Whistleblower Sues Alleging Sexual Harassment, Patient Molestations at Oregon Abortion Clinic

Portland, OR – Last week, former clinic worker Kimberly Binnington filed suit against Lovejoy Surgicenter, an abortion clinic in Portland, Oregon, alleging a long list of abuses, including having witnessed a nurse fondle abortion patients while they were under anesthesia.

Binnington says that Lovejoy Surgicenter’s Operating Room Supervisor Evie Gradwohl committed the molestations and that she drew a bird on one sedated woman, an incident she bragged about on Facebook.

According to the lawsuit, Gradwohl had her breasts surgically augmented then exposed herself to employees at the clinic and urged them to fondle her. She boasted about her sex life at the office in front of staff and patients and engaged in other inappropriate behavior at the work place that created a hostile work environment.

Binnington says that Gradwohl pressured her to engage in an extra-marital affair with one of Gradwohl’s sex partners. When Binnington refused to go along, Gradwohl began to mistreat Binnington and in one instance threw a hanger at her.

Binnington was also told to lie to State inspectors about Grandwohl being the surgical supervisor when in fact another unlicensed worker actually supervised abortion surgeries at Lovejoy.

“Sexual harassment and sex abuse are not uncommon at abortion clinics across the nation. We hear reports of this kind of despicable behavior all too often,” said Cheryl Sullenger, Senior Policy Advisor for Operation Rescue. “It is the ultimate betrayal of a woman’s trust to take sexual advantage of her during a time of vulnerability. Women should be aware of the deviate behavior that apparently continues at Lovejoy Surgicenter, and avoid it like they would the plague.”

Binnington’s suit claims that she repeatedly reported the abuses to another supervisor, but that nothing was ever done to remedy the situations.

‘There appear to be instances of serious patient safety violations at Lovejoy Surgicenter. We plan to make the appropriate authorities aware of these as soon as possible,” said Sullenger.

Read the Court Document (Caution, sexual content)

View Lovejoy Surgicenter’s profile page at AbortionDocs.org

  • derek

    Wonder if that’s an NAF approved abortuary? Probably.

  • Lovejoy (George Kabacy’s old stomping grounds)used to be a NAF member, but they’re not showing up now.

  • DJ

    As a Registered Nurse, I am horrified that other “nurses” participate in the murder of pre-born children. When a “nurse” already has a conscience seared enough to think abortion is okay, it comes as no surprise to me that these same “nurses” are sexually preying on vulnerable women. Someone needs to file a formal complaint against Evie Gradwohl with the Oregan State Board of Nursing. The individual patients who were victimized need to be notified so that CRIMINAL (not just civil) charges may be leveled against Evie Gradwohl. This “nurse’s” license needs to be revoked permanently.

  • max

    I’ve seen a documentary yesterday in a french channel talking about abortion and the fanatics.
    I have only one conclusion,the solution is elsewhere,instead of looking to close the clinics and run after after the doctors you have to look after why a long list of women and minors are getting pregnant?
    I’ll tell you why?
    1- the education,it’s base on the presence of the mum at home as much as she can to educate here children.
    2- the drugs/alcohol issue it’s the main problem,of being out of your mind,that’s leads to act as an animal
    3- the way of wearing,if a girl has a total freedom to wear like a whore and go outside with a boyfriend and coming late after midnight what are expecting? back to education problem
    4-the biggest problem related to the government is the misery it has to be fought because it’s leading to biggest problems.

    finally I hope that you’ll change your mind not to fight the abortion ,but what’s leading to abortion first.