Text Messaging Prevents Coerced Abortion at Planned Parenthood

Young mother never wanted an abortion, but didn’t know she could refuse until her phone alerted her to an incoming text message

[Note: The following story contains quotes from text messages that do not contain proper grammatical structure or punctuation, as is common practice in texting. We left the quotes unedited in the interest of accurately reporting on this incident.]

Albuquerque, NM – The seventeen-year-old teen sat nervously in the waiting room of the Planned Parenthood abortion clinic in Albuquerque, New Mexico, on Thursday, October 7, 2010. She was six weeks pregnant and did not want to have an abortion, but her mother had insisted.

Suddenly, her phone alerted her to an incoming text message.

“Jane, [not her real name] you are a mom! Please choose life for your baby, we want to help you! Tara”

That began a texting conversation that ultimately led to the young mother leaving the abortion clinic with the firm decision to keep her baby.

Tara Shaver, a pro-life activist and sidewalk counselor who is a former intern for Operation Rescue, had received a call from a woman named Gloria, who told Tara that her grandson’s girlfriend was being pressured into an abortion she did not want.

Gloria gave Tara the girlfriend’s mother cell phone number and asked her to intervene. Tara called the mother, who spoke rudely to Tara before hanging up on her.

Gloria then gave Tara Jane’s number. Tara answered Jane’s questions and even texted her a picture of a baby at 6 weeks gestation, the same age as Jane’s baby, and told her to ask to see her ultrasound images.

“Can i see an ultrasound an still tell them i dont want it done?” texted Jane in typical testing lingo.

“Yes you dont have to do anything you dont want…you can leave now and go next door they will
help you just leave now,” replied Tara.

“my parents wont let me,” responded Jane.

“This incident highlights the epidemic of coerced and forced abortions that occur with alarming frequency in this nation,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman. “Abortion clinics like Planned Parenthood are all too willing to exploit women in vulnerable circumstances in order to make a buck. More must be done to inform and protect women from being coerced into abortions they do not want. Thank God for a loving grandmother and Tara Shaver who were able to avert tragedy in this instance.”

Tara assured Jane that she did not have to do anything she did not want to do. She encouraged her by telling her that her grandparents and boyfriend did not want her to have the abortion and that they would be supportive of her and the new baby. Jane asked her if Tara could help with an adoption, and Tara assured her that she could. Tara encouraged Jane to come outside and talk to her.

“I am coming over there to meet u! Lets talk before u make your final decision, theres no hurry,” texted Tara.

Jane replied, “please come now.”

“Will be there in a few minutes go outside,” texted Tara.

Finally, Tara was able to meet with Jane and get her the help she needed. Jane’s father came to the clinic to pick up Jane and take her home. Tara will follow up with Jane to make sure she gets the support she needs.

Tara’s last text message to Jane was poignant.

“We are so proud of u! You are my hero, your baby is so proud too!”

  • Tara

    This is truly wonderful. I wish this would’ve been my story 10 years ago. I was 17 and my father thought abortion was the best option and i didn’t know of any help such as this or i would’ve walked out of the abortion clinic but instead i went ahead with the abortion and i live with deep regret from it. It is very true of forced abortions, i had to go through it ten years ago, I forgive my father of course but it still hurts to think of what happened. I admire all the prolifers out there that take the time and stand outside those dumps and encourage women of other options…i really wished there was someone like Tara out there for me at the time. Keep up the great work!

  • God is at work in Tara, and also in that brave mother. The two of them were truly heroic, and such heroism comes from sacrificial love. Love leads to life! +

  • Lisa

    Sadly, my mother took me to the abortion clinic also. I was a little older than Jane. But I was impressible. It took me years to forgive her after I realized what we had done. Thankfully Jane’s baby did not suffer the same fate as so many other girls whose parents press for a abortion.

  • Praise GOD for Tara and Jaine…I am a post abortive woman and I too live with the regret although the Lord has brought great healing in my life I always think of the children that i lost I miss them so much!!!and I am a living testimony .. my children will be remebered and i did not lose in vain… If I could go back i would choose life!! :-)

  • Please see the website for The Center Against Forced Abortions. There are fliers to download for the pregnant mother, the parents trying to force abortion and the abortionist. You cannot legally force anyone to abort.


    To those who have had abortions and were forced/coerced there is hope and healing for you in Jesus Christ. My abortion was 20 years ago and He forgives and sets free!!