Truth Truck Attends Giuliani Fundraisers

Omaha, NE – Truth Truck driver Larry Donlan gives the following report from Omaha, Nebraska, were he was involved with two abortion protests during fundraisers for pro-abortion Republican Presidential Candidate Rudy Giuliani.

The Operation Rescue “Truth Truck” attended two Giuliani fundraising events in Nebraska and Iowa on Monday morning, November 14th.

The first stop was at Rick’s Cafe Boatyard in Omaha for a $500 per person breakfast. Along with the Truth Truck, Rescue The Heartland activists arrived at 7:15 a.m. to greet the “R.I.N.O.” Republicans attending the affair. Among those soundly rebuked by the pro-lifers included former Omaha Mayor Hal Daub and City Councilman Dan Welch, both of whom claim to be pro-life. Ex-Mayor Daub was visibly angered as he was confronted for his betrayal to the babies.

The Truth Truck was parked for the entire time in a public lot directly across from the restaraunt. Towering above the cars of those in attendence, it stood as a silent witness to the atrocities that their dollars were promoting.

Slightly before 9, thinking that Giuliani had already arrived, most of the pro-lifers headed over to the Village Inn in Council Bluffs, Iowa, where the next event was being held. Fortunately, Nebraskans United For Life Chairman Ann Bowen decided to stick around. Apparently, the Giuliani people were waiting for us to leave as Giuliani arrived just minutes after the the rest had gone. Ann, however, was still on hand and able to call out a message of rebuke to him as he was hurried inside. Two Giuliani bodyguards waited outside while Ann witnessed to them about the horror of abortion and to their complicity in the abortion holocaust. One guard merely laughed, but the other looked somber with his head down and eyes to the ground.

In Council Bluffs, the rest of the pro-lifers joined a half dozen Ron Paul supporters who were also protesting the event. The Truth Truck drove up and down Broadway in front of the restaraunt with the Ron Paul supporters cheering as it went by. There were also many honks and waves from passerbys supporting the demonstration. This time when Giuliani arrived he couldn’t miss the witness for life being presented for his benefit.

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  • Sarah

    hooray Ron Paul! I hope he is elected….if all of us likeminded people came together we could truly change this nation…and THANKYOU to those who drive the truth truck around! Until America stops her love affair with abortion we need to shove the truth in her unrepentent face! Anyone who could claim to be conservative and vote for Guiliani needs their head examined…he’s an adulterer, pro-gay and pro-abortion. wake up America!

  • John Francis Borra

    Indeed, Sarah, Giuliani has baggage. Hell, he has steamer trunks in spades! Back whomever you consider the truest advocate of pro-life causes for the Republican nomination.

    But consider this:

    What if, in the end, the election pits Giuliani against Hillary? Then consider what NOT voting for Giuliani– or voting for a third-party longshot– would mean.

    The White House would go to hell. And I’m not speaking figuratively.

    Giuliani would be– by far– the lesser of two evils.

  • Heywood Jalisson

    Yes, John, Giuliani would be the lesser of two evils if compared to Clinton. Guess what:

    If you vote for a pro-abortion candidate, you are not pro-life. Period.

  • cw

    I agree with Heywood. He’s pro-abortion. He’s no different than Hillary regarding respect for human life. As to the other issues where there may be differences…. If you don’t have a right to be born, they don’t really matter, do they?

    And for those who are alive today (unable to be aborted BEFORE birth, at least), consider this: A pro-abortion candidate does not respect life at the beginning. Would he or she respect life at the end? Such a candidate would be far more likely to support the atrocity that happened to Terri Schiavo. Anyone alive today has the possibility of being in her condition one day.

  • John Francis Borra


    Someone’s going to be elected president next year. I don’t want that someone to be a Democrat. If the ONLY choice is between Giuliani and Clinton, the White House MUST go to Giuliani.

    I don’t like such a choice either. But Giuliani isn’t stupid; he knows he depends on the support of social conservatives. That gives us leverage.

    The biggest danger to life is a split among the conservative ranks after the Republican nomination. And that’s EXACTLY what Democrats want. It would be 1992 all over.

    I just hope there’s a split on the left– a third-party run by Obama, perhaps. But that’s probably pie-in-the-sky. I think it’s more likely well see a Hillary/Obama ticket. And much more likely we’ll see a potentially self-defeating third-party conservative run.

    We must vote for the ticket most likely to protect the defenseless. That’s going to be the Republican nominee, whether we like it or not. After all, no matter who your favorite candidate is, he’s not going to protect the unborn, infirm or aged very much if he’s not in the White House.

    And I’m not even a Republican anymore; I dropped my affiliation after the Senate vote in favor of federal funding for embryonic experimentation. Too many Republicans have acceded to this evil, as well as the approval of contraceptive/abortifacient drugs and devices, capital punishment, euthanasia, etc.

