Five Abortion Clinics Shut Down in Five Weeks!

Ocala Closed

By Cheryl Sullenger

Washington, DC – Abortion clinic closures are picking up again with five abortion facilities shutting down in the past five weeks.

This brings the total of abortion facilities that have closed or halted abortions to 21 so far in 2015. However, a more accurate number will not be available until the end of the year when Operation Rescue conducts its annual national assessment of abortion facilities.

Troy Newman, President of Operation Rescue predicts that there will be a noticeable impact due to these closures.

“When abortion numbers come out for 2015, we expect that abortions will have decreased in each state where abortion clinics have closed,” said Newman. “When there is no abortion business marketing their grisly product to vulnerable women, we have found that ladies find other ways of managing life challenges other than taking the lives of their babies. In other words, when abortion clinics close, lives are saved.”

Between September 28 and October 29, 2015, the following abortion facilities have ceased operations:

• Ocala Women’s Center in Ocala, Florida
• Albany Medical-Surgical Center (FPA) in Chicago, Illinois
• Appleton Health Center Planned Parenthood in Appleton, Wisconsin
• Summit Women’s Center in Bridgeport, Connecticut
• Amethyst Health Center in Manassas, Virginia

Ocala Women’s Center

The Ocala Women’s Center was owned by James Scott Pendergraft IV, who was arrested in South Carolina on October 5 on drug violations and for providing illegal abortions out of his vehicle. Sheriff’s deputies discovered him in possession of filthy abortion instruments caked in blood and tissue during a routine traffic stop. Local activists found the Ocala clinic closed and placed up for sale soon after.

Pendergraft has been desperate for money since he was hit with a nearly $37 million malpractice judgement in 2011 and over $120,000 in fines and costs related to disciplinary action against his medical license. He is currently serving his fifth license suspension in Florida and holds no active license in any state.

The Ocala closure was likely related to Pendergraft’s pending criminal case and financial woes.

Albany Medical-Surgical Center

The Albany Medical-Surgical Center was owned and operated by the Family Planning Associates abortion clinic chain. It shut down on October 18 and has vacated its building.

The Pro-Life Action League documented numerous abortion abuses at Albany over the years, including the deaths of four patients and most recently, repeated health and safety violations that resulted in $50,000 in fines, which likely contributed to its closure.

Appleton Health Center Planned Parenthood

Planned Parenthood’s Appleton Health Center has halted abortion services as of October 14, citing a “temporary gap in medical coverage.” It is not expected to resume abortions for at least six months, depending when it can hire a new abortionist that is willing to work at the Appleton facility.

Planned Parenthood in Appleton was one of two abortion facilities that sued to block a 2013 law that would have required abortionists to maintain hospital privileges within 30 miles of their abortion clinics. That case is currently on appeal by Wisconsin Attorney General Brad Schimel and awaiting a decision from the U.S. 7th Circuit Court of Appeals in Chicago. If the appeal is successful, the Appleton Center may never be able to resume abortions.

Summit Women’s Center

This abortion facility, open since 1975, has experienced a plethora of troubles over the years, including botched abortions, malpractice suits, and abortionist discipline.

In August, 2015, Summit abortionist Jonathan Foster was reprimanded and fined $5,000 by the Connecticut Medical Examiners Board for a botched procedure on a pregnant woman in 2011.

After killing an estimated 150,000 babies through abortion over their 40 years of operation, Summit thankfully closed for good on October 5, 2015.

Amethyst Health Center

The troubled Amethyst Health Center announced its closure as of September 28, 2015. When inspected in June and December of 2012, inspectors discovered 48 pages of violations including multiple violations of infection prevention protocols including dirty facility conditions, soiled linens and recovery recliners, and the failure of staff to change gloves between patients. The second inspection report revealed that infection control issues discovered during the June inspection still had not been corrected six months later.

No reason was stated for its closure.

The current number of surgical abortion clinics in the U.S. is currently 552. Visit for a searchable database of U.S. abortion facilities and documentation of abortion abuses.

Identity Revealed: Abortionist that Tried to Pimp Out His Girlfriend Subject of “Dear Abby” Letter

Dear Abby
[Full letter posted below]

By Cheryl Sullenger

Wichita, KS – A letter that appeared last Thursday in the nationally syndicated advice column “Dear Abby” caught my husband’s attention.

“Hey, you have to see this,” he said as I drank my morning coffee and scanned abortion-related news stories on my iPad. He began to read the letter.

