Troy Newman Arrested for “Littering”; Spends 8 Hours in Jail on eve of Roe v. Wade [Updated]

Operation Rescue receives 17 tickets from the Wichita Police Department in one afternoon. Child’s only winter coat confiscated.

[The following is a press release send out yesterday as events were unfolding. The child’s coat was later retruned to him, but only after calls to the officer’s superiors.]

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Wichita, KS — WICHITA, Ks., Jan. 21 /Christian Wire Service/ — As usual for the anniversary of Roe vs. Wade, Operation Rescue made plans for demonstrations and rallies throughout the weekend. Those plans were put on hold for Operation Rescue president, Troy Newman, when on the afternoon of January 21, he was arrested outside of a Wichita abortion clinic and jailed for “littering.”

“We have been in front of this abortion clinic counseling moms for years. But yesterday you could tell something had changed by the way the police were acting. One police officer confiscated the coat of a pro-life counselor’s son. Apparently all the young boy had done was to set it down beside him. Later yesterday, a police officer confiscated blankets and baby-gifts from our sidewalk counselor–she usually gives these items as gifts to new moms. The police officer said the items were a potential health code violation.

“Then today [Jan. 21] Troy Newman was arrested in front of the abortion clinic after he set a bag of counseling materials on the ground, next to him. We were told he was being charged with littering.” — Cheryl Sullenger, Operation Rescue Outreach Coordinator, 316-516-3034

“We are concerned at the conduct exhibited today by the Wichita Police Department in an apparent attempt to crush and deprive individual citizens of their First Amendment Right to free speech. It is apparent that the enforcement actions of the Wichita Police Department are targeted at those individuals who support and defend the sanctity of life. We are taking the necessary steps to stop this apparent unlawful enforcement. If we need to, we will seek the intervention of the Federal Courts to protect our clients’ civil rights.” — Brian Chavez-Ochoa, Esq., Chief Counsel for Operation Rescue (209) 772-3013


Troy was released from jail after spending 8 hours in custody. In addition, OR vehicles received a total of seventeen tickets for over-parking in a 30-minute zone even though the vehicles were moved every thirty minutes. Yet, other vehicles in the same zone that had not moved all day were not ticketed.

It was reported in the Wichita Eagle that Tiller had met with the police on Thursday, January 20, and demanded immediate enforcement of every infraction. However, when asked to produce the ordinances that were supposedly being enforced, officers repeatedly refused. Confiscated property has not been returned, with the exception of the child’s jacket.

  • Songbird77

    Have you ever been sexually assaulted, steve? I bet you’d just love it – especially if you’re still intact (your human compassion, I mean – shame on you for what you were thinking…).

    Pro-life and Proud of it………..

  • Songbird77


    I have a question for the respective police “forces” in Wichita and Hays, two of Kansas’s most thriving cities:

    First off: to the badge-sporting battalion in Hays: Where were you thirty years ago when various and sundry young men were driving past my house screaming filth and soul-searing epithets, driving INTO my driveway and dropping trash in front of the garage door and calling me unmentionable names, merely having premarital sex with one individual? Wasn’t there some sort of “city ordinance” against such cruelty? Maybe there wasn’t, not in those Dark Ages, anyway – but it had a devastating effect and certainly helped propel me to the abortionist’s ministrations…..

    To the Wichita hitmen: Oh-h-h-h, the horror and shock you must have suffered from observing the following innocuous items: a child’s winter coat, dolls, gifts for new moms as an incentive toward life and not its destruction, etc. Oh, the pain! Why, you’re likely suffering the same flashbacks and post-traumatic stress disorders that so many of our valiant servicemen and servicewomen have endured! Oh, you poor little dears! Haul out the Prozac – toute de suite! (Be careful though – that popular drug has one very unfortunate side effect. You may feel as powerful as DeGaulle, but the Arc De Triomphe won’t be able to implode – so it’s a trade off, and a very unfortunate one.)

    OK – enough sarcasm for one morning: Suffice it to say – I wish that, 30 years ago, someone (or some persons) had shown some human compassion, moral clarity and Christlike concern for me and so many other unwed mothers who found themselves enmeshed in situations of great tragedy. A tragedy further compounded by abortion – and the cruelty of many.

