WND Breaks Story of Infant Born Alive at FL Abortion Mill and Left to Die

World Net Daily has released a horrifying story of a young woman who delivered her 22-week pre-born baby alive in an abortion clinic restroom in Orlando, Florida, owned by the notorious late-term abortionist James S. Pendergraft. According to WND, “James S. Pendergraft, M.D., is the founder of the Orlando Women’s Center and is known in pro-life communities as the ‘Tiller of Florida’ because he performs late-term abortions.”

Once Angele discovered her son was alive, her calls for help were ignored and her baby died in her arms. The story details the filthy conditions at Pendergraft’s mill and the callous lack of response from the abortion mill workers.

“We’ve seen that same lack of compassion from abortion mill workers here in Wichita at George Tiller’s chop shop,” said OR president Troy Newman, referring to Tiller employee Marguerite Reed who placed a 911 dispatcher on hold for nearly a minute while a teenager lay dying inside the abortion mill. “I think that in order to continue working in a place where there is so much human misery and death, one must shut down any feelings of caring or compassion. How else could one cope? We urge abortion workers across the nation to come out of the killing business and seek release, forgiveness, and healing through Jesus Christ.”

The story includes photographs of the baby who Angele named “Rowan.”

Read “Abortion staff ignores baby boy born alive? Woman pleads for help with ‘Rowan’ after delivering son in clinic restroom”

  • Operation Rescue

    This story is so incredible! How can we do such horrible things to such helpless babies?

  • jerry

    i agree, and with all due respect to angele, who it appears, has FINALLY seen the light, how could a supposedly Christian girl make plans to have her child killed? and her desire to see him ‘suffer’ as little as possible just boggles the mind. and to line up special verses to say in memoriam, in the process of choosing to have your child slaughtered, is just breathtaking. would that she would’ve looked up some verses that confirmed God’s providence in all things, and just shown a modicum of faith.

    where, oh where are the pastors? and why are they silent while many of their parishioners are making these horrible unbiblical choices? how can people who claim His name on one hand, totally lack any discernment, and proceed with such ignorance on the other?

  • Rick Ellis

    Because folks have been introduced to christianism instead of Christ. True faith in Christ is birthed out of death. Most think that salvation is by accepting Christ as savior. The only path to true faith is surrender to Christ as Lord. We don’t choose Christ, we choose to die, then Christ saves us by the power of the resurrection.

    No true Christian would slaughter the pre-born image of Christ, and only a hireling would allow people to think it OK. A true pastor is concerned about the condition of folks souls.

  • Administrator
  • Susan

    We live in a society that does not value life. I grew up a Southern Baptist my boyfriend who encouraged my abortion was a missionary kid. We had a talk early on in our relationship and he told me he believed abortion was ok.

    The church I grew up in had families comprised of a mom dad and two kids. Face it, as soon as birth control came on the scene, moms and dads decided they didn’t want large families anymore.

    I have four children now and we’re raising our family Catholic, even other Catholic families think we have a unusually large family. People always ask us if we’re finished. I always say no.

    There are two families of 7 at our church, people make rude comments to them all the time about how “irresponsible” it is to have that many children.

    I love Dr James Dobson – how many kids does he have – two.

    Christians have embraced the freedom from the responsibility of child bearing that birth control has brought them. With that, we have abortion. Previous Popes warned about this which is why the Catholic Church stands against birth control.

    If you read more about the story on the Liberty link, this child was conceived in some coercive or violent way. In the “anti-life” society we live in, she was counselled that she was doing the “right” thing the “responsible” thing.

    To me, one of the most interesting things about her story is how our laws are schizophrenic. How can an abortion clinic where the goal is to kill the unborn child be expected to change gears when the child is born alive.

    I agree with ORW’s assessment that an abortion clinic worker’s heart is so hardened from dealing with the purposeful death of the preborn that they deny compassion when their original plan fails.

    When this mother changed her mind the so called “pro choice” showed her true colors.

    Abortion ends a persons life, not their existence. Many forms of birth control do the same thing.

