Tiller the Killer Strikes Again: Botched Abortion Pictures
Mom may pay for it with her life!

Another botched abortion at Tiller's Abortion MillWICHITA, KS — The Abortion Capital of the World experienced another tragedy today when late-term abortionist George R. Tiller escorted his latest victim to the hospital via a speeding ambulance. The woman apparently suffered severe complications after visiting Tiller’s late-term abortion mill earlier today. Tiller has been quoted as saying that he transports women to the hospital only if they receive life-threatening injuries during abortions at his outpatient clinic.

Photos available here.

The paramedics were called to Tiller’s killing center (Women’s Heath Care Services) today just before 11:00am. Soon after arriving, an African American woman, visibly writhing in pain, was rushed into the waiting ambulance. “The sirens roared and the lights flashed as they sped toward the Emergency Room of Wesley Medical Center,” said Troy Newman, Operation Rescue President and eyewitness at the scene. The woman’s condition – or even if she survived her injuries – is unknown.

Wesley Medical Center has long been associated with the notorious abortionist Tiller, who has been dubbed ’Tiller the Killer’ not only for his abortion business, but also for the frequency with which women are transported to the hospital via ambulance after receiving abortion services. “The Wesley cover-up continues,” said Newman, “but the pictures prove the deadly connection between the contract killer and his collaborators.” (see more on abortion collaborators)

“But the plot thickens,” said Newman. “On duty today was the equally notorious baby butcher, Leroy Carhart, from Lincoln, Nebraska.” Carhart was propelled into the national spotlight when his legal challenge to Nebraska’s ban on partial birth abortion won a Supreme Court victory in the spring of 2000.

“It is safe to assume this un-dynamic duo of Carhart and Tiller, two of only a handful of abortionists willing to abort babies into the latest terms of pregnancy, were in fact committing the most despicable violation on a viable pre-born baby – first delivering the baby’s feet and torso, then sucking his brains from his skull before fully delivering the dead infant.”

Newman continued, “But this time the complication are severe. Late-term abortion may be legal but it is never safe. I challenge you to look at the face of this black mother and tell me she isn’t wishing she had never met Tiller and Carhart.”

  • FrogPlague

    How many botched abortions does this make… just this year?

    Who was the bort today?
    Perhaps too tired from flying in from Calif or other states? Perhaps Tiller is scrapping the bottom of the barrel to get baby killers?

    Looks like they are getting more and more sloppy.

  • abortionresister

    I just moved to Northern Ca from Las Vegas.What kind of “killer watch” do they have here?

  • Jael2

    Leroy Carhart strikes again! He’s a notorious baby-butcher, women maimer, and animal abuser (hey, where is PETA when you need them!) He has a history of bizarre behavior, ranging from leaving a women on the table during an abortion, then going outside and throwing rocks at the window, to talking on the phone while murdering a baby. Not to mention starving horses…..I ask again where is PETA!

    No one should be shocked at today’s events. The man is demon possessed.

  • peggy

    Maybe this will wake up the prolifers who think voting for George W. Bush will stop the child killing in the USA.

    How many dead babies/mothers does it take to wake up a nation?

  • Feminist For Life

    I will readily admit that I am horrified by late-term abortions. I am horrified by second-trimester abortions; moreover, I am still attempting to heal from my own first-trimester abortion nearly 30 years ago. Back in 1975, I never thought it possible for anyone to undergo this operation after eight weeks; I guess I was quite naive, as I was unschooled about a lot of things back then.

    If the fetus is already dead or cannot survive childbirth, then I can understand a physician struggling valiantly to save both lives, and likely losing the baby. And if this occurs – no one is at fault. Even my former church allowed its physicians to try to save both – not overtly undermining either – and would thereby be held blameless if tragedy occurred. However, the procedure for “stillbirthing” the infant as described in today’s article is horrifying.

    I do not know the circumstances of this woman’s calamity, but I pray she will survive. I cannot claim to have walked in her shoes, so I do not blame the mother. However, for the first time I have grave concerns about the physicians involved with this latest tragedy. Unlike their employees, the doctors live in gated homes, far from the madding crowd and/or public scrutiny. I am not prepared to say (yet) that any of these doctors are evil people – but I believe that the morality of abortion needs to be discussed in much greater length – for the sake of men and women everywhere.

    I also believe a more thorough investigation should be conducted into the procedures utilized for 2nd and 3rd trimester abortions. I am having grave difficulty understanding how doctors can do this – and only this – for a living.

    I must admit that I’m woefully uninformed about the reasons for late-term abortions. If this woman’s health were in danger (and I’m not doubting that it was), shouldn’t her physicians have warned her pre-conception? Or am I being naive again? Are there situations whereby a woman cannot survive a Caesarian operation.

    I am no stranger to health issues that preclude successful childbearing. At the age of 31, I knew (and my doctors knew) that I could never allow pregnancy to occur. So, I’ve ensured that it hasn’t happened. But I don’t believe that nearly 30 years of celibacy is the manner in which many of us would wish to live. Were I to become pregnant, tragedy would ensue – either this week, next week or the week after that. So, I obviously feel great empathy for this poor woman today. May God please grant her a speedy return to health. Further, may He please inform the consciences of our medical personnel to find a better way. Women everywhere deserve as much.

  • william smith




  • “Rachel” (Feminista For Life)

    Mutual masturbation? Really now, Mr. Smith. Don’t confuse the rest of us with a beret-wearing intern and her brain-dead boss.

    Non-abortifacient family planning is needed, sir. My maternal grandmother nearly died in childbirth in 1925. They didn’t perform many caesarian sections in those days, and she nearly perished from blood poisoning (forceps birth). Had she not been able to recuperate until 1929, she would not have been alive to gift the world (and our Lord) with my beautiful Mother, who remains a woman of such nonpareil luminescence that she lights up a room with aplomb.

    Hard-working spouses cannot enjoy satisfactory marriages if they are unduly worried about unsuitable family planning methods. This unassailable fact caused the seismic impact of “Humanae Vitae” to tear my former church apart – and it has never fully recovered.

    Oh, and one other thing: Had my mother not been born, I would not be sitting here.

    How much do you hate those Trojans now??????

  • jerry


    your post lacks coherency….

    stopping the killing will require just such a president as we have now….but it ultimately will involve the appointment of constitutionally honorable justices, and president bush has nominated several – unfortunately, liberals like ted kennedy, tom dashle, and others are blocking these judges from even being given a vote.

    again, i must say, before making a post, you may wish to actually have something to back up your assertions – abortion is an isiduous cancer on the soul of america, and the tentacles of its octopus-like hold are very strongly attached after 31 years. of course roe should be overturned. but no prolifer is so naive as to think that one man can undo 31 years of bad law with the stroke of a pen….it is far more complicated than that….if the system is allowed to work, then judges will ultimately overturn roe.

    therefore, the key is to elect more prolife senators and congressman, who will vote to confirm prolife judges, who will do the right thing.

