Wichita’s La Quinta Inn Acting as an Abortion Mill Annex: OR Calls for National Boycott

Unlicensed, ill-equipped hotel houses women during late-term abortions

UPDATE: La Quinta Inn listened to you! They have disassociated with Tiller. Read the article.

WICHITA, KS — Rescuers were out before sunrise on Tuesday, January 18, holding signs at the La Quinta Inn in Wichita, Kansas, and circling the block with the Truth Truck fleet. Although the hotel is a seemingly unusual spot for a pro-life activity, Rescuers braved the frigid morning temperatures with a purpose. Housed inside were women in the late terms of pregnancy who would soon be leaving the hotel to begin their 3-4 day abortion process at George Tiller?s infamous abortion mill, Women?s Health Care Services.

It has long been known that the La Quinta Inn offers discounts to abortionist George Tiller?s out-of-town patients, who come from all over the world for late-term abortions here, but Operation Rescue has recently uncovered evidence that Tiller in fact uses the hotel as a labor annex to his abortion mill, maintaining a full-time nursing staff on site to monitor the women who have begun the 3-4 day abortion process, and even dispensing medication.

Tiller begins late-term abortions at his “state-of-the-art” abortion mill by locating the baby?s heart using ultrasonography, then injecting it with a drug that stops the heart from beating. The opening of the womb is prepared for dilation and the woman is then sent back to the hotel to begin labor that will eventually expel a dead baby.

“One has to wonder if the La Quinta has adequate medical malpractice insurance to cover any complications that may arise while women continue their abortion process at the hotel,” said Troy Newman, President of Operation Rescue. “After last week’s botched abortion that landed one of Tiller’s patients in the Emergency Room, there is real concern for the safety of women who must endure part of their abortion in a non-medical, ill-equipped hotel room.”


Operation Rescue is urging a national boycott of La Quinta Inns until their business arrangement with George Tiller is terminated.

“This is more than a case of abortion collaboration,” said OR Outreach Coordinator Cheryl Sullenger. “This is a matter of aiding and abetting the needless killing of innocent, viable children. If it were not for the participation of the La Quinta Inn as a part of his abortion mill, Tiller would not be able to abort babies using his current procedure. Men and women of conscience must speak out about this atrocity and take action to stop the wicked baby-killing alliance between Tiller and the La Quinta Inn.”

Operation Rescue is urging pro-lifers across the nation to contact the La Quinta at their corporate office and their corporately-owned Wichita location and ask them to stop endangering women?s lives by operating as an extension of Tiller?s abortion mill.

La Quinta Corporation
Attention Butch Cash [President, Chief Executive Officer and a Chairman of La Quinta]
P.O. Box 2636
San Antonio, TX 78299

La Quinta Inn Wichita Town East Mall
7700 E. Kellogg St.
Wichita, Kansas 67207-1772
Fax: 316-681-0568
Jason J. Penkacik – General Manager

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  • steven

    I would be interested in whether the LaQuinta administration has been open and up-front about these measures? Or do they try to deny it when one asks. Either way, I hope a large boycott will get someone’s attention.

  • Songbird77

    As I read the story of LaQuinta’s troubling legacy with Dr. Tiller, the question must be asked – again and again:

    Why are these late-term abortions occurring? Advances in medical science, new and (vastly) improved medications and the care and compassion of our clergy would serve to preclude these atrocities.

    The doctors of my former church have spoken about the “double-effect rule.” If either the mother or the child’s life is in danger (or if both lives are in danger), the physician (even a Catholic physician) is permitted to try to save both lives – and if one life is (inadvertently) ended in that wholly honorable process, then no sin is incurred. In the case of fetal anomalies, would not this “double-effect rule” come into play?

    Finally (and perhaps most importantly), these difficult cases need to be confined to a hospital – not an abortion “mill.” Significantly, a team of skilled and compassionate surgeons is mandated.

    As a woman, I simply cannot imagine undergoing labor in a forlorn, nondescript setting such as a hotel room. Hotels are meant to provide lodging – not a haven for skilled medical care! This hurts me very much indeed. My own mother has been very honest with me about the deplorable circumstances attending the birth of her first child (my older sister). This was Hays, KS in January of 1952: Fathers were not allowed into the labor and/or delivery rooms; epidurals were decades away; LaMaze was a fervid component of someone’s future imaginings; and Hadley Hospital was woefully understaffed. My beautiful, then-22-year-old mother was consigned to a lonely, protracted labor (hard labor) in an empty room – for hour upon agonizing hour (38 hours, to be exact). This, to be blunt, was cruelty in the extreme. No woman should be forced to endure what my wonderful mother faced so many years ago.