  • life lynx

    Dittos to Susan re: “As soon as birth control came on the scene, people decided that they did not want large families anymore.” The scriptures, typically, have some very pertinent commentary on this…see Psalm 83:3&4 for starters…

    It is hard to fathom the perversity of the view that people with more than 2 children are “irresponsible”, seeing that larger families incur greater, not less, responsibility. People should be empowered to fulfill, and not abdicate, their responsibilities to the children God has entrusted to their care, and thus see large families as the blessing& honor God intended them to be for all concerned. It is difficult to get some people to see the connection, but the fact is that artificial birth control is foreplay for, not an antidote to, abortion, seeing how it virtually ensures that any children conceived when it fails are unwanted…it really shouldn’t require the deductive talents of Sherlock Holmes here to follow this to its logical conclusion, the abortifacient properties of the non-barrier methods aside.

    Unfortunately, the eugenics movement managed early on to deceive even some leadership in various churches early on. For more background on this check out eugenics-watch.com; also George Grant’s book, “Grand Illusions” has some tragic, well-documented as to how Margaret Sangers pernicious ideology gained a foothold in some churches (Planned Parenthood is presently continuing that vicious crusade). .

    Some years ago, when I first became involved in prolife work, I encountered a man who told me, tongue in cheek, that he and his wife had & children; and that, whenever anyone hassled him about the fullness of their quiver, he would jokingly reply that they originally wanted 2.5 and that each child after the second one represented a new effort at the .5…

    Thank God that Angele saw light on this, even though tragically, and traumatically late; perhaps others will see it sooner through her story, and baby Rowan will thus be a hero to them as well as their children. Thanks, OR for posting this.

    How people tend to expect compassion in a killing chamber is beyond reason, likewise legitimate “choice” where they do murder, the ultimate imposition of one party’s will on another, to the victim’s hurt. These are the cruelest oxymoronic lies; and perhaps even that stony-hearted worker will see sufficient light to question the abortion industry’s true intentions towards her in view of what they have her do unto others. I certainly hope so, for the sake of everyone involved!

  • Rick Ellis

    One of the sad facts of activism, is that everytime the clinic workers hear, and reject our message, their hearts are hardened a little more.

    I know we must warn them, but my heart breacks everytime they reject the truth. I think maybe some have crossed the line where God’s Spirit will no longer strive with them.

    Oh for that morning when God will wipe away our tears!!!!!

  • Susan

    I agree, Rick, that their hearts are hardened. I don’t think that it’s necessarily your message that hardens their hearts, though.

    I think that many women who might find employment at an abortion mill, are very pro woman and feel that men are the enemy (especially conservative men). They also see that children can get in their way, so the only way to even the playing field is to be pro choice and allow the killing.

    After seeing death after death, that’s what hardens their heart. Knowing they’re responsible for the actions of the abortion industry. Then they have to justify what they’ve done. If they ever admit they’re wrong, then they have to feel guilt and they just don’t want to.

    You’re a reminder that some people think what they’re doing is wrong and remember, they don’t want to feel guilt.

    It really broke my heart to read the testimony during the partial birth abortion trial. It is a very very sad situation every way you look at it.

  • Susan

    One more thing I wanted to mention, check out http://www.priestsforlife. org. There are testimonies of people who worked in the abortion industry and got out. It’s interesting to understand the mindset of how a person could get sucked in to that industry. I’m a firm believer in arming yourself with lots of information.

  • Rick Ellis

    I don’t think it is the message, but the rejection of it. I have seen the same thing happen in other venues of evangalism.

    When Adam fell by eating the fruit from the tree of knowlage of good and evil, all man kind inherited what I call the law mentality.

    Relativism is a perfect expression of the mind of Adam. That everybody has the right to say what is right and wrong for themselves.

    Adam was also kicked out of the garden so he could not have access to the tree of life and be sealed in his fallen state forever.

    As the desendants of Adam, we are also denied access to the tree of life, which John 15 tells us is Jesus Christ. Adam must be put to death, and Christ birthed in us, in order for us to have access to the tree of life.

    That is why salvation is about surrender to Christ as Lord, not accepting Him as savior.

