Victory is Sweet for Those Who Know the Taste

By Troy Newman, President, Operation Rescue

The Miers nomination is now officially D.O.A., and we can be certain that she will never wear Justice O’Conner’s left leaning black robe.

This is a decisive victory that has been won by a newly energized grassroots conservative movement. This new breed of conservatives are men and women who can sense the changing culture and are moving to flex their freshly discovered-political muscle.

Unfortunately, there are many “old guard” conservatives who, for the past two decades, have been losing battles and chalking up defeats for so long it has become a way of life. Some conservatives have come to love defeat and the martyr status that accompanies it. They are having a hard time adjusting their thinking to accept the current cultural shift and the philosophy of victory.

In spite of the negativism in the conservative leadership, the neo-conservatives have been achieving success. “Steady plodding produces prosperity,” says the Bible, and the conservative movement has been slowly gaining a head of steam. We have been educating our voters, fueling talk shows, building organizations, and funding candidates. Grassroots conservative are beginning to experience the sweet taste of being both right and on the winning side. They have come to expect victory.

But the old guard isn’t quite sure. Last week I talked with a very powerful conservative organizer. He told me that conservatives just don’t have the power in Washington yet, and we need to just “grin and bear the Miers nomination” and maybe next time we will get a better candidate.

“Next time” has come sooner than he thought. And many Christian conservatives just like him have underestimated the powerful movement they helped create. The right has flexed its bicep just a bit and the disastrous Miers nomination is now a footnote in history.

In spite of the endorsement from Dr. Dobson, Jerry Falwell and Marvin Olasky, their supporters worked against the Miers nomination. The grassroots culture warriors sent two clear messages to their conservative, Christian leadership. First, they must begin exercising leadership that is in step with the ever-shifting times in order for the grass roots to continue to follow them, and that includes forsaking their defeatist mentality for the philosophy of victory. And secondly, conservatives have learned the hard way not to trust anyone unilaterally, be it George Bush, Karl Rove, or Marvin Olasky.

Let this be a warning of sorts to those who run large conservative organizations. You have trained and equipped your constituents well. They believed your letters, read your books, and have checked off your “Action Items” from your news alerts. The neo-conservative leaders must now begin to believe that conservatives have power and can win political fights as much as the people who support them. The tail cannot wag the dog forever.

This shouldn’t alarm leaders of the Christian right movement. It should empower them. We have worked hard to see the day when we have the power and influence to revive our dying culture. Now it is here.

The conservative Christian leadership must now move forward to pressure President Bush to produce a valid Supreme Court nominee with the credentials that all conservatives can unite behind. We have the power and influence to be victorious in this battle. Now is the time for our leaders to lead, follow, or get out of the way, because the neo-conservative movement is pressing forward to victory, with or without them.


  1. rick ellis says:


  2. Thank God! *** Harriet Miers Withdraws as Nominee ***

    Congratulations to Operation rescue and to the rest of the nation’s concerned Christian conservatives.

    Thank you for your hard and faithful work in revealing the truth about President Bush’s Supreme court nomination Harriet Miers and in revealing his agenda in doing so.

    Now we can keep the President honest and have him nominate a real qualified ProLife candidate worthy of the Supreme Court and worthy of our Nations acceptance.

    God Bless you,
    David Anson Brown

  3. Stephen Dewey says:

    Agreed. Victory is sweet.

    I’m really disappointed with the National Right to Life Committee and the Christian Coalition, though.

    PS: I think you use the word “neo-conservative” incorrectly (the word is supposed to mean people like Kristol and the Weekly Standard)

  4. Oh, I don’t know Steven. Neo-Conservative means “new conservative” and that does mean Kristol and the WS, but I think it also applies to many pro-lifers.

  5. politics are above me, but i enjoy reading the Good Book. the Bible says only those that do the will of the Father go to Heavan. nowhere does it promise that being prolife means you will go to heavan. it is sad many people are on television calling themselves prolife Christians and then acting contrary. every american must answer to God and for many prolifers He may inquire why millions of babies were killed in your nation and how much money did you earn while saving them?


    I think David Brown did a horrible job at FEMA, why would you want him at the Supreme Court?

  7. i don’t think miss harriet myers was a good choice for the supreme court. it is not surprising that Christians are expecting the courts to stop abortion. abortion clinics are not that hard to get rid of, however they probably remain because most Christians hope God uses an acceptable method like court decisions to get rid of them.

  8. George,

    Is this a joke? I’m sure Rick means conservative Judge Janice Rogers Brown, not David Brown.

  9. Ashley Long says:

    Troy Newman is really good looking. Haha..Just thought i’d mention that =D


  10. rick ellis says:


  11. John English says:

    I was wrong! My blind trust, was so wrong! I’m thankful for those who stood by their call for Harriet to withdraw her nomination!

    Krauthammer, Ingalls, and Coulter, all couldn’t be wrong …… yet, I stuck by, thinking ‘everyone’s a pig in a poke’ …… Thank goodness my laziness was not the norm for those of us who hate abortion!


  12. Yes, it was a joke, but realistically I think David Brown has as much change of Senate approval as Janice Rogers Brown.

  13. rick ellis says:




    we want brown
    we want brown
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    we want brown
    we want brown

  14. rick ellis says:

    There once was a “shepard”, who came into the weekly all you can eat clergy buffet, had a sheep with a wooden leg.

    The other shepards asked him why the sheep had a wooden leg.

    Well, he said, my book case of commentarries flipped over on top of me the other day, and this faithfull sheep sinced his pastor was in trouble, broke out of the fold, pulled me from under the weight of my religious writting, and saved my life.

    Thats great said his fellow hirelings, but why does the sheep have a wooden leg?

    Well, my 14 part sermon series on how to claim your caddy, caught fire the other night, and soon caught my house as well. This courages sheep, once again, saw the danger, broke into my house and pulled me and my family to safty.

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    Well, with a sheep that loyal, you don’t want to eat him all at once.

  15. good one rick

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