Troubled Texas Abortion Chain Exporting Problems to Minnesota

Minneapolis, MN — Today, the troubled Whole Women’s Health chain of abortion clinics headquartered in Austin, Texas, has announced that it is taking over operations at Midwest Health Center for Women, a failed abortion clinic in Minneapolis, Minnesota. It has been renamed Whole Women’s Health of the Twin Cities.

“With Whole Women’s Health assuming control this Minneapolis abortion clinic, the people of the Twin Cities area will be placed at additional risk of being subjected to shoddy and possibly illegal practices,” said Troy Newman, president of Operation Rescue and Pro-Life Nation.

Whole Women’s Health recently made headlines in Texas when two of its clinics in Austin and McAllen, were caught during an undercover investigation by Operation Rescue illegally dumping the remains of aborted babies in open and overflowing trash dumpsters. Together with Stericycle, the chain’s medical waste disposal company, the abortion clinics were fined a total of $83,000.

In addition, Operation Rescue filed complaints against several abortionists associated with Whole Women’s Health to the Texas Medical Board, resulting in eight of those abortionists facing Board discipline for numerous allegations, including the illegal dumping of private patient medical records, HIPAA violations, and violations of the Texas informed consent laws. Several WWH abortionists have previous disciplinary histories, including one who was responsible for a patient death.

What is perhaps most troubling is that the CEO of Whole Women’s Health, Amy Hagstrom Miller continues to diminish the seriousness of the abuses and violations that have taken place at her clinics.

“Abortionists that consider themselves above the law, or are willing to misrepresent the truth present grave dangers to the public,” said Newman. “If these people were willing to break the law in Texas, we fully expect them to break the law in Minnesota. We plan to watch this clinic very closely in the future and will not hesitate to report them to authorities when – not if – violations are found, just like we did in Texas.”

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  • akem

    Is that her Halloween picture? Is she really blond?

  • Anonymous

    WOW! I visited the Minnesota clinic in March and ended up not going through with the procedure. The place was hard to find. It seemed sketchy but once we actually found it, it seemed like a normal doctors office. To see all these girls faces, mine included, knowing what was going to happen in the next few hours, made my stomach sick. Thankfully, my boyfriend pulled me aside and said we dont have to/shouldn’t go through with it. I was so relieved. After that, we told them we didn’t want to do it and they were a little hesitant, but let me do an ultrasound there. The ultrasound tech explained how she pretty much had no idea what she was doing (that scared me) and she was rude about the whole situation. I am so glad I didn’t go through with the procedure. (the whole trip down March 5th was a horrible snow storm. As soon as we left the clinic, the roads were clear and the snow had stopped. I can deffinatly say this way fate (the weather trying to prevent us from making it there))
    To hear about the way this place was run in Texas really scares me thinking what could’ve happened to me or my baby.
    More people NEED to hear/know about this!!!

  • John Trenter

    Thank you so much for your honest and helpful telling of your experience at WWC in MPLS. Whole women? Really? I thank God that he saved you from making a bad choice that could affect your life negatively. I have met only 2 or 3 women who have said that they wish they had not kept their children, thousands the opposite. I counsel at WWC regularly and would love it if you contacted me privately at the E-mail above. Thank you for shedding some light for us on “Whole Womans.”