    This young lady was confronted with how precious a gift life is. Now she needs to meet the author of Life, allow Him to crusify the spirit of Adam so the Spirit of Christ can be birthed.

    The biggest part of satans deception, was not what he said, but what he didn’t say. Almost every scripture in chapter 2 of Genesis contains the phraise, “the Lord God said”. In chapter 3, the first thing satan said was “hath God said”. He left out Lord in his conversation with Eve.

    That is why every scripture dealing with salvation says whosoever calls upon the name of the Lord, shall be saved. Jesus told us that we must lose our life before we can gain His.

    Religious Adam tries to make himself OK with God on His own terms, with works of self righteousness. True faith comes, when we not only see Jesus, but we also believe in surrendered faith that He is Lord of all.

    The fragrance of Christ is death to the unbeliever, but to those who have experianced the death burial and resurrection of spiritual rebirth in Christ, it is the sweet purfume of eternal life.

    The unbeliever can not place the value of Christ’s image on the pre-born, for they are their own Lord, and the child threatens their self image of what they think their life should be.

    It is a hard place for man to come to, to realize we are totally depraved, without hope, the enemies of God, and sentanced to eternal damnation. In and of our selves there is no good thing. Nothing can make us right with God, except the shed blood of the Lord Jesus Christ, and our total surrender to Him in Faith.

    I pray that this young lady finds the only Lord there is, for it is the only relief she will find for what she has done.

    Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world, have mercy on her!!!!!!!!!!!!!! …and us as well.

  • Susan

    I’m not sure she’ll ever have relief for what she has done. Looking into the perfect face of the baby she has terminated the life of, will leave a hole in her until she passes from this life.

    She talked so much in her story about wanting to “make sure the baby wasn’t in any pain”. You can tell she wasn’t completely comfortable with the decision she was making. When the procedure works how it’s supposed to, people don’t even have to look at their dying babies, they can be under anesthesia at the time.

    As a mother, I promise you, she will never get over this. I can’t forgive myself for my abortion done at 5 weeks. I don’t say this to minimize my baby’s life because I chose to stop it and I realize what I did – but seeing my fully formed miniature baby would kill me inside and there’s nothing to get over that.

    A woman in crisis believes all the lies – that’s the only way to get through the abortion. But abortion goes against every natural instinct a mother has to protect her baby and you never ever ever get over that. Because abortion is legal women get tricked into the mindset that it must be ok.

  • Rick Ellis

    The memory of wrong doing sticks with us in this temporal time zone. The relief I speak of is not eradication of memory, but that even in the remeberance of evil commited, is the knowlage that Christ died for it, and the eternal penalty is payed.

    Those who are forgiven much, love much. Those who have be delivered from drugs by the power of Christ, reach back to those who are held in that bondage with perfect love and compassion.

    Only Christ can relieve the millstone of guilt of having killed a child. Having relieved us of the eternal consaquence by dying on the cross, and imputing His perfect love in us, we do not forget our evil deeds, but exstend our hand of Christ’s compassion who suffer in the same snare.

    We never get over our wrong doings, we merely proclaim them under the shed blood of our Lord Jesus Christ.

  • Susan

    Rick, that was very beautifully put and I appreciate the words. It wasn’t until I became a mother, that I was even able to comprehend the love God must have for us. It is so awesome and I know that every bad act in our lives can be used for the good of the Lord.

    I’ve just never had a saddness over anything like the abortion I had and I’ve done plenty of other bad things in my life. Abortion leaves you with the deepest pain that until you experience it (and I hope for no one to have to) you cannot understand. It is a pain that gets worse the older you get as you begin to understand the ramifications of what you did. I didn’t physically see or hold my baby. The pain that this poor woman will have to bear for the rest of her life is the consequence for what she did. You can’t escape the consequences.

    That’s why some of the people who comment in favor of Tiller have so much anger and rage in their messages. There is deep pain inside that is being suppressed even if they thought the abortion was for the best, abortion goes against a mother’s instincts to protect her young. Whether you’re a believer or not, you can’t escape the natural order of life.

