Undercover Tapes Reveal Illegal Concealment Of Child Rape At Kansas Abortion Mills

Johnson County Grand Jury Effort Supported By Hard Evidence of Illegality

Overland Park, KS — Operation Rescue released today audio files and transcripts of undercover telephone calls to Kansas abortion clinics that show evidence in each case of the intentional concealment of child rape.

The files were released in response to a citizen petition in Johnson County, Kansas, to convene a grand jury to investigate Planned Parenthood of Kansas and Mid-Missouri.

“This hard evidence alone should be enough to warrant a grand jury investigation,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman.

The calls were made by Life Dynamics Inc. during a private investigation of abortion clinics conducted by that organization. During the phone calls, an adult woman identified herself as a 13-year old girl involved in an active sexual relationship with a 22-year old boyfriend.

That sexual relationship is considered statutory rape, a crime in all 50 states. Statutory rape is, by legal definition, child sexual abuse. It is legally mandatory that incidents of suspected child sexual abuse be reported to authorities in Kansas.

In each case, the Kansas abortion clinics, fully understanding the age disparity, told the caller that she could get a pregnancy test with her boyfriend present without the relationship being reported by them.

Every Planned Parenthood office in Kansas told the caller that they would prescribe birth control for her without reporting, and that the 22-year old boyfriend would be allowed to pick up the birth control prescription for her.

Other abortion offices would not provide birth control for the caller, but instead referred her to Planned Parenthood, indicating that organization would not report.

“Planned Parenthood is actively aiding and abetting child rapists by giving them the birth control pills, which is the tool they need so they can keep raping these children without discovery. These tapes prove that beyond any doubt,” said Newman. “Our little girls need protection from those who would prey on them, but instead, Planned Parenthood conceals the rapes, protects the rapists and even helps them to keep raping. It would be irresponsible of us to have knowledge of this and not try to get an investigation to bring these clinics to justice.”

Hear the call to Comprehensive Health of Planned Parenthood, Overland Park, KS
Read the transcript

Hear the call to Planned Parenthood, Hays, KS
Read the transcript

Hear the call to Office of Herbert Hodes, Shawnee, KS
Read the transcript

Hear the call to Planned Parenthood, Wichita, KS
Read the transcript

Hear the call to Tiller’s Women’s Health Care Services, Wichita, KS
Read the transcript

Hear the call to Wichita Family Planning, Wichita, KS (Now Closed)
Read the transcript

Hear the second call to Comprehensive Health of Planned Parenthood, Overland Park, KS
Read the transcript

  • Michael Hawke

    I couldn’t get any of the audio files to play. Could you repost them in a different format?

    Thank you for your consideration.

  • Paulette

    Absolutely unbelievable!! Isn’t it interesting that Tiller’s mill (of all places) is the only one that stated anything about statutory rape.

  • Diane

    Way to go Operation Rescue!! What amazes me as a mother of 3 daughters is the fact they are guilty of breaking the law, yet they are still allowed to continue this service of death and deceit courtesy of our tax dollars. How can we stop the funding? Maybe a nationwide petition drive to demand an end to federal funding? It may be worth a try. Thanks again for being the ones who expose these atrocities! God Bless!

  • Damien

    I couldn’t download the audio files, either!

    Also, Hodes isn’t in Shawnee. He’s in Overland Park or Leawood (which are in the mailing district of Shawnee Mission).

  • Sarah

    they’re so helpful and professional ” can’t you just go to the store and get a pregnancy test?”

    everyone please pray! I have another aquaintance who just came to me and told me she is pregnant and getting an abortion next week. Never in my life have I had so many people come to me to confide about a past abortion or an upcoming abortion but this year alone 4 such people have approached me! I’m glad to be there for them but need prayers that God would help me say and do the right thing! please pray this woman would not go through with this abortion!

  • All_Life_IS_Precious

    Sarah, please tell your friend that local right to life groups help provide financial assistance. And after the baby is born, there are many places like CPC where she can get free baby supplies and take parenting classes. Praying for Baby X and his/her mother.

  • Sarah

    she is married to an abusive man. she cheated on her husband and is pregnant with another man’s baby. she already has kids with her husband and desperately wants this baby but is afraid to leave her husband, afraid he’ll beat her when he finds out she is pregnant etc…its wretched. I don’t know her too well she is actually a friend of a friend..she is scheduled for an abortion on my son’s first birthday…it just breaks my heart.

  • lime5


    Oh, what a tangled web…this sounds like Gerri Santoro all over again, only now she can get botched and killed legally, unlike Santoro, whose boyfriend tried to abort their child using borrowed medical instruments and textbook material. He botched, panicked, and fled, leaving Santoro to hemorrhage to death, naked, and alone. Santoro is the proaborts’ poster child for “dangerous, illegal” – and some even claim “self-induced” abortion, despite the fact that “safe, legal” abortion profiteers have been known to botch, panic, flee, and leave their maternal victims to hemorrhage to a death just as ignoble as Santoro’s.

    NEway, it is a wretched situation; my recommendation is that your friend find a shelter for battered and abused women that will also support her through this pregnancy, until the situation is stabilized for both her and the child. That will probably involve placing the child for adoption unless her husband can get past his abusiveness, or she can get out of his thralldom.

  • All_Life_IS_Precious

    Is there any women’s domestic shelter you can help her get in contact with? I know in my city there’s one that helps women in domestic abuse situations. Its a safe haven for the women and their children. She sounds like she’s in danger. And if there was a complication, she would probably be in more danger.

    About this article and the undercover calls (I read the transcripts): The fact that PP can get away with giving CHILDREN (yes, 13 year old is still a child, (s)he can’t drive or vote) birth control is very disturbing to me. A school nurse can’t give a girl an aspirin, but she can be given birth control.

    Interestingly enough – PP charges for pregnancy tests, but CPC does them for free.

  • Chris

    Sarah, please talk to her about Post Abortion Syndrome. The womens’ rights groups do not tell the truth because they discount PAS…. it is real! This may cause suicidal ideation, thoughts of hopelessness, low self-esteem, etc. She may think she is doing the right thing, but I can tell you that PAS will creep up on her. It may take years but believe me she will struggle with this because most post abortive women do. I will pray that she has a change of heart & finds the courage to get out of this abusive situation.