Whistleblowers Confirm Need for Grand Jury Investigation

Christin Gilbert Not Alone — Two More Tiller Patients Tell of Nightmare Abortions

WICHITA, KS — Two women have come forward to tell of their nightmarish abortion experiences at George R. Tiller’s Women’s Health Care Services in Wichita, KS, where a Down Syndrome teen named Christin Gilbert died from third-trimester abortion complications last year.

Gilbert’s death and subsequent stonewalling by the Kansas State Board of Healing Arts has prompted a grassroots effort to convene a Grand Jury to investigate allegations of second-degree murder and other misconduct at the nation’s most infamous late-term abortion mill. A web site launched earlier in the week, http://justiceforchristin.com, documents Gilbert’s abortion tragedy and gives information on the effort to convene the Grand Jury.

“While these two women were fortunate enough to live to tell about it, their personal stories confirm the need for a Grand Jury investigation into criminal wrong-doing at Tiller’s unregulated abortion mill,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman. “These women were brave enough to share the truth about their horrific treatment and expose the dirty little secret of the abortion industry that American abortion mills are little better than the back-alley chop-shops Roe v. Wade was supposed to eliminate.”

Here are excerpts from their accounts. Full transcripts are available at operationrescue.org. For their protection, Operation Rescue has not used their true names.

From “Janice”:

“I was then sent to have laminaria packed up into me…I was then shipped off to the [hotel] where my labour began.”

“It’s now 6 pm the clinic is closed for the day and I’m in pretty intense labour. My contractions were less then 5 minutes apart. My mother…called down to [Tiller employee] Edna [Roach]’s room. Edna told my mom to give me 2 pills, then one every hour. After that I didn’t know my left from my right. After a few hours I was to the point where I was begging my mother for no more pills. I was in excruciating pain and I was vomiting from the pills. I had this HORRIBLE pain in my cervix that to this day I can’t explain. (To this day, I still experience that pain from time to time.)”

“I remember saying I needed to go to a hospital. I didn’t care about Dr. Tiller’s clinic. I needed another doctor. My mom was crying and she ran into the hall… I had to be carried out to the van.”

From “Tina”:

“My experience at Dr. Tiller’s clinic for the week I was there was it was physically the closest thing to hell on earth I have ever experienced. He gave me no anesthesia at all and the whole experience was so painful, but the day of my ‘labor & delivery’ was the worst thing anyone has ever done to me.”

“The laminaria hurt and I writhed around during all of those insertions and extractions…I have cervical scarring from his repeated insertions of laminaria to dilate my cervix as well as cervical incompetence that required me to have a cerclage (a stitch that keeps your cervix from dilating) put in to carry my current pregnancy to term.”

“When I had my abortion at Tiller’s clinic, he made everyone in my group…sign a paper saying that if we had any complications at all, we were under no circumstance to go to the hospital. We were to call only him.”

“I was the only girl [in my group] who indicated that a rape had taken place and I was a minor. [Tiller] did nothing to help me prosecute the crime. He just killed my baby, thus destroying the evidence.”

Read the full transcript of Janice and Tina’s stories
Read about effort to force a Grand Jury investigation into Tiller criminal allegations

  • Rick Ellis

    How long oh Lord? We cry out for justice for those with no voice. We morn with those forced into this. We pray that the evil stoney heart of those involved be broken, and come to repentance.

    Give us victory Lord, lest we waist away with grief.

    In your wrath remember mercy. Amen

  • lime5

    These glowing testimonials need to be enlarged as per Habakkuk 2:2, so that everyone entering his hellhole death camp can be warned; also included in a pamphlet along with a brief but appropriate account of Christin’s death.

    Somehow, I doubt that these accounts are posted on the walls or scrapbooks inside the place…people who kill will also lie like the devil to keep killing.

  • Elizabeth Marcotte

    Your heartfelt prayer matches my own exactly- every day, without ceasing, we must “storm Heaven” until this entrenched evil is removed.