  • jerry


    you’re aware, i would hope, that there is a nationwide organization with the moniker “feminists for life” – are you not? perhaps you should go to their website and become a member….

    i don’t understand your post, really.

    you say you don’t understand the motives of abortionists in doing what they do…..well, as rush would say, whenever you don’t understand why something goes on – FOLLOW THE MONEY. and therein lies your answer. they kill babies for MONEY. that is their motive, and the abortion industry makes 1/2 billion dollars a year doing just that.

    secondly, i don’t understand how you say ‘i don’t blame the woman’ – and then – ‘i’m not prepared to say that the (abortionists) are evil’. can we at least agree that what they DO is evil? but perhaps you just haven’t fully thought this through. yes, some women chose to abort because they are lied to and uninformed. but most know fully well what they are doing when they submit to the procedure. if men and women are responsible for the choice to have sex, and they clearly are, then each person who chooses abortion is undoubtedly responsible for choosing to end the life of their own child.

    in any case, i appreciate some of your thoughtful questions – please continue your research and you will discover the answers to them. here’s a couple starting points, if i may:



    in addition to the above, try going to:


  • Femme For Life

    Hello, Jerry: Hey, I’m the same woman you spoke to recently on the Rolling Stone article message thread. (I left a new message a couple days ago.) However, I’ll say it again: I cannot thank you enough for apprising me of the URLs for the organizations geared toward the post-abortive woman. One of them in particular (FeministsForLife) has certainly stoked my interest. It seems that their philosophies are very much in line with my own – and I’m looking forward to contacting them and seeing how my strengths and experiences can help them.

    Yes, you are correct, sir: My post above has ambiguities – but they are honest concerns – and heartfelt ones, too. Further, we DO agree – 110% – on a very important point: The evil attendant to abortion (especially late abortions) MUST be addressed – strongly – and soon. Here is what I want to see happen – IMMEDIATELY: I want EVERY doctor who performs these late abortions (including Dr. Tiller) to explain the reasons for these procedures. I want to know WHY this poor woman was allowed to writhe in agony on her way to the hospital. (Have you ever heard of Vicodin or its relatives, Dr. Tiller? Trust me, they work. I endured a wretched back injury in 2001 – and they literally saved my sanity – several dozen times over.) Third, I would like to know why, if this woman’s pregnancy placed her life in grave danger, she was not HOSPITALIZED instead of treated at a clinic. I cannot agree with you enough, Jerry: Moreover, this event has left me profoundly shaken.

    Further, I know how agonized I have been over my own abortion (six weeks from conception). How are late-term post-abortive women to deal with the realities of their situation? As I too am a post-abortive woman, this empathy is what is likely driving my lack of judgment of the mother involved here. Was she lacking in adequate prenatal care? Was she uninsured? Could she have been a battered wife or girlfriend? We just don’t know.

    I understand the point you are making, though. Many people ARE disrespectful (both of themselves and others), careless and untroubled about their actions. However, I must remind you that I was 16 when I became pregnant. I tried – I prayed – I obtained birth control pills – all in a valiant effort to be strong and avoid catastrophe. I was not morally vagrant, and I was madly in love. If my ex-boyfriend had asked me to continue the pregnancy, I would have. Needless to say, he did not do so (I won’t elaborate on that here).

    Jerry, I have met many good, kind and noble people this summer who truly believe that life does not begin at conception. In early 1975, I agreed with this theory. Isn’t it somewhat telling that I had to have HAD an abortion to harbor the grave concerns and sorrow that have touched my life for so long?

    My opinion is this: One of the most perverse aspects of (first trimester) abortion is that its evil is not immediately palpable, especially to a young girl in peril. One’s initial reaction of overwhelming relief soon gives way to something far more profound, inexorable and troubling. That’s one reason why I believe that programs like True Love Waits (for young people) are vital. Young persons simply lack the judgment, maturity, and foresight to handle this gift from God – a singularly beautiful gift that is meant for adults.

    So, to address your concerns: Yes, there are complexities in my earlier views, and I must work to come to terms with them. I will admit that this latest episode has shaken me to my core. I find it rather peculiar that Kansas, my home state, has very liberal abortion restrictions…..while my home town (150 miles from Wichita) betrayed some of the most prurient, repressive and harmful social attitudes on the planet. That sort of cruelty and psychosis were precisely the reasons why I had the abortion (not excluding my ex-boyfriend’s behavior). I sincerely hope the doctors involved with this tragedy will be held accountable – and that they will be required to avert further disaster.

  • jerry


    i appreciate your candor and obviously depth.

    forgive me if i’ve been less than compassionate – i actually have a ministry outreach for post-abortive people, of which my sister is one….

    if there is anything i can do to help you, please let me know…. you may contact me at boynhisguitar@hotmail.com

    by the way, i’ve always said that men are the primary reason why abortion is legal – they are the ones who coerce women into aborting and the ones who are too gutless to step up to the plate and be men when they’ve impregnated a woman….
    these same men, from their own warped perspectives, ‘benefit’ from legal abortion, in the sense that they are able to weasel out of being fathers…. and women and children are hurt as a result….

    in my view, the key to stopping abortion is the post-abortive woman, who has the strength to step up and say ‘i regret my abortion’, like the silent no more ladies do….that takes tremendous courage, like that which you’ve demonstrated.

    true feminism, in my view, recognizes pregnancy and motherhood, and is fully supportive of same. God bless you.

  • Femme For Life

    Jerry: I, too, admire people like your sister for speaking out and being courageous. However, I’d venture to say that she’s probably more courageous than I am at this point. I suffered so much maltreatment (and not only from my ex) at such a young age, that I’m scared – no other way to put it. To “reclaim” myself and my reputation, I had to literally turn myself inside out and become something I wasn’t. It was excruciating – but it worked. People accepted me once again – as if I hadn’t been a good person in the first darned place.

    And, you know what? I resent it. I resent that I had to undergo these contortionistic exercises, while my ex faced no social stigma whatsoever. No one respected him, but he didn’t suffer, either.

    You are so correct in that abortion has (very frequently) allowed so many men to divorce themselves from their actions, from their women, and from their children. As women, we want our men to pay child support (rightly) and be connected; thus, we shouldn’t be allowed to have it both ways when men behave honorably. Of course, I didn’t have it any way at all. My ex removed himself from the situation – by his own choice and/or despicable behavior.

    I can’t stress it enough: recent events in Wichita have caused deep and agonizing doubts. Moreover, I’m having grave difficulties reconciling the Clinic’s chaplaincy services to the “aborted fetus” with the abortions themselves – although I’m not impugning the chaplain at all. He is not the individual performing the abortions, or causing the pregnancies. He truly seems like a good and decent man who is untroubled by this practice. But it’s making me very uneasy. It’s making me sad, too – because this gentleman has evidently been stricken with cancer.

    I’ll let you know how my communications with Feminists For Life progress. (I’ve made note of your E-Mail address.) When I accessed their site this week, I discovered that there doesn’t seem to have been much 2004 activity in the way of personal testimonies, public activism, etc. But I could be wrong. I’ve already sent an E-Mail to them, so hopefully they’ll respond soon – and help me decide how best to proceed.

