Wichita Abortion Mill Sells Out, Holds Yard Sale

Operation Rescue rejoices that no more babies will die there.

Wichita, KS — After over 20 years of child-killing, Central Women’s Services in Wichita, KS, has sold its business to an undisclosed buyer. The building they have occupied for two decades has also sold.

The defunct abortion mill held a yard sale of business supplies, office equipment, and furniture on Friday, May 26, 2006. OR staffer Cheryl Sullenger attended the sale.

“There really wasn’t much there,” said Sullenger. “It was very dingy and crowded inside, and not particularly clean. Most of the items for sale had seen better days, for sure. It must have been a very depressing experience to have had an abortion at such a dumpy office. As I toured the building, I felt a real sense of loss for the babies that died there.”

Central Women’s Services was suffering financial difficulties in recent months, and was behind on their rent at the facility. It was open for abortions only about two days per month. For several years, abortionist Sherman Zaremski of Kansas City drove three hours to Wichita to kill babies for Central, but since January 31, 2006, the abortionist has been former Planned Parenthood employee Ronald Yeomans.

The abortion mill was the site of a Pastor’s Rescue during the Summer of Mercy in 1991, where over 80 pastors were arrested during a clinic blockade there. Central also made news in June, 2005, when Operation Rescue discovered that the bodies of babies aborted there were “processed” and dumped at a landfill in the Kansas City area. In July of that year, Operation Rescue documented a suspected botched abortion at the now closed abortion mill.

Operation Rescue had purchased the empty lot behind the abortion mill in 2003, and often parked a trailer with a billboard-sized banner that warned women of possible abortion complications. The banner was routinely vandalized.

“After over 20 years of human tragedy and loss of life, we thank God for finally ending the killing at this abortion mill,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman. “We pray that Wichita’s better known abortuary, George Tiller’s Women’s Health Care Services, will be the next to close.”

  • John David Maher

    Unfortunately, there will still be abortions performed by private physicians. I do hope that we can stop the abortions that are performed in hospitals and clinics that do not advertise this butchery on the un-born.

  • life lynx

    Yes, this sign is surely a “sign for sore eyes”…a vast improvement over those blue & white “this clinic stays open” ones…Maybe NARAL, NOW, the feminazi majority, or whoever did those blue and white ones will wake up and add these to their repertoire. This one proclaims a true service to women, not their blue & white blasphemies.

  • Happy Wonderer

    I wonder if the business really was sold. Maybe these killers just closed it up.

  • Peter Roman

    OR staffer Cheryl Sullenger: “It must have been a very depressing experience to have had an abortion at such a dumpy office.”

    What an unthinking choice of words. As if the depression comes from the surroundings rather than from the abortion itself.

  • Teri


    I am sure that Cheryl meant that the dumpy surroundings only add to the sense of despair. There was nothing “unthinking” about her comment at all. No woman ever “wants” to be in any abortion clinic, but to be in a shabby one makes it even worse. I know this for myself.

  • Jeanne

    really? no woman ever “wants” to be in an abortion clinic?

    Than why do so many go in? I understand about regret….but really every woman?

    This is not to discount what you went through, Tena.

  • Teri


    Every study I have read has shown that 93 % of women who have aborted their babies regret doing it. The other 7 % are in denial. The pain of what they’ve done is too much to process, I think.

    No woman I’ve talked to has wanted to be in an abortion clinic. The common thing I hear is that they all felt like there was no other way out. None of them really wanted to kill their babies and the emotional effects are devastating.

    Just out of curiousity, have you had an abortion ? I speak about it from my own experience & if you’ve not been through it, it’s easy to make conjectures..