    This type of situation is grotesquely unfair – to both mother and child. I believe that priests, ministers and physicians are compelled to speak out about the double-effect rule, especially when pro-lifers are accused of harboring anti-woman views. As a society, we cannot fail our mothers – any more than we can fail the unborn. And I agree with Steven: a massive boycott ($$$) will surely grab someone’s attention. And the next time my beautiful Mother travels to Wichita, I’ll book her a room at a luxury hotel – not an establishment that’s working in tandem with Dr. Tiller.

  • robin

    Good work, ORW…thanks for posting this.

  • Don Spitz

    I will not plan to stay at LaQuinta.

  • Jade

    I think you people are disgusting, Its the womans choice. Dr, Tiller is a wonderfull man and the people at the la quinta are wonderful. You all must lead very empty lives. You dont know the personal circumstances with each one of the cases that visit dr tiller and his team. You dont know about the lives of these women. I agree with you to some degree that abortion is wrong, and by that i mean that abortion for no reason other then the fact that the child is unwanted or unplanned is wrong! Its very very wrong. But in the cases of the third trimester abortions, alot of these babies will die right after delivery. Dr tiller is just there to make it easier on the woman emotionally. Hes a great man and provides great medical care. His staff are caring and compassionate people. You should all be condemned for what you are doing to these poor women. Id personally like to spit in the faces of each and every one of you!

  • mcnutt


    Your desire to condemn and spit on everyone who tries to warn women of danger and rescue innocent human life certainly reflects, accurately, the compassion quotient of the jaded movement & idiocy you promote!

    Sorry, but real, compassionate, caring health care providers do not systematically rip living babies to pieces. Tiller and his accomplices, however, do. And honest ones inform women of all the dangers of any medical procedure before they ask for her consent to do such; I doubt whether Tiller & co. bother with that formality. Did you read about Tiller’s recent botch? She’s not his first, by a long shot, and, unless an unprecedented concern for women’s well-being overwhelms him and he quits the killing trade, she’s not his last. But if you think a few wasted women would slow him and his staff down, even make them reconsider, you’re dead wrong.

    Did you see the photo of him headed into the hospital on the heels of his latest adult victim?
    You can bet the first thing on his mind was talking her (and/or her family, in the event of her death)out of suing him and his precious little “American Auschwitz”. If his medical license is worth a fraction of its weight in styrofoam peanuts, he knows good and well that induced abortion cures, prevents, and treats no disease; and that there are over several hundred medically recognized serious physical risks of induced abortion procedures.

    Anyone who knows these things cannot do what he does and seriously lay claim to any concern for women’s health; anyone who does not know them should not be given a medical license.

    For further information concerning this, please see afterabortion.org, afterabortion.com, lifedynamics.com (the blackmun wall is particularly clear evidence as to the dangers to which Tiller subjects his quarry..er, clientele…)

    For further assistance with spelling and punctuation, consult any good dictionary and/or English grammar book IMMEDIATELY.

    All the best in your search for truth…and vice versa!

  • Jade

    I was a patient of dr tiller and yes there is a whole day spent on what could go wrong, before you sign the consent form. Who are you to say these terrible things about him Ive met the man and I have a high respect for the man as well as team tiller. He helps women who have no where else to turn, who need help. You people have no idea what is going on in each of these womens body’s. You just make asumptions. As for my english, I think I speak english quite well considering it is a second language to me. Howeer it was nice of you to so childishly point that out!

