Suspected Botched Abortion at Troubled Abortion Mill

Incident raises questions about the clinic’s safety

WICHITA, KS — Pro-lifers suspect a botched abortion may have taken place yesterday a Central Women’s Services. Sidewalk counselors observed a sports vehicle with two medical personnel wearing surgical scrubs arrived at the first trimester abortion mill from Wesley Medical Center, which is located just across the street. The pair stayed for approximately one hour before returning to Wesley. Just after that, a man came out and helped an obviously injured women hobble to the car. Sidewalk counselors noted that this was not the car she had arrived in and that her vehicle remained in the clinic parking lot long after all the employees left.

Central Women’s Services has been the center of a recent controversy over the disposal of aborted baby remains, which Rescuers discovered are dumped at a privately owned landfill in Johnson County. (Read Story) It is also one of the four Kansas abortion mills that would have been forced to close if a clinic regulation bill vetoed by Gov. Kathleen Sebelius had been allowed to become law. The clinic fails to meet the standards put forth in the legislation that had passed the Kansas House and Senate with an overwhelming 2/3 majority in April. (Read Story)

The abortionist at Central Women’s Services, Sherman Zaremski, travels to Wichita from Kansas City two days per month to abort babies in the first trimester. Zaremski is the former business partner of fellow Kansas City abortionist Krishna Rajanna, who lost his medical license earlier this year over a scandal involving filthy conditions at his now closed abortion mill, and allegations of cannibalism. (Read Story) Zaremski has also been disciplined by the Kansas Board of Healing Arts for various violations of medical standards.

Wesley Medical Center is currently the focus of frequent pro-life protests because of their association with Wichita’s better-known late-term abortionist George R. Tiller. (Read Story)

“This incident raises more questions about the safety of this particular abortion mill,” said OR President Troy Newman. “It apparently is not adequately equipped to handle complications when they arise, and complications will probably be happening more frequently as time goes by given the fact that Zaremski is 73 and no longer capable of driving himself to work. We believe very firmly that women place their lives and health in danger when they walk through the doors of that abortion mill. It should be closed in the interest of public safety.”

  • I’m just curious why you are so concerned about “botched” abortions. If you succeed in your goal of having Roe v. Wade overturned, then we will go back to the days of “back alley” abortions that will result in many more “botched” abortions. Abortion has been always been around, whether legal or not.

  • Mary

    Curious is obviously unaware that the majority of illegal abortions were done in doctor’s offices, not back alleys. Also, the death rate from abortion, legal or illegal, was at an all time low prior to Roe v Wade. Due to better medical care and fluid and drug therapy, the abortion death rate had been declining for years prior to Roe. According to Dr. Bernard Nathanson, a co-founder of NARAL, abortion advocates, himself included, falsified and exaggerated the death statitics. Dr. Nathanson admits that he and other advocates knew these statitistics to be “totally false”. Contrary to what Curious heard, women were not dying by the thousands from illegal abortion, and the vast majority of these abortions were not back-alley.

  • April, 28 years

    Laws restrain evil. This is why we must overturn Roe v. Wade. If there were no laws we would live in a society that we would not want to imagine. Even with all that is still uunjust, can you imagine a country where rapists, child molesters, murders, thieves, drug addicts and every kind of crime was left unpunished? The repercussions handed down by our judicial system for the breaking of present laws restrain many who would not have the character or discipline to restrain their urges and desires in a nation of no consequences. Think about it: How many people would take $10 off of someone else’s property if they knew they would not be punished in any way? We would quickly find out where our standards are as a nation. A nation unrestrained by laws would be forced to entrust our person, property, family and belongings not to the morality of others, but to those who lack morals altogether or believe morality is determined by their individual whims. If no one is restrained by law who would want to live here?

    Yes, there are still those who willfully break the law. But the truth is, abortion is going to go the way of the slavery- obsolete, restrained by law. Just as the Dred Scott case declared a slave to be the property of it’s owner, and him/her at the disposal of it’s owner to do with what he wished, it was overturned against the will of slaveholders. Laws were enforced and restrained many of those who would have continued on according to their own desires. Where is a slave-owner today? There is still racism in hearts, but slaveholding has been restrained by law. Today we have Roe v. Wade which has decreed that an unborn child is the property of not even it’s parents, but it’s mother, and she may do with him/her what she wishes. Do you see the similarity in this reasoning? A few parents may still wish for abortions at times, but it will be restrained by law. Those who break the law will submit to the consequences of their actions.

    The nation is awakening to the fact that this is a children’s justice issue. Sooner than many think, abortion will be illegal and obsolete. Just as history judges our ancestors, pastors and churches, familes and individuals by where they stood on the slavery issue and what they did, history will once again judge our generation by what we have done and what we do now with the injustice of abortion. Generations to come will be taught in schools about abortion as the Great Holocaust. History and God will judge us, and I believe it is his desire that this evil be restrained by law. God desires to pour out healing and mercy on our nation and will not forever be silent. But this generation is praying and fasting until abortion ends. We will not move from this place. Until abortion ends or we die, we will pray and fast. And if it takes years, our children will continue on. But it will not take that long! We will continue to pray. The blood of Jesus is greater than the blood of abortion and is bringing healing to our nation, the fathers, mothers, and children. As we pray, God is aligning the courts of this nation with the courts of heaven. South Dakota and Florida will have the opportunity to be prototype states- if we will pray. Laws will restrain botched abortions and all abortions. Laws will keep children alive and protect the mothers. Who wants anyone to be harmed? Many seem to want unborn children to be harmed, but God is merciful.

    My question to you is: When the history books are written, how do you desire to be written about? What legacy would you like to leave to your grandchildren? History shames the supporters of slavery from not too many generations ago. Some may be proud to have had an ancestor fight to keep slavery, but most would be ashamed. Why criticize those who are upset over “botched abortions”? What innocent person should be harmed? Please consider the innocence of children. A harmed women has the right to sue. In the case of death, her family may sue. An innocent child who has no voice can say or do nothing but endure until they are killed. Will you be one who will speak on their behalf? History is watching.

  • Plain and simple-if these clinics remain opened,there will be more deaths of women,more unreported cases of sexual abuse on minors,more sexual assaults on women from abortionists,and of course-more dead children. When will women learn that child birth and parenting is not so bad.How about adoption?Allowing a quack to invade your body in an unnatural way is not the answer.

  • Jenny

    I know this is old but you forget, back alley abortions are still here. Get rid of Roe vs Wade and you get rid of back alley abortions. This is part of why Central Women’s Services was shut down, got a heart transplant from God, and now is one of many Operation Rescue’s bases of operation. (Siting what heather just said.) Central Women’s Services violated all fire codes, etc. you could name in the book. EW. Good thing it is now shut down. Three down(Reference to this one, the one in Nebraska, and the one in California), seven hundred to go.