  • blessedmom

    Where did you get this picture? Something like this would not be published, so it leads me to believe that this is a fake picture.

    Moderator's note: the pictures seen in this post and the photos contained in the story from worldnetdaily were provided by Liberty Counsel, the nonprofit pro-life and religious-liberty legal organization, representing the mother. They are located on LC's website here:

  • Rick Ellis

    As a man, I can never know the pain of having betrayed the sacride trust of motherhood by abortion. But sin is sin, and the cure is the same.

    We either fall on the rock,and are broken; or the rock falls on us and grinds us to a powder.

    To the believer, we fall on the rock of our salvation, and lament in brokeness over the payment of sin, Jesus hanging on the cross in our place.

    One day that same rock will fall on the defiant unbeliever, and grind them to a powder of eternal damnation.

    Temporal consequences are for the most part inescapable. But that should never cause us to stop rejoicing in the fact, that the eternal consequence was placed on Christ.

    That is the great consolation of true christianity. He takes our sin, and gives us His righteousness.

    I would never tell anybody to “just get over it”. I would tell them to cast their care upon Christ.

    It is a huge dishonnor to the Lord Jesus Christ for us to try and bare up under the weight of sin that He payed such a high price for.

    I don’t mean to sound cavalier, or deminish the reality of your pain. Just remember to wet the feet of Christ with your tears, and give Him the sweet purfume of your adoration.

    Bury your pain in Christ, and allow Him to raise it up by the power of His resurrection, as a light to guide others home.

    Your pain is not your own. You were bought by a price. allow the one who paid the price to use your pain as an instrument of righteousness to bring glory to His name.

    I don’t fully understand how He does this miracle. I just know from experiance that He does. Only trust Him

  • jerry


    where is it written that certain pictures ‘should not be published’? it WAS published, and is real.

    the horror of it is offensive, but i am offended by the law that allowed it and the people who did it, rather than the Liberty Council attorney who took the photos at the funeral home. let’s not “kill the messenger” when we find that the message is distasteful.

  • Rick Ellis

    SOOOO… it is ok to show car wrecks in drivers ed to cut down on wreckless driving, it is ok to show diseased lungs to cut down on smoking. It is ok to show folks stacked like cord wood to make sure there are no consentration camps.

    Heck it is ok to show a president getting the back of his head being blowed out all over the trunk of His car, to show the horror of assasination.

    But we can’t show what truely happens to a child when aborted? HHHHMMMM!!! go figure.

  • Robin

    This woman sounds confused. What person, claiming to be a Christian, could make this decision, even picking out bible verses for a dignified cremation?

    Our society has gotten to rock bottom. I don’t think that the Lord can tarry much longer.

    Even so, come Lord Jesus.

  • Missy

    Rick, sort of OT, but I have some questions about salvation. Would you mind emailing me please? (email address removed and sent to Rick from Moderator)

  • blessedmom

    My point is that they dont take pictures of babies in hospitls when they die or are still born and post them, yet operation rescue seems to het alot of pictures of fetuses that were said to be aborted. How is this? My god daughter was still born and the hospital didnt even want us taking pictures of her after her birth.

  • Rick Ellis

    the pictures of most of the aborted on this sight, and those held on the street by activist were retrieved from dumsters behind abortion clinics.

    Most of these remains were given a christian burial after the pictures were taken.

    The picture are horrible, but if they didn’t do it, we couldn’t show it.

    I do think that we should show more pictures of Life in the womb. lifeissues.org has a cd with 19 images of preborn life in the womb. It is called windows to the womb.

    I highly recomend every group to get them and use them.

    The images are the most powerful witness to human life in the womb, and absolutly stops abortion in its tracks.

    It also stops the mouths of the pro-aborts cold.

  • Susan,

    I am an author with the goal of writing a book to expose the realities of abortion. You mentioned in one of your responses about a boyfriend who encouraged your abortion. I am seeking to interview women who have had abortions and regretted it, as I would like to include personal accounts in my book. My ultimate goal is to end abortion, and I hope to help accomplish this end in exposing the horrors of it through personal testimonies, pictures, facts, statistics, and interviews with doctors and nurses.

