Two Florida Abortion Facilities to Close

Abortion clinic evicted in West Palm Beach, FL

[We praise the Lord for the efforts of M. Susan Pine and her group of Christian warriors in Florida. The abortion mill owners did not inform the landlords the true nature of their grisly work. Just a few people obeying the scripture to expose the unfruitful deeds of darkness made all the difference! Please join us in praying that these two abortion mills will not be able to find other accommodations. —OR Staff]

Press Release: For immediate release, Thursday, June 23rd, 2005

West Palm Beach, FL — As of Midnight Thursday, June 16th, 2005 the WomanCare abortion clinic at 750 S Military Trail, West Palm Beach has been evicted. The location on Military Trail was the 3rd for WomanCare within the past few short years.

“It is my understanding that WomanCare misrepresented themselves to the property owner in order to secure the location. Although WomanCare is an abortion center, they made no statements to the fact that they perform abortions. That is often the case for abortuaries. They, themselves know that abortion centers are not welcomed in our communities” states M Susan Pine, President of FACE Life a local Pro-life nonprofit.

Tammy Sobieski, who opened WomanCare West Palm Beach also had a location in Cocoa that she opened August 21, 2000, but she has lost that location as well. Sobieski was required to notify the property owner by June 19, 2005 of her intent to renew a lease and failed to do so, evidently an oversight. That oversight cost her the Coca location. That property manager also wanted the abortion center out and by August 19, his wish will come true.

In response to the closing of the facilities and Tammy Sobieski future, M. Susan Pine stated:

“We are thrilled that there are two less facilities in our beautiful state that are focused on the destruction of innocent human life, that exploit women in dire and unusual circumstances, and that rob men of their fatherhood. We will pray that Tammy Sobieski will now turn towards using her God-given talents to truly help women, children, and families by helping to grow a Culture of Life in our community rather than that of death and destruction.”

Contact: M Susan Pine, FACE Life, Inc. (561) 868-7002

  • Awesome news to read first thing in the morning! Am linking this to my site.

  • Rachael

    It’s not the protests that are closing the clinics. The landlords may not be opposed to abortion as much as they fear the contraversy, picketing, and harassment that would come with leasing their building to an abortion provider. Also keep in fund their may have been a funding shortage and there’s currently a shortage of abortion providers to staff the clinics.

  • rick ellis

    It is the protesters who gin up the contraversy. Your post is confusing.

    It is also the efforts of groups Like ORW, who picket the homes of clinic workers, that have cut into staffing shortages.

    Why must people dishonor those who do the work, and then say their work does no good?

    It is to the great credit to Troy and the boys, that they do not let such attitudes, which are expressed in your post, stop them from doing some of the most effective pro-life work in the movement.

    My dealings with ORW have found them to be humble dedicated servants. They lead by example, not domination and control.

    Troy Newman has refused to allow his detractors from knocking him off of his purpose, even those who have run him over to take credit for his hard work.

    I say again, ORW is the class of pro-life activism, and one of the most, if not the most, effectual in closing clinics, running off clinic staff, and showing the truth of abortion to the American Public.

    You can love um, and you can hate um, but you do not have the right to dishonor them by saying that their direct action is not the reason many clinics have closed, and many have quit the business of killing children. That is simply a lie, and we know the origin of lies, and who the father of them is.

  • Rachael

    You’re right, OR is causing the contraversy that surrounds the clinics. While I’m sure OR has contributed quite a bit to closing the clinics, they can’t take all the credit. As you may know. There are a number of issues going on behind the scenes in many an abortion provider’s clinic that contribute to a clinic’s closing: poor business management, abortion doctor shortage, poor sanitary conditions, leasers refuse to renew the lease or give a new one to those who have an abortion clinic (this goes back to the contraversy issue), and loss of medical license due to medical malpractice. OK, I’ve got to give them some credit to shutting down the abortion mills.

  • rick ellis

    Thanks Rachael

    I didn’t mean to imply that they deserve all the credit. If you read my post, I said groups [plural].

    Life dynamics in Denton Texas does alot of the behind the scense things that you are talking about.

    I guess the reason I am so high on ORW, is the fact they have been very kind to me, and have very graciously served me in my efforts.

    The experiance with other groups, has been pretty negative.

    We have another national group in my town, and they have no problem running over the top of people, and taking credit for our hard work.

    ORW has had trouble with the same group in Kansas.

    I have seen Troy work with just about anyone who stands for protection of personhood for the pre-born.

    He flat refuses to say anything against anybody, and keeps his eye on the prize of ending the slaughter.

    ORW has not blotted out Mark chapter 10, verses 42 thru 45 from their bible.

    Even on this web site, other people’s efforts are show cased just like this article.

    If you have ever met troy, then you know how kind and generous he is. He could probly charm the socks off of an alligator.

    He not so much preaches the gospel, he lives it out by example for all to see, with no hidden agendas.

    If his detrators were to talk to him personaly, he would say if I am doing it so wrong, show me how to do it right.

    Direct action is how the blood bath will stop. One of the best direct action groups is ORW, under the servanthood of Troy Newman period.

  • Carole Novielli

    Give God all the Glory. Many of us have been used by the Lord to bring the truth of abortion to the clinics and the women as well as our nation, but We must humbly give Him the glory, when He answers our prayers. This is a spiritual fight, and our reply should remain a spiritual reply. I have seen many clinics closed over the years, due to the awsome hand of our Lord.

  • great now all we have to do is close TILLER THE KILLER down for good so no more babies will have to suffer anymore.

  • Valerie

    On a side note regarding the remaining abortuary in Palm Beach County, the Presidential Women’s Center, where there was a recent fire –The West Palm Beach Commissioners are deciding whether to institute a 30 foot buffer zone around the building. Mayor Lois Frankel is in favor of the buffer zone although she does admit it wouldn’t have prevented the fire.

    Lois Frankel is listed on EMILY’s List’s website as a pro-choice Democrat women whom they take credit for helping to elect. Could Mayor Frankel be indebted to this pro-abortion special interest group in any way? Interesting.

  • Mike

    It is unproductive to argue over who gets the credit for the clinics closing. The fact is, it’s goibg to be gone soon and that’s what really matters. There is no room for egos in this war.