Veteran MI Abortionist with Sordid History Dies at Age 75

By Deborah Myers, Operation Rescue Staff

Grand Rapids, MI — Operation Rescue has just received word that abortionist Dr. Edwin C. Weathington, age 75, passed away on October 7, 2012 after a struggle with pancreatic cancer.

After obtaining his Michigan license in 1980, Dr. Weathington performed abortions at Women’s Medical Center in Grand Rapids until the facility closed its doors in January 2012.

Typical of abortionists, Dr. Weathington demonstrated improper behavior both in professional relationships and business practice.

According to state documents, the MI Bureau of Health Services issued a $5,000 fine and six-month suspension of Dr. Weathington’s medical license on June 16, 2000, after finding that Dr. Weathington had engaged in illicit relations with patients, a violation that is unfortunately more common amongst abortionists that is commonly known. He was later placed on probation in August 2002.

In 2011, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) found Dr. Worthington’s clinic out of
with federal regulations regarding clinical laboratories. When the clinic failed to submit an
acceptable plan of correction, the CMS instituted a daily $1,500 civil penalty fee against Women’s Medical
Center and Dr. Edwin Clark Worthington on Nov 15, 2011.

Eventually, the civil penalty, combined with Dr. Weathington’s poor health, caused Women’s Medical Center
to shut its doors in January 2012.

Dr. Edwin Clark Weathington had a many talents and opportunities in life. After serving in the Armed Forces,
Weathington married in September 1967, and went on to complete his B.S. in microbiology at Ohio State,
and medical school at Toledo in 1976.

Rather than serve in a life-saving field of medicine or research, Dr. Weathington chose to provide abortions.
Along with it, he chose the inevitable path of depravity that such a career entails.

Dr. Weathington leaves behind his wife, two children, and eight grandchildren. Thankfully, none of them are
continuing Weathington’s sad legacy as an abortionist.

We would encourage all our readers to pray for the salvation of Dr. Weathington’s family, and the women
that he affected during his abortion career. Just as saving babies from physical death is important, so also is saving souls from eternal death.

As we see from the closure of Women’s Medical Center, we must continue to hold abortionists accountable
for legal violations and professional misconduct, and hold state and federal agencies accountable for
enforcing legal requirements and penalties.

Most importantly, however, we must hold ourselves accountable for our words and actions, and seek always
to advance the cause of LIFE.

  • GOODBYE & GOOD RIDDENS JERK!!! I wondered what went through his mind standing before God

  • Tragic. May God have mercy on him.

  • Lynn Mills

    Under the FOIA you can write to the SOM and get a copy of the charges the bad doctor was brought up on.

  • Sarah

    I feel sad to read such an obit. To think he could have used his intellect to save lives but instead caused death and horror and became a pervert. What a wasted life. And unless he repented he knows full well what a wretch he was. Just makes me pray harder for abortionists. That they find forgiveness before it is too late! God loves them too and He can restore them.

  • Albert

    Maybe one of the unborn babies that Weathington aborted could have been the old to find the cure for cancer so he wouldn’t have died. Abortionists have no conception of their actions that could affect their own future health.