  • Songbird77

    Oops – should have proofread that message before I hit “post.” The second paragraph should have read…..”merely FOR having premarital sex with one pit viper…..”

    Or something like that.

  • arxina

    Do tell, PPPPE!

    Tell us aaalllll about imposition of one’s personal views on other members of society. After all, you guys helped write the book on that, since you have promoted the murders of billions of innocent children across the world, and MURDER IS THE ULTIMATE IMPOSITION OF THE MURDERER’S PERSONAL VIEWS ON HIS/HER VICTIM(S).

    More honest PPPE’s have seen through the facade and gone on to more humane endeavors…may God give you the grace to join them. Among these, several have testified that PP is notorious for downplaying, demeaning, and generally discouraging any treatment of the unborn (adoption, accepting all personal responsibility for the new life and raising the child) that does not line their coffers or promote their population-reduction agenda…in short, that does not IMPOSE THEIR VIEWS ON OTHERS.

    You might want to talk to some Chinese mothers of one child about the imposition of PP’s views on society. It might be an unpalatable perspective for you; it certainly is for those upon whom it has been brutally forced; but it is a much more accurate one that the one you currently espouse.


    This raises the obvious question, “How hypocritical can you get?”, since the fact that you are alive (at least in a physical, if not a valid spiritual, mental, or social sense) at all strongly suggests that if it were you facing dismemberment, and someone intervened on your behalf and saved your life, you would be so much more likely to seek the incarceration of the one who wanted to kill you than that of the one who intervened for you.

    You don’t say how old you are; but if you were born after 1-22-73 in the U.S., then I can assure you that the operation you so proudly defend would have just as proudly chopped, sucked, ripped you to bloody, lifeless smithereens,offered the money and the chance to do so; and that had that happened, the person you are today would not be enjoying life as far as you know it.

    And no, getting set up on such flimsy, unconstitutional pretexts and incarcerated for exercising one’s first amendment rights and trying to save innocent human life is not an improvement of society, an advance worthy of celebration. Just ask any survivor of the Third Reich, whose sensitivity to the sufferings of others is certainly reflected in your belittling of Troy’s. The Nazis locked up political dissidents, and cast aspersions on their mental health…JUST LIKE YOU.

    Be honest, if just for the sheer novelty of the experience, and admit that Troy & allies get on PP’s nerves for interfering with PP’s imposition of their agenda on society.

    And anyone who would wish sexual assault on anyone, let alone help cover or otherwise aid & abet such activity (As do all pro-aborts, since legal abortion is one of the best things that ever happened to assist rapists continue unhindered)deserves to be incarcerated permanently…or worse…And is certainly no friend of humanity in general, nor of women in particular.

    WAKE UP. (or do you prefer, WACHET AUF?…)

    Troy, ORW, be blessed, honoured AND ENCOURAGED. Not only were the saints before you so persecuted and your reward in heaven great, but all this increased proabortion vitriol since the last elections…the serpent is tearing as he goes down for he knows his time is short…

  • Songbird77

    Okay – I’ve heard more on this story. Evidently the Wichita wussies, er, policemen digressed from their standard acceptance of these benign items because George Tiller evidently phoned the station and complained.

    Exhibiting his best Cowardly Lion impression, the late-term prenatal hitman cried “Coats! And Dolls! And Gifts! Oh My!” and the police came running as if the doctor had the Treasures of Tutankhamen waiting for them. Gee, all that was missing was Toto peeing on their shoes – now THAT would have been an interesting visual.

    Thirty years ago, when I tried to complain to the Hays police about the hateful treatment I received, I may as well have said, “It is raining today in Bum-f#$%-Egypt” for all the sympathy I elicited.

    Oh…..such absurdity……so much time…….

  • arx 4

    To Wichita’s finest,

    I’ve heard of cowardly, bullying, copcrap before, but taking a child’s only winter coat?

    This is indeed a twisted method of “protecting and serving the innocent”…but then, so is aiding and abetting Tiller’s operation in any form.

    You are truly an embarrassment to your profession, as Tiller is to the profession of “medicine”.

    I am sincerely hoping and praying that Mr. Chavez-Ochoa & co. kicks the living snot out of every one of you (once he manages to pull you out from under the snake’s belly beneath which you all dove when you participated in this travesty) who does not profusely apologize to ORW or turn over your abused shield at once…and return all items you stole (they weren’t originally yours, were they? and they weren’t taken from their original owners with their full knowledge and free consent, were they? OK then) to their rightful owners.

