another nefarious scheme to maintain secret control his abortion clinics.”

Brigham Appeals License Revocation is reporting that Brigham is appealing his revocation, with his attorney having the gall to claim Brigham is “a devoted physician who felt compelled to fill the void for late-term abortion services.”

Since Brigham was first licensed in 1988, he has faced one legal issue after another related to is shady business dealings, shoddy abortion practices, and illegal conduct. He has undergone multiple license revocations and discipline in numerous states. Maryland and Pennsylvania shut down all of his abortion clinics in those states noting that they posed an immediate and serious threat to the health and safety of patients at those facilities.

Nevertheless, he has continued to operate a chain of 17 abortion facilities in several states, including New Jersey, Virginia, and Florida, under a number of business entities that have served to confuse anyone attempting to get to the bottom of his complicated business holdings.

Despite Brigham’s alleged divestment of his New Jersey abortion businesses, he will retain control of the remaining nine clinics he operates in other states.

Based on Brigham’s previous behavior patterns, it is possible that Brigham may be using his long-time associate, Kaji, as a pawn to give the appearance of complying with New Jersey’s order in a similar way that he used an elderly doctor, George Shepard, Jr., to give his illicit Elkton, Maryland, abortion clinic an appearance of legitimacy in 2010.

Brigham’s Elkton Deception

In the deceptive scheme that ultimately cost Brigham his New Jersey medical license, Brigham would start late-term abortions – some as late as 30 weeks — at his office in Voorhees, New Jersey. However, it was only legal for him to do abortions in New Jersey up to 14 weeks. Later, he would transport the women to a clandestine facility in Elkton, Maryland, where the abortions would be completed.

Brigham had no medical license in Maryland, so he employed octogenarian George Shepard, Jr. as the facility’s “medical director” to give his clinic the appearance of legitimacy, even attributing abortion procedures to Shepard. But Shepard was elderly and had a disabled arm. He was incapable of conducting abortions. A transcript of an interview with Shepard conducted by the Maryland Board of Physicians indicated that Shepard was unaware that Brigham had used him as a pawn to conceal the illegitimacy of Brigham’s Maryland abortion practice. Shepard thought he was employed to check the refrigerator temperatures and “make sure everything was done right.”

It was only after Brigham and his associate, Nicola Riley, seriously botched an abortion on a young woman at the Elkton facility that the illegal scheme was discovered. It was this incident that led to his New Jersey license revocation last year.

Now it is possible that Vikram Kaji may be Brigham’s next pawn in a scheme to maintain secret control of his New Jersey abortion clinics, should the appeal of his revocation ever succeed.

More Deceptive Behavior

Another example of Brigham using deception to conceal his involvement in an abortion business was that of the horribly misnamed “Integrity Family Health,” an abortion facility in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Similar to his order to divest in New Jersey, Brigham had been ordered by the State of Pennsylvania in July 2010, not to have any ownership or affiliation with any abortion business in that state after authorities determined that his abortion operations were too dangerous to continue.

Nevertheless, Brigham opened Integrity Family Health, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania after the Board’s order and hired abortionist Eric Kfir Yahav to operate it. However, Operation Rescue was easily able to link Yahav to Brigham’s abortion clinic chain.

In addition, while Integrity Family Health was omitted from his American Women’s Services website, Brigham’s central appointment receptionist gladly scheduled abortion appointments at Integrity.

After pro-life groups complained about Brigham’s involvement with Integrity Family Health, the Pennsylvania Department of Health ordered that abortion facility to close in November 2013, citing Brigham’s illegal, surreptitious connection.

Ample Reason for Concern

Brigham’s pattern of deceptive behavior lends plausibility to the concerns that Brigham may indeed continue to control American Women’s Services abortion clinics in New Jersey.

Given Kaji’s recent stroke and accompanying health issues, there is doubt that he is physically and mentally capable of running a chain of high-volume abortion clinics. Also, considering Kaji’s history of sexually abusing his patients, it is grossly inappropriate for him to be involved in ownership of abortion clinics, where temptations for exploitation of vulnerable women abound.

“Kaji is about as bad as Brigham when it comes to posing a risk to the public,” said Newman. “It is completely unacceptable that he is operating Brigham’s eight abortion facilities. It’s like the women of New Jersey were just tossed out of the frying pan and into the fire. The Board of Medical Examiners should reject this transfer and shut down Brigham’s abortion businesses for good.”

911 Call from Florida Abortion Clinic: ‘We Can’t Stop the Bleeding’

By Cheryl Sullenger

Pensacola, FL – It has been learned that an ambulance called last week to a seedy Pensacola, Florida, abortion clinic owned by disgraced New Jersey abortionist Steven Chase Brigham, was responding to help an abortion patient who had hemorrhaged during an abortion procedure.

A 911 recording obtained by Operation Rescue revealed that a 29-year old woman starting bleeding heavily during an abortion. Attempts to control the bleeding were unsuccessful and emergency assistance had to be called. The patient was transported to a local hospital to get the life-saving treatment that the abortion facility was unequipped to provide.

Uncontrolled hemorrhage during or after an abortion can be caused by uterine perforation, a life threatening injury particularly if the tear lacerates an artery. In that case, a woman can literally bleed to death, as did Tonya Reaves, who died in 2012, after bleeding internally for over five hours due to a perforated uterus before being transported to a hospital from the Chicago Planned Parenthood where her second trimester was done.

