Brigham Quietly Reopens Maryland Abortion Clinic Where Patient Died


By Cheryl Sullenger

Baltimore, Maryland – Operation Rescue has learned that the disgraced New Jersey abortionist Steven Chase Brigham has flown the under the regulatory radar to reopen three Maryland abortion clinics that were shut down by the state in 2013 for dangerous abortion practices, including the death of one patient.

Brigham-orangejumpsuitUndercover phone calls confirmed that abortions were being scheduled for his Baltimore, Silver Springs, and Cheverly locations, which are still advertised on his American Women’s Services website.

In order to avoid having to re-license his abortion clinics, Brigham’s Maryland locations are offering only medication abortions. Facility licenses and inspections are only required if surgical abortions are conducted.

“Right now, Brigham is profiting from medication abortions at three abortion clinics that the State of Maryland said were too dangerous to operate,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman. “By restricting abortions to those done by pills or injections, Brigham can operate without oversight, without inspections, and without any accountability. This is a recipe for disaster for the women who are duped into thinking he is running legitimate medical offices. There is nothing legitimate about Brigham’s medical or business practices, as his record of abortion abuses proves.”

Previous licensing issues

It is questionable whether the staff of these facilities is competent to conduct medication abortions.

Maryland law requires that abortions only be done by licensed physicians, but that has meant little to Brigham and his abortion clinic employees. On May 2013, it was discovered that unlicensed workers at Brigham’s Maryland abortion clinics were illegally administering misoprostol to women without a licensed physician present. Misoprostol is a drug that causes uterine contractions and is often used to cause or facilitate abortions.

The Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene (DHMH) suspended the facility licenses of Associates in OB/GYN Care in Baltimore, Silver Springs, and Cheverly, after all three abortion offices failed to correct life-threatening health and safety violations.

In 2010, Brigham was ordered to cease and desist from the practice of medicine in Maryland — where he was never licensed — after it was discovered he was operating an illegal bi-state late-term abortion scheme at a “secret” abortion facility in Elkton. Brigham’s New Jersey medical license was later revoked, citing his pattern of deception and shoddy practices that have made him unfit to practice medicine in six states.

Patient Death

In March 2013, inspectors discovered that a patient, Maria Santiago, died during an abortion at Brigham’s Baltimore abortion facility, which is located in a residential condominium complex. [Read the CAD and Police Report]

The abortionist involved in the fatal abortion, Iris Dominy, was not certified in CPA at that time and failed to use a defibrillator on Santiago, who suffered cardiac arrest. Inspectors later discovered that the defibrillator did not work and staff had not been trained in its use.

Dominy received only a reprimand for her negligence that resulted in Santiago’s death.

Pattern of deceptive practices

However, Brigham still continues to operate an estimated 17 abortion clinics up and down the eastern seaboard despite his chronically dangerous and deceptive conduct that includes (but by no means is limited to):

• Operating an illegal late-term abortion scheme where abortions would be started in New Jersey and finished in New York. This resulted in the revocation of Brigham’s New York medical license.

• Attempting to evade New Jersey abortion limits by starting late-term abortions in that state and ending them illegally in Maryland.

• Operating an illegal abortion facility in Pennsylvania after having been ordered not to engage in the business of abortion in that state.

• Engaging in a “sham” transfer of his New Jersey abortion clinics to a convicted sex offender who denied owning them when questioned by authorities. Brigham continues to operate these clinics illegally.

• Falsifying clinic logs in Maryland to indicate George Shepard was conducting the abortions when in fact Shepard, an 88-year old with failing memory, was incapable for doing abortions due to a paralyzed arm. In fact, it was Brigham who was doing the abortions.

• Having his Florida medical license revoked for seriously botched abortions after the medical board found that his defense posed arguments that were “not supported by competent, substantial evidence.”

• Committing deception and fraud by advertising “painless” and “safe” abortions. A New Jersey judge later ordered him to stop the false advertisement (pp 43-44).

“The fact that Brigham continues to defy the law despite years of disciplinary sanctions is an indicator that he really belongs in jail,” said Newman. “He has proven that his shoddy abortion mills exploit, injure, and even kill women and are among the worst in the nation. It is dangerous and foolhardy to allow him to operate abortion businesses with or without oversight. We call on the Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene to once again shut down Brigham’s Maryland abortion businesses – this time for good!”

Take action!

Please e-mail the Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene and demand the immediate closure of Brigham’s Associates in OB GYN (AKA American Women’s Services) in Baltimore, Silver Springs, and Cheverly.


Disgraced Abortionist Brigham Turns Over Documents to Avoid Court

By Cheryl Sullenger

brigham-kajiTrenton, NJ – The disgraced abortionist Steven Chase Brigham has avoided having to appear in court today by finally complying with a subpoena and turning over business documents sought by the Attorney General’s office.

