Summer of Mercy 2.0 Event Photos, Video Now Available

The latest photos from the streets of Germantown, Maryland, where the Summer of Mercy 2.0 is in progress, are now on line. Photos will be updated regularly throughout the event.

View Summer of Mercy 2.0 Photo Album

Here’s a brief video (1:35) with the first images from the event that bring the message home!

  • The scales of justice tip back and forth … and this is LIFE’S TURN. Hopefully there are enough laws and lawmakers of conscience to enforce them (or change them as needed) to save the next generation’s potential for genius, leaders of intelligence and responsibility to represent the masses not the few, (and for those who profess money as their god — to ensure that taxpayers, voters, work forces, etc. will sustain the numbers needed).

  • Tim Duggan

    What is the name of the song playing on the video?

  • Cheryl Sullenger


    It’s an old Celtic hymn called “Be Thou My Vision”.

  • Theresa

    Mary’s Immaculate Heart will Triumph over this evil.

  • Victress Jenkins

    I hope for the sake of the unborn in Maryland that Dr. Carhart packs his bags for good and leaves. Let’s hope the law catches up with him.

  • ronnie

    May Leroy Carhart have faith in the blood of Jesus Christ to save him from his sins unto everlasting life with the Lord.

  • I was at the Rosary Procession this past Sunday evening at Carhart’s place. It’s at