Dear Abby: I am a widow in my early 50s. While I was dating a prominent OB-GYN, I found out that he’s involved in criminal activity – operating a so-called “pill mill.” On our last date, he asked me to join an escort service he was starting.

The story sounded so familiar. Suddenly, I realized I had spoken to this letter writer at least twice and knew the identity of Ob/Gyn she was referencing.

My husband continued reading the letter.

I notified the medical board of the state he’s practicing in and various government agencies. He’s doing abortions, which means he has access to vulnerable young women. Knowing this, I have lost trust in our medical establishment. Nothing seems to affect this man’s success and practice.

At Operation Rescue, we have to be careful about anonymous tips from out of the blue. We usually require documentation before we can make complaints or publish reports to make the situation known to the public. But this woman had little more than her horrific experience with this man who betrayed her trust in him.

She was obviously traumatized by her experiences with this abortionist. All she really wanted was for someone to believe her enough to look in on him and make sure he was not victimizing vulnerable young women or recruiting them into prostitution, as he and tried to recruit her.

So much of her story rang true as she related it to me. But with all the appropriate complaints already on file, there was little I could do for her.

Until now.

It is time for the public to know more about her allegations. I am releasing his name so that others might beware if they ever happen to encounter him.


The man she told me about was Joel Wayne Match.

A little research showed that he was indeed a Virginia abortionist with a history of recent medical board discipline. Public records validated at least part of her story.

His medical license was summarily suspended on May 1, 2012, by the Virginia Board of Medicine, which noted that “Match’s ability to practice constituted a substantial danger to public health and safety.” This was based upon information that showed Match had improperly prescribed narcotics to several women. [Read suspension notification]

In essence, Match was running a “pill mill,” just as our informant had said.

On October 17, 2012, Match was placed on a six-month term of suspension beginning on the day of his summary suspension and ending on November 1, 2012. He was then ordered to serve 6 months of probation, and allowed to resume practice with some limitations.

On May 1, 2013, a year to the day after Match’s license was initially suspended, the Virginia Medical Board terminated his probation and allowed him to practice freely.

But illegally prescribing drugs was only one of Match’s patient care issues.

Match was sued in 2009, after he negligently performed an abortion on Regina Tetteh a at the now-closed Nova Healthcare Center abortion clinic in Fairfax, VA.

Match had informed Tetteh that her pregnancy was in her uterus when in reality she suffered from an ectopic pregnancy. Match noted in Tetteh’s medical record that he had successfully completed the abortion of an 8 week pregnancy, even though a 12-week old fetus remained dangerously lodged in her fallopian tube.

Tettah began to experience increasingly worse pain and bleeding after the abortion. Instead of sending her to an emergency room, Nova rescheduled her for a second abortion several days later. Before she could make that appointment, Tettah collapsed in pain after her fallopian tube exploded, threatening her life. She unsuccessfully attempted to crawl to a phone to call for help. Her fiancé discovered her later on the floor of their home and called 911. Tetteh survived her ordeal but continued to experience pain and other issues for years.

In 1993, Match was sued after he conducted an abortion on another patient, Tina Lake, in April 1991. Lake suffered permanent physical injury during the abortion in which her uterus and an artery were lacerated. Severely bleeding, Lake was rushed to a hospital where emergency room doctors were forced to remove her uterus completely in order to save her life.

At trial, Lake won, but was denied a sanctions judgement by the trial judge. However, in 1997, the Supreme Court of Virginia ruled that the trial judge erred and the case was returned to the lower court, which awarded Lake an unknown sum of money.

Now, our informant appears to indicate that Match still may be involved in illegal activity. There is enough here, in my opinion, for the medical board, health department, or even law enforcement to at least look into his practices.

However, Match’s current employer or place of business remains a mystery.

His last known place of business was in Manassas, Virginia, according to his online Virginia medical license profile. However, on September 28, 2015, the only abortion facility in Manassas, the Amethyst Health Center for Women, closed its doors for good.

I tracked Match to the “DC metro area” and to a ghost company called “Primary Care for Women” in Reston, VA. Neither location had a working phone number.

A search of the Virginia Secretary of State’s business listings had two entries for Primary Care for Women, but both businesses’ status was listed as “Purged.” There was no listing on the District of Columbia Business License Verification search page for a business with that name.

Where Match is working now is anybody’s guess.

Also complicating efforts to investigate Match – or even complain about him — is Virginia’s change in administration just last year. Gov. Terry McAuliffe has taken aggressive measures to nullify many abortion oversight and safety laws. Under his rabidly pro-abortion administration, the Department of Health has been infused with those who can be counted on to look the other way when abortion abuses are reported.