    Have a safe holiday weekend!


  • Michelle G.

    Can you say “eugenics at work”? Margaret Sanger would be proud. Even though that woman is responsible for her child’s death, I pray that God would heal her, and that she would come to repentance for killing her child (so she won’t die in her sins). These abortionists don’t care about human life–preborn OR otherwise. How can you expect them to honor anyone’s life if they can heartlessly murder infants on a regular basis?

    I, too, was 16 when I became pregnant and had an abortion. I listened to my family and my ex-boyfriend when, in my heart, I knew it wasn’t what I wanted to do. But, praise the Lord, I was saved in 1999, five years later.

    The only people who got any ‘benefit’ was my irresponsible ex-boyfriend and my parents, who were embarressed by my being pregnant. After all the guilt, grief, depression, and fits of rage, my father still has the gall to say that I should vote for Kerry because “you want your girls to be able to have the choice.” I should have told him right then what I believe, and yet I buckled. I worry that my parents will want nothing to do with me if I tell them the truth. So far, the best I’ve done is a lousy pro-life sticker in my car window. It’s wrong, I know. I should fear God, not them. But thinking back, do I want our girls learning this worldly rhetoric from my parents? And what was his statement saying about them? I mean, he’s assuming that they will get pregnant before marriage, too!

    I have a lot to pray about. If anyone can help me out on that end, it would be greatly appreciated. BTW, http://www.abortionbreastcancer.com has some good information about the link. They also cite a study where pregnant women with diagnosed breast cancer who didn’t abort had a better chance of survival than the ones who aborted (none survived).

  • Pearl

    As an African-American woman, I am concerned that this was a member of my race who was injured so badly during the abortion. I am also concerned that African-Americans make up about 13% of the U.S. population but have 36% of the abortions nowadays. This seems to explain the high rate of difficult-to-treat breast cancer among Black women under the age of 45. These younger women actually have higher rates of breast cancer than white women. Black women over 60 have lower rates of breast cancer than white women.

  • Femme For Life

    Michelle G.:

    It sounds to me as though your religious beliefs play a large role in your life. If you are still in pain – even so many years later – I would encourage you to listen to me for a moment – and then pick up the phone and contact any of the following: 1) The pastor of your church; 2) A compassionate clergy of any church; 3) A trained counselor who specializes in post-abortive women; and/or 4) A highly skilled counselor (it can be a licensed social worker, psychologist or psychiatrist).

    One caveat: If you are not a Catholic, I would not encourage you to speak with a priest. The Vatican’s policies are among the most prohibitive (if not the most prohibitive) in the world, and I cannot stomach the thought of another (former) 16-year-old dealing with its doctrinal tyranny.) If, however, you are Catholic, I would make every effort to speak with a younger priest – someone for whom the fresh winds of Vatican II still gather. Many older priests may prescribe to outdated views, and I cannot bear to have you hear what women 50 years ago heard from their confessors. (It doesn’t even bear repeating – nor does the current Pontiff subscribe to those views.) As I left the Church in 1989, I am no longer ruled by Vatican dogma, although I am still respectful of much of it.

    If there is any good to be derived from this wrenching issue, 31 years after Roe Vs. Wade, it is this: 99% of the clergy are far more compassionate, empathetic and measured in their words than they used to be. Further, please understand this: You were exactly the same age as I was when I became pregnant. Sixteen-year-olds are not old enough to vote, Michelle!!!! We simply did not have the maturity or wherewithal to deal with this situation effectively. (It sounds like you faced the exact same pressures that I faced: With one exception: My beautiful Mother would have been supportive had I continued the pregnancy. Owing to financial constraints, she probably would have had to (temporarily) relinquish me into the care of others, but it could have been done.) But, there’s a lot of “ifs” – especially when I look back.

    Therefore, I would strongly urge you to contact someone – right now. You state that you have already received forgiveness for this event. Why are you still in “fear” of God? If this “fear” is influencing you to avoid all future abortions, then I can certainly relate. But you do not deserve any more pain that you have already endured. As my parish priest told me, “The Lord is merciful!” As the Pope has said recently, “Let not your hearts be troubled for your unborn children, for they are residing with the Lord.” Michelle, you must relinquish the heaviness in your heart to your God, Higher Power or whatever deity you believe in. Please don’t allow yourself to suffer needlessly, and be afflicted with major depression as I was. (Note: My conversion to Catholicism did not prevent this catastrophic illness from striking.) It takes work, but you must learn to be happy and to forgive yourself. You were only 16! So was I, and it was as if my brain were extracted from my skull, placed in cold storage, and preserved in amber. Thankfully, I’ve got it back, and I’ve been prevailing proudly ever since.

    Trust me, I know what you are going through – and it is not an anguish I would survive again. I just met with my doctor today, and he said, “We’ve all done things we regret, or wish we could have done differently. But the important thing is to learn from it, move on and grow – and prosper.”

    My extreme youth weighs heavily on the amount of self-criticism (i.e., the burden of guilt) that i allow myself. The sorrow, however, remains. But it’s bearable. And it doesn’t weigh me down. So, please, walk away from the computer, pick up the phone and call a compassionate listener – before you suffer any longer.

    Pearl: I grieve for this woman, no matter what race she may have been. I sincerely do not believe that these medical practitioners give any thought to race; what they do give credence to is something deeply troubling to me. Today, my doctor stated that “these late term abortions are done only when the baby is already dead or has no brain.” That does not gell with some of the procedures Dr. Tiller evidently performs. When I mentioned this, my doctor said, “I don’t have all the facts.”

    Obviously, I was not placated by this statement. If a woman’s life is in danger, she has no business being in a clinic – any clinic. She needs to be in a hospital. She needs to have an army of medical professionals attending her, and she shouldn’t be writhing in agony on her way to the hospital. I am horrified by this, and it seems I’ve been quite naive about our abortion parameters. As I am naive no longer, I must find a way to help others. But I don’t know what I could have done to help this poor woman – and I do hope she has survived this nightmare.