  • pat mcnutt


    We’re always interested in facts! Why not snailmail a notarized copy of the risk form with which you were presented at Tiller’s to Operation Rescue West
    PO Box 601150
    Sacramento, CA 95860
    or perhaps e-mail a copy of it to info@operationrescue.org,? First e-mail ORW to see which would be best; some don’t people do not open attachments because of viruses, though i’m told that there are scanners that can effectively protect one against these; Cheryl can let you know which would be appropriate. Oh, and beside each risk presented to you, be sure to state the likelihood of your suffering that particular complication (1%, 5%, 10%, etc.) as represented to you by team tiller.
    No idea where else to turn? I am very sorry if, in fact, there was no one outside Tiller’s death camp to offer you alternative assistance…or was there? And, despite your assumption that we all just make assumptions about these things, you have now raised the question as to whether Tiller the terrific spent a day telling you that you had choices that would not fatten his coffers? Were you given a day to ponder those options? I sincerely hope that you never face that situation again; but if you do, don’t buy the lie that it’s your only, or best, option. It is neither. ORW could have instantly put you in contact with people who could help you every way you needed to save the life of your child; but if you or anyone else ever find yourself in that situation and, for some reason, ORW or like-minded people are not available to you, and your local yellow pages do not list an abortion alternative/crisis pregnancy center near you, please call 1-800-848-LOVE. It is never your only option. And, yes, it is murder of an innocent child which is in itself evil; if it isn’t even good, how can it possibly be best?

    English happens to be my first language; and, as I’m told it’s one of the most difficult in the world to master as a second or third, I certainly salute your efforts so far. However, I don’t see anything particularly childish about encouraging clearer communication skills, and sincerely wish you all the best in both your complete mastery, and better use, of it.

    Is the word “childish” the ultimate insult for you? I hope you can make real peace with the child you killed, and in him/her all others, soon. Many post-abortive women have, and, while each journey is unique, some of the milestones common to the ones that have gone the farthest toward real healing and fruitful lives afterwards have included:

    Confess to God that you have sinned, and broken His law, “Thou shalt not commit murder.”
    Ask Him to forgive you (I John 1:9), and to teach you to forgive yourself as you have repented this.

    Write a letter to your child asking his/her forgiveness, and tell him/her that you hope to see and hold him/her in heaven.

    Ask God to help you forgive Tiller and team, and anyone else involved in the abortion (parents who pressured, boyfriend who betrayed, friend who accompanied, etc.) Pray that Tiller and team, etc., will come to repent their involvment.

    Ask God to heal you of the damage done to your body, mind, and soul in this.

    Purpose in your heart to walk a new path, and ask Him to help you do so. We are praying for you!

    Bon Voyage,

  • Jade

    I appriciate your attempts at kind words. And well I am abel to see both sides of this, What I think you are failing to understand is, ultimately I didint have a choice, my child would have died regardless, Trisomy 22 is incompatable with life, it was a miracle I was abel to carry that baby as long as I did. had I delivered naturally my baby would have died miniuts after she was separated from my body.I couldnt watch her die right before my eyes. It was selfish of me to take the way out that I did. But my baby would of become one of gods children almost immediately, even if I hadent gone to visit Dr Tiller. I do Pray to my baby and I have asked for forgivness, Ive made peace with myself and with my decisions.I do not agree with abortion in the cases where somone decides to terminate simply because they feel they are unabel to cope with a child., or simply just dont want one, thast what birth control is for. This was a wanted preganancy, me and my husband were very excited, as we are again(were expecting in june). Tho I know you “pro lifers” have your cause and you will never fully understand my side of things, Please try to keep in mind that in cases like trisomy 22 there isint really another option death is innevitable.There are millions of people out there that cant have a healthy baby I know this first hand, and all thoes aborted babies could go to loving homes I agree with you there. But please try to understand that the only home my baby was meant to have is that of the lord. I will not pray for team tiller they make their own decisions and they have to face themselvs.At the end of the day I know i made the right decision, At the end of the day my heart breaks for my baby every day and at the end of the day I know you will still have your cause, but I also know that I will have mine.

  • Rachael

    I’m sorry your child had Trisomy 22 and you both suffered. Just know that your child wasn’t any less of a person and no doubt loved even despite the diagnosis. While you justify that your baby would of died anyway, the difference is that if you had born your child, she could of died a natural death, and while it would of been certainly been hard to bear the grief of seeing her, you could have memories of what she looked like and gotten to say goodbye to her in person. Instead during a D&E abortion (the most commonly used for poor-prenatal diagnosis termination) the child is torn from your womb in pieces and all you have to remember is the painful aftermath of the abortion. I do feel compassion that you were in that situation, however abortion isn’t the cure-all solution. I’ve provided some resources I think might be helpful in healing and finding closure. These are not political activism sites, but sites run by the parents who’ve had a poor-prenatal diagnosis.
    Be Not Afraid – Support for poor prenatal diagnosis
    “Benotafraid.net is a network of concerned parents, professionals, and laypersons who have experienced and/or worked closely with issues surrounding poor prenatal diagnoses. In presenting our stories and information relevant to various diagnoses, we intend to offer hope.”

