The Wichita Awakening – July 14-16, 2007

A Prophetic Call to End Abortion and Seek Revival

On July 7, (07/07/07) 100,000 young people will gather in Nashville, Tennessee, for a Solemn Assembly to cry out for repentance and national revival.

The desire of this emerging generation is to see the Holy Spirit bring a dramatic spiritual shift across America which will produce culture reformation and radical change. (See

Immediately after the event, hundreds of young people will join a caravan that will travel across country to San Francisco.

On July 14-16, they will be in Wichita, Kansas, to pray for an end to abortion and plead with God for revival and spiritual awakening. They are inviting all Christians from the Wichita area, especially emerging leaders, to come join with them!

Schedule of Events

Saturday: July 14
8:30 P.M. Candlelight Vigil, featuring Rob Schenck, President of Faith and Action, Washington, DC at George Tiller’s abortion clinic located at 5701 E. Kellogg, Wichita.

Sunday: July 15
2-4 P.M. Prayer vigil, featuring Wendy Wright, President of Concerned Women for America, Washington, DC at Tiller’s clinic, 5107 E. Kellogg, Wichita.
7 P.M.-Midnight Prophetic praise and Worship. Location: Mid-American All-Indian Center. 650 N. Seneca, Wichita. (See

Monday: July 16
8:30-4 P.M. Prayer throughout the day at Tiller’s clinic.
7 P.M.-Midnight Prophetic praise and Worship. Mid-American All-Indian Center

The events will take place rain or shine. Please plan to be a part of history as Christians step out of their indifference and fear and into the purposes of God for this generation. We can see revival come to America and abortion end.

Sponsored by: Generation Life, The Christian Defense Coalition, The Cause USA, Survivors and local Wichita churches and pro-life groups.

For more information call: 202.547.1735

“Blow the trumpet in Zion, declare a holy fast, call a sacred assembly.” -Joel 2:15


  • patricia sammon

    i live in england and pray at the marie stopes centre in leeds, and arrange prayer events. this is amazing and we pray that the revival will reach england
    god bless
    wil pray for this event

  • sister deb

    we would like to say thank god for raising up a group of brave young people from this next generation! we need to see this more around the world not just here in please pray that god would raise up a whole world of christain young people that will stand up for the rights of thier generation and generations to come as well.
    we as the older generation should be ashamed of ourselves for not doing so ourselves.what kind of example are we setting for this next group to follow?not a really godly we need to get on our own knees and come to repentance for our self and help our generation to follow thier example of go get pastor rodparsley`s new book/the anna by alberta harris it will be a eye opener.

  • Heywood Jalisson

    Thank you for making the corrections to this page. Too bad you didn’t have the guts to publish my original message. I doubt this one will be published, either. I enjoy your site, but this “feedback” option is a joke!

  • I will keep your event in prayer. There is another prayer Pro-Life event coming up that I hope all here might add to their list of things to do in their local communities. It is 40 Days for Life and you can get additional in formation on it at: I think their combination of Prayer and Fasting, Constant Vigil and Community Outreach are a dynamite combination, building on the idea that “though Him, all things are possible”, even turning around our culture of Death to a vibrant culture of LIFE!

    Wouldn’t it be wonderful if the momentum that builds in Wichita and later in SF (by the way, I want to know the date that they’ll be there so I can go and lend my support and welcome – it’s a 4 hr drive, but well worth the trip) could be shot into local communities around the country with this nationwide (and England, you can do it too!) program. I don’ t think the mainstream media would quite know what to do if we really wake up the sleeping giant of people who understand that abortion really does hurt our nation.

  • Jeff Hendricks

    You should get Bill O’Reilly to be there as well.

  • Denise Holland

    We shall be in prayer, during these days ,for the Lord’s annointing on this time of prayer/praise worship; and for repentence, concerning child sacrifice through abortion, to come to our nation and to George Tiller and all his staff. How we WISH we could be there!! When we were with you in January for the “Cry for Justice,” we believed the Lord would move mightily. The “seeds of prayer” you had during the “Pray in May” also were used by the Lord for this further development as He calls His people to come against “the high place.” We are e-mailing a friend in Denmark to have the believers, who are gathering for a camp-meeting close to her home, to also pray! Oh, Lord, please hear our petitions and send Your Spirit upon our land! John and Denise

  • god bless you. how about every christian standing and refusing taxes(collaborate? pay supreme court salaries?) until roe v wade overturned? financially break their achilles heel?

  • john

    sorry i count be there but im praying for you

  • Denise Holland

    We received an e-mail from our friend in Denmark and believers there are also in prayer for this! We are with you all in our prayers, and we give praise to our King Jesus that His young “David’s and Debra’s” have gathered on this blood soaked land to raise the banner of the Lion of Judah Who is Faithful and True! Even so come, LORD JESUS1