    If you would like to, please contact me. I would very much appreciate it.



  • Rick Ellis

    There is a lady in central Texas named Molly White. I think the name of her group is “SILENT NO MORE”. Will try to get her contact info to you. She deals with post abortion issues.

  • Thank you, Rick! I would very much appreciate it. I am a mother with a two-year old and another on the way. I have been trying to think of an effective approach to write about abortion and when I read the accounts of Angele and Rowan, it struck me exactly what the book needs – personal accounts of the inhumanity and cruelty involved with it. I have a basic outline of what I want to do, but to get started I need material, and whatever assistance I can find with that will be greatly appreciated.



  • jerry


    you should try getting in touch with carol everett. her group is called the heidi group, and she used to be the owner of four abortion mills. then she found the Lord and walked out, never to return. she has written a book called ‘blood money’ and speaks at cpc banquets all the time. her testimony is powerful.

    i’m not sure about whether or not molly white is the founder of ‘silent no more’ or not, with all due respect to rick. this is a national organization, with jennifer o’neal as spokesperson. their website, if i’m not mistaken, is http://www.helpafterabortion.com and i was under the impression that georgette noel is the director. another great organization, as rick has mentioned previously, is life issues institute (http://www.lifeissues.org).

    best wishes.

  • When I was an unbeliever I had 5 abortions. I was a murderer of Gods people. I was a Saul, but when I became a believer I became a Paul. Now I must help put a stop to this terrible crime against Gods people.”Truley the unborn are Gods people” We, as followers of Jesus Christ must take a stand against the enemy, because these precious lifes are worth saving.

  • To blessedmom: Let me assure you- Baby Rowan’s photos are real. They were taken at the funeral home with the express permission of Rowan’s repentant mom. Her reason? Angele truly desires that NO OTHER INFANTS like her Rowan should be allowed to suffer and die from abortion like that AND that the eyes of abortion-vulnerable women would be OPENED. Praise God that Angele is willing to be an instrument of TRUTH to help GOD reveal the FACE of abortion and to be a vessel of alarm to WAKE the sleeping giant of the church!

  • RJ

    I think, that Angele, would be an incorregement to Baby Shanice’s mother.

  • Lisa

    You people ever think maybe she couldn’t afford a child,why bring a human being into this world to suffer? Financially..Mentally maybe she wasn’t ready for a child thus concluding that she shouldn’t have gotten pregnant in the first place..but oh! wait,that would make her “as the bible says” a whore..right? And the women who were raped?..A child born in wedlock is also a sin,not being able to care for the child,abuse! is a sin. And why did they not answer her call? Duhh,she was at an ABORTION CLINIC..not a BIRTHING CENTER. There are millions of people in this world who “murder” adults,mistake or no mistake..should the women who choose to “terminate” be thrown in prison too? The bible also says in Ecclesiastes 7:1
    1 A good name is better than fine perfume,
    and the day of death better than the day of birth.NIV
    Everyone should have a choice as to what they want thier life to be and God..let me repeat that “GOD” will judge when the time comes,not Sue,Paul,Jane,or Joe because Sue,Paul,Jane & Joe have no heaven or hell to put anyone in but themselves. Understand that if jesus were to judge & point fingers that we would not have a chance at forgiveness,did God not sacrifice his son for our souls..second chances aren’t given by people because at the end of the day we all have sinned and fallen short. Why judge the women who may not know the Lord?

  • Peter

    I say this with caring for the grief of that mother, but nonetheless as truth. She went to that place to murder her child. It didn’t happen in the “easy” way she anticipated.

    It is good she had to face the terrible reality of pre-meditated murder she chose to commit against her innocent child. Every person (man and woman) who decide to kill their child should be forced to face this reality. They should be forced to hold their tiny dying child in their hands, so they can see it was a life…not just a blob of cells.

    As long as we continue to dehumanize a pre-born baby, making getting rid of it akin to having a tumor removed, the atrocity of abortion will not ceace.