    Poor Prenatal Diagnosis Advice And Support
    Information on treatment options, where to go for Information/Support/Resources, referrals for Fetal Treament facilities- prenatal corrective surgery, and stories from parents of a child with a condition

    A Heart Breaking Choice
    Support for the parent’s who’s child has been dignosed with a poor pre-natal diagnosis and have chosen to terminate the pregnancy.

  • Angie

    Hey guys,

    Jade, I would like to tell you that no matter what preconceptions you may have about pro-lifers (and they are probably sadly justified in some cases), many of us have been where you were. And we don’t want to condemn you at all. I think you have made clear that you loved your baby, although unborn, and the decision you made was very hard. We don’t want to condemn you, and God doesn’t want to condemn you either. Jesus came to save, not to judge. Personally, I cannot speak for the rest of those here, but speaking for myself and those I work with at a crisis pregnancy center (pro-life) we don’t care about a “cause.” It’s not about politics to us—it’s about people. It’s about the women who are lied to, people telling them that abortion is risk-free (nevermind all of those who die each year from the procedure, the hundreds of unlicensed clinics, and those who can never have children after an abortion) and telling them that the unborn is just a clump of tissue, not a baby… We care about the babies who never have a chance to live. (Less than 10% of abortions are performed for medical reasons or rape) While we do not know the specifics of the women who go to these abortion facilities, neither do you.

    The entire question of abortion comes down to one question: What is the unborn? If the unborn is a child, then NOTHING can justify the ending of her life. If the unborn is not a child, not a person, then there is no need to justify abortion. If it’s a person, there is no reason that anyone can come up with to kill her. If it’s not, there is no need to argue. After all of my research, and everything I’ve learned, I think it is clear that the unborn is a child—science, Scripture, and logic all point to this.

    Like I said, I do NOT want to condemn or judge you. This is your life, and your decision. But be careful not to judge us, I ask. And think deeply, because what you tell other women could lead them to the biggest mistake of their lives. The guilt and unnaturalness of abortion affects almost all women who undergo it in the form of PAS—post-abortion syndrome. Even pro-choice psychologists have reluctantly admitted that women do have profound trouble coping with this “procedure”, although they point to biological rather than moral causes. We have a responsibility in the love of Christ to not be apathetic, and to not be quiet just because we might offend someone. It’s not our purpose to offend, but if offenses come, we cannot help it. I’m sorry if you have been judged by some of those who agree with me that abortion is wrong, and I am sorry that so many out there use pro-life as a “cause”, committing unChristian acts under its banner. The true thing here is the glory of God, and slaughtering babies does not demonstrate His love.

    Most women never get to choose for themselves—that’s what no one ever points out. If you’ve only heard one side of the story, how is that a choice? And in this society, there are some choices that we are not allowed to make. We cannot choose to steal, or rob, or murder. Does a woman have to right to do anything with her own body? Really? Does she have to right to pick up a gun with her hand and shoot someone? Does she have the right to use her body to rob a store? Does she even have to right to end her own life? Then does she have the right to end the life of a child inside of her—something that is not even really a part of her own body (it has distinct brain, sometimes a different sex, different blood type)? If it is a child, no. That is obvious. The only justification possible for abortion is the concept that the unborn is not a person—but this is something I think is not only unsupportable, but disproven.

    I don’t approve of abortion in any circumstances—but with Jesus there is forgiveness, IF we repent and admit that we were wrong. Like I said, Jesus came to save, not to condemn.

    Ultimately, you are a grown-up person, intelligent, able to think for yourself. No one can force any belief on you—just like you can’t force a belief on anyone else. No one but God knows your heart—Jer. 17:9 says even WE don’t really know our own hearts (they’re too deceitful). Be willing to be wrong, I ask. Instead of turning to yourself or to others for answers (or trusting the answer you’ve already arrived at), turn to God. I hope that you will not walk away with a bad taste in your mouth from those of us who are pro-life…it is something I deeply believe in. I will pray for you; I know that it was a very difficult circumstance, more than most people could dream of enduring. Whatever you arrive at, whatever decision whatever belief, please know that I do not judge you for it, and I hope that your life is filled with joy. I may disagree, and I cannot refrain from doing so openly, and I think that truth points to the fact that abortion is wrong. But you personally, your heart, your motives, your desires, how could I begin to judge that? How could you begin to judge mine? I cannot compromise on my beliefs, but just because we disagree does not mean we must take jabs at each other’s motives and hearts. The facts are what we have to stick to, and in your case, because it is so personal for you, it may be hard to do so. I hope that you know Christ, and I hope that He grants you peace, love, and joy.

