Missing 911 Call: Ambulance Rushes Sobbing Abortion Patient from Shoddy Florida Clinic

Jacksonville, FL – Video shot by pro-life activists on the scene at the Florida Women’s Center abortion facility in Jacksonville, shows dramatic footage of a sobbing abortion patient being loaded into an awaiting ambulance while the injured patient’s friend stood nearby crying and distraught.

The incident occurred on September 4, 2014, at an abortion clinic owned and operated by abortionist Patrick J. Kelly. Just five weeks before, state inspectors cited him — ironically — for failing to provide his staff with adequate training in medical emergencies.

“Given the demeanor of everyone in that video, that patient’s injuries appeared to be quite serious. We don’t know just how serious or if she even survived,” said Troy Newman, President of Operation Rescue. “Every medical emergency we are able to document represents dozens more that happen outside the presence of pro-life activists. Whatever happened to the woman in the video, has probably happened to others.”

Kelly owns, operates, and acts as the administrator for the Florida Women’s Center according to three deficiency reports obtained by Operation Rescue. The reports were based on facility inspections that took place between April 10, 2009, and July 29, 2014.

In fact, Kelly was cited in all three deficiency reports for failing to provide adequate training for his staff in the areas of safety, infection control, and incident reporting.

During a 2011 inspection, Kelly made absurd excuses for not properly training his staff in incident reporting procedures, raising questions about whether incidents were ever reported.

“Physician revealed that the facility has not had any incidents to report therefore there was no need for staff training,” an inspector noted.

During a 2014 inspection, Kelly insisted that his staff was trained, but could produce no evidence to substantiate his claim.

Allison Aranda, an attorney with Life Legal Defense Foundation, which works closely with Operation Rescue reports she attempted to obtain the public records of the 911 call in order to learn more about September’s medical emergency. However, her request was not met by authorities, who told her that all the records for that day had somehow been erased.

Aranda told Operation Rescue that Life Legal Defense Foundation will be filing a complaint against Kelly with the Florida Board of Medicine.

“Kelly is a shoddy provider that has been fined and repeatedly has refused to adequately train his staff. Perhaps that contributed to emergency hospitalization of patient in September. In any case, traditional discipline appears to have little effect on him. We can only expect more incident like this until Kelly is banished from the practice of medicine for good,” said Newman.

New Hearing Set for Kansas Abortionist Whose Phony Mental Health Diagnoses Led to Late-term Abortions

Topeka, KS — An abortionist whose license was revoked in 2012 for providing phony mental health diagnoses that were used to justify otherwise illegal late-term abortions for George Tiller’s Women’s Health Care Services abortion facility in Wichita, Kansas, will once again appear before the Kansas State Board of Healing Arts on December 11, 2014.

This time, Ann Kristin Neuhaus faces the possibility of getting her medical license back after a county judge ruled earlier this year that the Board wrongly revoked Neuhaus’ license and ordered them to reconsider disciplinary measures.

Neuhaus’ disciplinary case was based on a complaint filed in 2006 by Cheryl Sullenger, Senior Policy Advisor for Operation Rescue. That complaint also resulted in a similar disciplinary petition against Neuhaus’ employer, Tiller, which was pending at the time of his death in 2009.

Neuhaus was hired by Tiller to provide a second referral that was required by law at that time before post viability abortions could be legally done.

“During her disciplinary process and beyond, Neuhaus showed disrespect for the law, contempt for the authority of the Board of Healing Arts, and absolutely no remorse for her actions that condemned young girls to traumatic late-term abortions that were not in their best interests,” said Sullenger. “Her attitude that laws do not apply to her makes her dangerous and completely unfit to practice medicine.”

At issue in her case were late-term abortion referrals made for girls ages 10-18. In each case, Neuhaus used that mental health diagnoses to justify the abortions.

However, it was discovered that Neuhaus was using an undependable teaching program called PsychManager to calculate a diagnosis using simple “yes or no” answers to general and often compound questions. The practice amounted to incompetence and negligence.

“There is no mental illness for which abortion is the cure, as the state’s expert witness testified at the time of Neuhaus’ disciplinary hearing,” said Sullenger, who was present throughout the proceedings. “If Neuhaus gets her license back, it is pretty much guaranteed that she will jump back into the abortion business, and that will only spell out tragedy for anyone unfortunate enough to be subjected to her brand of quackery.”

Neuhaus has stated that an unexpected pregnancy causes women to become mentally ill without exception. She also has stated that she believes that pregnancy is a life-threatening condition and alone justifies abortion at any stage of pregnancy.

Neuhaus has a history of previous Board discipline, which shows a pattern of incompetence that should result in harsh discipline at her next hearing, in spite of the judge’s ruling that set aside the revocation.

“We are thankful that our complaint has kept her from killing innocent children and hurting women for several years, and we remain hopeful that Neuhaus will never practice medicine again, because to allow her to be relicensed would undermine the authority of the Board of Healing Arts to hold anyone to their standards of professionalism and patient care,” said Sullenger.

All of Neuhaus’ disciplinary documents, including hearing transcripts and other records, can be accessed at AbortionDocs.org.

A video interview with transcripts featuring the expert opinion of Dr. Paul McHugh on the negligence of Neuhaus’ referrals to George Tiller for otherwise illegal late-term abortions is a available at OperationRescue.org.

California Bans Abortionist Gohari for Substandard, Abusive Practices

By Cheryl Sullenger

Sacramento, CA – Operation Rescue has been provided documents that show Maryland abortionist Abolghassem M. Gohari was forced by the California Medical Board to surrender his California medical license last year. The license surrender order was based on actions taken by the Maryland Board of Physicians in 2012, which found that Gohari had engaged in substandard abortion practices and verbally abused two patients during profanity-laced tirades.

The California Medical Board ordered Gohari not to apply for reinstatement of his license for at least three years.

In the 2012 Maryland action, Gohari was reprimanded, place on probation for one year, and ordered to pay $10,000 in fines for allowing unqualified staff to diagnose pregnancies and distribute abortion pills at his now-closed Gaithersburg abortion facility without him being present. Gohari also admitted to losing his temper when women questioned his illegal practices.

Gohari, an Iranian native, continues to operate two abortion facilities in College Park and Suitland, Maryland, under the Metropolitan Family Planning Institute banner. Both facilities were cited in 2013 for numerous deficiencies during licensing inspections that mostly related to sanitation and infection control lapses. Failure to follow proper cleaning and sanitation rules can result in the transfer of infections among patients.

Violations included:

• Staff observed handling bloody sanitary napkins then touching doorknobs and other areas without changing gloves.
• Staff failed to wash hands between glove changes.
• Dirty, bloody plastic hoses were found in a bucket directly next to “clean” hoses.
• Failure to properly sanitize surgical equipment.
• Failure to properly maintain autoclaves that are used to sanitize surgical equipment.
• Never laundered uncovered cloth pillow found on the abortion table or change disposable stirrup foot covers between patients.
• Failure to make or record discharge diagnoses for patients.

Both of Gohari’s abortion clinics were notified that they could be subject to unannounced follow-up visits to ensure that corrections were actually made, but there is no record that either facility ever received a follow-up visit.

Gohari also has a history of abortion-related medical malpractice suits that allege patient injuries such as incomplete abortion, bowel laceration, and ruptured ectopic pregnancy.

“There’s no way for the Maryland Department of Health to know if any of the sloppy and potentially dangerous practices were ever corrected by Gohari. Taking his word for it simply isn’t good enough,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman. “The California Medical Board got it right when it banned Gohari from practicing in that state. The slap on the wrist that Gohari received from Maryland only served to place women at continued risk.”


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