Two other incidents of uterine perforation during abortions have been recently documented by Operation Rescue.

One of those injuries was inflicted on a 21-year old college student by abortionist Valerie King at a Planned Parenthood in Salem, Oregon, on November 14, 2014.

Another uterine tear took place on February 7, 2015, at the Akron Women’s Medical Group in Akron, Ohio, on a 26-year old abortion patient. That facility contacted the ambulance company directly instead of dialing 911 for a quicker response.

The Pensacola abortion facility, American Family Planning, is also known ironically as Integrity Medical Care. The owner, Steven Chase Brigham, is a New Jersey late-term abortionist who holds no valid medical license in any state.

Pro-life activists on the scene during the February 19th incident and captured video as the ambulance loaded the injured patient and rushed her away for further emergency hospital care.

The abortionist thought to be on duty at the time of the February 19 emergency is Warren I. Taylor, who works primarily at a number of Brigham owned abortion facilities in New Jersey. He flies to Florida to do abortions in Pensacola, then returns to New Jersey, leaving women without access to him if abortion complications develop after their abortions.

Brigham is perhaps best known for operating an illegal bi-state abortion scheme in New Jersey and Maryland that was discovered when he and his associate, Nicola Riley, perforated a woman’s uterus during a late-term abortion at a secret abortion facility in Elkton, Maryland, in September, 2010. Brigham set up the clandestine Elkton clinic in order to evade New Jersey laws that limited abortions at his New Jersey locations to under 14 weeks. Police raided the Elkton location and discovered the bodies of 35 late-term aborted babies – about half of which were considered old enough to have been viable — stored in a bloody freezer.

Brigham was arrested and jailed in December 2010 and charged with murder for aborting viable babies during the commission of a crime. Brigham never held a medical license in Maryland.

While murder charges were eventually dropped when a key state witness withdrew from the case, Brigham’s troubles were far from over. Last year, Brigham’s New Jersey Medical License was revoked. He had previously had licenses revoked or surrendered under threat of revocation in Florida, New York, Pennsylvania, and California.

“Brigham’s shoddy, corners-cutting practices live on at his 17 abortion clinics in Florida and scattered across the eastern seaboard. Since one medical board after another has determined that Brigham’s practices pose a danger to the public, he should be prohibited from owning or operating abortion facilities as well,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman.

Operation Rescue is urging the public to contact the Florida Department of Health, Medical Quality Assurance Division and ask for the immediate closure of American Family Planning of Pensacola.


Abortion Emergency Filmed at Dangerous Brigham-Owned Pensacola, FL Abortion Clinic

By Cheryl Sullenger

Pensacola, FL — A Pensacola, Florida abortion facility, owned by the notorious New Jersey abortionist Steven Chase Brigham, transported a woman to the hospital on Thursday, February 19, 2015.

The ambulance arrived around 2:20 pm while pro-life activist Dave Halupowski videotaped the incident during a 40 Days for Life Prayer vigil outside the abortion clinic.

The condition of the woman is currently unknown.

The abortionist thought to be responsible for the medical emergency is Warren I. Taylor, D.O., a Pennsylvania abortionist who also works at several of Brigham’s eight New Jersey abortion facilities. After Brigham was ordered to stop operating abortion facilities in Pennsylvania, Taylor allowed his license in that state to lapse, but still maintains valid licenses in Florida and New Jersey.

Brigham’s own Florida medical license was surrendered years ago under pressure from the Florida Department of Health. His last remaining medical license was revoked by New Jersey in 2014 after it was discovered that he was practicing medicine without a license in Maryland and operating an illegal, under-the-radar bi-state late-term abortion mill there that was meant to circumvent the laws in his home state of New Jersey.

Brigham was arrested and charged with murder in 2010 for aborting viable, late-term babies, after police raided Brigham’s clandestine Elkton, Maryland, abortion facility and discovered the remains of over 30 late-term babies stored in a bloody freezer. Those charges were later dropped after an expert witness for the prosecution withdrew from the case.

Despite suffering license revocation or surrender in at least six states and his involvement in a number of illegal abortion operations, Brigham continues to run a chain of 17 dangerously shoddy abortion facilities on the east coast and in Florida.

In 2012, Maria Santiago died from a botched abortion at a Brigham owned Baltimore, Maryland, abortion clinic that was located in a residential condo. Maryland has since shut down his four abortion clinics in that state and banned Brigham from operating abortion facilities there.

“Brigham is among the worst of America’s abortionists. His shoddy practices rival those of ‘House of Horrors’ abortionist Kermit Gosnell. Even his hired abortionists that keep his clinics operating now are among the bottom of a very rotten barrel,” said Troy Newman, President of Operation Rescue

Operation Rescue staff members have filed numerous complaints against Brigham and abortionists in his employment and published extensively in an attempt to expose his horrific abortion abuses. OR’s complaints helped strip Brigham abortionist Nicola Riley of medical licenses in three states and aided in the closure of an illegal abortion facility Brigham was operating in Philadelphia in 2013.

Operation Rescue is urging the public to contact the Florida Department of Health, Medical Quality Assurance Division and ask for the immediate closure of American Family Planning of Pensacola.