    I also encourage you in your own heart to identify whether or not you really have recovered from your abortion—there are many places that will help you do so. Even though they are pro-life, they will not condemn you, or judge you (our own post-abortion counsellor had two abortions herself before she became pro-life) and you may find that there are other women who made the same choice for similar reasons as yourself. This can help a lot—even in an abortion, you lose a child, and it is a tragedy. Unfortunately, the pro-choice community often fails to admit this tragedy and there is not enough counselling for women. Please don’t be afraid to reach out to people; there are many who would want to grieve with you over the loss of your child. And if your hope is in Christ, you will see your baby in heaven one day. May God’s peace gaurd your heart.

    Yours in Christ, Angie

  • Jade

    I thank you both for your kind words, and for being sensitive to my situation, I would like to clarify however that my baby was not torn from my womb in peices. I was 8.5 mos pregnant when it was discoverd my baby had trisomy 22. I was less then a month away from my due date, I had the nursery all ready and everyting that goes along with it. Yes my babys heart was stopped with a dejoxin shot, but other then that it was basically a normal delivery they induced labour and I deliverd vaginally all on my own. I opted not to be “put out” like most of the patients I wanted to be awake for my delivery so to remember everything. If there was any way my baby would of been torn into any type of peices, dont think I could of gone through with it.Although some of you may thing its wrong ( as ive heard over and over again) I held my baby, I had my baby baptized. It was then and everyday since then,Ive prayed for me and my baby.I know I commited a sin but I also know that the lord is forgiving. The way I see it I was abel to give my baby life for 8 and a half months. Ill never stop loving my baby. And yes I have saught out proper help to help me deal with my ordeal.I still see a psychiatrist about once a month just to help me deal with my loss. My loss was not preventable, it would of happened either way. I cant say I would ever go back and change things, but who knows we in life nevr really have that option. I have had some really bad expiriences with “pro lifers” especially while in the U.S.
    I live in canada we dont see that here too often.We all choose our occupations and Dr Tiller has chosen his, the least I can say is that him and his team were very Good to me, especially the nursing staff say what you will about them but ive met these people and alot of them are genuinly good people.
    ( again I will appologize for gramatical errors punctuation etc, English is a second language to me)

  • Chad

    If LaQuinta gives a medical discount to other people, such as heart patients, surgeries etc… they have to give them to abortion patients as well. Or else they would be in a world of legal trouble. If I called a hotel, and was coming in for medical reasons, it would be none of the hotels business as to what medical procedure I was getting. Places like this serve the public, not just “good, moral people.” I am against abortion 110%, but I also have common sense and realize that companies must be leagal and fair. Should a hospital not offer service to someone that has a drug overdose just because they did drugs? No, they need help and the dr is there to help. These women need a place to stay during this trying time in their life. Everyone makes mistakes and though their mistake may be much larger than most, they need somewhere to lay their heads at night. La Quinta is not the heart of the problem, it’s Tiller.

  • Rachael

    I was mistaken in the late-term abortion technique Tiller uses. I’m glad you’ve gotten to say goodbye to your daughter and held rememberance practices. My thoughts are with you.

  • Rachael

    Some abortion providers seriously believe they are doing women a service by helping them end their pregnancy (but what of the results of life-threatening complications and emotional distress). Many have become emotionally calloused to their work. The career of ending a pregnancy and human life is a hard path.
    You can learn more about the insight of abortion providers from verified eye-witness accounts from people who are current and former abortion providers.
    These quotes have been tracked down from a number of sources, from the research of pro-choice author Magda Denes to the Washington Post to other magazines. Just some food for thought.
    Don’t let Tiller’s services to you in your distressed state blind you to the realities of abortion.