    Don’t forget, the Nazi’s excuse for their atrocities was also, “I’m just doing my job.”

  • George

    Apparently, some comments that were not tolerated have been deleted. However, without the comments from Steve, the statements from Songbird77 don’t make much sense. Please keep this in mind when deleting opposing views.

  • jerry

    let me see if understand justice, wichita style….

    george tiller can kill late term babies, maim their mothers, and burn what remains of those children in his industrial size incinerator and the police protect him….

    but peaceful prolifers are harassed and intimidated and even jailed for trying to minister to and counsel people with real, loving options….

    it makes me think of that verse in the Bible – “…they call good, evil, and evil, good…”.

  • Let’s just continue to work and pray that R-v-W meets it’s demise quickly and puts these murderous “evidence eliminators” out of business and religate them back into the back alley of society.

    Abortion needs to become a social ill, not an accepted “option”.Both the doctors who perform infant assasination and the women who, today, openly proclaim their participation or support for prenatal murder need to be the social outcast.

    Keep spreading the truth! Keep fighting the good fight!

    “If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and will heal their land.” 2 Chronicles 7:14

  • Songbird77


    Somewhere in your scathing indictment, you forgot a rather vital component here: women don’t become pregnant by themselves. Let us not excuse the legions of men whose callousness and disinterest contribute to the abortion industry.

    Similarly, let us not underestimate the critical role of fathers in our society and in our families.

    Thirty years ago, there would have been two persons – and two persons only – who could have dissuaded me from having the abortion I now regret. First and foremost, my (maternal) grandfather, had he been alive at that point, would have stepped in, taken charge of the situation, and worked with me and my mother to find a suitable adoption scenario. Not only that, he would have commanded my respect. My mother, my sister and I all worshipped the ground upon which he strode like a Colossus. He was, quite simply, a man among men – the architect of our lives – and his death in 1965 was a devastating tragedy for the entire family.

    Casting my (current) sights downward, that left only my ex-boyfriend, with whom I was madly in love as only a giddy 16-year-old can be. If he had looked me in the eye and said, “I wish you wouldn’t….” – that’s all it would have taken. Two seconds – four words – and I would have acquiesced. Of course, that was beyond him and his moral capabilities. Recently, I confided all this to a (former) colleague and she regarded me with a mixture of compassion and bemusement, astounded at the fact that “two tickets to Tahiti” wouldn’t have been required as an incentive to those four words. But they wouldn’t have.

    Let us not underestimate fathers – not now, not ever.

    Continuing on this subject, I see that one of the police involved in Friday’s fiasco was female. Her life circumstances are none of my business, and I don’t know if she ever peruses this website, but if she can look at the accompanying picture(s) and fail to be moved, she must have something I don’t.

    Seeing the picture above, with that precious, beautiful child exuding all the disarming innocence and unfettered joy that our Lord says is rightfully hers, just went straight to my heart.

    And to think: The BTK killer is again haunting Wichita…..there are how many rapes and burglaries every minute in our nation…..and the Wichita police are confiscating dolls and winter coats? There has to be a point here, there just has to be…..I just haven’t found it yet.

  • Dave Garrecht

    I support your cause! Thanks for getting this information out and around.

    However, reading your press release, I’m not told who “Tiller” is; only what he/she did. Should I know?

  • L5

    Yes,if you support ORW and the prolife cause, you should. “Tiller” refers to George Tiller, presently and for at least one decade now, one of the sorrier, more heinous excuses for a health care provider in the U.S. He is an abortionist in Wichita who thrives on shedding the innocent blood of preborn children throughout all nine months of their gestation, tries to justify and sublimate these atrocities by his own refined brand of blasphemy against Christianity (having his victims baptised, “blessed”,etc.) and cremates many of them, Nazi style, in a large incinerator behind his killing chamber.

    For more information about him, look down the right hand side of OR’s home page and click on the “America’s doctor of death” icon.

  • Pat McNutt


    “have something (you) don’t”…or lack something you have?

  • Songbird77

    Mrs. McNutt:

    The absurdities of the past few days – coupled with a monstrous head cold – may have crippled my semantics of late.

