WATCH: Ambulance Called for Injured Patient at Preterm Abortion Facility Where Woman Died in 2014

By Cheryl Sullenger

Cleveland, OH – An ambulance was called to Preterm, a Cleveland, Ohio, abortion facility on Friday, September 30, 2017, to transport an injured woman to the emergency room.

This is the fourteenth documented ambulance transport of a Preterm patient in the past seven years.

The ambulance rolled up to Preterm at approximately 2:00 p.m. Responders were apparently in such a great hurry to get to the injured woman that they left the back doors wide open on the unattended ambulance during the ten minutes they were inside the abortion facility.

Local pro-life activist Fred Sokol snapped a series of photos as the African-American woman was brought out and loaded into the ambulance.

Sokol told Operation Rescue that the woman was clothed only from the waist up and was awake, but appeared to be in a great deal of pain.

The EMTs continued treating the woman at in the ambulance for approximately 10 more minutes before rushing away with lights and sirens running.

Witnesses report that the abortionist on duty that day was Mitchell William Reider, who also works as an abortionist at Planned Parenthood facilities in the Cleveland area.

In 2014, Lakisha Wilson, 22, died after receiving a botched abortion at Preterm. Pro-life activists from state and national organizations sought disciplinary action against her abortionist, Lisa Perriera, but the Ohio Department of Health refused to act. Months later, Perriera was hired on by Planned Parenthood Keystone in Pennsylvania, and given an award and a promotion.

“This abortion facility is a menace to the public. We hope the woman will be alright, but something must be done by the Ohio Department of Health to eliminate the life-threatening risk to women that Preterm poses,” said Troy Newman, President of Operation Rescue.

Incidentally, as another pro-life activist, Frank Kosmerl prayed outside Preterm the following day, a traffic accident occurred in front of the abortion facility, causing Kosmerl to dive to the pavement to avoid being hit. He phoned Operation Rescue from the emergency room, where he was taken for minor injuries he received.

But Kosmerl wasn’t concerned about himself. He was rejoicing because the accident hit a pole and knocked out power to Preterm, so the facility was forced to halt abortions.

Kosmerl’s injuries were minor and he is expected to make a full recovery.

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    Fred Sokol, Rocky River, Ohio pro lifer at preterm


    Hello Pro Lifers,

    Women who kill their unborn babies at preterm recklessly fight God [cf
    Acts 5:39 and His Commandment “THOU SHALT NOT KILL” [Exodus 20:13

    By their act of ‘shedding innocent blood’ [cf Proverbs 6:17 of their own unborn child at preterm they will be laid low ‘one day’ in ‘horror and shame’. As it is written, “Every valley shall be lifted up, every mountain and hill made low;” [Isaiah 40:4

    For their sin of abortion at preterm will surely be revealed in the light of day. As Jesus said, “There is nothing concealed that will not be revealed,
    nor secret that will not be known.” [Luke12:2

    As for this woman, her ‘horror and shame’ was revealed during her medical emergency at preterm. When a three person EMS crew half-covered her, wheeled her out of preterm, then put her into the back of an ambulance while the passing public looked on.

    Such a terrible tragedy Abortion is. What is Abortion good for? Absolutely
    nothing. Please God Save Us … I ask this in Jesus Name, Amen.

    God Bless You and Your Family
    Respectfully, Fred Sokol, Rocky River, Ohio pro lifer at preterm

  • Patty Harden

    Oh my goodness did you guys read the part about the traffic accident? I bet you God was saving the life of a child destined to live that is amazing