  • Misty

    Now I can see both sides, and although I am pro-life, it seems to escape me the purpose of bible quotations in the forum when not one has quoted what Christ had said about judgement. It isn’t our place to judge others. On another note, corporations big and small have laws they have to follow. I forgot who said it in the forum, but there is a PRIVACY ACT. I for one don’t think it is anyone’s business what I do behind closed doors. So will I do business with the listing about a motel? Most probably. It isn’t the company’s fault that some ill bred serial killer chose their establishment to ‘finish what he started.’ In all seriousness, are any of you going to boycott a restaurant just because some pyschopathic militant decides to shoot the place up? Are any of you going to boycott the gas, electric, water, phone companies that are established in Wichita Kansas? After all Dr. Tiller the Killer does need all said services from those companies to conduct his business!!!

  • Rachael

    It is unfair and incorrect to stereotype all conservatives or pro-life as Christians. Those who consider themselves pro-life come from a variety of backgrounds and beliefs. Let’s see, there’s Feminists for Life, PLAGAL, Liberterians for life, Democrats for life, etc. I don’t agree with pro-life boycotting personally and do not engage in it. Who here has been judging Jade, Misty? We have been saying abortion is wrong, but we have not made a slander towards Jade or her persons. i.e. “Hate the sin, not the sinner” Having an opinion is not attacking or judging a person. We have every right to hold our own political beliefs as much as you do.

  • charlie

    Charlie says you DO have the right to your beliefs, but where does your right to impress those beliefs upon others come into play? I mean your listing of businesses to boycott is an attempt to impress those beliefs upon others. At the very least have the decency to say here is a list of business that consort with DR. Tiller and you (you know the INDIVIDUAL)make your own decision whether or not patron such establishments. I do see not see the electric or water company listed. So, obviously your proposed boycott is incomplete. I challenge all Operation Rescue advocates in Wichita to boycott the electric and water companies as well. Or wait, that might actually inconvenience you folks. I guess going Starbuck-less is an extraordinary sacrifice in its own right too.

  • Rachael

    Um, I’m not affiliated with Operation Rescue, just a pro-life visitor to the site. You double speak. Forcing one’s beliefs on others is just what the abortion rights movement has been doing to the unborn for 32 yrs. And tell me, are not pro-choice activists lobbying for legislation changes, engaging in public demonstration, or holding boycotts? Pro-choice activists are just as much trying to get others to agree with their view as are pro-life. But this taking the focus away from the issue here, which is the ethical and moral issues surronding abortion.

  • anthony

    jade says “…I agree with you to some degree that abortion is wrong, and by that i mean that abortion for no reason other then the fact that the child is unwanted or unplanned is wrong! Its very very wrong. But in the cases of the third trimester abortions, alot of these babies will die right after delivery.”

    all i can say to that is – how do you know that the child will die after delivery? there have been many cases of wrong diagnosis’ where a baby was aborted only to find out it was perfectly healthy. but even still, since you had to give birth anyway, why did you choose to play God and not allow His will to be done, in His own time? why was it necessary to have the child killed?

    i will never understand people who make a choice that is only God’s to make.

  • Melissa


    God gave us FREEWILL.

  • Hightone

    I FULLY intend on staying any La Quinta anywhere my travels take me where they are available. Besides their continental breakfast is wonderful, especially the hot fresh waffles. I do have one question though… Is it really La Quinta’s place to ask every single guest that walk in their doors what business they have booking a room at their hotel?? I would think not and if I were asked I would simply say “none of your business” hoping they wouldn’t think I’m some drug dealer with a big shipment of methamphetimines in the trunk of my car or some type of abortion assisting equipment if I appear to be a doctor or someone in the medical field. My money is just as good as anyone elses. So please tell me… why is it anyones business what happens behind closed doors at La Quinta Wichita or anywhere else for that matter?? At least these women had a half DECENT place to stay and not in some back alley behind Dr. Tiller’s office and perhaps left for dead.

  • Ah, the same old tired arguments.

    Justifications, diversions, deceptions all.

    One the first count, deciding to end a child’s life because the child is “incompatible” with life outside then womb, is still prematurly bringing that life to an end. Simply put, outside of judgement, war, and self-defense God has not given us this authorty. The reality is, death is inevitable for us all.

    On the second count, “Don’t judge”, this is completely incorrect. We are givin a great responsibilty TO judge and the authority to socially excise those who continue in their sin. In fact, Christ said:

    “If your brother sins against you, go and show him his fault, just between the two of you. If he listens to you, you have won your brother over. But if he will not listen, take one or two others along, so that ‘every matter may be established by the testimony of two or three witnesses. If he refuses to listen to them, tell it to the church; and if he refuses to listen even to the church, treat him as you would a pagan or a tax collector.
    I tell you the truth, whatever you bind on earth will be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth will be loosed in heaven.”