  • jerry


    one way to answer that comment from your dad is – “the choice to what – have your grandchild killed?” another approach might be to tell him that you don’t believe abortion helps women, but rather, hurts them. there is PLENTY of evidence of this:


    i know it’s hard, and i am very sorry for your pain, but don’t ever be afraid to speak the truth.
    people such as your father are totally out of touch with reality, and perhaps something you might say would cause the scales to fall off his eyes. all of us need to speak out…our silence tends to guarantee more of abortions and more pain for women who’ve been lied to and deceived.

    femme –

    i’m also sorry for your pain as well, and would urge you, michelle and others to contact the local crisis pregnancy center and/or rachel’s vineyard. the cpcs have trained counselors who will listen and talk to you confidentially about a past abortion decision, and no offense to any priest or pastor – they are far more knowledgeable about this matter, generally speaking.

    i do think it’s a stretch for you to call abortionists “medical practitioners” – what they are is hired killers, plain and simple. real doctors “do no harm” and seek to heal and save lives. abortion is an abberation and NOT a normal medical procedure – go to this site for more info:


    incidentally, the abortionists don’t give any thought to color, as long as it’s ‘green’….in other words, if you have the money, they will contract with you to have your child killed. but if you study the founder of PP, margaret sanger (read “grand illusions” by george grant) you will find that she was totally racist, believing that blacks and other people were ‘undesirables’. she wanted those people targeted for abortion. even today, you will see PP abortion mills located in poor, primarily black, neighborhoods….the essence of her beliefs are still held by the major abortion groups, though they won’t admit it.
    proof of this is how aggressively the clinton administration forced abortion on to third world countries, on the notion that having abortion available and promoted in those countries would mean less population in need of food and resources….

    and the understatement of the day is the comment your doctor made “I don’t have all the facts.” he is as uninformed as they come. his comments about late term abortions are pure nonsense….

    your compassion for these other women is noted and greatly appreciated….i would urge you to volunteer at your local cpc and you will be in a position to help them on a daily basis.

  • jerry


    appreciate your comments….

    the so-called pastor that baptises these aborted babies and absolves their mothers is, in my view, facilitating evil by trying to whitewash it. he is attempting to provide spiritual cover for the evil that is abortion, and his actions are totally out of the will of God. for one thing, as you say, he ‘has no problem’ with abortion….and any moral person, upon knowing even the basic facts about how abortions are performed, would be shocked and appalled. but he is not – he’s perfectly at ease with baby killing.

    his behavior is morally bankrupt and inexcusable.

    feminists for life might be a good organization for you to touch bases with, but a far better one, in my view, is either silent no more or rachel’s vineyard.


    God bless you.

  • “Rachel”

    Jerry: I’m sorry – “Femme For Life” and “Rachel” are the same entity (and that’s moi – and there’s only one of me, which is probably a good thang). I just didn’t want to become what Pete Townsend of the Who once said of himself: “I may be an old fahrt – but not BORING!” But my longtime doctor, the doctor I have been seeing faithfully for more than 6 years, has told me more than once that, “You ain’t boring – that’s for sure!”

    Now, about my doctor: He is a psychiatrist, not an ob/gyn – and he says that he learned in medical school that late term abortions must follow certain medical protocol (i.e., when the baby is already dead or has no brain waves). When I mentioned this latest tragedy in Wichita, he said that he hadn’t heard about it, and he just stated that he “didn’t know everything about it.” Just a FYI here: My doctor, who is, I believe, an Agnostic (but still a very decent and moral man) – has studied the abortion issue very carefully. “I’m not only a doctor, but I’m a scientist too,” he told me last month. “I’m against abortion,” he said with evident emotion. “For cases of rape, I believe women should be treated immediately to PREVENT pregnancy, not address pregnancy after it occurs, if it’s at all within their power.”

    Today, for the first time, I harbored the impression that he himself may have had personal experience with this matter, but I didn’t ask, of course. Having the right doctor can mean the difference between triumph over major depression (which can often be fatal) and succumbing to it. This doctor, coupled with a health care professional who helped me several years ago, has provided invaluable assistance.

    Yes, I promise you that I’ll look into the two additional organizations you mentioned. Just as an aside: I briefly accessed Project Rachel’s website earlier this summer when these feelings resurfaced after so long. Project Rachel originates from Catholicism; as an ex-Catholic, I had complicated feelings about this. My trepidations were confirmed after reading of some of their methods of helping post-abortive women. I have no doubt that this program has helped to heal countless women, and for that they have my deepest respect and appreciation. But I know myself, and I do not believe their practices are for me. (i.e., When a Catholic lay person uses harsher language than a confessor himself, there’s something inherently flawed there, in my view.)

    About Wichita’s chaplain…………Jerry, I have a pain in my heart. Not only that, the post-abortive “memorials” have turned me inside out. Not necessarily in condemnation of anyone, but in profound discomfiture with the ideology itself – given that the pregnancy was intentionally terminated – not a miscarriage caused by Mother Nature. It’s not that I disdain the fetus receiving blessings – because he or she is blameless. But I am very saddened, given that everything I have read about this gentleman has been positive. I had been planning a possible trip through Wichita later this year (on my way home to see my beautiful Mother), and I very much wished to perhaps meet with the chaplain, but my doctor today strongly cautioned me against it. “You’re too emotionally invested in this issue,” he intoned gravely. “Stay away from that place.”

    Well, young man – thank you again for the assistance. If I can make my voice count, and perhaps influence someone – anyone – who is thinking of making the same mistake I did so long ago, then I can die a happy woman – whenever that time comes. And, as for your sister, let me just give you some sage advice (since I am your elder – by far, I suspect): Love her……love her….and love her some more. (I’m sure you already do – but I just wanted to add my own 20 cents.)

    “Rachel”, er, “Femme For Life”, er, “Sybil” (that was a joke…..)

  • jerry


    thanks for the insight….regarding rachel’s vineyard, that is definitely supported and founded by the catholic church – but it’s really non-denominational. i don’t know anything about ‘harsh language’ – every rachel’s vineyard retreat leader i’ve had interaction with is post-abortive, healed, and very compassionate towards the women (and men) that come to their retreats. perhaps you got the wrong impression for some reason… in addition, i’ve found that the catholic church has led in literally every aspect of this issue – when the protestant churches were doing next to nothing about abortion, the catholic church was already addressing it, confronting it, and rachel’s vineyard was formed to try and help post-abortive women heal and be whole again.

    thanks for the insight about your doctor – i would agree that you should not meet with the so-called chaplain at tiller’s clinic…..what good would it serve? far better that you would continue on your quest for personal healing and in doing so, help other women. i wish you the very best in that.

    incidentally, i’m 43. but thanks for saying i’m young – i actually am – at heart.

  • Andy

    In brief:

    Procured abortion, which necessarily includes abortifacient contraceptives, violates the single most fundamental life of the child – life.

    Artificial contraceptives, from condoms to creams, annihilate the percieved dignity of human life, reducing the sex act to another one of life’s many unsatisfying pleasures, and reducing our respect for its awesome natural powers.

    The use of contraceptives, including between monogomous married couples, is indeed effectually mutual masturbation, and will and does inevitably wear on a couples’ mutual respect for themselves and each other, causing distressed marital relations frequently resulting in divorce.

    The Catholic Church, contrary to popular opinion, has changed none of its teachings regarding sexuality since Vatican II, and never will. “Younger” priests who challenge this fact are welcome to list the seminary in which they recieved their formation, and they in turn will be turned over to the proper Ecclesiastical authority for reprimand, correction, or dismissal. Truth does not change. Values change, but priciples do not. Contraception violates nature, violates human dignity, and violates God. Catholics who dissent from Catholic teaching would do well to explore why the Church teaches what it does, and they will find sound faith, sound reason, and sound logic, none of which a person can successfully “rationalize” around. If you dissent from Church teaching on this matter, do not call yourself a Catholic, as you are as much in Communion with the Church as John Kerry and his “Privacy rights.”

