Where Do Aborted Baby Remains Go? Some Went Here.


By Cheryl Sullenger

San Diego, CA – It was 1998. The largest abortion clinic in the San Diego area at that time was the Family Planning Associates abortion clinic in La Mesa, California.

Abortionist James Long worked for FPA conducting about 200 abortions each and every week at the high volume facility located on the second floor of a very large medical complex.

As a former sidewalk counselor at that facility, I often wondered what happened to the babies aborted there.

Then one day, I got the answer.

Tim Wilson, a long-time pro-life activist in Southern California, had wondered the same thing. He tracked down the pathology lab where all the aborted baby remains were sent. He noticed that the pathology lab had plenty of windows, so he thought he’d take a closer look.

Through those windows, Tim took photographs of hundreds of translucent plastic containers, each one holding the visible remains of aborted babies. The unrefrigerated tubs varied in size from a few ounces to large gallon buckets. One can hardly imagine the stench of death that must have permeated that office.

All of the grisly contents, according to the paperwork that could be seen in the photos, were the product of James Long’s handiwork at that FPA abortion clinic in La Mesa.

Tim sent prints of the photos out to many of us. These are scanned images of mine that I used for years to show women how the abortion clinic treated the remains of their sons and daughters.

With the recent release of the videos from the Center for Medical Progress, there has been a curiosity about where aborted baby remains end up that are not sold to biotech firms. While abortion clinics’ disposal practices vary from place to place, these photos show the stark reality of the carnage that takes place in just a few days at high-volume abortion clinics.

On many of the leaky, blood stained tubs, one can read the name of the mother and the date of her abortion. Those we have blurred for the sake of the women involved. Most of these babies were aborted in January, 1998. If their mothers had made other decisions, these children would now be fast approaching their 18th birthdays.

In 2000, the abortion business’ lease at the La Mesa location was terminated as the result of pro-life efforts and they were forced to move. FPA eventually relocated to Mira Mesa and continues to sell abortions to women today. But the traffic has dramatically decreased over the years and now FPA offers only one surgical day per week – down from 4-5 surgical days in the 1990s.

As for the abortionist, James Long, he has since retired.

May these images help us all to reflect on the enormity of the human tragedy of abortion — of which these photos show only a very small part — and may they motivate us to do more to stop it. May our work to save the lives of others help the souls of these babies rest in peace.


  • MyRoseHasTHORNS

    Makes me want to puke!!! It is disgusting beyond words, so disrespectful to the fetus and highly unsanitary ! There is no amount of cleansing or burning that can purify this site.

    I Hope the God of the Old Testament handles this on Judgement Day.

  • CrossHugger

    this is why democrats protect them from inspections…..

  • American

    It’s like viewing a horror movie. When the reality really sinks in, that these are what’s left over of a baby, intentionally destroyed, it’s just unbearable. I was at a town hall meeting with my Representative last night. During the public comment period, one woman stood up and complained that too much time and energy were being focused on the dead and the focus should shift to the living and their needs (jobs, etc.). She was booed. I think Carly Fiorina said it best, we’re talking about the (moral) character of our nation. We can’t permit monstrous activities, on the most defenseless in our society, to continue.

  • william g munson

    I know where ever they put them they will rise out of where they are when the Trumpet sounds at the last day and will be there on Judgement day to help to with the witness on the LORDS day against all of those that had a part in destroying these preseious LIVES before they had the chance to live and that will includes the Doctors and Nurses and the MOTHERS and Maybe the Fathers if they allowed this to happen too Unless they have Repented According to ACTS 2:38 and Been BAPTIZED in the Name of JESUS the ONLY way to get forgiveness of that SIN PERIOD


    Remember what happened to Sodom? Perhaps there IS a way to purify this place by fire. I can not blame the women, for they are USUALLY acting out of loneliness, desperation and fear. But the “clinic” staff? The murdering “doctor?” It would be a miracle if they were to confess, repent and atone before their deaths. To them, I say, “You may not BELIEVE in God, but that doesn’t make Him “go away.” Ever wonder why so many millions around the world pray to God? Are you so much smarter than they? Like the rest of us, you were made for eternity. Your soul is now eternal, and will exist forever. Hell is such a horrible place that the demons don’t want to be there, and will do anything to be away from it. You may think, “I’ll confess…on my deathbed.” Doesn’t work that way. God can not be “fooled.” I will not pray for you, for you are in charge of your eternal destiny. You condemn yourself. And you will exist (not “live”) with your decision.

  • Betty Lukich

    This is beyond Disgusting, and yes it is like watching a horror movie.

  • Ibcamn

    and they wonder why these places never get shut down!?!?!because someone in the corrupt system is looking the other way,getting paid rather well to look the other way,because there is no way in hell they couldn’t see all of this!it is not only disgusting,but it is disgusting that the inspectors allow it for whatever they are getting bribed with and for them to let the criminals get away with it!if we had a carcuss of a dead deer from hunting season sitting in the garage a day after we cleaned it up and got the meat,the cops and the state would fine the shit outta us and most like accuse us of poaching or some shit like that to top it off and maybe arrest us for some fake made up reason!this is the hypocrisy of the liberals!just think,these same people who do these disgusting things,think they know what’s best for an entire country!!WTF?!?…nasty,aint it?

