Three of Louisiana’s Five Abortion Facilities Halt Abortions


By Cheryl Sullenger

Baton Rouge, Louisiana — The largest abortion facility in Louisiana, along with one other, have halted all abortion services after the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals cleared the way on Wednesday for enforcement of a new law that requires abortionists to maintain local hospital privileges. A third Louisiana abortion facility shut down last week.

Delta Clinic of Baton Rouge, which supplied the highest volume of abortions each year in Louisiana, remains open but is referring all women seeking abortions to an affiliated clinic, Women’s Health Care Center, in New Orleans because no abortionist there could qualify for hospital privileges.

The Delta Clinic has a long history of abortion abuses and connections to convicted Philadelphia murderer Kermit Gosnell. Violations and reports of filthy conditions back to 1998. Two women, Ingar Weber and Shelia Hebert, are known to have died from botched abortions they received at Delta, yet, no one was never held accountable.

In 2011, Operation Rescue submitted a complaint to the Louisiana State Board of Medical examiners on behalf of a woman who suffered horrendous abortion injuries that led her to suffer a complete hysterectomy. Operation Rescue obtained documentation that proved her complications were never reported as required by law. No action was taken against the abortionist who injured the woman or the facility.

“We couldn’t be happier that this incredibly dangerous ‘House of Horrors’ abortion business has stopped abortions and we pray that the Delta Clinic will soon shut down permanently,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman. “This proves that hospital privilege requirements protect women from victimization and injury by shoddy, incompetent providers that have run amok over women’s health for years without accountability.”

The second Louisiana abortion facility to halt abortions this week due to the Fifth Circuit decision is Abortion Assistance in Bossier City. A receptionist is telling callers that while no abortions are currently taking place, she expects an “appeal to the Supreme Court” will allow the facility to resume abortions as early next week.

“Abortion Assistance may be overly optimistic about their chances to reopen,” said Newman. “We expect that this law will remain in effect and benefit women and their babies far into the future.”

Earlier this month, the Causeway Medical Suite in Metairie shut down and on February 17, movers were seen emptying the office. While the abortionist has told patients that the closure was due to “unforeseen circumstances,” court records indicate he could not qualify for hospital privileges.

In 2010, Louisiana had seven abortion facilities. Today, there remain just two. In addition to Women’s Health Care Center, the only other active abortion clinic in Louisiana is Hope Medical Group for Women in Shreveport.

Read the Fifth Circuit’s opinion of February 24, 2016.
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  • SickofPoliticks

    If we want to protect women, the least we can do is require abortion clinics to have local hospital privileges.

  • M J

    It’s about time. Pro-Fife-Fighters have saved a lot of lives by getting out the message and exposing the barbaric agenda of those pandering the Prevention of Parenthood – selling murdered/aborted little one’s parts for wine and lambo’s anyone? Keep up the fight everyone! It’s time for this Brutal and Horribly Barbaric chapter in American history to finally come to an end and place it rightfully on History’s ash heap! Amen and Praise God!

  • Joy

    You two are so right. Why should our, tween, teen, daughters, granddaughters and all under-aged girls be allowed to go, without adult permission or supervision, to Dr’s who don’t have and may not even be able to get hospital privileges. Would you send you daughter there? Or go yourself? I would hope not.

  • Proud Conservative American

    Cortez was right when he destroyed the aztec people long ago for throwing their babies in the fire. I wish we had another Cortez to save the babies today. The pain these babies go through must be horrific.