Unsafest Planned Parenthood Abortion Facility in US Calls Ambulance for 67th Patient

August 4, 2017: The Planned Parenthood abortion facility in St. Louis, MO,
transported another woman to the hospital.

By Cheryl Sullenger

St. Louis, MO — The Coalition for Life St. Louis has reported that ambulance transported a yet another woman from Reproductive Health Services Planned Parenthood in St. Louis, the last abortion facility in Missouri. The frequent string of medical emergencies there have earned the RHS Planned Parenthood the dubious distinction as the Most Dangerous Abortion Facility in America.

According to Brian Westbrook, the Coalition for Life’s Executive Director, members of his group observed an ambulance running with lights and sirens that arrived at Reproductive Health Services Planned Parenthood in St. Louis at approximately 10:45 a.m. on August 4, 2017.

About ten minutes later, emergency responders exited the abortion facility with a woman on a gurney, who was covered in a white sheet. Other employees attempted to block the gurney from view of pro-life activists with the same tan tarp they have used during many previous patient emergencies. The ambulance later rushed away from the Planned Parenthood property with lights flashing and sirens blaring.

Operation Rescue, which tracks medical emergencies at abortion facilities nationwide, has documented 67 patient-related medical emergencies at the St. Louis Planned Parenthood facility since 2009. The most common complication suffered by women there is hemorrhaging— a life-threatening condition that Planned Parenthood is not equipped to treat.

Over that same time period, Operation Rescue has obtained several inspection reports that have revealed a litany of shocking violations that conjure images of an abortion “House of Horrors.”

Deficient infection control measures, dirty facility conditions, expired medications and supplies, failure to properly sterilize surgical utensils, and poorly maintained equipment are just a few of the violations cited — often repeatedly — at the RHS Planned Parenthood.

Most recently, a health and safety inspection report dated May 25, 2017, revealed that Planned Parenthood’s Medical Director and abortionist, David L. Eisenberg, “questioned if hand hygiene between glove changes was a new standard” and inquired of a state inspector whose standard it was.

The 17-page report was filled with grim details of other unsanitary practices and conditions that exposed patients to infection and disease.

In fact, the St. Louis Planned Parenthood is so dangerous that Missouri Gov. Eric R. Greitens called a Special Legislative Session this summer specifically to address safety protections for women. The result was a sweeping new law, SB5, that will ensure annual inspections of abortion facilities, and numerous other provisions designed to provide greater safeguards for women, more accountability for abortion businesses, and a better mechanism for enforcement of abortion laws.

“When I look at the number of women who have been injured and the lack of basic sanitation they subject women to every day, I have to wonder how this Planned Parenthood can justify inflicting this kind of third-world quackery on women,” said Troy Newman, President of Operation Rescue. “With the bold new safety law in Missouri, we look forward to strong enforcement for the sake of the public’s welfare.”


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    • Vivavox

      Not only are the conditions there appalling, but it’s equally so that any lawmakers, city aldermen, lobbyists, and women’s groups actually defend them.

    • Everyone else in business has to conform to the law. How do these creeps constantly get away with ignoring the law? Political and media collusion? It’s disgusting.

    • 4USA2

      If this was a Veterinary clinic/ hospital and was so dirty that people’s pets were sick and/or dying from LOUSY CARE, botched up procedures, and filthy conditions, they would have been SHUT DOWN LONG LONG AGO!

    • mizo

      Was not a primary reason used for making abortion legal, to stop the butchery of bortions in the back alley?

    • James

      Roe vs Wade needs to end now!

    • Bennie Payne

      I was thinking along the same line. If the conditions were so filthy plus the incompetence of the abortionist on hand washing between procedures why hadn’t this facility been shut down? Is it because the “liberals” would raise holy you no what at closing one of their cash cow facilities? I thought abortion was supposed to be “SAFE”, “legal”, “RARE”? Sounds to me that they only care about abortion being “legal” period.

    • lakewoodsteve

      A Satan inspired government big enough to say when life begins, is big enough to say when it ends!
      Here, they first came for the babies, next it will be you [so called] “women’s right haters” etc.etc.etc.

    • John Trenter

      So much for safe, free choice, rights for women–ALL these and so many more are violated every day in all the abortuaries across America and the world in this worst of Holocausts ever!

    • Bobbie Jo Emmons

      These horrific monsters need to be SHUT DOWN PERMANENTLY!

    • Bobbie Jo Emmons

      You are So Right! Very sad isn’t it; I just keep Praying. :(

    • tenchickens


    • Glennfriend67

      How about they just close that death factory down completely? That would solve the problem in one fell swoop.