    Who knows whether Giuliani will get the Republican nod? He’s hardly my favorite. But if he does get it, a lot of devout pro-lifers will vote for him. And for one good reason: Hillary.

  • John Francis Borra

    For the record, I want to make clear I do NOT support Giuliani for the nomination. I should hope that’s been clear from the beginning.

    My remarks should not be confused with those of others, like Pat Robertson. Why he and others have stepped forward, so early in the race, to back Giuliani is beyond me.

    My favorite from the beginning was Brownback.

  • cw

    John, I could tell before you didn’t actually support Giuliani. I truly respect your concern for not wanting Hillary to win. Indeed, she is frightening. However, despite what you said, it doesn’t change anything for me. If it’s Hillary vs. Giuliani, I’d vote for either a third party candidate who is prolife or I’d not vote for any presidential candidate. Do I think Hillary would be worse in other areas? Most definitely. But life is above everything else.

    I’m a registered Republican. But I want my conscience to be clear. I will not personally be involved in supporting an abortion enabler, even if it means inadvertently helping the likes of Hillary. Giuliani will not do anything for prolifers. Christians, prolifers, pro-family people and others got behind George Bush for his second term. The abortion industry has painted him as some big obstacle to abortion. What do we have now? Plan B over the counter for anyone over 18. Yes, that’s right —- during the term of a “prolife president,” anyone (woman OR man) can by Plan B to kill a baby. A rapist can buy it and force his victim to take it after he commits his evil act. Bush personally stated his support for giving Plan B over the counter. This is what we got from a Republican “prolife” president. This is how he thanked Christians, prolifers, and pro-family people for their support. I’d shutter to think what we might get from a pro-abortion Republican!

    Bush is in his final term. He has done next to nothing for prolifers. There is plenty he could do to dry up government abortion funding. Departments like HHS (headed by a cabinet member Bush appoints) could enact regulations that could squeeze the abortion industry. In his final term, he does not face reelection and thus has nothing to lose. Yet he’s done almost nothing. The much touted partial birth abortion ban amounts to nothing. Abortionists just do late term abortions another way. Certainly, it doesn’t even make Tiller blink as he doesn’t even use that method.

    The Democrats use certain constituencies when it comes time to vote and then forget about them when they win. The same is true of the Republicans. I’m tired of being their doormat.

    My view of the Republicans is this: A “big tent” of people who are not registered Democrats. The party platform is prolife but the candidates and workers do not necessarily stick to the platform. This is what the Whig party was like: not Democrats. The Whig party disintegrated, partially due to differences over slavery (some supported it and others wanted an end to that atrocity). Do I hear an echo?

    And again, I say this: Giuliani does not respect life at the beginning. Do you think he will respect life at the other end? On the life issues, Giuliani is no better than Hillary. Anyone could be in Terri Schiavo’s condition one day.

  • Sarah

    well my two cents is this…I see what you’re sayingJohn francis borra…but I made that mistake before. I voted for Bush so Kerry wouldn’t win. I will never do that again. I am a proud Constitutionalist. I have given up on the Republicans. I regret voting for Bush and not just voting my conscience. There are so many pro-life people in the US! if we would all just vote our conscience then maybe we would have a true conservative in the white house. and if hillary won, at least we would all be on our toes…sometimes, when a fake “conservative” gets elected we feel at ease and stop being the watch dogs we should be. so I disagree with you but I totally understand where you’re coming from.

  • Heywood Jalisson

    If the president has to be a pro-abort, then I hope it’s a Democrat. Republicans will not get serious about ending abortion (not just talking about it) when voters keep electing them because (take your pick) they are the lesser of two evils, they are Republicans, etc., etc.

  • John Francis Borra


    I agree with just about everything you say.

    Bush’s “compromise” on Plan B was atrocious; so was his earlier allowance of the use of existing stem cell lines. And why has it taken so long for Republicans in DC to raise objections to federal funding of Planned Parenthood? PPFA is, for all practical purposes, a federal agency; one third of its income is from our tax dollars!

    Again, there are reasons I’m no longer a Republican.

    I could see this sorta thing coming years ago, back during the Reagan era, when so many voters were jumping on the GOP bandwagon. As the “tent” grew, it began taking in all sorts; to maintain popularity, they were tempted to water things down.

    Much of the party has become morally copmpromised, as the Democrats long have been.

  • cw

    Sarah and Heywood, excellent points. I really think that during the two terms of our “prolife president,” common every day prolifers have definitely become lax. They cheer for him. They say “we have to support our prolife president.” They say “Well let’s just work harder to get more Republicans elected next time…” They think that one day, Bush will just fix the problem. Well, January 20, 2009 will be here before we know it and Bush will have done nothing more than the little bit he has done now.