  • Mary


    You make a very valid point. Some time ago I saw a program filmed inside an abortion clinic. It concerned a young married couple. The wife was very obviously distraught and ambivalent about having an abortion, and desperate to keep a failing marriage together. Rather than offering his wife a supportive arm or kind word, her husband could treat her with only the coldest indifference. When asked by the commentator if he planned to give up his girlfriends, he could only grunt and shrug. Add to this scene a “nurse”, if indeed she was, who seemed totally oblivious to the young wife’s emotional state and could only yammer incessantly. Your heart could only break for this young woman who no doubt would have wanted nothing more than for her husband to say “don’t do this”.
    The purpose of this program was to expound on the virtues of “choice”, but it didn’t take a rocket scientist to see what was really going on here.
    The woman remained ambivalent and distraught as she was led to the operating room. When she was prepped and on the table she finally met her surgeon. (Under any other medical setting, except in an emergency, this would be unheard of and considered totally unacceptable.) Cracking gum(how professional) he asked if she really wanted this. He seemed as oblivious to this woman’s ambivalence as everyone else.
    Afterward her husband remained cold and indifferent. The young woman remained distraught and ambivalent, and the nurse continued her yammering. She advised the husband to “treat your wife like a queen this evening, throw a pizza in the oven” (yeah, really knock yourself out buddy). This probably IS his idea of treating his wife like a queen.
    Like you Teri, I too am convinced that for most women, abortion is an act of fear and desperation, not desire. Even in this day and age women are still threatened, coerced, and intimidated into abortion. It saddened me how oblivious everyone was to this young woman’s ambivalence and anguish. Sadly, I believe she is the rule, not the exception.

  • Cat Grayson

    Good news! I pray all the men and women involved with this mill have considered their path and have chosen the less traveled way of peace and life, and have exited the spiritual gridlock of despair and death. Is it not in their power to “choose?” I pray they have chosen to heal and make alive and to do no murder. I pray they have chosen pleasant dreams and sweet sleep at night, and not nightmares of tiny torn bodies and little children who will never say, “I love you,” or giggle and run and play or make play forts out of cardboard boxes or catch fireflies.

  • Marshall Kornegay

    Abortion is not a necessary evil and there is no excuse for it. I’d love to look around our abortion mill.

  • Tanja

    I understand each and single one who is against this.
    I had 2 abortion myself.
    The first one I just turned 18 was in the middle of everything and just broke up with the “father”…I wasnt ready for all this and ironically He died 4 month later in a car accident.
    I married many years later the most beautiful man in the world we had a child and havent had the thought about another baby. He went to iraq to do his duty, he was one of the first once down there, it was more then stress at this moment to see on tV what is going on and then found out i was preagnant again.
    We had several talks about what to do, we havent planned on another baby at all and i didnt know what to do, He told me whatever i decide to do he will stand strong behind me what he did.
    I dont regret the first time but i do think sometimes about the second time that my daughter might have a brother or sister.
    The second time was out of sadness,depression and no one being there at this time to comfort me – he was in iraq fighting a stupid war ..desperated in all the ways you can imagine….
    Im not against abortion at all, I know i wasnt able to give my best at the moment and no baby should be with confused,depressed and addicted parents.
    If I cant give my baby the best of me – i believe i cant make it happy the way i wish and might treat it unfair.
    Thats just in what I believe and everyone is unique and can follow another believe.
    Abortion shouldnt be done just like that
    I did mine in germany where i had to talk to a priest,a shrink my health insurance and several doctors before they even considered it to do it…this is the legal way and i believe if we would do the same in the US there wouldnt be to many abortions and not so many illegal ones, Sad to know…It takes a lot to say this to the whole world but if each and everyone of us women who did this would come out and say why maybe others wouldnt be so agressive thowards us. I found out both times that i was preagnant very early,,,i wasnt even 2 weeks…I dont like others who are already 12 or more weeks ahead…I couldnt do it then to see a real baby with beating heart and all that…\
    I hope that some people might understand now
    best wishes to all Tanja

  • 21bhj000
  • Heather Mechanic, MFT, RN, CNS

    I am giving praise to our God that Central Womens Services has finally closed down!!! I recall the OSA/ORW event there during 2001. The place then looked terribly dumpy from the outside so I am not surprised it was even dumpier inside. My heart bleeds for those babies that died there and for the mothers and fathers who struggle daily with the aftermath of their actions. Good job Troy, Cheryl and all the staff of OR. God Bless!!!

  • so another baby kill mill goes belly up…good! as far as the facility being a dump…it figures. it could have been covered in roses,but when its evil its always gonna be ugly no matter how you slice it!

  • Will

    Shame on you. If you didnt want to become pregnant, why did you have sex? I am sure you knew what was going to happen. There are other alternitives, which i am sure you are aware of for preasure.
    Baby KILLER!