    • patgo

      Women are less valuable to them than animals. Our only value is the money we pay for them to rape us with surgical instruments and axe-murder our children. Abortion is an atrocity committed on women and children. Hey abortuaries, pick on someone your own size!

    • Tom Qualey

      Excellent analogy, 4USA2. The Public depends on government agencies to conduct honest inspections to make sure there is a qualified DVM in charge and for the safety of our pets. If unqualified, or unsafe or substandard care was demonstrated by repeatedly failed health department inspections – no judge would allow such place to remain open to provide veterinary health care until it demonstrated that all deficiencies had been corrected – yet when it comes to the safety of women, this is obviously of secondary importance to the paralyzing ideology of “abortion on demand”.

    • Antiques

      That’s what is an additional immorality in Abortion… I say, REMOVE the technical word “ABORTION” from usage, and term EVERY LIFE KILLED by these backyard butchers “MURDER” – After all, GOD sees it as murder of your own children, an thus so should WE!

    • Antiques

      They, I believe, are not so much about aborting babies, as getting rid of the lowest-income group of women… thus the Birthrate of such people is diminished with the loss of another female! RADICAL? – Maybe, but what is there to say it isn’t SO!

    • Antiques

      So, where is the AMA in all this, or are they COMPLICIT in the crimes being perpetrated?

    • Antiques

      That WAS the issue here in Australia too! – But from what I SEE, there are far more women dying in ONE PP “clinic” especially, – than all the women who died right across the nation in “backyard” sheds undergoing abortions back in the 1960’s..

    • Antiques

      NOT ONLY SHUT DOWN, but all assets seized and sold to compensate their “murder by doctor” victims with!

    • Antiques

      CLOSE THEM ALL DOWN, save Government money, and seize all their properties, to compensate families who had girls butchered there. – AND REMEMBER, that Government allowed Muslims into the country to POPULATE it again, since the resident citizens were lowering the replacement rate of citizens. ALL free-world nations are copping this… and it is OUR fault and Karma, (God called it a CURSE in the 2nd Commandment) for doing such immoral, unethical, and wicked acts.

    • dje3

      BOLD, NEW? I would bet that if one read the laws on medical centers in that state that the laws already existed, the mandatory inspections already existed and that violation of those laws can already be considered CRIMINAL.

      In fact most likely there are HOSTS of special laws protecting medical centers from civil and criminal actions, PROVIDED that they are within the legislation.

      What I DON”T understand is WHY they would target a SINGLE TYPE of medical center. Pass the LAW FOR EVERYONE, make it all the same. Get rid of ALL special laws related to abortion clinics and make repeated violations CRIMINAL with loss of medical license at the third cycle on a class 1 VIOLATION!

    • dje3

      RvW is and was a NULL verdict. The woman involved finally learned to read and understand what transpired. She read the actions of her attorney and of the court. NONE of the “facts” given by her attorney were TRUE. The entire case was a “what if this happened?” proposition.

      That is called fraud upon the court and any action taken by any court given fraudulent facts for the purpose of legislating from the bench is a NULL Court. It in fact never existed.

      So, if you want to END RvW all you need do is have the woman involved swear the facts, including how she found out that her attorney lied. File that with the court and notice the court that the previous decision is NULL under law.

      Taked Bawwls but it can be done. She is now a Christian and has been telling her story for YEARS. IT won’t be long before she is too old so ya better hurry.

    • dje3

      You really don’t want it such down, you want the qualifying Doctor to face criminal charges and the attending to lose his medical license. I don’t care about the building or business…th fact is that CRIMINAL practices were taking place at all times.

    • dje3

      Forget about shutting them down. Go after the qualifying doctor for criminal offense and the attending for his license. We WANT them to try and continue their “business”…..Thier costs and insurance costs are SKYROCKETING right now. WHY? because the NUMBERS of harmed are becoming KNOWN and the injuries are SEVERE….that means that premiums for insurance are RISING ..exponenetially.

      In California 15 years back a OB that did pre-natal care and deliveries would generally pay premiums of about 1 million a year for insurance.

      We want abortion clinics to pay 2, 3, 5 Million a year! let these liberals and insane people put their OWN money where their mouth is!

    • That’s a good question. I don’t know.

    • John Savell

      Planned Parenthood needs to be closed down, and they definitely do not deserve to get tax-payer money.

    • some words

      Actually, all they care about is profit. Abortionist’s slogan:

      You rape um, we scrape um.
      You f__k um, we suck up.
      No fetus can beat us!
      So f__k like a bunny, and make us some money!

    • Susan Donahue

      They are probably hiring minimum wage workers off the street to do the abortions, so they can make even more money