To Vote or Not to Vote, That is the Question


By Troy Newman, President, Operation Rescue

Should I, or should I not, vote for Trump? That is the question racing through my mind since my man, Senator Ted Cruz, dropped out the race. For the record, I was with Cruz from the beginning. The Senator is a principled, pro-life conservative. That is why I backed him all the way to the end. But, now that Cruz is out of the race, I’m faced with a decision – can I vote for Trump?

So, here is what we know: Either it will be President Donald Trump, or (shudder), President Hillary Rodham Clinton and First Lady Bill… If those are really the only two options, I think it might be a simple choice.

Now, before you decide I’ve lost my moral compass, let me cut you off at the pass. I know everything negative that could be said about the Donald – and then some. Yes, Donald has said and done many things that most Christians would find despicable. Shockingly (yes, even to myself), I think I can still vote for him.

To explain my reasoning, I’ve created a pithy acronym out of Trump’s name. These are the reasons I can vote for Trump, and against Hillary Clinton.

Take back the Supreme Court. In order for this country to survive, we must dial back the Supremes. In just the last few years the Court has mandated that we purchase a health care product, marry homosexuals, and is now poised to strike down common sense abortion laws. Hillary has promised more of the same; Trump has promised the opposite. So, Trump wins the SCOTUS vote.

Remove and Replace. Trump has pledged to remove and replace the Abortion Cartel Bailout AKA ObamaCare, and the countless bad laws created by Obama and far-left enablers in Congress. Hillary will absolutely maintain and further them.

Undo! Undo it all. I know Obama ran on “change.” I say change it back! Undo all that “change” and bring America back to some form of sanity. Undo the HHS mandates on abortion subsidies. Undo the EPA mandates that are crippling businesses. Undo the countless, and dare I say illegal, executive orders made by Obama. Trump has a mind to do this.

Make America Great Again. Trump’s nationalistic fervor is appealing. And, I have to admit I like it. Pro-life legislation will help put America back on track. Obama has been making terrible deals all over the world, and the good ol’ U-S-of-A gets the short end of the stick every time. That must stop. Together, we can make America great again – but not under Hillary. Never under Hillary.

Prosecute Planned Parenthood. We have helped expose the dreadful practice of harvesting and selling baby body parts for a large profit. It’s high time these people are taken off the Federal welfare dole, and Trump, for what it’s worth, has promised to prosecute these monsters. Yes, sir, I’ll take that too. Hillary, on the other hand, we already know is Cecile Richards’ BFF. Absolutely nothing doing if she wins.

These are my five very pragmatic reasons why I can vote FOR Donald Trump and AGAINST Hillary Clinton. I know these reasons don’t take into account whether or not Trump is saved, if he is a good father, or even if he is totally honest in his business deals. But, at least he knows how to make money and balance a checkbook. Something Hillary Clinton has never done.

So, yes, I can vote for Trump, but I’m stopping short on an endorsement. If Trump wants the pro-life vote, then he is going to have to earn our support.

Donald Trump needs to name 3 or 4 Supreme Court Justices that he would appoint. He needs to codify his promise to defund Planned Parenthood. He needs to ensure that the pro-life position in the GOP platform is left untouched, or, better yet, made stronger by adding “Defund PP” language! And, we all know that personnel are policy. I’d like to see Trump pre-appoint a cabinet. Who would be his Attorney General to prosecute Planned Parenthood? Who would be the HHS Secretary ensuring that the abortion mandate in ObamaCare is abolished?

Absent these concrete assurances, mine could only be one vote. However, given some rock solid promises, single votes can multiply into a presidency.


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    • Harold Sammons


    • Andrew

      Congratulation Mr. Troy Newman. I’m with you 100 percent. God Bless you.

    • Andrew


    • Alan Wood

      You are completely WRONG! The Rump will put more baby killers on the Supreme Court. He will not remove obummercare, just replace it with rumpcare – socialist medicine is wrong! He never gives any details on how he will “make America Great again”, because he has no plans. You are a complete fool if you think he will prosecute Planned Butcherhood – he will try to give them even more to continue their slaughter of innocent babies. NEVERRUMP! And NEVERCLINTON either. Do the right thing – write in Ted Cruz!

    • olbassman

      It amazes me that a criminal like Clinton is one of two choices for the president of my beloved country. It terrifies me to know that Obama was given 8 years in which to fundamentally destroy this country and those same sycophant voters will elect Hillary unless we stop them. Mr. Trump is now our best hope to do just that . Obama has America on its knees – Hillary will put her in her grave.

    • A. Lee Morris Jr.

      Held my nose, voted McCain, shot down in flames! Held nose, voted Romney, same thing! Ditto! Won’t be “played” again! If “Da Donald” wants my vote, convince me you’re a “Conservative!” Playing “along to get along” & Let’s “make a deal” got old long time ago!!!

