Two for the Money: Abortionists Injure Women in Two States

St. Louis, Missouri – Ambulances were photographed at abortion clinics in St. Louis, Missouri, and Montclair, California, on Friday October 11, 2013, by quick-thinking pro-life supporters. These incidents reinforce the safety crisis that exists at abortion clinics across America.

In St. Louis, a woman was removed from the Planned Parenthood abortion clinic where 22 previous medical emergencies were documented. Abortion clinic staff deployed the “sheets of shame,” a large canvass meant to prevent pro-life activists from documenting abortion injuries there.

Mary Maschmeier of Defenders of the Unborn noted that the ambulance arrived at about 2:00 p.m. emergency workers rushed into the abortion clinic with what appeared to be more equipment than usual.

“Within minutes, the ambulance crew wheeled out a Caucasian woman on a stretcher. Because her right arm was hanging down and away from the stretcher, she appeared to be unconscious,” said Maschmeier.

“The abortion mill staff tried hiding her from the public with a large tarp/blanket, but when they made a turn on the ramp you could see that they had completely covered her body, especially her head. She appeared to be in serious condition. As soon as they had her in the ambulance, they turned on the siren and sped off to an unknown hospital”.

Meanwhile, on that same day in Montclair, California, emergency workers attended a woman at the Family Planning Associates (FPA) abortion clinic for several minutes before whisking her off to a nearby hospital emergency room.

The incident was caught on video by Kirk Bauer during his 40 Days For life shift at that clinic. He noted that rosary beads hung from the rear-view mirror of the woman’s vehicle.

Activists have documented other medical emergencies at this Montclair FPA abortion clinic over the years, including one in June, 2006, where the abortionist was using an assumed name.

“We can only expect more seriously injured women now that California Gov. Jerry Brown has signed new legislation that will allow non-physicians to conduct surgical abortions in that state. These non-physician abortions have twice the complication rate, and are done by nurses, mid-wives, and nurse practitioners who are not equipped or trained to cope with serious complications,” said Troy Newman, President of Operation Rescue. “Certainly lowering standards of care for women in a state already known for more than its fair share of incompetent abortionists shows a complete disregard for human life. Women will die because of these shoddy abortionists. We just wonder how high the body count must get before this horrific law is repealed.”

  • Suzanne

    Someone always dies during an abortion, so I don’t understand how anyone can use the words “safe,” and “abortion,” in the same sentence. These baby butcher shops need to be closed down! God’s law, “Thou shalt not kill,” is the only law that applies here. It is tragically obvious that some human beings have no respect for God or for life. Why can’t we live a moral existence?

  • Linda F. Paluzzi

    Enough it enough!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    GOD save our babies. . .

  • di from Oregon


  • Gloria Schotten

    So the abortion cartel are relegating their ‘” dirty work” onto the nurses, taking advantage of them. What the hell is that Gov Brown doing, he obviously doesnt have a clue, absolutely no medical knowledge whatsoever. The gloves are off, we have to go into action, not the mother or the innocent baby , but the evil and wicked politicians.

  • jenny

    Would it help if we shift from talking about abortion to the cause of abortion ?

    We include here the fathers. Why the church , nor the media do not talk about these fathers?
    Where are they while their unborn children die?

  • Lynne M. Zagarri

    Thursday, October 11, 2013, I was participating for the first time in a peaceful prayer vigil at this St. Louis, MO. Planned Parenthood facility located at 4251 Forest Park Ave. Shortly after I arrived, a St. Louis Fire Department ladder truck arrived and two responders entered the Planned Parenthood building. Within minutes, an ambulance arrived and a team transported a person on a gurney to the ambulance at 2:02pm. Staffers attempted to block the public view of the incident by covering the person with a sheet and using a large fabric screen to shield the transport activity.
    As I witnessed this event, my heart felt anxious and full of sorrow. My thoughts were flooding with questions, speculation and possible scenarios that could lead to a need for a 911 emergency call at a Planned Parenthood site.
    …Was this due to complications from a completed abortion which resulted in the death of a child and put a woman’s life in danger?
    …Was this person a teen whose parents didn’t even know their daughter was pregnant and having an abortion, but will get the call that she has been hospitalized or had died?
    …Was this a medical incident totally unrelated to an abortion?
    With hot topic issues there are always views, complaints, blame and more. With the abortion issue, one can continue to question, one can judge the women, one can blame the clinics, our government or the laws enacted; one can be shocked by all the senselessness of abortion, and disagree or get angry with Pro-Choicers and Pro-Lifers for their beliefs and stances. But, as we think, feel and act, we could do well to remember that we are all spiritual beings in human bodies-each of us created complete with emotions, a free mind, free will, and plagued with our own set of frailties and sins.
    When a woman experiences an unplanned pregnancy, a choice needs to be made. In cases of pregnancy resulting from an act of violence, some women view abortion as their only option. No matter what the circumstances that led to the pregnancy or the reasons that lead a woman to choose abortion, there are facts surrounding an abortion choice that remain the same:
    •Unplanned pregnancy is an emotional crisis which needs comprehensive education and counseling.
    •When in crisis, choices are often made that are impulsive rather than well thought out.
    •Choices always have effects and often the negative effects of a choice may not be immediately realized.
    •Abortion is a surgical procedure that jeopardizes a woman’s physical & emotional health.
    •Choosing abortion results in the death of a human being.
    I am of the opinion that if you want to see change, don’t bother judging or complaining-Act! One person’s action can go a long way toward promoting change. And, as a person of faith who desires change, you Act and Pray. Growing in numbers are Christian advocates working together to address key issues existing within this issue hoping it will soon lead to the desired change-an end to abortion. The Operation Rescue community does that by taking direct action to restore legal personhood to the pre-born and stop abortion in obedience to biblical mandates.
    During my brief, 1 hour vigil, experience, I saw firsthand why prayer and action is needed. Whether one is Pro-Choice or Pro-Life, all must agree that change needs to happen. Increasing awareness about the number of 911 emergency response incidents at this Planned Parenthood facility, gaining access to emergency response records and opening investigations is a good starting point. Perhaps we could also further research and come to a better understanding of what motivates a woman to make this choice so that we can be better equipped to understand the human emotion of this choice and advocate for the change we desire.

  • meymey

    I agree with you
    Linda F. Paluzzi
    God please save our babies they don`t deserve to die :(

  • Gloria Schotten

    The bottom line is- the poor catechesis. People today treat sex like its a free for all and up for grabs. Illicit sex which is Mortal sin is rampant , people take sex for granted and have no clue that the consequences are inevitable, venereal disease is out of control and people are suffering, out of wedlock pregnancies which the baby has to pay the Price of a violent and savage death: depression, suicide, sterility, ensuing pregnancies with complications, premature delivery of the baby, the baby that has been killed may be the first and last baby the woman can ever have. Mothers not bonding with subsequent babies, fathers suffering with unremitting guilt,
    also mothers’, abortion clinics that are filthy and hazards to health of mother, serious complications such as rupture of the uterus and subsequent fulminating sepsis which is fatal , the list is interminable. This is the true face of abortion and our leader of this country is propagating it to other countries especially the poor ones- thank God Africa told them where to get off. Talk about war on women, pretty soon We will be contracepting wOme out of existence?