Brigham lost his New Jersey medical license last year, disqualifying him from legally owning his eight New Jersey abortion clinics.

Brigham reported that he transferred ownership to long-time employee Vikram Kaji, but the transfer was a sham. Under questioning by the New Jersey Board of Physicians, Kaji denied owning the abortion facilities.

Operation Rescue filed a complaint seeking to nullify the phony transfer. Kaji was charged with fraud for going along with Brigham’s attempt to deceive authorities into thinking he had relinquished ownership.

The Attorney General’s Consumer Affairs Division is investigating Brigham for illegally owning the abortion clinics that operate under the American Women’s Services banner.

According to

State Division of Consumer Affairs spokesman Jeff Lamm confirmed Tuesday that Steven C. Brigham submitted annual reports and contracts associated with the abortion clinics he was expected to forfeit when the board of Medical Examiners revoked his license a year ago for gross negligence, deception and official misconduct.

Brigham also turned in records pertaining to his four corporations: American Healthcare Services, Advanced Professional Services, Alpha Real Estate and American Wellness Services, Lamm said.

Documents for at least two other known business entities controlled by Brigham, Integrity Family Health and Grace Medical, were not included.

“Again, we caution authorities not to take Brigham at his word. He has more shell corporations that most people have socks. It is almost guaranteed that he has not turned over everything,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman. “It is clear that Brigham is operating his New Jersey abortion clinics illegally. They should be shut down immediately!”

Scofflaw Abortionist Brigham Ordered to Court after Ignoring a Subpoena in “Sham” Business Transfer

brigham arrest

By Cheryl Sullenger

Trenton, NJ — Abortionist Steven Chase Brigham has been ordered to appear in a New Jersey Superior Court by Judge this Wednesday “to explain why he should not supply” documents subpoenaed by the New Jersey Attorney General’s office “within five days, and not be held in contempt for ignoring the subpoenas,” according to a report published on

brigham-kajiThe documents in question are business records related to a “sham” transfer of Brigham’s American Women’s Services abortion clinics in New Jersey to a convicted sex offender who now denies the transfer ever took place.

Brigham and his attorneys have so far refused to comply with the subpoena issued by N.J. Deputy Attorney General Bindi Merchant three months ago. The Attorney General’s office was forced to seek aid from a judge to compel the production of the records.

Last year, Brigham’s New Jersey medical license was revoked after he was discovered operating an illegal under-the-radar bi-state late-term abortion scheme in 2011 that resulted in his brief arrest on charges he murdered as many as 35 late-term babies at a secret abortion clinic in Elkton, Maryland. The criminal charges were later dropped.

In New Jersey, only licensed physicians may hold ownership in medical facilities. Once Brigham’s license was revoked, he could no longer legally his eight New Jersey abortion facilities that he operates under the American Women Services banner.

In order to appear he was complying with the law, Brigham told authorities that he transferred ownership to one of his long-time employees, abortionist Vikram Kaji, a man who had a history of improper sexual conduct with his patients and had been disciplined in 2013 for failing to properly supervise the clinics Brigham said he now owned.

Operation Rescue submitted a letter of complaint to Deputy Attorney General Warhaftig on April 17, 2015, detailing and documenting concerns that Brigham never actually transferred ownership to Kaji. The letter pointed out that Brigham had a pattern of concealing ownership in his clinics and sought to persuade the Attorney General to negate the transfer and close Brigham’s New Jersey abortion clinics.

On June 16, 2015, the Attorney General’s office filed an administrative complaint against Kaji, charging him with fraud for claiming he had taken over ownership of Brigham’s New Jersey abortion businesses when, under questioning earlier this year he admitted to the New Jersey Board of Medical Examiners that no one but “Brigham ran the show.” The State is currently seeking the revocation of Kaji’s troubled medical license.

To add to his pattern of deceit, Brigham’s Wilmington, Delaware, abortion clinic was forced to halt surgical abortions last month or face closure after illegally concealing his ownership in that facility. However, it continues to prescribe abortion pills.

Meanwhile, even though there is ample proof that the New Jersey American Women’s Services abortion clinics are being illegally operated, they still remain open.

Local activists in Phillipsburg informed Operation Rescue last month that Brigham was seen entering his abortion facility in that city. They activists feared he was performing abortions without a medical license. Operation Rescue advised them to report what they observed to the New Jersey Attorney General’s office.

“We have followed Brigham’s nefarious career for years and know that he can never be taken at his word. His shoddy and illegal abortion mills are endangering women, and they ought to be shut down right now for the sake of public safety,” said Troy Newman, President of Operation Rescue. “Brigham has proven to be incorrigible. Three decades of coddling and insufficient discipline has done nothing to persuade him to amend his ways. He’s not fit to operate a shoe shine shop, much less an abortion clinic. He really belongs behind bars.”

View Brigham’s profile page on for more documentation.