    To end abortion, respect for human dignity must be restored. The first step in restoring human dignity is acknowledging the dignity of intercourse. You will achieve nothing for the pro-life cause (which is to change peoples’ hearts and restore their human understanding) if you persist in the contraceptive mentality. This battle must be fought on principle, not sentimentality.

    I encourage everyone as the election approaches to check out the Constitution Party’s presidential candidate, Michael Peroutka. There is an alternative to “the lesser of two evils.”

    God bless us all in these tribulations.

  • Sandinista

    Andy: As I believe you are addressing some concerns I conveyed to an earlier post (by a young woman who also underwent an abortion at an early age), I shall now respond, as I believe you misunderstood some of my points. First of all, I am well aware that the Church has changed none of its official teachings since Vatican II. It has, however, become much more sensitive, eloquent and compassionate in its treatment of the post-abortive woman. I am sure you have heard the Holy Father’s latest exhortation in which he speaks of forgiveness, God’s love and understanding, and – quite critically – he conveys that these unborn children are “residing with the Lord.”

    To be rather blunt, I initially heard something quite different in December 1976. Happily, my confessor (1977) did not espouse these outdated – and inordinately cruel – views. Nor does the Pope. That is precisely why I counseled “Michelle G.” to consult a younger priest. I did not wish her to run the risk of hearing absurd statements, since she seemed to be suffering enough already – an anguish with which I am well habituated.

    Secondly, I do not call myself a Catholic. I am an ex-Catholic. I am not a “cafeteria Catholic” – nor do I expect any of the Church’s teachings to change in my lifetime. When I made the agonizing decision to leave, I informed my Bishop – and I left. I have not called myself a Catholic since that bleak day in December 1989 when I left the Church. So, I probably cannot be accused of hypocrisy in this regard.

    Finally, you are free to form your own conscience about contraception, sexuality or any number of moral issues – as your Church sees fit to teach you. But please do not seek to command my own conscience and its dictates. It is my profound belief that adequate family planning methods are needed – as much as chastity needs to be inculcated in our young people. Both values are equally important, in my view. For many years, I placed my trust in NFP – not necessarily because I needed them, but because many people whom I loved needed them. Indeed, I almost left the Church in 1980 but was convinced that a newer form of NFP could provide a tenable solution – for everyone. It hasn’t.

    As a wise ex-priest once wrote (in his book “A Question of Conscience”), “If only one person cannot make NFP work, through no fault of his or her own, the Church cannot be silent……Christian commitment cannot be divorced from human suffering.”

    My sentiments exactly.

    I have long forgotten the name of this former priest, but his compassionate book helped me survive those exquisitely wrenching days after I left the Church. I’m no longer suffering this loss, but I still retain much of what I found enobling about my former church. A small part of my heart still responds, even if if my conscience is no longer ruled by it.

  • Sandinista

    Brooke: I agree with you 100%! But, in Andy’s defense: As he is obviously a committed Catholic, he is reiterating Vatican teachings that have not yielded to the cries of the public and/or Pope Paul’s own commission in 1968, which overwhelming recommended that the ban on birth control be lifted. Having been in Andy’s position myself (from 1976-1989), I have a measure of respect for his position – probably more so than he has for mine.

    And, having been a Catholic (and a convert at that), I can attest that my break from the faith was exquisitely painful…..infinite relief conjoined with limitless sadness. These emotions lasted for about a year – and now I suffer no feelings of loss. I do, however, respect the Church for what it brings to the lives of people like Andy, who obviously loves his church as I once did.

    In my view, the Catholic Church exudes a fatal flaw: and one way it is manifested is in its insistence upon a celibate clergy. Having been a single Catholic woman who conformed to every nuance of proper behavior, I can attest that it can be an uncomfortable situation. Pastors are overwhelmed with lack of support (due to dwindling numbers of priests to help them), financial difficulties, and the demands of celibacy. Therefore, if a Catholic parishioner is facing a life crisis, she should be able to speak with her pastor without discerning uncomfortable overtones.

    Still and all, I’m not angry with my former pastor. I still miss his homilies, which raised the rafters to the highest of heavens with their eloquence and power. I miss the sacrament of reconciliation, in which one could replenish and soothe one’s savaged soul. This summer, I’m missing those things even more; that’s probably why my Mother has suggested that I visit an Episcopalian Church. And I plan to do just that.

  • jerry

    regarding the term “birth control” – use of this term is misleading.

    the proper term is “contraception”. birth control includes abortion, because by definition, it “controls birth”. contraception prevents conception, and does not kill a child.

  • Sandinista

    Hello, Jerry:

    This is “Rachel” again. (For some reason, the word “feminista”, which I used previously, evoked the name of The Clash’s 1981 LP, so I decided to use it……).

    You’ve made an excellent point here. Perhaps that’s why I’m most comfortable with the term “family planning” instead of “birth control.” It is my heartfelt belief that, in our commendable efforts to help women – and men – manage their fertility, that we’ve made a tragic leap across a slippery slope. A perilous precipice at which some crucial questions about the beginning of life – and the respect it is due – come into play.

    As I’ve stated previously, I’ve met many noteworthy persons – persons of integrity, heart and intelligence – whose beliefs are not an unfettered match for my own. My own beliefs, early in 1975, were vastly different than they are now. As were my doctor’s (he did not perform the operation but arranged for it to be done). As far as the surgeon’s views, well…he didn’t say much of anything at all. What he did say was perfunctory, brief and probably mathematically incorrect. (Actually, it WAS incorrect, as the materials on Dr. Tiller’s website have conveyed. And if some lingering juvenilia on my part was looking for the reassurances afforded a two-year-old who scrapes her knee, they were nowhere to be found.)

    The saga of my family doctor ended in tragedy. Since 1973, he had evidently been performing early abortions in his office. By 1979, he had evidently begun to harbor doubts. I believe he ceased performing these procedures late that year; however, in January 1980, he was found dead in his office. He had succumbed to a heart attack at the appallingly young age of 51 – leaving behind a wife and six children.

    Do I harbor any condemnation for my doctor? No, I do not. Rather, when I consider my own change of heart, I feel great sorrow for him – and the depth of pain he must have endured. I cannot criticize him, because I was one of the persons who tearfully begged him to oversee my own abortion. Like me, he did not regard very early pregnancy as the beginning of life.

    I do not believe that God turned my doctor away on that cold, bleak day in January 1980. I only wish I could drive 450 miles to my hometown, give my former doctor a hug, and explain why my parish priest ordered me and my mother to transfer to another doctor in 1977. But this opportunity is not afforded to me, and it’s part of the lingering sadness I feel.

  • jerry


    “no man comes to the Father except through me”

    (Jesus Christ)

    the eternity question, as far as the man who performed abortions, including your own, is indeed in the realm of God. but the Bible is crystal clear on this – only if he repented and accepted the free gift of salvation as offered by the Son of God is he now with the Lord. otherwise, he is eternally lost.

    incidentally, the term ‘sandanista’ conjures up memories of communist rebels in el salvador….not sure why you’re using that moniker.