Match is out there somewhere, presumably conducting his shoddy brand of abortions and perhaps, as our informant strongly believes, possibly even recruiting vulnerable young women into prostitution.

Meanwhile, one of his traumatized victims, who told me she still fears for her safety, continues to reach out to anyone possible — even with a desperate letter to “Dear Abby” — hoping someone, somewhere will listen.


Planned Parenthood Caught Failing to Report Egregious Case of Child Sex Abuse in Alabama

Mobile PP

By Cheryl Sullenger

Mobile, AL – A inspection report released on August 13, 2015, has revealed that a Planned Parenthood abortion facility in Mobile, Alabama, twice failed to report suspected child sex abuse as required by law involving a 14-year old girl who received two abortions within a four-month span of time.

But what is disturbing is that the report was dated November 21, 2014, nine months ago, raising questions about why it took so long for the Alabama Department of Public Health to release this public record. The report contained no plan of correction usually found on reports this old. In fact, it is not known what sanctions — if any – were ever levied on the Planned Parenthood office, which is open for business and conducting abortions today.

The teenager, identified only as MR#16, first reported to the Planned Parenthood facility on April 9, 2014, seeking a medication abortion. It was determined that she was 14 and already had two living children.

There was no documentation in her medical record to indicate that anyone from Planned Parenthood could verify the signature of the adult that brought her for the abortion was indeed a parent or legal guardian.

Despite being seriously anemic with a hemoglobin count of 9.3 – too low for a medication abortion that induces heavy bleeding — she returned to the clinic on April 12 and was given drugs to induce an abortion. She received no management or consultation regarding her anemia.

Planned Parenthood’s Director of Patient Services verified to inspectors with the Alabama Department of Public Health that no report of suspected child sexual abuse was ever made.

If that was not bad enough, MR#16 returned to Planned Parenthood four months later on August 18, 2014, for counseling for yet another medication abortion.

As before, no one bothered to authenticate that the adult who brought her to Planned Parenthood was her parent or guardian. Still seriously anemic, which should have contraindicated medication abortion to the Planned Parenthood staff, she was again given drugs to induce an abortion then sent on her way.

Again, the inspectors verified with the Director of Patient Services that no report of suspected child sexual abuse made. The Director had no further information as to why this young woman was obviously sent back to her rapist for further abuse.

In fact, to this day, there remains uncertainty that anyone has even yet come to this young teen’s aid.

If a plan of correction was submitted, why wasn’t it released with the deficiency report as usual? Was the abuse ever reported? Is the young woman safe, or is she still in the clutches of her abuser? Was he ever arrested and charged?

“The fact that we currently have no answers to this questions is disturbing, at best. We hope that the ADPH reported this crime and that a full police investigation took place, but we simply do not know,” said Troy Newman, President of Operation Rescue. “In the meantime, allowing Planned Parenthood to continue operating in Mobile is completely unacceptable because we know this behavior is chronic.”

Meanwhile, other deficiencies found in that same report indicate a facility with serious infection control issues. Surgical equipment was not properly sterilized between patients. Everyone from the abortionist down failed to wash their hands before or after donning sterilized gloves. The two times the abortionist was observed washing hands, it was for a grand total of six and seven seconds respectively.

In addition, medical records failed to report important facts, including the type of anesthesia used during abortions. That lack of information could have proved disastrous has any of them suffered complications.

Operation Rescue has confirmed that the Planned Parenthood in Mobile is currently only doing medication abortions even though it has long supplied surgical abortions at that location. Whether this change in services has anything to do with the non-reporting incident remains to be determined.

Planned Parenthood has been accused of failing to report child sex abused for years. Investigations into their despicable practice covering up for child rapists have been politically thwarted or simply never done.

In fact, Planned Parenthood’s Birmingham abortion clinic was caught in 2009 by the Alabama Department of Public Health also failing to report child sex abuse and conducting abortions on minor girls without the required parental consent. Promised investigations ended up going no where.

Both the Birmingham and Mobile abortion facilities belong to Planned Parenthood of the Southeast, Inc., which employs Tamar Middleton and Yashica Robinson-White as their abortionists.

“If an investigation into aiding and abetting child sex abuse is to be done, Planned Parenthood’s abortionists Middleton and Robinson-White are where it should start,” said Newman. “Planned Parenthood appears to be breaking the law nine ways to Sunday, exploiting abused little girls and selling aborted baby remains. It’s time for those in authority to stop ignoring the evidence of criminal activity and bring those responsible to speedy justice.”