  • Colleen Gill Rotter

    Horrifying ! God is watching and they will be judged !

  • Fr. Richard Jones

    Lord have mercy. Christ have mercy. Forgive us, Your Church, for turning our faces away from this evil atrocity.

  • patgo

    Hey, I was eating my breakfast when I saw these atrocious pictures! As always, I experienced a visceral reaction. Some of these look like they contain the remains of some pretty large babies. I will never, ever forget the carnage that is going on, and has gone on for a couple of generations. It’s just sickening. As for our efforts now helping aborted babies rest in peace, please remember, they ARE resting in peace in the arms of Jesus. We cannot do anything to improve on that situation.

  • patgo

    You can count on it.

  • stefoodie

    no words. :'(

  • Desk of Lori

    I could barely look or read this. Very disturbing.

  • Richard Michelson

    And we call ISIS barbaric? They cannot hold a candle to this genocide. This wins it, hands down.

  • Susan Schneider

    These children should be treated with more respect. They should have a decent burial and be remembered.


    Poor, poor babies. May they rest in peace and may the abortionists burn in Hell, along with the murderous mothers that allowed this to be done to them.

  • Cali Motts


  • Carol

    Each of these “cups” holds a little life that was snuffed out brutally and needlessly. When will we stop pretending this is okay?

  • Vivavox

    Photos of a holocaust

  • mousekiller

    And we thought Hitler was bad.

  • Mike Smith

    World’s biggest human sacrifice

  • Mahder444

    Actually the God of the Old Testament is the God of the New Testament. Who Judges the Murderers.

  • MyRoseHasTHORNS

    I understand that but would like to see the angry, punishing parent rather than the sender of rainbows kisses. The murderers need an eye opening, no ifs, ands or buts about it. Full justice/head on!

  • Jodee Meyer

    We are in a fierce spiritual battle between God and satan and it will get worse as we get closer to the end of the age.

  • Nanouli Person

    Oh my God!

  • American

    I believe you are correct, and on several fronts. The Islamic invasion of the Western world is another one.

  • tonyhartman

    He will address this. There will be no lack of justice. A mention as a true ally, I think it is better to use the word “baby” or “him or her” rather than “fetus.”

  • Tim Rubin Halcomb

    This is horrifying!

  • Tim Rubin Halcomb

    Just think about all those years that people promoted abortion! It all started with the Satanic movement in this country. That should have been stopped!

  • Tim Rubin Halcomb

    At a very early age, I got married to prevent the girl from getting an abortion.
    It is so easy for someone to get pregnant! All people who wish to experiment with sex should see this and learn about what can happen if precautions aren’t taken! Yes, we all die, but this is beyond belief. There is no excuse for such evil!

  • Tim Rubin Halcomb

    As a child, I was brought up by a very evil person who did try to murder me.
    I think, had my life been different, I would have done great things. One of the things I used to dream about is opening orphanages all across America. We must learn how to spot evil. I hate to say it, but usually an evil looking person is evil. I’ve tried to lie to myself about that, but sadly it’s true. At the same time, there are people who look harmless but are good at the play of words. Americans needs to start sticking together. One of the most evil laws that was passed is AT WILL employment which gives the employer complete power and control over the people. America needs to change! We need to start being empathetic and to find ways to change what has been done by the evil doers.

  • Tim Rubin Halcomb

    Many of us have been deceived by the evil ones. Those who runs these clinics should be shut down and jailed. My brothers and sisters out there, we can’t let the evil ones continue to do these things. We must educate ourselves and start a diatribe against those who have bullied and used manipulations for so long. It all starts with our children. Education is of the utmost importance. That is true. However, a child should always be taught about empathy. At the same time, there is what I call a street-wise education. Learning how to spot evil is important, and teaching our kids to stay clear of that element. The best education is important because it provides the child with enough sense to make good choices. As a child, I was forbidden to own a book. I was given drugs, and I was both mentally and physically abused. However, the most important thing I have found out about who I am is when I discovered that I just can’t take a life! The old evil ones would say I have no guts, but now I know that’s just another play of words by the evil ones. For many years, I was very ignorant and may have gotten girls pregnant who did this. But, now I am wise! Wisdom and self forgiveness is very important, and we must not give up until all evil on this planet is obliterated. This might not be the time for it, but in time, if we set that as our goal, as our children’s goal, as our children’s children’s goal, then it will be done! Peace everybody! I live the austere life now, and there is no way this will ever happen to me again. To the women who have done this, it is NOT too late to change, but we must gain power and wealth to make a difference!

  • Grace McElroy

    But the scientific term is foetus, you’re just saying that to try and shame women who have had an abortion.