    Jesus also said:

    “If you forgive anyone his sins, they are forgiven; if you do not forgive them, they are not forgiven.”

    So, clearly, we have not only been given authority to “judge”, but have actually been given the responsibility to do so. And if in our judgement we determine that someone is not acting properly, then we are to confront them. If they continue, we are to discontinue relations with them – So a boycott certainly seems in order. ;)

    Call me what you will, a zealot, a “crazy”, a “lunatic prolifer”, but just know this. I, and many of my fellow prolifers answer to a higher authority than those who attack us and our viewspoints.

    One day I will stand before God. The creator of everything in the universe. The being that not only concieved of everything from the smallest atoms and quarks but even the expanse of the entire universe. The very same Holy, Almighty God who fashioned all that exists out of nothing. Who can create entire solar systems by speaking them into existence.

    What am I gonna tell God on that day, if I do not do what He has told me to do? What am I going to say? That I was afraid of offending people? That I was afraid of being spat on? That I thought people wouldn’t like me if I told them that what they were doing was evil? Those are pretty lame excuses!

    I take solice in the words of Jesus when he said that “…the world will hate you, as they have hated me. For no servant can be greater than his master.”

    So, while I might use persuasion to try to get my point across, on most occasions, because just outright offending people does little to spread the message, certainly, I will not stop talking about the message, and I will not continue to do business with those who enable these monsterous human beings who kill the very people we, as an entire human race, should strive to protect the most.

  • Coral

    By the way I heard Dr. Tiller uses the internet! Boycott the net too since he uses it and his isp allows him access!

  • Misty

    Rachael says: We have been saying abortion is wrong, but we have not made a slander towards Jade or her persons. i.e. “Hate the sin, not the sinner” Having an opinion is not attacking or judging a person. We have every right to hold our own political beliefs as much as you do.

    I was not speaking about previous comments directly, my statement was said in general.

  • Misty

    Gary: What bible are you reading? According to Matthew 7 1-5

    1“Do not judge, or you too will be judged. 2For in the same way you judge others, you will be judged, and with the measure you use, it will be measured to you.
    3“Why do you look at the speck of sawdust in your brother’s eye and pay no attention to the plank in your own eye? 4How can you say to your brother, ‘Let me take the speck out of your eye,’ when all the time there is a plank in your own eye? 5You hypocrite, first take the plank out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to remove the speck from your brother’s eye.

    First look at yourself before pointing out other people’s sins.

  • sunflower

    where do you come off stating that we were given the responsibility/authority to judge???

    Isn’t God ultimately to judge us all???

    Deuteronomy 1:17
    Do not show partiality in judging; hear both small and great alike. Do not be afraid of any man, for judgment belongs to God. Bring me any case too hard for you, and I will hear it.

    “ Brothers, if someone is caught in a sin, you who are spiritual should restore him gently. But watch yourself, or you also may be tempted. ”- Galatians 6:1

    The way I see it, no one is attacking your point of view! What I see is the ones, who don’t share your point of view, being attacked! So who is judging who???

    “judge and you shall be judged”
    Ultimately we should not be judging anyone for their sins or actions, but we should however be forgiving them and hope they can forgive themselves. We should be compassionate for whatever their “sins” might be, especially in the case of abortion, where no one knows what might bring a “mother to be” to come to such decision!

  • Rachael

    Sunflower wrote:
    “judge and you shall be judged”
    Ultimately we should not be judging anyone for their sins or actions, but we should however be forgiving them and hope they can forgive themselves. We should be compassionate for whatever their “sins” might be, especially in the case of abortion, where no one knows what might bring a “mother to be” to come to such decision!”

    I 100% agree with you! Some additional thoughts, we don’t have to condone abortion to give compassion and mercy to the woman facing an unplanned pregnancy. This is the attitude more of the pro-life movement needs to take on.

  • Rachael

    This is called generalizing or stereotpying a group based on the actions of a few. It is both based on a fallacy and spreading judgement against those who have done nothing wrong. Remember, the pro-life movement is diverse, with varying views, including compassion and love.

  • For those of you who condemn my previous post regarding judgement, thank you for proving my point.

    As for whether or not Christians are given the responsibility and authority to “judge” I provide you with the following scripture.