  • jerry

    oh, and incidentally, there may have been persons of good will, integrity, etc…. who once believed that the earth was flat. but in the face of overwhelming, incontrovertible evidence to the contrary, intellectual honesty required them to change their positions.

    and so, anyone today who would claim that life does not begin at fertilization, in the face of overwhelming, incontrovertible evidence to the contrary, are being intellectually dishonest.

    for instance, if life does not begin at fertilization, they what is fatherhood?

    “a foolish consistency is the hobglobin of a simple mind”

    (ralph waldo emerson)

  • “Rachel”

    YIKES! Thanks, Jerry, for that clarification. I thought “Sandinista” was just some punk-rock term The Clash used for their 1981 LP. But, clearly it’s inappropriate in this context. So, needless to say, I won’t be using it any longer. I guess I was using it to poke gentle fun at ardent feminists (the radical fringe element – whom I call “feministas”) who truly believe that anyone with a “Y” chromosome is an agent of the devil. Gee, I’m glad I didn’t believe in that theory several years ago when my health was teetering precariously at the abyss of self-destruction.

    Now, about my doctor: Obviously, you are a committed Christian for whom scriptures are to be taken literally – and unambiguously. That is your right, of course – but that’s not necessarily where I am at right now. In fact, a year ago I would have described myself as “an Agnostic in the purest sense of the word” – meaning I did not necessarily doubt the presence of God but wasn’t sure of it, either. Events have conspired to alter my life this summer, and I am not the same woman I was in 2003 (when I was still a good person, incidentally).

    I had heard rumors to the effect that my doctor, after performing many first-trimester abortions in his office (and these were very early first trimester abortions), had experienced a spiritual awakening about this issue. It’s not for me to speculate as to whether he confessed (he was a Methodist – the same faith I was born into) or sought formal pardon. In my heart, I believe it is enough to examine one’s conscience, allow oneself to be enlightened through new evidence, the Lord’s presence in one’s soul, etc. and cease doing something one is no longer comfortable engaging in. If he did this, and sincerely cried out to God about his enhanced sensitivities, then I believe he was welcomed to eternal life. I cannot believe anything else, Jerry, since I was one of the hundreds of teenage Kansans who became pregnant in the 1970s. I beseeched him to provide a service, he provided it – and I partook of it. My subsequent religious conversion does not mitigate that fact.

    I feel much sorrow for Mr. Gardner, too. I have learned, through speaking with others, that he has been a long-time peace activist, is genuinely a kind and gentle person, and has a long involvement in many kinds of philanthropies. Now, I know what you’re thinking, so I’ll say it, too. Abortion, by its very definition, is not an act of peace (although it initially seemed that way to me – for the first few months post-surgery). But this gentleman obviously doesn’t see it that way. Back in ’75, I wasn’t looking for “spiritual cover”, since I did not grasp the gravity of the sorgery. When I confessed in 1977, I wasn’t given “cover.” I was granted absolution after sincerely admitting wrongdoing – and a conviction to avoid that act in the future.

    In the case of a woman who naturally delivers a stillborn child, or a case when the child has died within her and Dr. Tiller removed a fetus that has tragically died (without his causing it), isn’t a blessing by Mr. Gardner or any other clergy a beautiful tning? I think it is, and it provides much-needed comfort to the mother.

    As if events of this summer haven’t been painful enough, I have recently been reminded of further dichotomy attendant to the human condition. I met one young man earlier this summer, one among many whom my newfound activism compelled me to meet. It has been gut-wrenching to realize that the individual of whom I am fondest saw fit to say something so utterly ill-advised (given my history) that it floored me – and was a staggering moment. I believe I’ve tried very hard to avoid hurting others, and evidently he could not reciprocate. But I liked him then – and I adore him still. We don’t agree – on one very pervasive social issue – and we probably never will. But I wish him the very best, because he deserves it.

    (P.S. Thanks again for the clarification about the moniker I ill-advisedly used. I guess my knowledge of that issue is a match for my biblical savvy!!!)

  • jerry


    you have made a lot of growth, i can tell. and you’re not as ill-informed as you may think…

    my sincere and heartfelt advice to you is to get involved with carenet, heartbeat international, lumina, or some other prolife organization – you have much to offer and could help a lot of women to avoid that which you’ve experienced, or in leu of that, help them to be reconciled and healed.

  • jerry

    oh and yes, it is true that a religious service held for a stillborn child or after a miscarriage, performed by a truly caring pastor, would be a comfort.

    but gardner works at an abortion mill – he is paid by an abortionist. he makes a living whitewashing the sin of abortion as if it were no big deal.

    my point is that his actions demonstrate spiritual emptiness – clearly, he can’t tell the difference between right and wrong anymore, and therefore, cannot possibly be serving Almighty God. he may be involved in so-called ‘good’ causes…but there is complicity in what he does and what tiller does. Jesus said “he who is not for me is against me” and in my view those involved in the abortion industry are clearly against Him.

    the Bible says that “God is not willing that any should perish, but all should come to repentance” – so we can pray that gardner, tiller and others turn from their wickedness….but we must recognize that it IS wickedness.

  • “Rachel”

    Jerry: My Catholic heritage teaches me that, when we die, we first go to “purgatory” where we are cleansed of our sins. As we are all sinners, I would tend to subscribe to that view, excepting people like Hitler, Pol Pot, Osama and those moronic hijackers who are probably befouling their 73rd virgins as we speak. But Mr. Gardner and others like him differ from these types of individuals in one very salient way: they do not revel sadistically in the attendant evil. Hitler, Goebbels and their ilk were singularly unabashed about their cruelty to the Jews. (That’s probably why they were indifferent to their victims’ prolonged suffering – often by protracted starvation.) Mr. Gardner and Mr. Tiller sincerely do not believe they are involved in evil. Yes, the late-term abortions boggle my mind and heart, and the minds and hearts of many. Yet I must remember that neither of these persons is a woman, so they cannot know what I’ve endured during my post-abortive aftermath. It’s a troubling moral question, but I do not see how someone like Hitler could have attained salvation. But, of course, it’s up to God to decide. Perhaps He sent this horrible man to purgatory, where he endured the same wretched suffering he enacted upon his innocent victims. That would be a just punishment.

    Yes, I have contacted several individuals about pro-life activities, and I have received very positive feedback as regards my writing skills. I asked one woman, “Isn’t verbal communication more effective?” and she said, “Frequently, that is the case. But what you have to say is so powerful that we believe it can help others.” Hopefully, I may have some of my writings published, either in print or online, but I can’t use my full name, of course. I’m still skittish and fearful after so many years.

