Truth Truck Driver Threatened With Arrest In Olathe, KS

Recorded conversation documents Constitutional Rights violations; Operation Rescue demands apology

Olathe, KS – Ronald Brock was threatened with arrest and impoundment of his Truth Truck on Monday evening by Olathe Police Sgt. David Haldeman, (Badge #751), who told Brock that he must leave the city or “live with the results.”

Brock was told that he would be charged with “promoting obscenity” if he remained in Olathe, for images displayed on his vehicle that depicted aborted babies and victims of the Jewish Holocaust of World War II. Brock had spent the previous day in Olathe parked outside the Johnson County Courthouse, where he was observed by dozens of police officers without incident.

Even though Brock believed that the order was unlawful and a violation of his Constitutional Rights, Brock immediately left Olathe to avoid an illegal arrest and vehicle impound.

“We cannot allow this egregious violation of Ron’s rights to go without comment. If they can run him out of town because one officer does not like his message, then no one’s free speech rights are safe. We demand an apology for this outrageous conduct,” said Troy Newman, president of Operation Rescue.

Brock was in Olathe at Newman’s request to draw public attention to a Planned Parenthood abortion mill there, which is currently facing 107 criminal charges, 23 of which are felonies.

Operation Rescue urges the public to speak out on this injustice. Please contact the Olathe Chief of Police and ask that a formal apology be given to Mr. Brock, along with a guarantee that he is free to exercise his First Amendment rights in Olathe, Kansas, at any time.

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Police Chief Janet Thiessen
Phone: 913-971-7500

  • Heywood Jalisson

    Hi, everyone.

    I just called Chief Thiessen and relayed my concerns. She listened and responded appropriately. Although she did not say whether disciplinary action would be taken against the renegade officer, she did indicate that she would make sure that her department knows that people have the right to freedom of speech. In short, I was pleased with her response.

    So, c’mon, folks. Call her up, be respectful, and keep the heat on them.

  • Lew Skannon

    Yes, keep the heat on and after Sgt. Haldeman is retrained for a job befitting him, say, “Yes, I would like fries with that!”

  • Concerned

    Ok, we know the officer was not correct in his actions and so the Chief of Police is notified as you should have done. But now you look like a radical anti-government group instead of a pro-life organization by your post and follow up comments of the officer working at a burger joint. When did your organization start targeting police departments? Isnt that a bit off of the focus of your goals. Again, I agree that your first amendment rights to freedom of speech cover the “truth truck” but a simple phone call would correct the problem without the headhunt online.

  • Joseph

    From my knowledge the Sgt. who confronted Ronald is doing wrongly and seems like Sgt. support Abortion that is why he doesn’t want to debate with Ronald.

    Time to tell the world, this is Freedom of Speech!

  • Peggy Murphy

    Hi. well sometimes the news just isn’t told the way it happens. The audio clip says it all.

  • Mike

    Concerned: This pro-life organization didn’t start targeting police dept’s. It’s the OTHER WAY AROUND !!!

    It’s the POLICE DEPT’S. that target pro-life groups and organizations like THIS one. The majority of them sieze every opportunity to cite pro-lifers with incorrect “violations” of the law, misuse their authority, and turn peaceful, law abiding protests into spectacles because the liberal local authorities and governments want to protect the baby killers.

  • tobra

    Good answer for concerned & concerned mike is very correct.

  • zippolite

    these ‘truth trucks’ ARE obscenity, im sorry, but plastering trucks with pictures of what basicallyy amounts to guro, or the pain series, and driving them around in public, is not freedom of speech.

    how about i drive a truck full of pictures of industrial accidents through your town?
    or suicides?

  • Ron Brock is a great man who has given his life to saving unborn babies at a great sacrifice to himself.

  • If the police consider the images displayed on his vehicle that depicted aborted babies obscene – how much more outraged should they be for the thousands of real life babies who are mutilated each and every day here in America?

    If murdering unborn children weren’t a serious issue, there wouldn’t be any obscene pictures to display.

    Maybe the law enforcement should get their priorities straight and go after the real criminals who rip the arms and legs off of tiny innocent babies???