  • Laura

    After reading these two stories I am just sick to my stomach! These poor babies had no “choice”. One was killed because of a supposed deformity, trisomy #22 (I say this because I don’t know how many times I have read where doctors have been wrong in their diagnosis and women have delivered healthy children. Also it is very rare that a women would carry her child into the third trimester with full trisomy #22. It could have been that the baby didn’t have full blown trisomy #22 and partial trisomy #22 in which case the baby would have lived, even a short life. Since she didn’t look at her baby and just took Tiller’s word she will never know. ) How is what was done to this baby at Tiller’s butcher shop “better” than letting this precious baby be born and let to live for as long as it could, even if it that would be for only five minutes?! How this child must have suffered being shot in the heart with a needle, how was this “better” just so she “didn’t have to go through with that”? That’s a true form of selfishness. And another baby died because of something the father did. Yes, rape is very wrong but punish the right person. Why is it that women think they must kill their baby because of rape, the baby didn’t do anything wrong…the father did, so the baby gets a death sentence? Even those on death row get more humane treatment then what goes on in Tiller’s mill. I’m sorry if I sound harsh but I have a hard time feeling sympathy for women who kill their own babies. I do thank them for telling their stories however so the real truth will be known and some form of justice will take place.

  • tobra

    tina, you do not have to go to church to seek forgiveness. simply ask Christ to forgive you and ask him to be your Savior. His mercy and forgiveness covers all sin. i do encourage you to go to church and to not talk about your fomer sins (including the abortion) to your church. you don’t need to air dirty laundry. your willingness to testify is great and i pray you will accomplish that. the best advice women can have is found in the Bible. listen to the words from that Book and be very wary of people who try to “help” you deal with your abortion. there is nothing to deal with, IF YOU HAVE ASKED CHRIST for forgiveness. tina, i pray you will be used by God in a mighty way. and for the other lady, while i am very prolife in all circumstances, i applaud your willingness to work with people you do not agree with and pray the Lord will bless and reward you for your work and that He give you two ladies many more living children.

  • Laura

    Here is a wonderful story how there is hope for those who are told their baby will die after birth because of a birth defect, ect.


  • Susan

    What a sad situation to be in – to believe based on Doctor’s opinions that your baby will die shortly after birth. I know several families who have lost babies born too early. They had to watch their premature babys’ lives expire right before their eyes. It changes who you are.

    The temptation not to want to witness this very sad event is obviously strong for some. I think they feel like abortion gives them some control back when the whole situation is obviously out of their control.

    Unfortunately, I think, they find out after the fact they will feel the loss and abortion doesn’t take that away.

    The mother WILL go through labor either forcibly or naturally. They also eventually realize they WILL have to go through the birth process of their baby and the baby will go through the death process- just in a different order. There are after-pains as the uterus returns to normal size and bleeding for weeks to come. The mother’s milk will come in after delivery with no baby to feed. The parents will grieve and have sadness. They may even have to wonder whether the diagnosis of their baby was correct if they choose abortion.

    Having a baby is a painful event, it’s a lot of work and that’s why they call it “labor”. Forcing labor to come early by forcing the uterus open sounds horrific, terrifying, unbelieveably painful, and very unnatural.

    From what I’ve heard, having congestive heart failure is an extremely painful way to die which is basically what happens to the baby when they inject the poison in their heart.

    By aborting a doomed baby – what have you changed? You can’t make it better.

    There are no guarantees for any of us in this life that we will make it through without having to face tragedy. A friend of our family has a brother who dove in a pond at the age of 17 and is now a parapalegic completely dependent on his parents for the rest of his life.

    My heart goes out to anyone facing such a situation. But I think a baby would rather die in the loving arms of his or her parents than in the darkness of the womb with a shock to the heart. God Bless You

  • mary

    According to OR, Edna Roach is an unlicensed clinic worker. What exactly are Ms. Roach’s qualifications? Is she a Physician Assistant, Registered Nurse, Licensed Practical Nurse, someone hired off the street, what? Even if she is a medical professional, if she lost her license, she has no business practicing at all, as there is an important reason why she lost her license.
    Any reputable doctor will send a woman in premature labor to a hospital, where her care will be supervised by qualified licensed medical personnel, prepared to handle any emergency situation.
    Tiller sends a patient, who is in early labor to a hotel, to be supervised by an unlicensed clinic worker with at best, questionable qualifications.
    This worker examines the patient, gives drug injections, and advises the patient on taking medications. She also determines what care the patient needs.
    If this appalling situation doesn’t qualify for a criminal investigation and charges on more counts than I can go into here, I can’t imagine what does.

  • Rick Ellis

    But it is abortion, and people involved arte above the law.

    A woman’s right to slaughter trumps everything else in America.