    Oh, and one more reason why I’m grateful for your assistance: I do not wish to burden my beautiful Mother with this issue – and I wish to do my work independently of her, as she has surely atoned for whatever evil her confessor decreed she participated in. As she is 75 now, I’ve noticed that sometimes she has a slight dimunition of her memory, and I wasn’t sure if I should bring this subject up to her. But when we spoke on the phone last week, it was clear that she hadn’t forgotten. At one point, she started to blame herself, since she was the parent and I was the minor. I put a rather vehement stop to that, as I couldn’t bear it. Then I almost started crying – and she almost started crying – and thank God for my stepfather, who strode in like a Colossus and changed the subject (I don’t think he knew what we were discussing; indeed, I don’t think he knows about this event from my past). I know that most children have an unconditional love for their parents, but I do not consider my Mother to be responsible for this tragedy.

    Yes, she remembers………………

  • jerry


    consider, if you will, the inherent need your mother has, perhaps nearly as strong as your own, to be cleansed, healed, and reconciled…..if i were you, i would DEFINITELY allow your mother to grieve along with you. this is healthy, and is the natural order of things.

    additionally, all human beings are given a conscience. gardner and tiller KNOW what they are doing is evil and wrong – why? because in tiller’s case, he is the one who KILLS THE BABIES.
    don’t you think that he is aware of the what he is doing? do you know that one of the methods he uses is to utilize ultrasound technology, and when he has located the child’s heart, to insert a long needle into the woman’s abdomen, and guide it towards that little heart, where he injects a deadly fluid which causes cardiac arrest…? tiller knows when he carries hefty bags full of aborted children out to his incinerator to be burned what he is doing. as i pointed out on another link, tiller once shouted to protestors “abortion is worth going to hell for”.
    he knows.

    secondly, gardner knows because the Bible is absolutely clear on this matter. only by the most amazing self-deception could he possibly think that abortion is right or is God’s will.

    thirdly, purgatory is not a Biblical concept. i applaud the Catholic church for its strong and righteous stand on this and other issues, but purgatory is never mentioned in the Bible, and was something that the leadership of the church came up with, if recollection serves, in about the 15th century. hell was not created for people, but rather, for the devil and his angels, but people can and do go there because they have CHOSEN to go there. God is not willing that any should perish, but that all would come to repentance. however, God has instituted free will, in that he gave Adam and Eve (and by extension, the whole human race) the opportunity to choose life, or death, blessing or cursing. therefore He will not drag anyone kicking and screaming, into heaven. those of us who go there will have chosen to go there, by virtue of our faith in His Son. those who go to everlasting punishment will have chosen to go there, by virtue of their rejection of the Son.

    the only difference between the evil men of history and men such as tiller and gardner is that tiller and gardner, being still alive, still have the opportunity to repent and turn from their sins. “it is appointed once to each man to die, and then the judgement” (hebrews 9:27)

    i appreciate your posts, and your thoughtfulness, and your compassion….but i am puzzled by your seeming need to seperate, if you will, gardner and tiller from the horrific evil that they are participating in….remember that each man has been confronted several times about his involvement, and each time, they have chosen to go right on without even the slightest hesitation. there is a point of no return for every man and woman, and you can find this referenced in romans chapter one….

  • Rachel

    Jerry: I’ve only got a few moments, so I’ll just address my Mother at this time (since she deserves it). I do not question her right (or anyone’s) to have a change of heart, to grieve, and to repent. But, you must understand – she is Catholic – I am not. Having been a dedicated Catholic who loved her church, I obviously respect my Mother’s right to worship as she sees fit. Our priest applied a harsher penance to her than he did to me, as I had been only 16, and only 19 when I confessed. (Of course, my beautiful Mother would never divulge the details of that or any confession.)

    To be sure, whe she and I speak, I do not “excuse” my action (notice I said MY action, not the fact that she paid for it). I do not seek to mitigate the inherent evil I now believe attended that act. But, my goodness, I have such a deep, unconditional love for my Mother, Jerry. I know we are all sinners, but when it comes to her, I guess my heart overrules my head. I’m a hopeless case – and I probably always will be. The fact remains that, even though I was only 16, I allowed a situation to occur which led to this tragedy.

    Now, about the other two gentlemen: Again, my Catholic history teaches me that, while we should always condemn evil, each man or woman’s subjective guilt should be judged by God alone. And, even the Catholic Church realizes that – at times – mitigating factors exist. These factors do not diminish the evil that occurred, but they affect the penalty meted out. That is precisely why my Mother and I did not have to go before the Bishop and were able to be absolved by our pastor. Yes, I will admit this much straight-up: If Dr. Tiller really made the statements you mentioned, I’m horrified. And I believe his priorities (and perhaps his financial incentives) are grotesquely misplaced.

    I will admit it: my heart is hurting for these two men and it’s not an easy thing to deal with. That’s one reason why I want to start going back to church. This issue, which obviously hits home with me, is bigger than me, you, my Mother or anyone else on this earth. Like many people, I was drawn to spirituality so many years ago with the conviction that there is something (someone?) more powerful than us who helps us transcend ourselves……who helps us when life overwhelms us – and when it lifts us up as well.

    Have a great day, and God bless you,


  • lime5

    Just a note to remind all prolifers out there who may read this: make sure that you know the name of the nearest emergency room WITH A TRAUMA UNIT, and that you instruct the women staggering out post-abort and their companions to go there AT ONCE, to get examined. Last November, a woman died from hemmorrhagic shock, resulting from a uterine perforation, within 10 hours of the “safe and legal” abortion during which her uterus was perforated. (Uterine perforation is one of the most common abortion complications, since most induced abortions involve some sort of sharp instrument and/or powerful suction device weilded BLINDLY inside a rather cramped area). About 6 hours after the abortion, her temperature plummeted to 94 degrees. Her concerned husband called the killing center to ask them about this and was told that it was nothing to worry about…(the stock, and often false, answer typically given by killing staffers re: post-abortion complaints; a real health care professional would, of course, a.) recognized that a body temperature of 94, unless deliberately induced by a real doctor for legitimate reasons, indicates that the patient is at death’s door and knocking, and, b.) would say so…) Fortunately, he did not heed the proabort’s badvice and called an ambulance; unfortunately, it was too late, and this young mother of 4 other children died in the ambulance en route to the E.R. (How’s that, again, about professed proabort “concern” about children already born ???!!! A prolifer who dissuades a mother who has other, already born children, does THEM a service by saving possibly her life; definitely some aspect of her health. Induced abortion is intensely emotionally traumatic for any woman, and i have yet to hear or read of any post-abortive woman whose maternal abilities were improved by killing one of her children. All the testimony and evidence i’ve read points the other way…)

    And, that you let her and/or her companion know–as they are entering the deathmill, preferably, that if her E.R. examination reveals any injury resulting from the abortion, she does have a right to legal recourse. The consent and liability release forms women are made to sign are typically tools of the trade to intimidate her into believing that she cannot sue them for anything they do to her; they have virtually no real value in malpractice cases but it is still a good idea to advise women entering abortion mills NOT to sign any waiver of her rights, statement of indemnification of the “clinic” personnel (all of whom can be enjoined in an abortion malpractice lawsuit, if they were there at the time of her injury). ABORTION MAY BE LEGAL, BUT FRAUD, INJURY, AND MALPRACTICE ARE NOT; CONSENT DOES NOT EXCUSE MALPRACTICE; LEGAL ASSISTANCE IS AVAILABLE AT 1-800-U CAN SUE OR 1-888-9 WOMENS.(E.R. workers, incidentally, see botched LEGAL abortion victims all the time; and if she tells them what has just happened to her, they will know what to look for where, and she can thus make shorter work for them and, therefore, a better chance of recovery for herself)

    One picketer we know uses a sign made like a large “ONE WAY” street sign, only it reads “HARM’S WAY” . . .FOR YOUR OWN SAFETY DO NOT ENTER” in conjunction with a “1-800-U CAN SUE” sign.