    Proverbs 31:8-9

    “Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves, for the rights of all who are destitute. Speak up and judge fairly; defend the rights of the poor and needy.”

    Now, let’s look at the context of Matt 7:1-3 and see if it is being applied improperly in this context. When people use this verse they’re typically not doing so as a reminder to a Christian as to how to live but rather as a scathing rebuke because they do not want to hear the words the Christian is saying.

    When I use the term “judge” I do not mean it in the context of “I am God, and I sit in judgement over you and condemn you to Hell for your sin”, that is obviously not my place. But I do mean to say that the action you are doing, specifically as it pertains to abortion, is wrong. It is sin. It is evil. And no matter what justification you try to apply, what diversion you try to inact, or what deception you try to use, it does not change the reality that abortion is murder.

    For the mother who has an abortion, certainly there is opportunity for forgiveness, redemption, and healing if she will truly humble herself before God. The same is true even for the abortionist.

    But for the child there is no reversing the action. The child is dead. Death is final. There is no return from death. The child was sentenced to die by the mother’s judgement even though the child committed no act worthy of a death sentence. In truth, under the majority of circumstances, the child is condemned by it’s mother for the mother’s own convenience.

    So, for those who support abortion and love to use Matt 7:1-3 as a means to silence pro-life Christians, you might want to go back and read what it says. Abortion is itself an act of judgement and condemnation in the name of accommodation.

  • jerry


    you are selectively finding verses that you have decided support your viewpoint, but how do you square that with what Jesus said – “Judge not according to appearance, but JUDGE RIGHTEOUS JUDGEMENT.” hummmmm….kind of sounds like judging RIGHTEOUSLY is the key, doesn’t it?

    regarding your coment “…especially in the case of abortion, where no one knows what might bring a “mother to be” to come to such decision!”

    must i point out the obvious to you? a woman who is pregnant is NOT a mother to be. she is ALREADY a mother.

    abortion only makes her the mother of dead baby.

  • anthony


    yes, God gave us freewill – the freewill to reject Him, or to Honor and serve Him.

    i think it’s obvious to anyone with a twinge of conscience that abortion is a manifestation of the rejection of God.

    therefore, i’ll say again that i don’t understand this person saying that they know God, are forgiven, and are content with their decision to have their child killed….

    i do understand someone who repents of a sin and is forgiven, but for that to be genuine we have to admit to ourselves and to God that what we did was wrong.

    in other words, we have to admit that we did what WE wanted with our freewill, and not what He wanted.

  • Comment

    -first lines quoted from other post- “If LaQuinta gives a medical discount to other people, such as heart patients, surgeries etc… they have to give them to abortion patients as well. Or else they would be in a world of legal trouble. If I called a hotel, and was coming in for medical reasons, it would be none of the hotels business as to what medical procedure I was getting.”

    I emailed lq0532gm@laquinta.com about this and I was told that they do offer medical discounts because there is a place near the hotel and that it is not legal for them to ask the guest what medical attention they are seeking. Also they informed me that they do not work in conjuction with any medical center and I responded about the evidence showing that there is a staff of nurses onsite to watch over Tiller’s patients and I have yet to hear a respose about that. They answered my first email pretty quick but I don’t think they have anything to say about my second!

  • Tina

    Have any of you called La Quinta Wichita to ASK them that question or am I the only one who thought of that? They do not have medical personnel at the property on their bank roll. Before you point fingers at a business, I suggest you find out from the horses mouth before casting stones!

  • Deann


    Get some help with those reading comprehension skills. No one is claiming that the nurses are on La Quinta’s bankroll. The nurses posted at La Quinta are on Tiller’s bankroll. Tiller’s nurses have been observed leaving the mill in Tiller’s personal van, that van has been observed late at night in the La Quinta parking lot, and these same nurses have been observed returning to Tiller’s mill early in the morning and taking their overnight bags out of the van and placing them in their personal vehicles. That is in addition to the personal testimonies of women who have had abortions with Tiller’s who have described this arrangement with Operation Rescue. Maybe you are the one who should get the facts straight before spouting off disinformation based on a faulty premise. Besides, the La Quinta is in “butt-covering” mode right now. They are going to try to minimize their part in Tiller’s bloody business for the sake of their impugned reputation. But is certainly helps if you ask the right questions in the first place.

  • g. whiz


    Balki (from the old sitcom “Perfect Strangers”) couldn’t have mixed it up better!