Truth Truck Drivers Needed Now In Four States

Wichita, KS — Operation Rescue is seeking qualified drivers for immediate campaigns in Mississippi, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Oklahoma.

We are looking for responsible individuals with excellent driving records who can drive large paneled trucks featuring graphic images of aborted babies in any of these four states. All expenses will be paid.

The campaign will be conducted in conjunction with the Center for Bioethical Reform and will focus on selected “Blue Dog” Democratic members of the House of Representatives in their home districts urging them not to compromise on taxpayer funded abortion in the looming health care bill. The billboard-sized messages on the trucks will encourage residents to contact their Congressmen with the message, “Abortion is not healthcare,” and urge them to oppose legislation that contains even indirect funding for abortions.

For more information, please contact Tara at (316)683-6790, ext. 151 weekdays after 10 AM Central time.

  • Sarah Rutherford

    How long is a shift to drive the car?

  • Mark Craddock

    Please keep your trucks to yourself. If you dont like about abortion, dont have one. Support choice before someone else chooses for you! Oh wait, thats what YOU want to do!

  • suzie


    How many unborn babies have you killed?

  • Tara

    mark what choice is there in abortion? DEATH……DUH. That doesn’t sound like much of a choice! How many of your girlfriends did you force through those dirty a** abortion doors? probably more than your little mind can count! I mean seriously it’s not a choice it’s a BABY. If someone chose to kill you by the same means as abortion ie, suck you brains out while you’re still kicking around….or how about sucking you through a tube that’s tearing you to bits, or would you enjoy having yourself dismembered one body part at a time without any pain meds? doesn’t sound too pleasant does it? Now what if they made that LEGAL…..would you still agree with it? What if you didn’t have a voice to argue your rights to the scum that’s doing the procedure to you? Would you want someone to stand up for you or would you want people to turn their backs to you and ignore it? Shame on you to turn your back towards the most innocent of all beings! The only and I mean ONLY reason an abortion should ever happen is for the life of the mother as in an ectopic pregnancy! There is no excuse for any other reasons. KEEP THOSE TRUTH TRUCKS ROLLING OR! THEY SAVED SO MANY BABIES THAT WOULD’VE BEEN KILLED IF MARK HAD HIS WAY! LIFE LIFE LIFE! GOD BLESS OPERATION RESCUE AND FOR EVERY WOMAN THAT TAKES HER STAND AND SAYS NO TO ABORTION!

  • Al Grayson

    I have experience driving a 24′ single axle box rental van.
    I have towed a 40′ park trailer several times for several hundred miles.
    I have towed a 31′ travel trailer several thousand miles.
    I have towed a 28′ x 8 1/2′ 3 axle enclosed cargo trailer several thousand miles.
    I am currently insured on a 1 ton pickup truck and have been insured on 1 ton long vans.
    I manned the sidewalk counseling table at Womens Health Care Services in Wichita. I feel that the Truth Truck parked across the street helped influence a young woman to skip her abortion appointment and return home.

  • Glad to see Ohio in there. Haskell is as bad as Tiller was. He evades
    every law-makes me think of Kansas (no slam meant- I live in corrupt,pocket-lining Ohio).We hope and pray that you get many applicants-especially since there are so many people unemployeed here. We’ll do our part- and meet you at Haskell’s. Thanks to all at OR!