    Funny thing, but the first time I used an “ABORTION INJURY/ CALL 1-800-U CAN SUE” sign
    outside a killing chamber, one of the deathscorts, a member of NOW (!) started mocking the sign and me…I told her I thought she was just jealous and asked her why NOW hadn’t thought of it first, paragons of women’s rights that they claimed to be…ever notice how they’re always chanting garbage like “2-4-6-10, why are all your leaders men” and “Right to life, your name’s a lie/ You don’t care if women die” when, in fact, NOW was hijacked by two proabortion MEN, both co-founders of NARRAL, incidentally (!!!)who sold them on the notion that in order to compete with men in the workplace (This was before Phyllis Schlafly and her band of “house slugs” made mincemeat, and history, of the ERA)they had to be free from the “shackles of maternity”, and the thing to emancipate them from that “second-class citizenship” was abortion, a.k.a. “reproductive freedom”.

    Bitterly ironic the way it’s all actually played out since Roe, isn’t it? Reproductive freedom entails, ipso facto, the ability, the opportunity, the desire, and the means to reproduce…and the abortion/”birth control” mentality, where it does not destroy those things outright, certainly tends to diminish them…

    Then, when a woman is maimed/mutilated/killed/ rendered sterile by an abortionist (who is usually a MAN), she or her survivors have no right to seek compensation for those damages…at least they wouldn’t if NOW, et al, had their way.

    Some ten or more years have passed since my first encounter with that particular NOW gal; but she still works at that killing center, and has acquired quite a reputation as an ambulance chaser; there have been several serious injuries, including one documented death, at that chamber, and she has advanced from deathscort to some other position. My guess is administrative or counseling, since she has no medical background, but that may not necessarily prevent her from doing things that legally require some medical certification; it doesn’t at other killing chambers…anyway, she has been known to follow ambulances leaving the death chamber for the local E.R. in order to intercept the victim and persuade her and anyone with her not to sue the lady butcher…so much for women’s rights.

    Oh, one last thing about the “ABORTION INJURY/ CALL 1-800-U CAN SUE” sign…the folks at 1-800-U CAN SUE (that’s Legal Action for Women, for those of you who aren’t familiar with them)heartily encourage the use of those signs outside abortion mills everywhere (and DARE the sharing of that information INSIDE the abortion mills!!!)…but request that anyone making those signs be sure and include the phrase, “CONSENT DOES NOT EXCUSE MALPRACTICE” on the sign, since a post-abortive woman has been pretty thoroughly indoctrinated by the killing staff that she has waived all rights to recourse for damages.



  • Webmaster

    We are off topic here gang. I think we all agree that abortion is wrong and is murder – no matter what you believe happens to the child after death. If you wish, Rachel and Jerry, I will release your emails to each other so you can carry on the conversation via email.

  • David

    This is exactly why Partial-Birth Abortion should be permanently banned!! Shame on those activist judges who are stalling the enforcement of this needed law!! Partial-Birth Abortion has no scientific purpose whatsoever, and as Dr. C. Everett Koop says, endangers the mother. This proves Dr. Koop’s theory. Dr. Tiller must be imprisoned for his work to kill innocent life in the womb and his intention to harm mothers. He is not even a Doctor…he’s a murderer!!

  • Rodney Whitton

    Partial birth abortion is a disturbing medical procedure. Deaths do occur just like any other medical procedure. If you compare it to other medical procedures and medications death rates are relatively low. It is reasonable to argue a viable fetus has developed a cerebral cortex,and other life functions that make a person a living being and thus deserves greater protection and restrictions.

  • Is any of this confirmed? Or do you just assume stuff and then post it as the truth?

  • Esperance

    My fiance and his highschool sweetheart got pregnant. She was… in 10th grade, he was in 11th.

    He didn’t want her to have an abortion (even though he had NO idea how to be a grown up at the time)

    She had the abortion.

    Today is the first time I’ve seen pictures of 3rd trimester abortions. (1st and 2nd as well) I understood the implications mentally of abortion. I understood them emotionally through friends I’ve known who’ve had them and men I’ve known who’s partners have had them. I still felt (and still do feel) that there are cases where it is the right choice. I’ve never thought 3rd trimester was good. Seeing those pictures today… They decapitate them?!!! I find this frightening. How can a person decapitate another person period!! But then to do it to a helpless child.

    My fiance’s ex girlfriend was 3 months along when she had her abortion.

    I don’t see how I personally would ever be able to go through with an abortion if an unplanned pregnancy happened. I still support a womans right to choose in early pregnancy. I feel horrible saying this, but if my fiance’s ex had had that child, I would never have met him. I’m greatful that she had that abortion.

    I think if people educate teens about contraception, these types of things would be significantly reduced.

  • I cannot tell you all how delighted i am when a chop shop closes down!God is @ work. Evil will never win!

  • That was great that the dispatcher on the 911 tape refused to hold off on the sirens! AWSOME>>>and that ding-bat from the clinic refused to give the poor guy any info. Another death another dollar.-Thats all it is to Tiller,Carhart and the rest of these animals! Im so glad that OP-RESCUE met that monster at the door of the hospital and road his a** I hope that soon he will be forced out of this.



  • Alicia Tunby

    Coming from someone who has had five miscarriages in the last year and a half and still trying and as a matter of fact, I am believing and recieving my miracle baby boy and I am going to name him Zechariah. What this country is doing is utterly dispicable and if we do not get lawmakers to pass tougher legislation than we as a country deserve God’s hand of protection to be taken away and none of us have seen the likes of a disaster like that yet rest assured. My husband and I have tried now for over a year and a half and the doctors say there is nothing wrong Praise God! It is just as bad the child predators that are hurting all these children daily all over the world. I will say this as Jesus said it, It would be better for a millstone to be cast upon their neck and for them to be cast in the sea than to harm one of his little ones. That is all I have to say about that.

  • kim

    i think its sick how people can just go an take a live away but i also think that it is up to the mother that is putting her self up to it people dont know what the mother has gone through or y she decied to do what she did maybe she was raped its not all on the doctor whos doing his job the mother has the major part in it sure some people will say i would have the baby if i was rape but really if they come to think about it n it really happen they probaly wouldn’t