Woman Aborts Baby at Planned Parenthood then Commits Suicide Later that Day

Wichita, Kansas – In a story that emphasizes the human tragedy of abortion, Mark Gietzen of the Kansas Coalition for Life, has shared a tragic report of a young woman who received an abortion at the Planned Parenthood abortion facility in Overland Park, Kansas, then committed suicide later that day.

When Planned Parenthood or any other abortionist attempts to say they “save” lives, this is one instance that proves they are dead wrong.

We hope it serves as an exhortation to those who offer help to abortion-bound and abortion vulnerable pregnant women to remain steadfast. When a pro-lifer persuades a mother not to abort her baby, it may be that there is more than one life being saved.

Gietzen’s account is shared below with his permission.

YOU WILL NOT hear this on the news, because the family does not want to talk about it publicly. Unfortunately, we have now confirmed that a beautiful, bright, 20-year-old Wichita girl, named Alishia, who was a potential KCFL Client since about June 2nd, ended up having an abortion at Planned Parenthood in Overland Park, Kansas, and then killed herself with a gunshot to her own head, later that same day in late June, (most likely, but not confirmed on Thursday, June 22nd.)

Alishia had been estranged from her family for a few years, because of drug addiction. She was homeless, and, although she had been an excellent student, had dropped out of high school just prior to graduation.

Alishia did not know who the father of her child was, but she wanted very much to be a loving mother, and to have a child of her own. She loved animals and was strongly against abuse to animals or children. However, Alishia was concerned that her unborn baby was already damaged from her drug and alcohol abuse, and from the limited information that we have, that was the primary reason why Alishia refused to accept our help, and instead chose the abortion option.

We also know that Alishia chose Planned Parenthood, at least in part, because she did not want to have to deal with the KCFL Volunteers at the gate of the South Wind abortion facility in Wichita.

Alishia was still early in her pregnancy, yet apparently too far along to have a chemical abortion at Planned Parenthood-Wichita.

Most likely, Planned Parenthood of Wichita arranged for, or provided Alishia’s transportation to Overland Park for the abortion, because transportation was a daily concern for the voluntarily homeless, Alishia.

I am posting this to urge everyone to understand how heavily the abortion decision weighs on the mind of a young mother, and to urge you to be supportive of the efforts of The Kansas Coalition for Life, to stop abortion by offering meaningful help to those mothers who are considering an abortion.

Please keep Alishia, and others like her, in your prayers.

  • Wanda Wyatt

    God bless her for keeping this little miracle from God for you to enjoy!

  • Wanda Wyatt

    First heart beat!

  • Wanda Wyatt

    In the past I have worked with addicts and I think that although she might have had suicidal ideology–I think that abortion pushed her to the limits and should deal with it anymore. I pray that she some how made peace with God before she died. So sad.—-

  • Wanda Wyatt

    I was angry to see the churches and pastors that are now in support of abortions. I am pro-life Catholic/Christian.

  • Wanda Wyatt

    They need to be trained to work with women about many of women’s issues especially in using birth control-not just the killing of innocent unborn babies.

  • Wanda Wyatt

    You can thank Gloria Allred for the millions of brutally killed unborn babies. The woman who started it NEVER had the abortion she adopted her daughter. She said that Allred brainwashed her. I believe it! Old Gloria is an evil woman.-

  • Wanda Wyatt

    This is so sad. Abortion is out of date. They now have specialized doctors and hospitals that can save the life of the mother and the baby. There is a wait list of people who want to adopt a baby and some are even willing to pay the mother compensation. Abortion should never be used as a form of birth control.

  • disqus_NZqVst0ZYm

    You don’t think a homeless woman would have exhibited signs of hopelessness before her abortion?
    Let’s think about the atmosphere of an abortion clinic. We have seen stupid women share videos of getting theirs. You are going to have the women that are relieved to have that over with and then you are going to have women that cry. Women that become zombie like in response to what they are going through. How does PP deal with those women? Every single one of the criers and stoic women are potential suicides. How do they care for them? Do they send them out the door just like the ones that banter about being relieved? I don’t care if they have training. They took that job because they think they are doing something great for women.

  • Star_Gazer_108

    Thomas Sowell. He spells out very well all the steps that our society took, mostly through the 50’s & 60’s leading to the huge emotional dependency that the Liberal minded have on the Democratic Party and political left.

  • Patricia C

    I agree with a lot of what your saying …
    A woman’s body changes hormones when she becomes pregnant. We’ve all heard of “post-partum depression” ( PPD) and health care personnel, Drs, Nurses and the like know the extent of the changes in hormones. Pregnancy is a natural act. MOST woman generally tolerate PPD .
    Yet those in the health profession still warn and discuss , this potential situation to their patients and may even recommend some type of therapy or counseling after the child is born.

    Abortion is a violent act of tearing the child from its mothers womb.
    While the mother has gone through the ” natural ” stages of pregnancy up until that point.
    It immediately is forced into a
    Hormonal change against its will.
    It would seem It would be irresponsible for Planned Parenthood to perform such a horrific act , knowing the extreme changes women go through and not offer any type of counseling.

    IF ANY of the staff at the clinic are not informed enough about the possibility of depression, or even suicide tendencies they’re not even doing basic care. My Gosh! This information is available at the fingertip of internet! That is their
    J-O-B! To take care of their patients.

    One of arguments of PP is that Abortion is ” safe” that PP ” cares” about the life of the Woman.
    That PP gives the “utmost care”
    To insure there are no more
    ” back alley” surgeries with no
    ” follow up ” care.

    This woman didn’t have a chance. For all the care she was given,
    ( Gimme your money, Gap your legs, rip the baby out , now get lost) sorry for being crass but that’s PP guise.
    Alisha might as well have been in a back alley. She had just as much of a chance of survival as in a clinic.

    May she Rest In Peace

  • rochesternative

    As much as I despise Margaret Sanger I must correct a few facts: She had three children, not one, she was already on her way BEFORE Nazi germany, she simply approved of their eugenics program. Furthermore, she was much more sneaky in her efforts to control “human weeds” (blacks) she tried to get preachers to support her “work”

  • rochesternative

    But this is where the breakdown of the black family comes into play. WHO is going to tell them that (on a family level) and when the black society makes it “cool” for a young black woman to have a baby and it is “macho” for a young black man to have multiple children with various “baby mamas”….the work needs to be done in the black family.

  • rochesternative

    fingerprints, FINGERPRINTS!!! at 9 weeks