    • Indeed, ThAT is the question.

      See blog article “Salvation by Election” at

      An expanded audio presentation can be found at

    • KT

      Really! How immature your statement is…..The Born again Christians in this Nation is what is keeping God’s Judgement from destroying this Nation! DON’T be a fool!!!!

    • Penny Worth ’75

      I’m glad you stopped short of endorsement. I’m not going to insist on a Born-again Christian, but I will insist on someone who understands the Bill of Rights. I agree to gain endorsement he should be willing to name who he might appoint to the Supreme Court to replace Scalia, and that PP (AKA Planned (un)Parenthood) should not receive federal funds, nor should Obamacare’s abortion mandate be enforced. Trump does not have any record that can be pointed to. SO I will watch and pray and hope for a REAL alternative to the two party gridlock. It’s time for a third party to have a chance, as the two major parties care little about principle anymore.

    • Carol

      I agree with you, Troy Newman.

    • Terry Adams-Stromsky
    • I’m sick of hearing that voting for a third party is “tossing my vote away.” It is not; it is expressing my right to vote for the person that I think will do the best job. I plan to vote for Darrell Castle of the Constitution Party. Really, no one’s single vote means anything anyway so I might as well vote for the person I truly believe in.

    • Socrates92

      Perhaps true, but irrelevant with respect to the question of who to vote for.

    • Lee Neil

      Mr. Trump has my vote and all but one of my relatives.

    • Lee Neil

      I agree with Elaine. Your analogy is perfect. Sure wish I were that clever!

    • Lee Neil

      I believe you mis-understood jlcam; my read on the statement was actually a compliment to Born again Christians, (I’m still covered under my “Tri-Immersion” baptism when I was 12 years old), and jlcam was stating how important Christians are. Offense was the last thing I thought about with the statement. Please KT lighten up.

    • Lee Neil

      Agree with you Mike, but, ya better think about what will happen with a Socialist, or worse, Supreme Court that Ms. Rodham-Clinton will put in.

    • Big Iron

      Since 1933 America has only had two “real” Presidents worthy of the American people.

      The first was John Kennedy who was thought to be an “insider” because his father Joe Kennedy was “promised” that one of his sons would BE President (can anyone say a fixed election) for his part in creating the market crash of 1929. John WON and then showed his true colors and became an “outsider”; he told the Pope that HE would not be HIS (the Pope’s) “puppet!” Since 1933 every Pope privately accepts the allegiance of the US President. I believe that JFK was intent upon restoring our Republic and reversing the damage that FDR did in 1933 which among other things made the President a statutory dictator who was under certain circumstances not subject to Congressional oversight; only a sitting President can do that. He was of course murdered before he could fully accomplish the task he had begun.

      The second was Ronald Reagan who was an “outsider”. No one thought HE would win the nomination much less the Presidency. There was evidently an attempt on his life before the election which as we know failed. Reagan issued an EO to create the Grace Commission and investigate the Budget and the IRS. When the Report came to Reagan he decided to implement the results which would possibly have SAVED the US more than 10 trillion USD by 2000. Reagan was shot by Hinkley (a failed assassination attempt) but Reagan got the message and followed his orders from that point on.

      I believe that Trump will try to “restore” our Republic and will do so if the people support him.

    • Big Iron

      ObamaCare SHOULD NOT BE REDONE; IT should be destroyed! it’s a piece of garbage which is what it was always intended to be! We need to start over and do something that is “Constitutional” and efficient!

      Trump has already said that he will not be held to anything HE says. That to me says that he is going to consider his actions on the best information he can garner before he does anything. I like that.

      Trump ISthe man of the day.

    • Sid sees her

      Being a realist, we only have one real choice but you have to ask yourself one question, do you like the last eight years of a amature black community organizer with the idea he has to bring America to it’s knees or a crooked female that has the same agenda of the previous criminal? Or vote for a business man who wants to make America Great Again? Now how simple can that be?

    • Mindy Robinson

      Was Cyrus a godly man? No , he was not, despite that, He did do the will of the Lord. Now, keep in mind, Yahweh doesn’t force anyone to do his will, Cyrus did so willingly. hillary has already proven she will never do the will of The Lord, she mocks Him, she set’s herself up as if she is over him. Mr. Trump, appears , to be some one who is willingly to The Lord’s will. Cyrus freed the Israelite’s and funded the rebuilding of the second temple. Cyrus is a king mentioned more than 30 times in the Bible and is identified as Cyrus the Great (also Cyrus II or Cyrus the Elder) who reigned over Persia between 539—530 BC. This pagan king is important in Jewish history because it was under his rule that Jews were first allowed to return to Israel after 70 years of captivity.

    • HENRI