    Besides Bush, we had a Republican controlled Congress from 1994 through 2006. Between a Republican president (from 2001 on) and the Republican Congress (through 2006), nothing happened to put much of a squeeze on abortion.

    Frankly, considering how the Republicans have abused conservatives, I wouldn’t mind it one bit if they went the way of the Whigs. I’m frightened about the prospects of any of the Democrat candidates winning in November 2008. But prolifers will hopefully then begin to realize they can’t expect any help from politicians. In that case, hopefully prolifers will realize it is up to them to do things like peacefully witness near the abortion mills, write letters to the editor of newspapers, talk about these issues on the Internet, etc. And, while they’re at it, call their elected representatives and ask why they continue to coddle the abortion industry.

  • cw

    Oh and to add to my previous comments, I wanted to mention a conversation I once had with a Bush-supporting prolifer in front of an abortion mill one day…. When I brought up Bush’s support for making Plan B over the counter, the man said “Well he had to do that in order to get his FDA nominee through…” This is a prolifer who has witnessed on the streets for twenty years. He attempted to justify a pro-abortion action by a self-proclaimed “prolife president.” I was utterly speechless. I could not even think of a response.

  • Steven

    We must also consider that a president can be pro-life, in reality, yet not be a good leader on other very important issues. Jesus was not just prolife, He was pro-entire-person. Need I say more. Also, Christian groups have historically supported a particular candidate (if not directly, then by implication) which can sometimes get people’s focus away from the real issues. Bush-Cheney-Rove-ism is not the same as Christianity. And the Democratic party is not all evil either. Consider Senator Ben Nelson of Nebraska — former youth pastor, one of the most consistent prolife voices in the Senate, and the only Democrat to oppose the embryonic stem cell proposal. He is also the only US Senator I am aware of who has publically proclaimed that we need to get the Bible back in the public schools. We all need to get flat on our faces and pray about what to do in 2008. I am clueless about who to vote for, and not voting is unacceptable.

  • Randy Crawford

    There is no reason to vote for either Hellary or Ghouliani. The babies are dead either way. Would you care whether you were vivisected and dismembered through Democrat dogma or Republican “principles” that aren’t observed? Obviously, it makes no difference to the millions of dead babies either way, so if these two criminals are the ultimate choices, a vote for “none of the above” will send a signal useful toward the 2012 election, because if only murderers are nominated in 2008, nobody can win for now anyway. Hellary isn’t any worse, she just would make it easier for people to understand the problem in coming years were she to become the next president. People need to be thinking more about the long-range future.
    As to the larger picture right now, all the pandering Democrat candidates are baby-butcher enablers, and Romney as a “recent convert” (who is only pretending, and trolling for suckers) is in many ways worse than Hellary. He’s just a better actor, but still not good enough to fool everybody. Thompson and McCain are slightly better, but since they have to tell us “how conservative” they are with words rather than specifics and ample deeds, it is obvious the superior choices are Huckabee, Tancredo, Paul, and Hunter.
    If you ever cast a vote for someone who is willing to kill helpless babies, you can then voice all the lame excuses you want, but you know you have innocent blood on your hands.

  • John Francis Borra

    If there’s gonna be someone on the ballot who’ll protect the unborn, great. We’re obliged to vote for him.

    Trouble is, I don’t know if there’s any current Republican hopeful who’s completely in line with comprehensive, Catholic teaching on life issues. I believe Brownback was 100%; after him, if I’m not mistaken, they start drifting away. (That might not be fair to Trancredo, though; I don’t recall.)

    Will we find anyone perfect? I doubt it; this is the nature of politics and society. Does that mean we can’t vote for someone who’s not 100% and have a clear conscience? Certainly not.

    It’s a matter of voting for the best choice in the field vis a vis the preeminent right to life– the one most likely to protect (least likely to do harm to) the human person. This is the underlying Judeo-Christian imperative, recently reiterated by Benedict XVI and, just last week, by the US bishops.

  • Racko

    Giuliani i dont like. elct ann colter

  • bill

    It’s called politics people. The Republicans used us, and like the suckers we are we fell for it. The fact is Giuliani is going to be the republican candidate, and he is going to sell us out. Welcome to the future.

  • Marie

    Both sides have liars but more as democrats…this is a spiritual war and we must pray and only God can help us !! Have you noticed the garbage on Tv in morals since abortion became law ? Do you see on TV how graphic the murders are? It is a school to teach murder !! I am 74 and I remember how America was in the 50’s It was such a great place to live…we were the envy of the world. I am a RN and I firmily belive that our decline in morals started when abortion was legal. We must clean out Congress. use a report card and fire them after one yr on trial for his job. thay are not accoutable. If we don’t clean America, God Will SOON !!