Two Abortion Mill Operators Arrested, Jailed on Felony Counts

Pro-life whistleblower helps bring abortion criminals to justice.

(UPDATE: It was later learned that Gonzalez’ associate, Siomara Senises, was not arrested as the detective believed. She turned herself in to police and was booked in April, 2007.)

Miramar, FL — Belkis Gonzalez has been arrested and jailed on two felony counts related to illegal abortions that were done at A Gyn of Miramar, Inc., an abortion clinic located in Miramar, Florida, now known as Miramar Women’s Center.

Miramar Police Department Information Officer Bill Robertson told Operation Rescue that as of Tuesday afternoon, Gonzalez had been taken into custody and that he believed that her partner, Siomara Senises, had also been apprehended. Gonzalez was arrested Friday at her Miramar abortion clinic and was released Saturday on a $1,000 bond. Details of Senises’ arrest are unknown.

The arrests are a result of an investigation that began with a tip supplied to Miramar Police in November, 2004, by a pro-life investigator, who wishes to remain anonymous. These are the seventh and eighth arrests that have resulted from nearly 2 ½ years of investigation, with one unlicensed abortionist having fled the country to avoid arrest.

Gonzalez and Senises are business partners who have operated a number of abortion clinics in the Broward County area. Both were charged with two felony counts: “Principle in the First Degree,” having to do with aiding and abetting a crime, and “Unlicensed Practice of Health Care.”

Gonzalez’s arrest report details how these women knowingly allowed two men to conduct abortions on women when neither of them had medical licenses. They also instructed at least two other unlicensed employees to conduct duties that required licensed medical personnel, including operating ultrasound machines, dispensing medication, and even assisting in abortions with duties normally done by licensed physicians. Gonzalez and Senises also performed medical duties without proper licensing.

This is not the first time the pair has been in the news. Last July, both were involved in a case where a baby was born alive at an abortion mill in Hialeah, FL. According to a search warrant obtained by Operation Rescue, Gonzalez swept the live baby into a bag and tossed her onto the roof of the abortion clinic to avoid detection by the authorities. On a tip, the police later recovered the baby’s remains and closed the clinic. An autopsy determined that the baby was indeed born alive. The investigation into that case is ongoing, and has yet to yield any arrests.

“The pro-life investigator who blew the whistle on this rat’s nest of illegal abortionists is a great example of how much just one resourceful pro-lifer can accomplish with the truth on his side,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman. “When we expose the abortion cartel’s unfruitful works of darkness, as Ephesians 5:11 commands, we see abortionists under arrest, abortion mills closed, and babies saved. We pray this case puts Gonzalez and Senises out of the abortion business for good.”

Read Gonzalez’s Arrest Report (PDF)

  • 4life

    Yay!! I wonder how many deaths this woman has been involved in. Every dog has his day. I’m so glad they have her behind bars right where she belongs. If we have rules in society that we all must live by then why is it okay for ANYBODY to kill ANYONE? The word legal doesen’t make murder okay. Women should never be allowed to CHOOSE murder. A doctor should never be allowed to commit murder. I know of a woman that had 7 abortions. She killed 7 of her children. How is it really any different from Andrea Yates killing 5 of hers? Society put Andrea behind bars for the rest of her life,yet the woman who aborts walks free after her appointment with Dr. Death.As long as I live I’ll never understand the double standard.

  • Heywood Jalisson

    Yates was found not guilty by reason of insanity. She is in a mental hospital, not necessarily for life.

    I agree with the gist of your post (but had to correct this one factual error).