    I was attempting to appeal to the sensitivities of the female cop involved in Friday’s freakshow – as one woman to another. Moreover, I feel lousy and am somewhat cranky to boot.

    Owing to a wonderful invention called Advil Liqui-Gels, however, I feel my posts made some sense….

  • Pat


    It was meant as a compliment to you, not a semantic correction.


  • songbird77


    That’s OK. My head is still fuzzy after all this madness.

    I mean, really: The BTK beast is lurking in Wichita again – and the cops are engaging in this kind of lunacy?

    The mind boggles…….the stomach churns…..

  • Pat & family

    We quite understand!

  • Margie Reilly

    As a follower of Jesus Christ, we do not expect better treatment than Our Savior received. Yes, they will insult you. Yes, they will place you in jail. Yes, they will persecute you. Rejoice and be glad for great is your reward in heaven!

    How many of us sidewalk counselors place bags of prolife materials on the ground next to us? Guilty. I am guilty. How many of us have paid unjust fines after having our cars illegally ticketed outside abortion clinics? Guilty.

    I am guilty of littering if it means placing my counseling material next to me on the sidewalk, of parking legally but getting a ticket because I was outside an abortion clinic with time on the meter.

    I also was threatened with arrest more times than I can count: once in D.C. because I was holding an anti-RU486 banner outside the National Cathedral during Bush’s first prayer inaugaural prayer service.

    More recently, I attempted to bring a picture of Our Lady of Guadalupe to the state Capitol in Sacramento, Ca and was threatened by an officer with arrest if I did not put the picture away! So, now even a picture of Our Lady of Guadalupe is too threatening for the prochoice nurses in California to gaze upon!

    To God be the glory now and forever. Amen. Margie

  • Margie Reilly

    I would just like to say how much I enjoyed the First Annual West Coast Walk for Life in the beautiful city of St. Francis: San Francisco, CA.

    The prolife crowd estimate was between seven and ten thousand hearty souls. Estimates of the troublemakers, those “tolerant choicers” were about 1,000. They kept running along side us so I think there were multiple counts of the same individuals. Come to San Francisco. It is a fertile mission ground.

    We took five busses down from the Sacramento area. Seven busloads of prolifers came from Stockton. There were simply thousands of peaceful, holy people marching on the streets waving signs declaring that “Women Deserve Better than Abortion.” What a turnout!

    Despite an organized effort by the SF board of Supervisors to counter our witness, the March For Life West Coast was a beautiful, peaceful witness for the Sanctity of Human Life on the West Coast of our nation. God bless all the people who turned out, God bless the organizers and may God convert the hardened hearts of our prochoice “welcoming committee.”

    Margie Reilly

  • arxetta

    Does anyone think even for a minute that anyone would have been arrested for placing proabortion literature on the sidewalk? Or for providing obscenities, lies and other abuse for the women and children going into Tiller’s death chamber? I don’t; and, that being the case, you’ll surely mention “discrimination” in your list of complaints?

    See, there is no “middle ground” between light and darkness, righteousness and wickedness, life and death, good and evil.

    Now policemen are to be servants of righteousness, a terror to those who do EVIL, aren’t they? But these were terrorizing people doing good.

    When this goes to court, part of the WPD’s correction should be a change in uniform; to brown shirts with swastikas armbands OR a complete about face in attitude and corresponding deportment.

  • steven

    I would be interested in follow-up on this case, esp. the meeting with Wichita police as mentioned in the article. One can only wonder what they have to say for themselves.

  • True or False: I’ve read a report that a mother of a 14 year old minor child was arrested for attempting to halt an abortion procedure on her child in Granite City, Illinois. This story does not appear anywhere in the media. I heard one tiny blurb on Dr. Laura Schlessinger’s radio show and found this press release at the link below.

    Can anybody substantiate this story? Is it TRUE???

    Link Here:

  • OR Staff

    It appears to be true. Here is an article about this outrageous incident.

    We have been in contact with prolifers there and have given some suggestions about what to do about his. We recommend that prolifers always take video and still cameras on the streets with them and be prepared to DOCUMENT what is going on at these death camps. File complaints with the appropriate agencies and then drop press letting the world know AND KEEP DOING IT. Someone will eventually begin to listen.