  • Since Abortion is legal, why are there so many illegal sordid acts involved with it and why are the people who are performing these abortions the scum of the earth, as this woman who threw this newborn baby onto the roof? If abortion is so great, let’s hear some positive feedback about what wonderful things have taken place due to abortion being legal. Let me hear from a mother who says it was a rewarding experience that she recommends for any pregnant woman. Give me the names of doctors, nurses , and ministers of integrity who would involve themselves or offer their services to
    the abortion industry. Why does abortion attract the
    “rats” of society who prey upon the most vulnerable to
    make a buck, then slither away engorged on the remains without regard to religious or ethical consequences of their acts? Why do the good people of society “allow” it? That is the big question?
    Alayna Staggers (Nurse)
    “Mothers Against Abortion”

  • 4life

    Yes Heywood,you are very correct. I read the book about Andrea. I am aware of her ongoing battle with mental illness and I sympathize. Perhaps I could have used a better example.It just so happened that she came to my mind while posting. When it comes to abortion, and the women I know that have had them,it doesen’t even seem to phase them.The woman I posted about earlier[7 abortions] claims she is not sorry.She said “Sorry,what for?””It was my choice,and it was legal.” I was appauled. Not sorry for murder? 7 of them at that.

  • Sarah

    I will never understand how the clinic would dare murder a baby born alive when they had been under all that investigation. and yes, if abortion is legal,why all the illgal activity?

    also, wanted to let all you pro-lifers out there know that payless made special ruby high heels for gov. kathleen sebelius…that wretched woman who loves to protect baby killers. apparently she called the ceo of payless up, Matt Rubel, and he made sure “special” shoes were made for her inaugeration. payless also is going to carry tailwind sneaks which are part of the nike brand. nike is a big supporter of pro-abortion organizations.

    also, payless bullies its employees into donating to united way which supports planned parenthood. I realize a LOT of businesses give to united way, but payless needs to hear from its pro-life customers that we will not continue to support a company that endorses baby killers! they are very big on customer service etc…so call their corporate center in topeka kansas and let them know they have got to stop palling around with those who provide or support abortion!!!!

    I will get a 1-800 number soon. sorry to get off the topic but I thought it important.

  • 4life

    I didn’t know the United Way was in on this. I now know[thanks to you Sarah] about the Susan Koman organization. They fight breast cancer,but they give $ to Planned P-Hood. Hello!! Abortions can cause breast cancer. I was a frequent shopper at Payless. Where can a person shop anymore?

  • Target Employee

    Also Target still places preasure (coersion) on their employees to donate to the United Way, through incentives for the employee as well as setting up team osterization by other employees who cause their team to not be rewarded with picnic or BBQ or whatewver that specific store is offering the winning teams/s who raise the most money through employee payroll deductions.

    If this coersion were sex, it would be considered rape.

  • C G Bratton

    Do NOT support United Way. No pro-lifer should ever give to United Way because United Way supports Planned Parenthood. If you want to support an organization that United Way supports, then give directly to that organization-NOT to United Way.

  • Sarah

    the toll free number to call to complain to payless for their support of kathleen sebelius and united way and nike is 1-877-452-7500.

    I called the local payless to get this number. I called, and I urge every one of you that wants to protect life to call and let them know we are tired of businesses supporting the merchants of death! businesses need to know they stand to lose a lot of money if they support abortion.

  • Reese

    Life Decisions International released a list a little while ago of all the companies that support PP. Obviously, Nike was one of them, along with Target, Walt Disney, Whole Foods Market, Time Warner, the Dallas Cowboys, Johnson and Johnson…the list goes on. I’m trying to get the full one (you have to buy it) but I have read that because of boycotts, some companies have stopped supporting PP, which cost PP an average of $35 million! Just think, if all of us pro-lifers got together and boycotted these stores, PP could lose millions more in funding.

  • All_Life_IS_Precious

    I thought Target stopped supporting Planned Parenthood. I think Wal-Mart still supports them, unfortunately.

  • Kirstin

    “why the illegal activity?” maybe because anti-choice folks make it near impossible for health professionals to provide the service. thanks for the list of PP-supporters, by the way. Now I know where to shop…

  • Something to keep in mind amidst all the outrage: Things like this are literally an everyday occurrence. The strange and shocking aspect is merely that it’s being reported, talked about, and perhaps might even lead to prosecution.

  • Mike

    Yes, Kirstin go shop there and support them…..right up to the point when they decide you’re no longer a benefit to society and abort/euthanasia you. The REAL choice is life!!! And you should be supporting this too. Shame on you Kirstin.